Alito a jew?



From: Jacob Israel To: [email protected] ; [email protected] Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 4:14 PM Subject: [spiritjacob] Truman IS a jew, so is Alito a jew also?

Dear Mrs. Schmidt,

I must admit, I'm a bit surprised that you'd be so supportive of an admitted jew like Goldwater. Why should we Israelites ever support any jew?

The following article suggests to me that Alito too is a jew. Only a jew would claim on his RESUME, to the White House no less, that he was a member of an organization he was NOT a member of [as these papers prove]. And only a jew would get away with fabricating a resume, and only a jew "judge" would dare to try to do it right before the very eyes of congress.


John Knight


Alito's Name Does Not Appear in Princeton Alumni Group Records Jan. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Records support U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr.'s testimony that he was not an active member in a Princeton University alumni group that drew fire from Democrats, said the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A search of papers at the Library of Congress donated by group co-founder William A. Rusher turned up no evidence that Alito attended meetings, wrote articles for its magazine or wrote letters to Princeton publications on the group's behalf, said panel chairman Arlen Specter. The Pennsylvania Republican is presiding at Alito's confirmation hearings in Washington. Rusher, retired publisher of the National Review, allowed Senate staffers to review four boxes of records after Democrats challenged Alito's testimony that he was not active in the group, Concerned Alumni of Princeton. Alito had listed membership in the organization in a 1985 application for a political job in President Ronald Reagan's administration. ``Alito's name never appeared in any document,'' Specter said, quoting from a staff memorandum. ``His name does not appear anywhere in dozens of letters to CAP or from CAP.'' At hearings yesterday, Democrats cited articles in the group's magazine, Prospect, to question why Alito would join a group that has been characterized as favoring restrictions on the admission of women and minorities to Princeton. Alito, who said he can't recall when he joined the group, said he opposed views in a 1993 Prospect article that said blacks and Hispanics demanded jobs based on their ethnic identity, not their qualifications. Alito said was never an active member and may have joined the group because it opposed the expulsion of military training from the Princeton campus. Wife's Tears Repeated questioning about the group yesterday reduced Alito's wife, Martha, to tears. She left the hearing room to compose herself and returned after a recess. Today, Specter said the records showed that Alito did not attend meetings in 1983 and 1984. ``He's not even mentioned in the minutes,'' the senator said. ``The files contain canceled checks for subscriptions to CAP's magazine, Prospect, but none from Judge Alito,'' Specter said. ``The files contain dozens of issues of CAP's magazines, but none of the articles was written by, quoted or mentioned Samuel Alito.'' Under questioning by Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Alito suggested he would oppose a congressional effort to strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction to consider particular types of cases, such as those involving religion or free speech. ``Doing something like this would be an awkward and undesirable way of proceeding because it would lead to a lack of uniformity in decisions,'' he said. He said he hadn't studied whether Congress could constitutionally take such a step.

Muriel Schmidt <[email protected]> wrote: Goldwater jewish ancestors were always mentioned in "loving" tones, as this was supposed to bring in the jewish votes.. Have you never been to Phoenix to visit the topflight "Goldwater's" ??? like Macys, and Goldblatts, and Bonwit Tellers, and Burdines, and all the B I G f ashion salons of the 1960s... this was the merchandising crowd, plus, and Barry first got his start as a photographer for the magazine, Arizona Highways,,, back in the 1930s.... Then he got into politics, and with his fancy airplanes and his short wave radio contacts with every member in those circles, Barry Goldwater got a lot of publicity as a "real great guy".... and with his conservatism, and FIRST wife, he went iintno orbit... with the anit-communist crowd ( where I cut a lot of teeth, myself).... but, wife died, and this hard left jewess picked off Barry, and he moved quickly into a different circle...

you can take the above to the bank... ----- Original Message ----- From: Jacob Israel To: [email protected] ; [email protected] Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 6:52 PM Subject: [spiritjacob] Truman IS a jew, so is Alito a jew also?

Dear Mrs.Schmidt,

I had never thought of Goldwater as being a jew before, but clearly his name suggests he might be--and then we have all these ex-presidents who were crypto-jews with gentilized names.

Do you think Goldwater was a jew?


John Knight

Muriel Schmidt <[email protected]> wrote: What an excellent review. !! Thanks... It .. should make any Israelite run to his library shelves, and take down those very books that were popular ( Suttun and John T. Flynn)>. . these were read by the middle class and led us easily into the Goldwater supporters... Sadly, Goldwater's 2nd wife did a dastardly amount of influencing Barry's conservation,, and swung him right into the Edomites crowd.... However, those of us then on the Reagan watch saw how our hopes crashed, and from then on, we KNEW we were being punished for the disobedience as we kept on neglecting the Divine Laws..

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+ For those who haven't yet connected the six-pointed stars, John Kerry's grandfather was a full-blooded Czechoslovakian Jew whose real last name was Kohn. I've not seen any report on grandma's ethnicity. According to what I've been able to find, Kerry's wife is Jewish and high-up in Hadassah. His brother has given up any pretence of being Catholic (like John) and has returned to the synagogue (of Satan).

+ John Edwards was an invited participant at this year's Bilderberger confab. I would say that this is an almost sure sign that Kerry and Edwards are going to get the nod from the Mishpucka in this November's "election." By the way, the Latin phrase "annuit coeptis" above the eye-on-the-pyramid located on the backside of the one dollar Federal Reserve note is usually translated to mean "He approves the undertaking." The third-person verb "annuit" actually is a Latin colloquialism meaning "He gives the nod to." While I'm on the subject, "novus ordo seclorum" is correctly translated to mean "a new order of the ages," not "a new world order." An alternate spelling of "seclorum" is "saeclorum," which is the possessive plural of the Latin word for "age." You could look it up. Dunt esk. Oy!!

+ We're at a critical juncture this Fall, troopers. We're in a world of feces, and there's a critical shortage of Scott's tissues. The Luciferians are slobbering all over themselves with anticipation. They believe that existence has both a light side and a dark side. What's the problem, they believe, if they take up the roles assigned to them as conscious volunteers for the "dark" side? It's just ecology, man, the wolves and the sheep. B.B. King of kings' Bible " Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan. br> pt2

Last Thurday, I posted some info on John Kerry's Jewish background. I had to cut it short because of other business to attend to. What I wanted to impart was info about the Jewishness of other U.S. presidents.

+ At this point in time, I can't give definite references, but I will present to you what I have discovered at one time or another on the web. President Woodrow Wilson was of Sephardic Jewish descent, the possessor of a completely different last name in reality. You may recall his pushing of his famous 14 points at the Versailles Treaty conference following World War I. It has been pointed out by several writers that his ultimate ambition was to become the head of the League of Nations, that is, the chief executive of the World. He, who promised to keep U.S. boys out of the European war which started in 1914, ultimately found a way to do exactly the opposite. Wilson also was instrumental in putting into place the infamous Federal Reserve System, which is really at the heart of the conspiracy to seize control of the wealth and power of the U.S. of A. He is said to have bitterly regretted his role in history at the end of his life.

+ Franklin Roosevelt frankly admitted to questioning reporters during the 1930s that he did indeed have Jewish ancestors. They were Jews who had emigrated to Holland. His family's fortune was built on slave and opium trade. FDR worked overtime to get the U.S. involved in WW II and finally strongarmed the Japanese--no saints in anyone's book--to attack Pearl Harbor, thus bringing Hitler to declare war on the U.S. on December 12th, 1942. Hitler was bound by the mutual defense agreements of the Axis. If FDR was Jewish, it would have to hold true that Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was also of Jewish descent. For further cataloging of FDR many sins "google" the names of authors John T. Flynn and Antony Sutton. Sutton, who was a professor of History at Stanford wrote several books on that period, one title being "Wall Street and FDR." You'll find in it a very strong and well-researched argument that the sainted FDR was actually a very subtle and far-reaching crook.

+ Harry S Truman--notice that there's no period after the "S." That's the way he wanted it, and that's the way he signed it. I personally have seen a fairly major thoroughfare on the eastern edge of Washington, D.C.'s Beltway with that very spelling on its principal signpost. I grew up only a few miles away, an inhabitant of what I call "the Forbidden Zone." D.C. is a town with a galactic-sized hunk of bad karma. But back to Harry. When asked what the "S" stood for, he said, nothing in particular. The reason he de-emphasized his middle name was that it in fact stood for his grandfather's last name, Solomon. Old Sol was Jewish. Harry is, of course, famous for being the only human to ever order the dropping of a heavy-duty atom bomb on a city of relatively innocent civilians, as well as combatants in the same zone. He always maintained that he never lost a wink of sleep over that one, because otherwise he would have had to order the U.S. military's invasion of the Japanese home islands, a move which was estimated at the time as likely to create one million American casualties. This was obviously faulty reasoning at best or a lie at worst. These islands were already blockaded, and an even tighter pursuit of that blockade would have ultimately brought forth a surrender. Japan had already been trying to surrender anyway, Harry S refused. Some say the dropping of the bombs was to show the Russians a little theater and also demonstrate the utter ruthlessness the U.S. government could dish out. Later, Truman blundered (most likely intentionally) into the Korean War, one in which a Russian general situated in the United Nations HQ was aware of every military move the U.S. was going to make in advance. The general transmitted all this info to Stalin, and it subsequently found its way into the hands of the North Korean high command. General MacArthur knew this and went to some pains to try to cover this leak in any way he could. Truman also presided over the loss of China to the Reds in the late 1940s, due to the actions of George Marshall and Dean Acheson, among others. It was yet another CFR production.

+ Now we come to Dwight David Eisenhower. His father was a Swedish Jew who married a Swedish gentile woman before they emigrated to the U.S. I've seen all their pictures, and Dwight is a dead-ringer for his mother, a very Scandinavian-looking lady. Rather a parallel to Barry Goldwater, who is the spitting image of his English mother. I have a lot of respect for Barry, by the way. If you read his several memoirs, you'll find that he's a real straight-shooter who came down firmly and courageously against the CFR, in print no less! Eisenhower, who went to West Point, was referred to in his senior yearbook by his classmates as "that terrible Swedish Jew." I have personally seen a reproduction of the page in a 1969 book commemorating "Ike." I guess that was a little tough love from the boys in the long gray line. Like all U.S. presidents, Eisenhower was up to his armpits in corruption and skullduggery. His buddies in the oil industry bought and paid for his famous Gettysburg farm, for example. He and his little buddy Nixon also helped set the stage for the Vietnam War. To his credit, he brought an end to the Korean War and put the finger on the military-industrial complex in his farewell speech. What he left out was that the international banks control the corporations and the military (indirectly).

+ Now we come to the last of our heroic Jewish war presidents, good ol' LBJ of the Pedernales. That's right, this tough-talking Texan was really a Sephardic Jew, as was his wife, Lady Bird. They were descended from Spanish Jews who overtly converted to Christianity during the Inquisition but secretly "kept the faith."

These Jews are called "Serrano." (I believe that's the correct spelling. You can "google" the word to get the dope on them.) I won't go into the sordid history of the Vietnam War here, but you can put LBJ into the front rank of its facilitators. To think that I once shook that bastard's hand in Sept. 1963, just two months before JFK was waxed. It was very large and soft, never having seen a day's honest toil. Ugh! Makes me want to take a shower just thinking about it!

+ What's my final word? If Kerry--of Jewish blood-- gets elected this November, it won't be anything new. By the way, Kerry's "Israel advisor" is Jay Footlik, a former resident of the mid-east mini-state, Israel. You can't make this stuff up.