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For daring to share his beliefs in an article on homosexuality,
sodomy-promoting Allstate fired employee Matt Barber in a clear case
of diversity-fueled religious persecution.
Your help is needed, because if this industry leader gets away with
it, corporate America will likely follow. Please go to
ConservativePetitions.com to see what is at stake. Here's the
Allstate aggressively pushes the homosexual agenda in the name of
tolerance, but when Barber offered the traditional moral-values
viewpoint, tolerance disappeared and the result was termination!
Though his Internet-based column gave no indication he worked for
the insurance giant, Barber was told it didn't reflect Allstate's
view. After being humiliatingly ushered off company property, he
later learned the discharge was the result of a complaint by a
homosexual organization seeking to make him pay.
Don't let Allstate get away with this religious bigotry! Here's
where to make your stand:
Sign a petition to Chairman Edward Liddy that asks Allstate to
reinstate Barber, detour from its pro-sodomy policies and get the
corporation back on the right road for America.
Help right this wrong now or get ready to see other corporations
follow Allstate's lead! Here's again where to act:
-- Tom Strobhar
President of Citizen Action Now
P.S. This isn't just one person in one company. Allstate is an
industry leader known for pushing homosexual "rights" down throats.
If Allstate gets away with this, other companies will follow. One
day soon this could happen to you or a loved one -- unless you act
now at: