Robert Lederman: "liberal" [aka jew/socialist/feminist/democrat/fag]


It's hard to imagine that "liberals" actually believe the ludicrous things they write.  It seems that they are just smart enough to write something that they think less intelligent Americans might fall for, but dumb enough to think that what they write is valid.  These are not matters of opinion--these are errors of fact.

You don't need to be a fan of Bush to consider how misleading are the following serious contradictions within his one screed:


"the desire for ... better education" is called a Trojan Horse, which contradicts that "the privatization of schools" is the only way to accomplish that goal.  Needless to say, the author doesn't say how to "better education" if schools aren't privatized.  Brainless.


He refers to the Bushes as "one big happy (crime) family" and contradicts that by decrying the "dramatic increase in executions".  If Lederman doesn't like crime, then why does he berate the execution of known criminals, under the law, just as Bush took an oath to do?


"Welfare was not ended, just shifted from needy people to corporations" contradicts that corporations pay taxes but welfare queens don't.   The fact is that corporations pay the taxes which fund the welfare which is paid to welfare queens who not only don't pay taxes--but they never refund the taxpayers from whom their welfare was robbed.


"the worst public school education system in the US" contradicts that Texas has the BEST private schools in country, and that privatizing public schools could not POSSIBLY do anything less than improve them, which the author decries.


"Despite tracing their family tree directly to the Queen of England, former President Bush and his Governor sons owe their wealth, political clout and social prestige to the hard work of grandfather and former US Senator Prescott Bush and to Prescotts' father-in-law Herbert Walker" contradicts reality and reveals the true depths of the depravity of "liberals".  To a "liberal", "hard work" is a dirty word and gaining privileges by geneology is the supreme accomplishment..


"the saturation of communities with toxic and ineffective pesticides" contradicts that governments aren't operating the farms which require pesticides, and ignores that the benefits of eating food far outweigh spending 2% of GDP for "environmental regulation".


"President Dumbya" contradicts that the author is even "Dumbyer" than the very man who beat the con artists fairly and squarely and who learned to fly a jet fighter (two things this author can hardly dream about).


Florida's "utterly defective and blatantly racist electoral system threw the Presidency to GW" contradicts that Florida followed their own LAW as the Constitution required, and suggests that Lederman would gladly change the rules of poker when he's right in the middle of a game with you.  Not a very savory personality, to say the least.


"The Bush family also have a long association with the pseudo-science of Eugenics, or population control" contradicts that Bush has dared to oppose the world's most wildly successful "population control" method which has killed 40 million potential fellow Americans so far: abortion.


"Cousin John Ellis ... stampeded the TV networks into falsely announcing GW winning on November 7th" contradicts that the networks FALSELY announced that Gore had won when he had LOST.


"Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve, ... won acclaim from racist elements on the far right for his books advocating the end of both welfare and affirmative action based on the notion that African Americans are genetically inferior in IQ" contradicts the fact that Murray is correct by every account.


The author calls for "at least a semblance of democracy" which contradicts the fact that the US Constitution calls for a republic.


Calling Bush "a fake college student" contradicts the fact that Bush graduated from college and Gore flunked out.


This author deplores the "CIA-an agency with a long history of and expertise in fixing elections" which contradicts that Daley of Chicago knows and has a reputation for NOTHING but how to fix elections.


Claiming that Bush is "a born-again Christian ... slated to preside over the destruction of Gods creation" contradicts that it is CHRISTIANS who have historically protected Gods creation, usually by exiling destructive, whiney jews/liberals/fags/feminists/socialists/democrats to far off, exotic lands.

Enjoy Madagascar, Lederman!


From: [email protected]
Subject: Don't Be AmBUSHED: Know Your Enemy to Fight Your Enemy

GW Bush and the Bi-partisanism Hustle
by Robert Lederman

"I'm a uniter not a divider". "Bush will reach across the aisle".
"He's known for being bi-partisan". What do these statements
mean in non-propaganda terms?

The corporate bosses of both the Republican and Democratic
parties just spent a combined total of close to one billion dollars
on a fake election and understandably want the results they paid
for. Therefore, Congress will indeed cooperate under President
Bush to pass legislation.

This legislation will be as hopelessly complex and
indecipherable for the average person to understand as the
Supreme Court ruling that just made Bush President. The
American people will as usual be forced to rely on politicians
and the corporate media to mis-explain it to them.

Like a Trojan Horse it will appear to be the partial fulfillment of
the desire for election reform, better education, saving social
security, prescription drug price controls and tax relief.  In
reality, attached to each of these pieces of legislation will be
hidden benefits for the largest corporations in the world and
hidden clauses that will remove basic individual rights we have
all come to take for granted.

Republicans point to Texas as the example of what bi-partisan
Bush will do in the White House. Yes, it is true that he was able
to reach across the aisle in Texas.

What he and the Texas legislature accomplished was a dramatic
increase in executions, the saturation of communities with toxic
and ineffective pesticides, the worst public school education
system in the US, deregulation of industries leading to the worst
air pollution in North America and the privatization of schools,
hospitals, prisons and most social services.

Welfare was not ended, just shifted from needy people to
corporations. The Bush family and their circle of business
friends were the number one beneficiaries of these bi-partisan
legislative efforts.

It is an unfortunate and obvious reality that almost none of our
elected officials in either major party are actually trying to help
the American people in any way. Their efforts are solely about
convincing the public that they care about social issues while
doing everything they can to advance the interests of their real
constituents-the mega-wealthy corporations that paid to put them
in office. In the case of someone like Dick Cheney, he is both the
corporation and the politician-a right hand blatantly working
with his own left hand to fleece the American public.

It's  A Family Affair....
Like one big happy (crime) family GW and Co. will indeed reach
across the aisle to guarantee that the New World Order
progresses as scheduled. It is after all his family business.
Loyalty to family is at the heart of Team Bush with GW nicely
illustrating the darker side of family values.

His dad, former CIA director George Bush, was President just
eight years ago. A lifetime spent as a Rockefeller toady
cultivating both open and covert contacts with intelligence
agencies, organized crime figures, third world dictators, oil
cartels, drug lords and the New World Order made our new
President Dumbya possible.

Despite tracing their family tree directly to the Queen of
England, former President Bush and his Governor sons owe their
wealth, political clout and social prestige to the hard work of
grandfather and former US Senator Prescott Bush and to
Prescotts' father-in-law Herbert Walker. Both men made fortunes
on Wall Street by working as frontmen for Nazi-owned shipping
companies managed by the firm Brown Brothers Harriman. They
were key figures in establishing what Hitler and Wall Street
hoped would be the financial pillars of the American wing of
world fascism.

The Bush family also have a long association with the
pseudo-science of Eugenics, or population control, which
reached its fullest expression in Nazi Germany. Hitler publicly
acknowledged that he got many of his ideas for racial cleansing
from the American Eugenics movement, which by the beginning
of WWII had passed laws mandating sterilization of so-called
social undesirables in more than 25 states.

The birth-control movement was a direct outgrowth of American
Eugenics which explains why GW cannot candidly discuss his
real beliefs on this controversial subject. Real conservatives,
rather than the corporate-financial conservatives who run the
Republican party, strongly oppose Eugenics as the ultimate form
of birth control.

The Harriman fortune (they were partners with Prescott Bush on
Wall Street) financed the American Eugenics movement starting
in Cold Springs Harbor NY, which is both the origin and present
headquarters of the current Human Genome Project. This
population-control and culling project disguised as a
humanitarian health endeavor today includes such corporate
activities as patenting, manipulating and altering the human
genetic code, introducing untested vaccines into the food supply
and selectively genetically engineering, manipulating or
exterminating all life forms on earth.

Professing to be a born-again Christian, President GW Bush will
give a green light to the re-direction of evolution by the medical
and pharmacutical establishment. Wearing his religion like a
Hollywood special effect intended to dazzle us all into a warm
and fuzzy stupor, the man who calls Jesus his favorite
philosopher (next to the Manhattan Institute's Myron Magnet)
and who declared Jesus Day in Texas has been slated to preside
over the destruction of Gods creation.

Among the many hats he has worn, former President Bush was at
one time President of Eli Lilly the giant pharmacutical company.
Under a GW Bush administration the American people will move
that much closer to living the reality of factory-bred farm
animals. We are becoming a nation of Perdue chickens, barely
able to function or reproduce without the intervention of
so-called science.

While GW was made Governor of oil-based Texas-aka the
execution capital of the world, brother Jeb serves the nation as
Governor of Florida, the cocaine-fueled State whose corrupt,
utterly defective and blatantly racist electoral system threw the
Presidency to GW.

When organizing a coup, it helps to have dependable family
connections everywhere. Cousin John Ellis, is a Fox News
executive who stampeded the TV networks into falsely
announcing GW winning on November 7th after numerous
frantic phone conversations with various Bush family members,
including GW.

Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, who declared Bush
the winner despite him actually losing both the popular US vote
and the Florida vote, campaigned with and is alleged by some
insiders in Florida and members of the media to be having a
long-running affair with President-elect Bush. Harris was
instrumental to the process of keeping tens of thousands of votes
for Al Gore from ever being counted.

Of the five US Supreme Court justices who stopped the recount
and ultimately ruled against counting the votes at all, two have
blatant conflicts of interest involving the Bush family and their
own family members. Justice Scalia has not one but two sons
working for law firms directly involved in the lawsuits on behalf
of Bush. He is known to have commented that if Gore won the
election he would resign from the court because he would never
be able to be appointed chief justice.

The wife of Justice Thomas works for the Heritage Foundation,
this nations most infamous far right think tank, which has been a
key strategic advisor and funding source for Bush throughout the
campaign. She is also-just incidentally-working on the Bush
transition team. Justice Thomas was appointed to the Supreme
Court by GW's dad. What candidate wouldn't want to face a
judge who owed his job to their dad and whose wife works for
their campaign?

For technical advice-or thought processes generally-GW leans
rather heavily on his father's former top aides, Cheney and Baker.
Uncle Dick and Uncle Jim will be the real Presidents of the
United States with GW acting as a sort of game show MC
presenting their work product to the American people. Though
not blood relatives, these two Bush consiglieres have helped the
Bush family pull off some of its best and most profitable capers.
They are very trusted "family" in the Mafia sense.

The Bush family and its associates have a long history of
involvement in massive banking rip-offs, defrauding the public
and Congress, political assassinations, covert operations
designed to destabilize governments, sale and proliferation of
chemical and biological warfare armaments, rigged third world
elections and arranging profitable endeavors-like the Gulf
War-on behalf of their favorite oil companies and military

Cheney's company, Halliburton and its subsidiary Brown &
Root, just happen to be among the largest military supply
companies in the world. They hold numerous fat Pentagon
contracts which directly depend on the U.S. involving itself in
future wars.

The oxymoronic theme of President-elect Bush's
campaign-Compassionate Conservatism-was invented by CIA
mind-control experts at the Manhattan Institute, a right-wing
think tank in NYC started by former CIA director William
Casey. GW has publicly acknowleged this as has the 6/12/2000
NY Times and the 4/16/2000 Dallas Morning News.

Casey conveniently died before being forced to testify before
Congress on the Iran-Contra scandal. His expected testimony
would have implicated then Vice President Bush even more than
President Reagan or Oliver North in the Iran-Contra
cocaine/arms dealing affair.

Aside from supplying all of the most controversial ideas behind
the administration of racist First Amendment-trashing NYC
Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the Manhattan Institute is best known as
the former sponsor of Charles Murray, author of the Bell Curve.
Murray won acclaim from racist elements on the far right for his
books advocating the end of both welfare and affirmative action
based on the notion that African Americans are genetically
inferior in IQ. Giuliani has used the ideas behind the Bell Curve
and another Manhattan Institute favorite-Fixing Broken
Windows-to fashion the largest and most racially-biased false
arrest, homeless and welfare policies in U.S. history.

Not incidentally, Casey worked closely with Allen Dulles to
bring former top level Nazis involved in the Holocaust and
Eugenics to the US following WWII and installing them in the
business, medical and the intelligence sectors of the US
government. Some of these former Nazis later became a key-and
at times very embarrassing-part of George Bush senior's
Presidential campaign [See numerous Washington Post articles
during September of 1988].

Dulles was both a close Wall Street associate of Bush
grandfather Prescott and the legal counsel for Rockefeller
subsidiaries Standard Oil and I.G. Farben-two multi-national
sister companies that were instrumental in establishing the
technological and military power of the Third Reich. He was
later appointed the first director of the CIA-an agency with a
long history of and expertise in fixing elections.

As we contemplate a Dumbya Bush Presidency let us pause to
give thanks to the entire Bush dynasty. They have given us all a
special Xmas present for the new millennium.

Thanks to their efforts we now have an illegitimate President, a
tainted US Supreme Court, a total loss of confidence in the idea
of our voting procedures, millions of disenfranchised voters who
were duped, excluded and obstructed during this election, a
President more interested in barbecues than policy and a
fractious political divide between Americans that could
ultimately lead to another civil war.

Our politicians-many of whom have based their careers on
blasting foreign governments for not holding free and fair
elections-are now the laughing stock of the world.

After the inauguration America can and should immediately
begin the process of impeaching this phony and restoring at least
a semblance of democracy. To his resume as a fake college
student, AWOL airforce pilot, fake businessman, fake baseball
team owner and fake Governor, our Executioner-in-Chief can
now add fake President. Before starting his first day on the job
GW comes to the White House with far more scandals than the
Clintons have been accused of in their entire lifetime careers.

A do-nothing Congress? They only have to do one thing to
eternally justify their existence-Impeach GW Bush!

The following are a very partial list of links to exposes by other
authors on the Bush family and on Eugenics. You might want to
copy and save this information before it is censored out of
existence. My recommending these sites should not be construed
as an endorsement of anything on them. They run the gamut of
the entire political spectrum.
(a pro-Nazi, pro-eugenics site)

Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists´┐Ż*T Response To Illegal State Tactics)
[email protected]  (718) 743-3722

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