How jews spy on American citizens




Blackmail-worthy American leadership become slaves of Ariel Sharon


 Israel, purportedly our friend, has been spying on us all. And we're not
talking about individual spooks like Jonathan Pollard, or small-time

networks such as the 140 Israelis arrested by the FBI prior to 9/11,
or the 5 who were arrested who were cheering and celebrating as the

World Trade Towers collapsed.,2933,40679,00.html∓co

 Israel has had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years,

along with the ability to monitor and record who any person is calling,

anywhere in America; information of great value even if one does not

listen to the calls themselves. Amdocs, Inc. the company which sub

contracts billing and directory services for phone companies around

the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies,
is owned by Israeli interests. Yet another company,,2933,40824,00.html
Comverse Infosys, is suspected of having built a "back door" into the

equipment permanently installed into the phone system that allows

instant eavesdropping by law enforcement agencies on any phone in

America. This includes yours.

Concerns about allowing an Israeli company such intimate access to the
infrastructure go back many years. As reported by Fox News,,2933,40981,00.html

the Israeli company Amdocs was implicated in the leaking of police

phone data that resulted in the collapse of on investigation into a

massive drug and credit card fraud operation with Israeli connections.

In a telling repeat of the Los Angeles drug case,,2933,40747,00.html
investigators looking into the attacks on the World
Trade Towers are again reporting that confidential telephone

information is again being leaked in a manner that is interfering with

the investigations. </a> Again, Amdocs was implicated.

Not content with the phones of ordinary citizens in the United States,

evodence has surfaced -- see

--that Israel compromised the telephone systems at the highest levels
of the US Government.

 Now, I want you all to stop and think for a minute of the full
ramifications of this. Israeli interests have the ability to listen in

on ANY phone in America connected to any of the systems

used by Amdocs or Comverse Infosys. They have had this

ability for several years. They can listen in and track the phone

calls made by anyone's phone, whether police officer, elected

official, media talking head, editor, policy setter, news mogul,
even the President of the United States. The Ken Starr report

on Whitewater describes how Bill Clinton warned Monica Lewinsky

that a foreign government was tapping their phone calls.

 Few indeed are the people in America who do not have

something to hide.  That insider trade, the brief but
torrid affair, the stolen votes, the deliberate smear, the role

one played in an assassination, the acceptance of money from

drug runners to look the other way. Be honest. Is there a

skeleton in your closet you hope will stay there? Something

nobody knows about? Well, if that skeleton involved a phone

call, someone may know about it. Amdocs and Comverse

Infosys. And their Israeli owners.

Just think about it for a moment. Everyone's private phone traffic,
right up to the President, potentially visible to Israeli interests. And

you cannot find the phone taps or bugs because they are built
right into the phone system!

Suddenly, a lot of events which have puzzled observers start to make

Like the way the US vetoed the UN resolution calling for peace in
Palestine, despite being the only 1 out of 15 voting nations to have

voted against the measure. The USA gained nothing by this veto.

But Israel did.

Over the last few weeks, the people of the United States have seen a
great deal of evidence pointing the finger of blame for 9/11 at

Osama bin Laden and Arabs in general, evidence which is

circumstantial, often self-contradictory, and in some cases

faked. Yet as was reported in the news -- see,2933,40684,00.html
evidence also exists linking many of the arrested Israeli spies (some

of whom worked for the Israeli telecom companies above) with

the events of 9/11. Yet this evidence is NOT being broadcast
endlessly on the news. In fact, this evidence is CLASSIFIED.

Someone has persuaded" the US Government and the media that

the American people are ONLY supposed to see the evidence
that points a certain direction, and must never see any evidence

that points someplace else.  Likewise, the media has been
"persuaded" not to report evidence that Israel knew of

the 9-11 attacks ahead of time -- see
 The foreign press has outright accused Mossad of taking

part in the WTC crashbombings, --  see"
 but the American media have been "persuaded" not to cover

these accusations.

It was well known that there was an Israeli spy, "Mega,"

inside the CLinton White House -- see, for example,  .

But Clinton ordered the FBI to cease searching for the

mole, code-named "Mega".
It is now known that "Mega""
was not just Mossad spy but top Mossad agent in America.

The cancellation of the hunt for "Mega" occurred at the same

time Clinton warned Monica Lewinsky that their phone
conversations were being recorded.
This strongly suggests that Clinton was "persuaded" to call

off the FBI's hunt for "Mega" with the threat of a recorded

phone sex session being made public.

Because of the purported links between Muslims and the

attacks on the World Trade Towers, the US Government

has been shutting down all Moslem linked charities in the
USA. But the chairman of the Jewish Defense League, a group

with a violent history, was arrested recently, --see
 in a plot to bomb a US congressman.   But the US Government has

been "persuaded" not to take actions against Jewish charities,

while the media has been "persuaded" to allow the story of hard
evidence of JDL terrorism to fade away as quickly as possible.

Two Mossad agents were arrested with dynamite inside the Mexican
Congress.   See 

The Mexican government was persuaded to release the two men

without trial. Meanwhile, the American media has been "persuaded"

not to report on the Mexican arrests.

Israel receives a hugely disproportionate share of foreign

aid from the United States, about $5 billion a year. A large

segment of the US population questions the sending of so

much money to such a small population while so many people

remain homeless on our own streets. But somehow,
Congress is "persuaded" to keep sending more cash each

and every year.


Ariel Sharon faces a war crimes trial -- see   ,
-- and the American media is "persuaded" not to make

a big deal of the story.

Israel is in violation of the Geneva Accords  and the American

media is "persuaded" not to make a big deal of that story either.

The United Nations accuses Israel of using torture on children. The
American media is "persuaded" not to make a big deal of that story either.

 How is such persuasion possible?


The revelation of an Israeli-linked system for monitoring and
potentially listening in to the phone calls of every single person in

the nation at will opens up the possibility that a massive blackmail

operation, unprecedented in scale, is the real force shaping media

bias and United States policy.

The reality is that this nation's politicians and media leaders all

have secrets to hide. Mistresses, drug habits, links to that airfield

in Mena, Arkansas, BCCI cash sitting in that bank in Barbados,

loot from ADFA in the Cayman's; in a corrupted society only

the corrupt can reach the heights of power, and they all have

secrets to hide. They are all vulnerable to blackmail. And
being the kind of people who were willing to, and usually did,

anything to get power, they are also the people willing to do

anything to keep it. Look the other way when the drugs come

in, spike an embarrassing news story or plant a fake one
that embarrasses your enemy, alter the books, destroy a report,

falsify data, destroy evidence, maybe even allow the military

might of the United States and the blood of her children
to be tricked into fighting someone else's war.

History has shown that if a crime is possible, it is also inevitable.
The cold hard reality is that Amdocs and Comverse Infosys

are the most powerful tools a blackmailer could ever hope

for, opening up the private lives of everyone in the nation,

 including the secrets of targets able to control the media and
US policy.

 Dare we ignore this potential threat?

Or will the media be "persuaded" tat all this fuss about Israeli-owned
companies with wires into the phone system is just a lot of nonsense?

There is one more aspect to this issue that needs to be looked at. If
indeed Israel is blackmailing our officials and media icons, it is because
those who are being blackmailed ARE blackmailable. And we have a
blackmailable leadership because we, as a people, have
gotten lazy in selecting who we allow to govern us. And now we pay the