Three decades ago when the typical American woman was a married mother with children, with the highest standard of living the world had ever known, had SAT scores 98 points higher than today, and was the most revered woman in the world, Yuriy's remarks would not have been accurate.  But today, where the typical American woman is a single and/or divorced mother whose average standard of living  plummeted two thirds, has a two thirds probability of living in poverty, and whose 12th grade girls were able to resolve a statistical zero percent of TIMSS math and physics problems which up to eighty percent of girls in other countries were able to resolve, Yuriy is one hundred percent bang on.   Thanks to feminism, the typical American woman transformed just that quickly from a revered lady to a reviled slut.  This isn't a "personal opinion"--American women are so undesirable that 50 million of them of marriageable age now stand waiting at the marriage altar with no takers, bearing children out of wedlock at record numbers, killing 1.6 million babies per year in the womb each year, and being divorced at a rate that no other woman in the world comes even close to.

What American women did to law since they became judges and lawyers will go down in history as a more serious travesty of justice than Hitler ever dreamed of.  At the same time that our murder rate almost tripled, our incarceration rate quadrupled, yet still a quarter of a million murderers during that time were never even brought to justice thanks to the severe drop in the clearance rate for murder.  They filed so many false allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and rape that American men are now a third of the men in the world who are behind bars,  and two thirds of those who are charged with rape.  Thanks to them, an American man is 80 times more likely than a Japanese or Italian or Greek man to be accused of rape, but thanks to DNA evidence we already have scientific proof that at least a third of the accused aren't even genetically linked to the crime scene.  If American men were no more likely to be rapists than other men around the world, 256,750 of the 260,000 men now under the jurisdiction of the justice system for sexual assault wouldn't be there now, and might instead be helping the country compete in the "global economy" where they would constitute almost a half a percent of the men in the work force.

Even though, statistically, the drinking man driver is a safer driver than the non-drinking woman driver, stupid organizations like MADD which are run by American women were responsible for putting a higher proportion of American men behind bars just for drinking and driving alone than many countries have in prison for ALL of their crimes, combined--even if they *never* had a ticket and/or *never* had an accident.  There were 58,700 American men behind bars who were convicted of "driving under the influence" in 1997 (22.6 per 100,000 population), an incarceration rate higher than the total incarceration rates in Mauritius, Philippines, Sri Lanka, or the Slovak Republic, and in the same range as the incarceration rates in Ethiopa, Italy, Japan, China, or the Netherlands.

As bad as all of this is, the three quarters of American women who support gun control laws today, versus the less than half of men who do, are an even bigger threat to our republic than the above.  They are too ignorant to understand that, when our murder rate almost tripled at the same time that each of the unconstitutional 22,000 gun control laws were passed, more gun control laws will cause even more crime and murder and imprisonment.  They are too arrogant to take a lesson from the other 120 million citizens of the world in the last century who demanded and GOT gun control, only to be immediately exterminated by their OWN governments.  They are too emotional to stop and realize why the systematic eradication of Christians by our own government in Waco and Kosovo doesn't ring a bell in the belfry.

Because American women have zero analytical skills, they are incapable of verifying wildly misleading claims from feminists by simply checking with the Census Bureau.   They don't know, for example, that when our feminized media tries to prop up the dead corpse of affirmative action by proclaiming that "women's incomes are up compared to men's incomes", that what this really means is that American women's incomes just didn't drop as fast as men's incomes did ("only" a negative 66% vs. a negative 67%).  By this process, many American women blindly accept the feminist proclamation that it is good news that men's incomes are down more than women's incomes.   Huh?  Isn't this the classic example of the best that feminism has to offer you girls?

Feminism put American women in a lockstep between ignorance and denial.  Feminists claim that "men and women are equal" [ignorance] and then proclaim that it is misogyny to merely notice the differences [denial].  The worst example of this denial is when single-mothers are confronted with the realities of raising children without fathers.  Yet it is widely known, and has been for many millennia, that children from single-mother households (SMHs), compared to children of two-parent families where the father is present, are more likely to go to prison by twenty times, to commit suicide by five times, to commit murder by eight times, to have behavioral problems by twenty times, to become rapists by fourteen times, to run away by thirtytwo times, to abuse chemical substances by ten times, to drop out of high school by nine times, to be seriously abused by thirtythree times, to be fatally abused by seventythree times, to be one tenth as likely to get A's in school, and to have a seventytwo percent lower standard of living [per Lenore Weitzman].  This is--child abuse.

The whores who deny their children access to their fathers are ultimately hated by everyone.  They are hated by the majority of society today, and they will soon be hated by their very own children when they discover the LIES which put 2 million American men in prison, and which caused them so many personal problems.

Unfortunately, today, Yuriy is right--too many American women are such whores.