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Amnesty International Puts US at the Top of Seven of Its Hit Lists


  1. One of the few remaining countries with a death penalty
  2. Three quarters of the youths executed around the world.
  3. The world's undisputed highest incarceration rate, bar none.
  4. 84 inmates sentenced to death released after proven innocent
  5. US executes the mentally retarded.
  6. Number of women in prisons tripled since 1989.
  7. Use of stun belts in courts during trials.


This excellent report failed to note that 32 inmates who are now known to have been innocent were executed in the US, and that the "racial profiling" they condemned does nothing less than enable police, judges, prosecutors, governors, and politicians to continue their anti-White-Christian-man campaign.  Thanks to this media/government campaign, more than 2,000 White men are killed by blacks every year, and most of them are never brought to justice, nor does the media ever mention their stories.