The Very Best Feminist "Scholarship" Has to Offer


 "Women harvested his crops while he sat writing letters and thinking great thoughts"

"When he died penniless, the majority of them were scattered to the four winds, losing family, home and friends. All these activities -- all of these things done to black women -- have been taken in and washed clean of their import for those who style themselves as the keepers of Jefferson's flame."

Feminists, "liberals", jews, communists, socialists, bolshevists, nazis, many "yankees from the north", and sodomites just cannot bear to witness a "real Christian" like Mr. Jefferson always telling the truth.  Because they must LIE to themselves in order to justify their own amoral positions, they project their own amorality onto moral men and conclude in their own minds that he too must have been a liar.

This is a false dichotomy.

It is this writer's contention that the feminist "scholarship" which follows--nothing but a naked attempt to justify their own amorality--has absolutely no place in this Christian nation's moral history.   It should be permanently struck from the record of Mr. Jefferson, of this nation's chain of historical events, and from the moral position of this Christian nation.

It should be delegated to the sad appendix in our nation's history in which Christian men finally stopped feminism and Talmudism in its tracks after 35 years of failing to do so.  All of the feminists, both men and women, who consciously and intentionally LIED about Mr. Jefferson, and who thus permitted this disgraceful denigration of Founding Forefather Thomas Jefferson to be so widely publicized, must be immediately removed from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation.

The issue is not whether or not Mr. Jefferson fathered a child by a nigger slave--it's whether or not his written statements are accurate and honest.  It's not whether or not a Christian must be "superhuman" in order to not be guilty of miscegenation or fornication--it's whether or not we give greater credibility to feminists who are known to have lied than to Mr. Jefferson who is known to have not lied.  It's not whether or not Mr. Jefferson actually did father a bastard nigger child--it's whether or not this nation bases its moral position on feminists who LIE instead of men who do not.

This is not to say that it's impossible that Mr. Jefferson was the father of Eston Hemings.  The only question is whether or not this can be proven with certainty.  And the only answer after two centuries of trying to prove this is that it cannot be proven with certainty.  To claim otherwise requires all of us to forget all of the conflicting evidence, and to forget centuries of scurrilous attempts by jews to denigrate this great Christian man.

If it were to be proven with certainty, then we would certainly have to question Mr. Jefferson's positions on miscegenation, fornication, and even slavery.  Self-respecting White men would be repulsed about the prospect that Mr. Jefferson had sex with a slave and a nigger.  Christians would be repulsed by his miscegenation and fornication.  But would we also question his position on "free exercise [of religion]", or private ownership of firearms?   No.  Would we also question whether or not miscegenation, adultery, fornication, or sodomy are a sin or a crime?  No.  Does this change the influence of the Holy Bible on the lives of the 264 million Christians in this country?   No.  Does it make Mr. Jefferson less of a Christian?  Certainly, but it doesn't make him a "deist" as the feminist and "liberals" maintain.   A lesser Christian is still a Christian, even a "real Christian", but not a "deist".




Annette Gordon-Reed

The study is sure to rekindle debate among historians over the seeming hypocrisy of an American patriot who argued that all men were created equal, yet owned slaves.

"The most difficult thing about Jefferson was that he was a slave owner," said Annette Gordon-Reed, a New York author whose book on Jefferson and Hemings inspired Foster's research.

The abject hyprocisy of feminists who criticize the very man who argued to free the slaves, for owning slaves himself, knows no bounds.   Had it not been for men like Mr. Jefferson, the slaves may never have been freed in the first place.  Their moral outrage must be redirected, particularly since Mr. Jefferson probably treated his slaves far better than Americans treat the one million American blacks who are now in American prisons as the *direct* result of freeing the slaves.  At the same time they condemn Mr. Jefferson for owning slaves, they also condemn him because they think he was consorting with them, which is wanting your cake and eating it too.  It's a great feminist/communist tool--denigrate great men, create a platform for slandering all of mankind, express your moral superiority, and undermine our founding principles, all in one swell foop--but it has no place in this Christian nation.

They seem oblivious to the fact that Mr. Jefferson was born into a society which had already instituted slavery, and that he worked wonders to improve that society for everyone, including the slaves.  These are the kind of people who "feel" that self-esteem is a zero sum game, that they can't establish any self-esteem for themselves without stealing it from others who developed, understood, and deserved it.  They are selfish advocates and moral minors of the worst kind who should never have even been involved in such an important project as evaluating or understanding the moral values of one of the moral founders of this Christian nation.


Sally Hemings is not known to have been "promiscuous".

Sally Hemings had seven children out of wedlock, which is fornication in the Holy Bible.  Their own DNA studies suggest that each of these children were conceived in miscegenation.  Both miscegenation and fornication were illegal during that time (and still should be today).  Yet these feminist "scholars" have the audacity to claim that Sally Hemings was as pure as the driven snow at the same time that they ignore two of the most important moral and Christian principles of a just, moral, and successful society.

Thomas Jefferson did not rationalize away his behavior.  He explained it in painstakingly written detail for all to see, so it is abundantly clear that he abhorred slavery, miscegenation, fornication, adultery, and sodomy.

Why free the slaves unless he was the father?


Thomas Jefferson's "improper advances".