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Stunning Report Exposes Chief Anthrax Mailing Suspects

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Could the Anthrax Mailings Be
Military-Industrial Espionage?

A Special Report


Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.*


On October 1, 2001-approximately two weeks prior to the first
publicly announced anthrax mailing-FBI officials received an
urgent warning from this author. Investigators were directed to
consider certain pharmaceutical and/or military contractors as
suspects in anthrax-related psychological operations (PSYOPs)
and bioterro-linked espionage. Near the time of this writing,
some of my critical pronouncements have appeared in national
news reports. On November 26, 2001, concerns regarding the
Bayer Corporation's Cipro were featured by the Washington Times.
(1) On December 2 and 3, 2001, the New York Times focused on
U.S. military biological weapons contractors as the source of
the anthrax-mailings.(2,3) This report relays additional
evidence that these criminal offenses, classically called
serial murders by the FBI, are best explained by a relatively
new treasonous form of military-industrial espionage. This
conclusion is supported by the public access reports cited
herein, and issued by scientific and military officials alike,
as presented by the mainstream media. Amazingly, despite
generally perceived limitations on freedom of the press, enough
truths are still told today to allow determined investigators
and journalists to piece little known facts together to reflect
broad, sociopolitical criminal realities. The following report
provides important background on the suspects implicated in the
anthrax mailings. As with every official FBI investigation of
suspects in serial slayings, a review of the developmental
histories of chief suspects was conducted while considering
military-industrial espionage as a possible motive for the
crime of sending anthrax through the mail. From this knowledge,
chief suspects were identified, and a determination of the sole
source of the mailed anthrax was made. The evidence strongly
suggests a conspiracy to commit espionage and treason against
America involving anthrax developers at the Battelle Memorial
Institute, and agents within the Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) and/or national security system.


On April 24, 1997, a package containing a Petri dish
labeled "anthrachs" was received by the B'nai B'rith in
Washington, D.C. According to researchers reporting in the
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists this triggered a new era in
mailed anthrax hoaxes and threats. (4)

By February 1999, the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) reported that seven major anthrax threats were
recorded during a three month period in 1998. Perhaps not
coincidentally, the same day this report was issued, the media
reported four more incidents.(4)

Among the first to suspect military-industrial espionage
involving anthrax scares was Leonard A. Cole, a political
scientist at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. He
recalled that the letters claimed to contain anthrax, much like
the recent mailings to news sources, "arrived at the Washington
Post and . . . at an NBC news office in Atlanta."

He, like many political observers, balked at the unprecedented
announcement by Defense Secretary William Cohen on national
television concerning a "5-pound bag of Domino sugar" the
military official likened to powdered anthrax. Mr. Cole wrote
that the "military's controversial decision to vaccinate U.S.
troops against anthrax," gave the anthrax threat a "special
cachet." I wrote, at that time, Mr. Cohen's behavior was
virtually treasonous. After all, when in America's history had
our military leader(s) publicized our nation's greatest attack
vulnerabilities? A new military mentality, if not a form of
psychological warfare, had obviously foreshadowed current
events. In Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic
Warfare(5) published Spring 2001, the use of such "PSYOPs"-
psychological operations-was predicted to facilitate severe
curtailments of American civil liberties. Professor Cole
editorialized that such threats of bioterrorism, "reportedly
brandished by an assortment of 'rogue states,' helped the
Pentagon, justify its still sizable post-Cold War military

Might all of this reflect the officially heralded, though
mostly classified, "Revolution in Military Affairs"?(6)

Within days of the anthrax hoax at the B'nai B'rith, FBI
director Louis Freeh suddenly offered a very different view
from that which had been previously expressed by leading
military and intelligence officials regarding the risk of
bioterrorism. The acquisition or use of biological weapons by
individuals or terrorist groups, he stated, constituted "one of
the gravest threats to the United States."(4)

Discerning the change in official policy and its economic
ramifications, Professor Cole lamented over the soaring
bioterrorism budget-$1.4 billion at that time.  "Even
bioscientists who think the threat is exaggerated are reluctant
to contradict officials who say it is 'only a matter of time'
before one of the many anthrax alarms turns out to be real," he


In a related article, Jonathan B. Tucker, director of the
Chemical and Biological Weapons (CBW) Nonproliferation Project
at Monterey Institute of International Studies, and his
associate Amy Sands, director of the Monitoring Proliferation
Threats Project at that Institute, discussed anthrax-related
hysteria. They reflected on "the tendency of U.S. government
officials to exaggerate the threat of chemical and biological
terrorism" which they wrote was "reinforced by sensational
reporting in the press and an obsessive fascination with
catastrophic terrorism in Hollywood films, best-selling books,
and other mainstays of pop culture." Had their writing not
preceded the Hollywood production called "Wag the Dog" they
might have modified their dismal view of "Tinseltown" truth-

Likewise, in the Washington Post (March 16, 1999), science
policy analyst Daniel S. Greenberg criticized what he called "a
whiff of hysteria-fanning and budget opportunism in the scary
scenarios of the saviors who have stepped forward against the
menace of bioterrorism. . . . While a gullible press echoes
[their] frightening warnings, there are no independent
assessments of the potential for terrorist attacks or the
practicality of the proposed responses."(7)

Indeed, these scholarly assessments foreshadowed today's news
headlines concerning the official origin of the mailed anthrax-
reports that seriously implicate military defense contractors,
if not government officials themselves. What many may wish to
believe is an appropriate National Security response to
threatened bioterrorist attacks, is best explained by the words
on the back of every dollar bill-"Novo Ordo Seclorum." Without
entertaining broad conspiracy theories, current events
demonstrate a "New World Order" is certainly evolving from
militarily managed chaos.

Investigating the Primary Suspects:

(Numbers correspond to those on the attached flow chart.)

Background on the Anthrax Vaccine Maker-Bioport

1. In March 16, 1999, Robert C. Myers, DVM, Chief
Operating Officer of BioPort-America's only anthrax vaccine
maker-appealed to a Senate Appropriations Committee for urgent
funding for both anthrax and smallpox vaccines. In 1996, in his
own words, he "was part of a team of organizations, led by
Battelle Memorial Institute, which came together to compete for
the [Department of Defense's Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program]
JVAP. Despite there being dozens of potential bioterrorist
threats, Dr. Myers stated these two threats were the greatest
since anthrax is easy to handle and "because smallpox is highly
contagious and probably most of the world is now
susceptible. . . ." He also testified, "Suppose we have a
smallpox vaccine stockpile and a manufacturing
capability. . . . Funding for adequate security must be
included in this program if the threat is to be optimally
minimized. Included in these security measures and to prevent
against natural disaster, there should be two or more
geographical separate manufacturing facilities and two or more
facilities for storage of the manufactured vaccine." He further
stated that few companies wished to become involved in the
production of anthrax and smallpox vaccines due to the high
expense and risks involved in research and development. Today,
the only other companies linked to smallpox vaccine production
include Baxter, Aventis (Hoechst-Rhone Poulenc subsidiary)
OraVax/Acambis, and Fort Dodge Animal Health as detailed in the
accompanying flow chart.(8)

2. The preceding year (September 1998), Bioport
Corporation took over a failing anthrax vaccine business from
state-owned Michigan Biologic Products Institute. Less than a
month later, the company landed an exclusive $29 million
contract with the Department of Defense to "manufacture, test,
bottle and store the anthrax vaccine." Admiral William J.
Crowe, Jr., a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and
close personal aid to President Clinton, with no financial
investment of his own, received 22.5% of Bioport's stock to
promote, secure, and manage military anthrax vaccine contracts.

3. Bioport's principal investor was Saudi business man
Fuad El-Hibri-a close friend of the bin Laden family, and a
previous merger and acquisitions manager for the Rockefeller-
linked Citigroup in New York.(9,10)

4. Bioport shares were also held by The Carlyle
Management Group-America's 11th leading defense contractor
largely directed by past CIA director Frank Carlucci, James
Baker III, and George H.W. Bush, according to several

5. According to the Associated Press, Past President
George H.W. Bush acts as a business agent for the Carlyle Group
and wealthy Saudi families including the bin Ladens.(12)

6. Between 1998 and 2000, Bioport successfully negotiated
through a steady storm of controversy and illegalities to
secure ongoing defense contracts for anthrax vaccine.(9,10,13)

Background on Anthrax Antiobiotic Maker-Bayer

7. July, 2000- Germany's Bayer AG negotiated an
unprecedented sole endorsement by the FDA of the antibiotic
Cipro for anthrax, despite the drug's high risk, high price,
and largely untested status.(1)

8. During the 1980s, Bayer AG and Baxter Healthcare both
marketed blood clotting factor VIII. Both firms were found
guilty of knowingly transmitting the AIDS virus (HIV) to more
than 7,000 American hemophiliacs. Both firms settled out of
court for what amounted to economically motivated genocide.(14)

9. World War II military background on Bayer: Company
President, Hermann Schmitz, also directed Germany's leading
industrial organization-I.G. Farben. He was found guilty at
Nuremberg trials for running Nazi concentration labor camps. He
merely served four years in prison. According to CBS News war
correspondent Paul Manning, Schmitz held more shares of
Rockefeller Standard Oil Co. stock than the Rockefellers.
Farben's principle partner, the Rockefellers, profited greatly
from World War II. A Federal Court judgment cited the Standard
Oil Co. as America's "Enemy National," that is, a "traitor."
Bayer was blacklisted at that time by the U.S. Federal

10. During the late 1940s, I.G. Farben was "decartelized"
by the Allied High Commission led by America's John J. McCloy-a
Philadelphia banker and lawyer with intimate ties to
Rockefeller oil and banking interests. Farben stockholders
received equal shares of Bayer, Hoechst, and BASF stock.

Related Smallpox Vaccine Makers-American Home Products/Baxter
and Fort Dodge, Hoechst/Aventis/Oravax-Acambis

11. American Home Products (AHP) was formed in 1926 but
evolved largely under the same direction as Bayer, Hoechst and
BASF, that is, from I.G. Farben/Rockefeller financial interests
according to cancer investigator and author G. Edward Griffin.
(17) During WWII, Ayerst Laboratories joined AHP and Wyeth
International Limited was formed. This company went on
to "perfect" the smallpox vaccine according to company

12. The Genetics Institute, an offshoot of the Rockefeller
initiated and dominated genetics industry, is a biotech
research unit of AHP/Wyeth-Ayerst. The Institute contributes to
Baxter's product line of genetically engineered products, as
does AHP, including the smallpox vaccine.(5,19,20)

13. Aventis Pharma, with headquarters in Frankfurt,
Germany-coincidentally the home of I.G. Farben and the post-war
CIA-was formed by Hoechst AG and Rhone-Poulenc S.A. during
their merger in 1999. American headquarters of the company not
far from Trenton, NJ in Bridgewater.(21)

14. The politically powerful Pharmaceutical Research and
Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) is directed by Aventis's CEO
Richard Markham. Mr. Markham is also Chairman of the Task Force
on Emergency Preparedness that meets regularly with Bush
administration officials. The Bayer and Merck companies are
also heavily represented in PhRMA and its bioterrorism task
force.(21) (Merck should be recalled as the primary recipient
of the Nazi "flight capital" on August 10, 1944 at the time the
company's president, George W. Merck, was America's biological
weapons industry director.(22) According to Paul Manning, who
credited CIA director Allen Dulles for his intelligence and
guidance in Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, the "flight capital
scheme" assured the rise of the Fourth Reich, alternatively
called the "Neuordnung"-New Order, for the global petrochemical-
pharmaceutical and banking cartels, according to Farben
documents discussed by Manning and others.(15,23)

15. One example of the steady stream of incestuous mergers
and acquisitions within the IG Farben/Rockefeller cartel, is
American Cyanamid's purchase by AHP in 1994. American Cyanamid
is infamous for producing, through Lederle Labs, monkey cancer
virus contaminated poliovaccines linked to several contemporary
human cancer epidemics.(22) AHP then sold its Cyanamid
Agricultural Products business, including carcinogenic
pesticides said to reduce the spread of the West Nile virus, to
BASF Aktiengesellschaft in June 2000.(25)

Current Events Potentially Impacting the Anthrax Mailing

16. PhRMA officials have met regularly and illegally with
Bush administration officials under the auspices of "emergency
preparedness" according to The Public Citizen in November,
2001.  Multi-million dollar drug and vaccine contracts have
emerged from these mostly secret meetings that violate the
Federal Advisory Committee Act-a transparency law enacted to
protect consumers against closed-door dealings between
government and special interests.(26)

17. The BBC and London's leading Sunday newspaper, The
Guardian, reported Nov. 7, 2001 that the Bush administration,
through the CIA, hog-tied the FBI in their investigations
linking Bush family and bin Laden family investments, including
commonly held stock in the Carlyle Management Group. This may
have profoundly suppressive implications affecting the
indicated investigations of Bioport and Battelle Labs for this
and other reasons cited below.(27)

18. Based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Aventis Pharma AG
sought and received a lucrative smallpox vaccine order from the
U.S. government. Along with Bayer, Hoechst, and Merck & Co. all
four firms have major plants within 45-minutes drive of
Trenton, NJ where most of the anthrax mailings originated.
Aventis's European operations are jointly (50:50) owned by
Merck & Co.(28)

19. Aventis collaborates with Oravax/Acambis to produce
enough smallpox vaccine for the federal government's large
order, and fulfills Bioport's Chief Operating Officer, Robert
Myers's recommendations to the U.S. Congress that his company,
and at least one other, be able to produce critical anthrax and
smallpox vaccines. The Aventis/Acambis 20-year contract,
awarded by the CDC, is worth approximately $343 million for a
40-million dose stockpile.(8, 28, 29)

20. Acambis-evolved from OraVax-allied with Baxter
Heathcare to produce smallpox and West Nile virus vaccines.
Aventis fully funds the OraVax/Acambis dengue fever vaccine and
subsidizes other joint ventures. Months before 9-11, the CDC
awarded Acambis a 20-year contract to develop a new smallpox

Apparent Origin of the Weaponized Anthrax-The Chief Suspects

21. In April, 1998, OraVax/Acambis Vice President, Dr.
Thomas Monath met with President Clinton,  New York's Emergency
Management Director, Jerry Hauer, Rockefeller University
president emeritus and American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
curator, Dr. Joshua Lederberg, CIA Director John Deutsch, and
government biological weapons expert William C. Patrick, III,
to discuss/negotiate the first of several multimillion dollar
anthrax, smallpox and West Nile virus vaccine contracts.
According to New York Times reporters William Broad and Judith
Miller, (31) "seven scientists endorsed the stockpile.." These
included "two men who stood to gain financially from the
decision. . . ." These men included Dr. Monath and Dr. J. Craig
Venter, president of The Institute for Genomic Research near
Washington working on anthrax genetics. "The apparent consensus
on acquiring vaccines masked deep divisions among scientists
and military officials," according to reporters Broad and

22. Around the same time, according to New York Times
reporter William Broad,(2) William C. Patrick, III, was
commissioned to compile a report for an undisclosed government
contractor concerning the ramifications of mailing
aerosolizable anthrax. In an earlier report,(3) investigators
Broad and Miller cited the published paper of Dr. Barbara Hatch
Rosenberg, a "private expert in biological weapons," in which
she contended "that a government insider, or someone in contact
with an insider, . . ." was responsible for the mailed
anthrax. "One official close to the federal investigation
called the Rosenberg theory 'the most likely hypothesis,'"
according to the New York Times article. Given this most
credible theory, obvious suspects among the
government "insiders" with economic and/or political motives to
mail anthrax for military-industrial espionage related outcomes
are Bioport-sole maker of the anthrax vaccine; allied smallpox
vaccine makers OraVax/Acambis, Baxter, and Aventis, Bayer-the
anthrax antibiotic profiteer; and most importantly the
principle government and U.S. military contractor-Batelle
Memorial Institute's Chemical and Biological Information
Analysis Center with bioweapons research, development, and
testing labs in West Jefferson, Ohio. (See for Battelle's CBW
operations summary and
  for pictures of the facilities.)(32,33)

23. Most heavily implicated is Batelle and Bioport, both
of which maintain financial and administrative links to highest
level U.S. National Security officials and agencies and the
DoD's Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program. Based on a September
7, 2001 Associated Press report, a "new strain" of extremely
lethal anthrax had been under development before September
2001, by an unnamed U.S. biological weapons contractor. This
fit William Patrick's report in which he "said the American
program had achieved a concentration of one trillion spores per
gram." How was William Patrick privy to this classified
intelligence unless he had consulted, or worked, on the
development? To date, according to William Broad's New York
Times article, (2) this concentration of the Ames, IA strain of
anthrax is unprecedented throughout the world. Even the Soviets
were unable to produce weaponized anthrax concentrated beyond
500 billion spores per gram according top Russian anthrax
expert (currently employed by the CIA) Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov
(alias, "Ken Alibek"). No one else has come close to describing
such concentrated anthrax powder. Given this astonishing
difference alone, the FBI should have been able to quickly
determine the few, if not single, U.S. military bioweapons
contractor(s) capable of this unprecedented feat simply by
interrogating William Patrick. This tip may be worth $1 million
according to the New York Times.(34)

24. Keenly related, First Amendment Press investigator
Christopher Williams, determined that a recent U.S. military
project to develop this advanced type of weapons-grade anthrax
was reported by the Associated Press. In the article, Russian
munitions expert Alexander Gorbovsky voiced his government's
concerns regarding the increased threat posed by the obviously
active U.S. biological weapons program-a program that according
to all mainstream media reports has been dead since President
Nixon's signing of the 1925 Geneva Accord in 1969. So much for
accurate reporting! An anonymous source at the Pentagon told
Mr. Williams that this program was referred to as "Project
Jefferson." Further research by Williams revealed Battelle
Memorial Institute's laboratories in West Jefferson, Ohio had
been contracted to complete this project.(35)

This operation was ongoing around the same time U.S. military
anthrax specialist William Patrick's report on the
ramifications of mailed anthrax powder, commissioned by an
unidentified "contractor"-apparently Battelle-was being
completed.(2)  In other words, that is why Patrick was privy to
this intelligence.

25. According to admitted CIA consultant and author
Richard Preston, William Patrick and "Ken Alibek" were
very "close friends!" (36) Moreover, both leading anthrax
experts held classified consulting contracts with the CIA. In
this article, Preston revealed that Alibek, besides using CIA
provided VISA cards, was then working at the Battelle Memorial
Institute (BMI).

BMI, according to its website
(, is a virtual one-
stop-shopping-center for U.S. and foreign militaries, the
Department of Energy, the national security industries and the
agencies, organizations, and institutions evaluating every
major aspect of modern methods of population and environmental
control and warfare. With nearly $1 billion of business volume
annually, Battelle's 7,500 scientists, engineers and support
specialists, have designed and developed a wide variety of
innovations from the uranium used in the top secret "Manhattan
Project" of WWII to the Xerox copying process. In addition to
their voluminous research, development, and testing activities,
this private institute co-manages America's most secret
enterprises including the DoE's Brookhaven National Laboratory,
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge Laboratory, and
fully manages several others including the Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory . Their two biological level-3 "Aerosol
Engineering & Biological Sciences Facilities" in West
Jefferson, Ohio appear in photographs on a Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) promotions slide at

The BMI/Department of Energy combined web page explained (on
12/7/01 at; get it
while you can!) that Battelle's "National Security" contract
called for the administration of
Brookhaven's "chemical/biological stand-off detection
technology" for which New York City was selected for
an "interagency chemical exercise." Moreover, this test was
conducted sometime prior to the new Millennium. Therefore, it
would have involved Jerry Hauer, additionally linking
Battelle's chemical and biological warfare testing program to
the military industrialists that met in the Clinton White House
in 1998.(34)

Battelle's "Aerosol Engineering and Biological Defense Science"
description relays their unequaled ability to develop, test,
evaluate, and modify a variety of biological agent detection
systems, as well as the agents themselves. This is done, they
say, "for the Joint Services including BL-3 [i.e., biological
safety level of containment] operations." While superficially
publicizing their unique qualifications and activities in the
realm of chemical and biological weapons "defense," detailed
disclosures here are classified. Relating to their apparent
development of the highly weaponized strain of anthrax in
question, they reported their "Aerosol Science and Technology
(AS&T) group develops lab experimental and field test
procedures for . . . point-source emissions and the transport
and atmospheric fate of aerosols by means of modeling and field
assessments for industrial process." Thus, the
government "contractor" for whom anthrax expert William Patrick
wrote his mailed anthrax aerosol dispersal assessment could
have only been Battelle for whom "Ken Alibek" worked; Robert
Myers, Bioport's Chief Operating Officer affiliated; and Jerry
Hauer in New York's emergency management helped facilitate
tests. All of these suspects (except Alibek), played roles in
the Department of Defense's Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program
that was accelerated due to the anthrax mailings and national
fright they apparently caused.

In summary, there are several serious indicators that the
source of the anthrax weapon used in the mailings was the Ames,
Iowa strain of silica-impregnated and electro-statically
charged anthrax produced by the Battelle Institute under their
classified Defense Department "Project Jefferson." This hyper-
weaponized germ was likely produced with the help (or under the
direction) of Dr. Alibekov and/or Dr. Patrick. The fact that
these Battelle agents and affiliated agencies gained notoriety,
if not financially, as a result of the anthrax mailings and
fright fits the parameters of organized conspiracy to commit
military-industrial espionage and serial homicide approaching
economic genocide.

Additional Suspects and/or Accessories to the Crime

26. Another vaccine producer, located in Ames, Iowa-Fort
Dodge Animal Health (FDAH)-must not be overlooked. (Again, the
Ames, Iowa strain of anthrax was determined to be the specific
type of anthrax, super-weaponized at apparently Battelle Labs,
then transported to, and mailed from, New Jersey by someone who
held high level U.S. National Security clearance.) Originally
called the Ames Vaccine Company, the firm was acquired by
American Home Products (AHP) in 1945, suggesting at this time
the company's evolution and/or financing, like Bayer, Hoechst,
Baxter, and Aventis, from the I.G. Farben/Rockefeller
cartel's "flight capital." Ames's FDAH developed
numerous "first" animal vaccines including Lyme, parvovirus,
feline leukemia, Mycoplasma, and suspiciously the West Nile
virus vaccine falsely reported by the media to have been solely
produced by OraVax/Acambis. FDAH is the third largest animal
health products manufacturer in the U.S.(38)

27. The National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVSL),
also uniquely located in Ames, Iowa, is a USDA administered
entity linked by unique location and common interest in West
Nile virus and anthrax research and developments to the FDAH.
The NVSL reported the first West Nile virus infection in a
horse in Florida. Subsequent investigations showed no infected
mosquitoes or "WNV-positive pools" by Florida investigators.
(39,40) Nonetheless, the news media "wagged the dog" for West
Nile vaccine sales once again benefiting FDAH and the Aventis
and OraVax/Acambis partnerships.(39)

28. The NY Times reported on 11-9-01 that the FBI
investigation of anthrax mailings was stymied.(41) What else
might be expected given the classified nature of this work and
its operatives? Most are afforded protection by the National
Security Agency and the CIA. Yet, stunningly, the FBI and CDC
were blamed for destroying critical evidence. According to the
report, the Ames, Iowa strain of anthrax, determined to be the
one mailed from Trenton to Florida and Washington's capitol,
had been suspiciously selected for destruction.(41) Iowa State
officials suddenly confessed that they were ordered by CDC and
FBI officials to destroy all of the remaining Ames, Iowa
anthrax strain on or about October 8-9. The strain archive was
then "destroyed on Oct. 10 and 11." That means, as national
attention was first focusing on the American Media, Inc.'s
initial anthrax cases in Florida (October 7), the orders to
destroy that particular strain was given. More incriminating is
the fact that this one strain, of more than 1,000 anthrax
strains available, had been used in various labs for decades.
Allegedly by mistake, these two agencies-the FBI and CDC-
simultaneously urged/approved the strain's destruction. It
should be recognized that by April, 2000, the CIA assumed all
oversight at the CDC, and other health science agencies,
concerning HIV/AIDS (42) and other infectious diseases
considered national security risks, which following 9-11
clearly included anthrax and smallpox. Again, according to FBI
and military officials interviewed by the BBC and The
Guardian's Greg Palast (27), Bush administration officials and
the CIA had blocked FBI investigations involving terror group
financiers with ties to the Bush family and by extension
certain vaccine makers.

29. The NYTimes (11-09-01) also reported that FBI
investigators in search of anthrax mailing clues were refused
access to certain pharmaceutical companies. These undisclosed
companies were said to require court orders for official access
to their facilities. No such court orders were subsequently

30. The American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) supplies
most of the anthrax globally for research and biological
weapons development. They supplied Saddam Hussein with 19
shipments of anthrax in the years leading up to the Gulf War.
Their V.P., Nancy Wysocki, reported working closely with the
FBI on their investigation (41) Dr. Joshua Lederberg,
previously reported to have met with Bioport, their
consultants, and Clinton administration officials regarding
anthrax and smallpox risks and vaccine policies and purchases,
was ATCC's director during the time anthrax was shipped to
Iraq. He is also the bioterrorism study group leader for the
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and President emeritus of
Rockefeller University.(5)

The CFR is a chief U.S. Government policy analysis and advisory
organization composed of 3,600 mostly wealthy industrialists
led by international banking representatives. In his Farewell
Address to the Nation, on January 17, 1961, President Dwight D.
Eisenhower's counsel was highly relevant to this discussion. He
warned: "In the councils of Government, we must guard against
the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or
unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for
the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our
liberties or democratic processes."(5)

31. All findings have pointed to anthrax mailings being
a "white collar crime"-a military-industrial conspiracy
involving chief biological weapons "preparedness" firms and the
CIA. This conclusion is evidenced by the highly weaponized
nature of the silica powdered anthrax that required a
bioweapons savvy microbiologist and expensive equipment to
produce. Also, mailed anthrax letters originated from Trenton,
New Jersey, St. Petersburg, Florida and Malaysia-also
reflecting international financial motive(s). Additional
support for this hypothesis comes from an Atlanta package
shipped to Kenya on Oct. 9.(43) The sender was not implicated.
Apparently, an agent with access to this private mail, and
Battelle's classified military grade anthrax preparation,
somehow inoculated the parcel. Again, Atlanta is home to the
CIA-officiated CDC.

32. Bayer AG posted $165 million in losses during the
third quarter of 2001, according to the Associated Press.(44)
Was this sufficient motive for the "wag the dog Cipro sales
scam" reported by this author and published by the Washington
Times?(1) Probably not, because there was far more money and
political concessions to be made from the anthrax fright than

33. On November 9, 2001, The Guardian reported that U.S.
health secretary Tommy Thompson asked Congress for $500 million
for enough smallpox vaccine "so every American will be assured
there is a dose with his or her name on it if it is needed."
Only weeks earlier the HHS secretary said he had worked
a "special" deal with Bayer to purchase 100 million tablets of
Cipro for 95 cents each.(45) This, despite equally effective
and better tested alternatives, such as doxycyclines, were more
readily available for less than five cents each.(46)

A week later the New York Times announced that between $1.5-3.2
billion was to be spent "largely on drugs and vaccines" to
fight bioterrorism in the United States.(47)

Finally, on November 23, 2001, the New York Times reported that
Aventis Pharma of Frankfurt, Germany had developed a promising
pharmaceutical formula for smallpox-"cidofovir and a chemical
known as S2242." Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), "told a
Senate committee last month that 'the animal model data are
very impressive. . ." (48) Dr. Fauci is America's AIDS czar,
under direct oversight by the CIA. He was heavily implicated by
this author in Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident
or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Press, 1998) for having helped
suppress awareness that the NIAID helped Germany's Merck
pharmaceutical company develop the 1974 hepatitis B vaccine
given to gay men in NYC and Blacks in Central Africa that
according to much scientific evidence was the specific vaccine
that triggered the international AIDS pandemic.

Summary and Closing Questions

"One should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number
of entities required to explain anything," urged William of
Occam in providing his "Razor" analysis. This report seeks to
do the same by simplifying the correlates and antecedents to
serial homicide in the anthrax mailing mystery. This analysis
is based on the FBI's official model of analyzing suspects'
developmental histories and potential motives in such cases.

The foregoing analysis recognizes the highly unsavory
developmental histories of central suspects in this case-those
who stood to gain most by the extensive news coverage of the
anthrax crimes-investors in pharmaceutical and vaccine firms.

In conclusion, this report characterizes the unique U.S.
military weapons grade of anthrax developed from the Ames, Iowa
strain that was used in the mailings and the organization most
capable of making it. Given several incriminating associations
and documented testimonies published in reputable periodicals,
the logical origin of this extraordinarily deadly form of
aerosolizable anthrax is the Battelle Memorial Institute-a
major global "defense" contractor employing affiliated anthrax
experts additionally linked to the implicated drug and vaccine

Although several contractors are implicated in what might best
be called "military-industrial espionage," the accompanying
flow chart depicts the primary suspects are linked to the
highest levels of government and to the Central Intelligence
Agency both of which operate with little to no effective
oversight or judicial regulation. This, then, is the likeliest
explanation as to why the FBI has been unable to determine what
seems obvious to many and heavily supported-a conspiracy to
commit military-industrial espionage.

Perhaps economic incentives were not the only motive for the
targeted anthrax mailings. On October 31, 2001, The Boston
Globe heralded an unprecedented

CDC initiative that might dramatically suspend civil rights in
the event of a declared biological emergency. The "Model State
Emergency Health Powers Act," it was reported, would give
public health officials and states governors the power to
arrest, transport, quarantine, drug, and vaccinate anyone
suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease. The
plan (available for downloading from is precisely the
type of document that Battelle Memorial Institute's social
service providers and leading academic consultants periodically
compose. The fact that their website promotes the institute's
pioneering role in marshalling America's upcoming public health
response to future outbreaks is chillingly Machiavellian. (See:

Based on the above information, basic questions for serious
investigators might include:

1) Who in the Battelle Institute's Jefferson labs had
access to the optimally concentrated aerosolized, silica-based,
Ames strain of anthrax, and who transported it to Trenton, New
Jersey and elsewhere to be mailed?

2) Who in the CIA was assigned to oversee this classified
biological weapons, or bioterrorism, "defense" operation, and
who, if anyone in the agency (as with Battelle personnel), had
the wherewithal and matching itinerary to effect the anthrax
mailings in Trenton, St. Petersburg, Atlanta, and Malaysia.

3) Who in the Bush administration ordered, according to
the BBC and The Guardian, the CIA to clamp down on FBI
investigations linking bin Laden family assets to Bush family
investments, and finally,

4) Is America at risk and under attack from within our
own secretive national security system, possibly more than it
is from foreign entities and terrorist groups?

If we were able to accurately answer these questions, the
revelations-no less extraordinary than the data and conclusions
presented in this report-might serve as a basis upon which to
rethink and redirect our "War on Terrorism," defense
initiatives, and public health policies to honestly safeguard
the American people in service to freedom and the free world.

Copyright  � 2001 by Leonard G. Horowitz. All rights reserved
though may be recopied, distributed, or posted on the worldwide
web for non-profit purposes only. For more information visit:

* Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. is a Harvard
trained expert in public health and social and behavioral

This work is dedicated to the recently disappeared
Professor Don C. Wiley of Harvard whose case remains a solvable
mystery. Dr. Horowitz may be contacted through Tetrahedron
Publishing Group.

The author would like to especially acknowledge the
collaborative efforts of two heroic individuals: Chris Williams
of the First Amendment Press in Denton, Texas
([email protected])and independent biomedical
investigator Patricia Doyle (http://goddess-of-

For more information written by Dr. Horowitz on this subject,
read "Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare"
(Tetrahedron Publishing Group, June 2001; $29.95; 1-888-508-
4787, available from and ).

*For more information about Dr. Horowitz link to:

For free information regarding the 9-11 attacks, link to the
Apocalypse Prevention Project at:

For information about Dr. Horowitz's American bestseller,
"Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?"
link to:


For Dr. Horowitz's speaking schedule and services call 1-800-

Courtesy of  Tetrahedron Publishing Group
206 North 4th Avenue, Suite 147
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Toll free order line: 888-508-4787;
Office telephone: 208-265-2575;
FAX: 208-265-2775
E-mail: [email protected]

If you would like to order audiotapes of this special report
for distribution to those who prefer audio education, please
call toll free 1-888-508-4787


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Culture/Society Editorial News Keywords: ANTHRAX VACCINE VICTIM
Source: Air Force Times
Author: David Castellon, Air Force Times staff writer
Posted on 08/02/2001 07:29:27 PDT by spiker

Air Force Times

‘A prisoner in his own body’

SUGAR GROVE, Pa. — Thomas J. Colosimo joined the Air Force nearly 11 years ago dreaming of seeing the world and building a strong future for himself. Now, he wonders if he has a future at all.

After taking the anthrax vaccine, Tom Colosimo’s health — and spirit — quickly started to deteriorate.

Still just 29 years old, his once-powerful physique is so withered and frail he must walk with a cane. His boyish looks are marred by bruises and scars, the result of the falls he takes when he unexpectedly passes out. It’s gotten so bad he’s resorted to wearing a hockey helmet around the house.

Life for Colosimo consists of sitting and eating. He sleeps poorly, lives in dread of moments when he slips into delirium, he stumbles over words, his body fails him daily. He has become, he says, a prisoner in his own body.

But unlike sufferers of the mysterious Gulf War illness, whose doctors can’t pinpoint a specific cause for their maladies, Colosimo has medical problems linked to the anthrax vaccine, as publicly acknowledged by Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Randy West, senior adviser to the deputy secretary of defense for chemical and biological protection.


A ruined life

Colosimo was a senior airman at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, when he got his first shot in 1998. He would receive three more over the next 19 months.

“I went to the Middle East eight times,” he said. “That’s when I expected something bad to happen to me, not in a clinic in Utah.”

Colosimo doesn’t blame the Air Force for his plight, but he does blame the Defense Department policy makers who made the shots mandatory for all troops in the late 1990s.

Because of shortages of the vaccine, the list of members currently required to get the shots has been trimmed several times, so that today, only people involved in vaccine manufacturing, military research and congressionally mandated studies, and “special-mission” units that would respond to anthrax incidents have to get vaccinated.

But as soon as more vaccine is available, program officials say the mandatory-inoculation effort will resume. They say the vaccine is safe and effective, and insist that allergic reactions are no more common with this vaccine than with any other.


Good days, bad days, no work

That doesn’t matter much to Colosimo. The fact that thousands of others have taken the shots with no ill effects doesn’t help his situation. “I never thought I’d get social security at age 28. I never thought I’d never be able to work again.”

Even on “good days,” it’s hard just to leave the house. Mildly hot weather can make him pass out. Once an amateur weightlifting competitor, Colosimo now gets winded pulling his wheelchair out of his pickup truck.

Today is a bad day. A fresh red scar extending above his right eye reminds him why.

The injury happened two nights ago, probably from a fall. Colosimo can’t remember exactly what happened — a common occurrence these days. His wife, Tracy, said she woke up in the morning to find her husband’s face caked with dry blood and his right eye swollen shut. A trip to the emergency room revealed he’d suffered a concussion, too.

Colosimo’s good days have been few and far between since he received his fourth anthrax vaccination in September 1999, the same month he married Tracy. Three months later, he began suffering from fatigue, sores on his head, tunnel vision and his first blackouts. To date, he’s blacked out more than 700 times.

His symptoms now include bouts of delirium, panic attacks, explosive and unexpected loss of bowel control, low blood pressure, depression, memory loss, cognitive difficulties and chronic fatigue.

Colosimo said he also suffers from sleep apnea, which causes him to stop breathing in his sleep up to 60 times an hour. So he must sleep with an electronic device over his nose that senses when he stops breathing and forces air into his lungs.

Then there are the side effects of the many medications Colosimo takes to control his primary medical problems. Tracy Colosimo said that a steroid her husband takes to elevate his blood pressure has rendered him impotent now, and eventually “he’ll become sterile.”

“I can’t have sex now anyway,” Tom Colosimo said, the hurt in his voice mirroring the wounds on his face. “I’ve been fighting this so long.” Tightening the grip on his cane, he searched in vain for the right words.

“It’s been so long dealing with anger now, I’ve accepted it. When I put my anger aside, I feel better,” he said. His eyes welled with tears.

After that fourth shot, Colosimo’s health deteriorated so rapidly that he soon was unable to do his job as a nondestructive aircraft inspection journeyman.

He spent most workdays behind a desk because his co-workers feared he’d pass out on the job and get seriously hurt.

By August 2000, Colosimo and his family had complained so much and so loudly that he was sent from Utah to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. He was admitted for “anthrax intoxication,” according to hospital records.

Two months later, the Defense Department admitted that Colosimo’s illness was a result of his inoculations. For the first time, the government had publicly acknowledged the shots had caused serous health problems for a service member.

Under questioning in October 2000 by members of Congress about reported health problems among people who received anthrax vaccinations, West said of Colosimo, “that of all the people that were here today, there was only one person that has a medical diagnosis that directly links it to the vaccine, and that was only a portion of his medical problems.”

Defense Department statistics compiled through June 5 list only 14 people whose “serious adverse events” certainly were caused by the shots, while two other cases were listed as probably being caused by the vaccine. That’s out of 1,578 people who reported mild to serious health problems to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

The Anthrax Vaccine Expert Committee, which makes the determinations, lists cases as “serious” that involve death, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or permanent disability.

Of the 16 cases, all the people are listed as having returned to duty and none are listed as being medically retired due to their ailments. Colosimo is not on the list despite West’s testimony.

“I think they’re trying to make the vaccine seem safer than it really is,” Colosimo said of the numbers. He estimated that he and his family alone have corresponded with at least 100 people suffering serious health problems they believe are due to the vaccine.


‘Somebody has to be with Tom constantly’

Colosimo’s emotions run the gamut. Sometimes he’s sad; sometimes he’s angry.

“Some days I feel like I’m getting better, and some days I feel like I’m getting worse,” Colosimo said while sitting in his mother’s home in northwest Pennsylvania July 9. “I’ve come close to suicide, but I lacked the guts to pull the trigger. I’ve stopped taking my medication hoping it will end.”

Colosimo was granted medical retirement from the Air Force in January with 60 percent disability. That means he gets $812 a month, less than half his E-4 pay. Car payments, child support for a daughter not living with him and health-insurance co-payments gobble up more than half of each check.

“That’s not enough for us to get a place of our own,” Colosimo said.

Tracy Colosimo can’t get a job because “somebody has to be with Tom constantly.” So he and his wife divide their time between their parents’ homes in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“If not for our parents, we’d be out on the streets,” she said.

Neighbors in the close-knit community here, along with others who have heard of Colosimo’s plight, have raised $10,000 for him, and he solicits donations to help with his medical care on his personal Web site.

Colosimo said he desperately wants a job but, on most days, his condition allows him to leave the house only for short periods. And the smells of cleaners, colognes, paint and other items that he might encounter in public places can trigger his bouts of delirium.

Nights are particularly stressful for Tracy and her in-laws because Colosimo sleeps only one to four hours at night. When he gets up, he might pass out or slip into delirium and wander outside like a sleepwalker while the family sleeps on unknowingly.

Tracy said police search teams have found Tom bloody and covered with his own vomit and feces; another time he was found bruised, badly cut and unconscious on a country road.

“Thank God nobody ran over him,” Tracy Colosimo said.

Tom grudgingly lives with the pain and scars of such incidents. But it’s been harder to live with the indignity he feels afterward.

It’s worse when he loses bowel control or passes out in a public place.

He sighs in frustration trying to explain how it all makes him feel, but then slumps his shoulders — and he looks to his wife. She sums it up for him: “Do you know how embarrassing it is to wake up with 50 people around you?”


And even at home it’s not much better.

“A lot of times, it feels like she’s my caretaker, not my wife,” Colosimo said of Tracy. “We don’t even do things that couples do. The only excitement we have is when a new movie comes out [on video] or eating.”


“A cigarette and a can of Coke can really get his pressure up.”

Oddly, cigarette smoke hasn’t been a problem, so smoking is one of his few pleasures. And while it’s unhealthy, Tracy Colosimo said doctors haven’t tried to make Tom quit because it helps elevate his low blood pressure, the cause of his blackouts.

Colosimo said working on his Web site on a neighbor’s computer is one of the few things that makes him feel productive. On it, he details his health problems since taking the anthrax vaccine and shares information with other current and former military members concerned about the anthrax vaccine.

The site has had more than 2,600 visitors.

“There’s someone out there like them that’s sick. They’re not alone or a freak,” Colosimo said. “It’s nice to know you’re not the only one out there fighting this.

“Sometimes I read what these other people are going through, and I realize there are people a lot worse off than me” he said, noting one female Army helicopter pilot he met at Walter Reed who was so emaciated she was down to 70 pounds.

“She says that when she swallows crackers, it’s like swallowing razor blades,” Colosimo said.

He’s also personally taken his message to lawmakers, having testified before the House Committee on Government Reform in October and in June to state legislators in Massachusetts, who are considering a bill that would protect Massachusetts National Guard members from having to get anthrax vaccinations.

Colosimo said he sees the effort in Massachusetts as the best shot to stop mandatory vaccinations because other states might follow suit.

“It’s just a matter of time before they get [the vaccine production line] up and running, and there are 18 more biological-warfare vaccines and an AIDS vaccine in the works,” he said. “I feel that if we make enough noise and get enough people together, we will win.”

Later, after her husband goes to take a nap, Tracy Colosimo laments the change in her husband from a vibrant young man to one worn out and embittered by his ailments. “He was upbeat and very friendly, just the person everyone wanted to be around.”

Once an active couple, usually spending evenings at the gym and weekends hiking or doing other outdoor activities, today they are homebodies.

“He’s depressed most of the time,” she said. “It just seems like he lives in a shell because he’s afraid he’ll be hurt or fall in public.

“It eats at him to not be the man he once was and be able to do the things he did. … he’s lost his sense of self.”


Battling for care and support

Colosimo’s mother, Gloria Graham, said she and Tom’s stepfather are feeling the strain of having four people living in their small house.

“It’s a miracle my husband and I are still married,” she said. “He didn’t plan on marrying me and my adult children.”

Though her son is stoic in discussing his health problems and his treatment by the Defense Department, Graham isn’t so quiet.

She picketed an Air Force recruiting office in August 2000, getting media attention that she believes prompted the Air Force to send Colosimo to Walter Reed.

But it’s been a struggle ever since, Colosimo said.

Colosimo said he had to fight to get Walter Reed to provide him a cane and the helmet, and he couldn’t get a military lawyer to represent him when it came time for the Air Force to decide on his disability.


Calls by Air Force Times to Walter Reed were not returned.

Colosimo had to hire a private lawyer to take his case. His mother mortgaged her house to cover the fee, but the lawyer declined payment.

Colosimo won only partial disability retirement pay because the service didn’t factor all his problems into the decision. His chemical sensitivity, bowel problems and “adjustment disorder mixed with anxiety and depression” were not factored in, according to recommendations of the Air Force physical-evaluation board that considered his case.

Colosimo applied to receive disability compensation benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs — which he believes would cover those conditions the Air Force doesn’t and grant him full disability pay — in lieu of retirement pay.

Jim Moreino, veterans service center manager for a regional VA office, said July 24 that a decision on Colosimo’s disability could be rendered within a week.

If Colosimo gets the full disability benefit, he’d receive about $2,200 a month and possibly $300 to $400 more for his wife, a stipend for being Tom’s caregiver.

In addition, he’d get a lump-sum payment of the difference between his VA benefits and what he got from the Air Force since January.

“If that happened, we could get what we really want,” Colosimo said.

His wife finished the sentence for him: “independence.”

David Castellon can be reached at (703) 750-8655 or E-mail


1 Posted on 08/02/2001 07:29:27 PDT by spiker ([email protected])
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To: spiker

Damn. How does the vaccine DO this, anyway?

2 Posted on 08/02/2001 07:34:36 PDT by Timesink
[ Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | Top | Last ]

To: spiker

If Colosimo gets the full disability benefit, he’d receive about $2,200 a month and possibly $300 to $400 more for his wife, a stipend for being Tom’s caregiver.

My, isn't that generous of them. If I were his wife, I would sue the hell out of the Air Force, since he is not allowed to do so himself. Drag this out in public and let the world (and more importantly other servicemen) see the results.

3 Posted on 08/02/2001 07:59:43 PDT by Blood of Tyrants
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To: Timesink

Check out these web sites.

Adverse Effects Of Adjuvants In Vaccines

When Vaccines Do Harm to Kids

Environmental Effects of Genetically Engineered Vaccines?


4 Posted on 08/02/2001 08:01:11 PDT by spiker ([email protected])
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I don't know so much about it, but a lot of military people are required to take these vaccines. You don't just take one, you have to take a whole bunch of them spaced out over some period of time. After each shot your arm is likely to swell up and be very sore, even so you can't move it. For a few people they get very sick like this guy. Lots of people have mild symptoms that usually go away. My brother had to take the shot, he wasn't badly affected by it.

One of the ugliest things about it all is that the general officer corps simply turns their eyes away from these cases and does not seem to support them. Look at this guy's case, he gets 800 dollars a month, that's it. And he has to pay child support out of that. He's totally disrespected in that common sense and decency dictates that he ought to get the full disability, not partial and he shouldn't have to pay child support.

I'm not sure if soldiers from other countries have to take this shot or not. The military must have a good reason for forcing them to take this shot, but it would definitely make me want to quit the military if I had to take it.

It's a very good thing that Air Force Times printed this.

5 Posted on 08/02/2001 08:07:42 PDT by Red Jones
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Release: No. DITA-909
Date Mailed: January 2, 2002
For Immediate Release
Contact: Elaine Zacky-208/265-2575; 800/336-9266

FBI Implicated in Anthrax Mailings Cover-up:
Mueller Reports No Intention to Investigate Chief Suspect

Sandpoint, ID -FBI officials may be implicated in a conspiracy
to impede justice in the anthrax mailings case, if not
treasonous dereliction of duty, according to a growing number
of scientists and consumer advocates. After officials cited the
likeliest origin of the powdered anthrax was the U.S. Army's
Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, or its Ohio-based supplier and
CIA-contractor, Battelle Memorial Instititue (BMI), FBI
Director Robert Mueller announced the bureau has no intention
of investigating anyone with, or formerly with, their chief

Just weeks ago, major progress in the FBI's investigation
seemed forthcoming. The New York Times and Washington Post
revealed that BMI, Dugway's anthrax facility supplier and chief
administrator had contracted with the CIA (in project "Clear
Vision") to produce, albeit illegally, the 1 trillion spore-per-
gram strain of anthrax under investigation. BMI, while heading
the U.S. military's "Joint Vaccine Acquisitions Program" worth
more than $1 billion in vaccine contracts, commissioned
America's top anthrax expert, William C. Patrick, III, to
deliver a report on the powdered anthrax's prospects for being
spread through the mail.

Thus, by mid-December, the public, including health scientists
urged to help federal officials identify suspects, realized
that someone with high level security clearance, a "black-op
budget," access to the BMI/Dugway anthrax labs, and vaccine
sales incentive, most likely took BMI's powdered anthrax, and
prepared it for mailing from Trenton, NJ; St. Petersburg, FL;
Atlanta, GA; and Malaysia.

For the first time since the 1975 Frank Church congressional
investigation of the CIA for illegally stockpiling anthrax and
other biological weapons, the public learned that the CIA had
been violating the international Geneva Accord moratorium on
biological weapons development-a revelation somewhat
embarrassing to American diplomats engaged in the global "War
on Terrorism."

The day before Christmas, an Op Ed piece in the Wall Street
Journal additionally implicated BMI, and potentially the FBI,
along with rogue elements within the CIA, in an international
conspiracy to commit and cover-up the anthrax mailings crime.
BMI and Bioport, a Michigan-based offshoot of Britain's leading
biological weapons organization at Porton Down, were previously
reported to be collaborating on the manufacture and supply of
America's only anthrax vaccine. Dr. Robert C. Myers, Chief
Operating Officer of BioPort, told a Senate Appropriations
Committee in 1996 that he "was part of a team of organizations,
led by Battelle Memorial Institute . . . " The Journal writer
Edward Jay Epstein cited the testimony of U.S. Army bioweapons
official David Franz concerning America's reliance on British
intelligence provided by Porton Down officials regarding the
development and use of the powdered Ames strain of anthrax.
Thus, the FBI's disregard of foreign suspects, especially
Porton Down, with direct links to Bioport and BMI's anthrax
vaccine, vaccine contracts, and BMI's and Dugway's anthrax
experiments, was criticized by Epstein as it was days earlier
in the Washington Post.

More evidence of the FBI's intentional ineptitude came from the
Columbus Dispatch. Though the Washington Post reported that the
FBI was allegedly pursuing the possibility that financial gain
was the motive behind the anthrax mailings, and that "two
laboratories" were especially implicated, that is, BMI and
Dugway, a contradictory announcement was relayed the same day
(Dec. 21, 2001) by Ohio Senator Mike DeWine. Based on an ABC
News report concerning a BMI employee who had been under FBI
investigation for an anthrax threat, FBI Director Robert
Mueller had, according to The Dispatch, assured Senator DeWine
that the bureau was not investigating, nor intending to
investigate, anyone with, or formerly with, BMI.

Currently then, the FBI has no intention of investigating its
chief suspect, despite the grave likelihood that the remaining
mystery will continue to exact massive economic and
socio-political tolls.

These proceedings have bewildered and even outraged many
scientists and public health professionals from whom the FBI
requested assistance.

"If Senator DeWine's statements accurately reflect director
Mueller's intention to disregard all of the most damning
evidence concerning Battelle and allied vaccine makers," said
Dr. Leonard Horowitz, "then the American people should demand a
new FBI director, and Congress should demand the General
Accounting Office investigate the bureau's misconduct."

Dr. Horowitz, among a handful of infectious disease authorities
who openly criticized the CIA's illegal biological weapons
program involving anthrax in his national bestselling book,
Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?,
was the first to develop the theory that BMI and the CIA may be
acting on behalf of British profiteers in what he says amounts
to "military-industrial sabotage approaching American economic
genocide." His lengthy report on the case, initially submitted
to the FBI, is available from his publisher's website at

In defending the FBI's position, the Washington Post reported
that the bureau only learned of a BMI-administered CIA "defensive"
biowarfare contract involving the Ames-strain of anthrax in recent
weeks. "The CIA program was [allegedly] designed to develop
defenses to a vaccine-resistant strain of anthrax reportedly
created by the former Soviet Union," officials defended. CIA
spokespersons expressed certainty that "the anthrax used in the
mailings did not come from their work."

Taking the agency on its word, the powdered anthrax may not have
"come from their work," but their contractor's work, that is, BMI.

Critics claim this CIA defense is deceptive for at least two
other reasons: 1) the Soviet Union's most potent anthrax was
only half as concentrated as this new CIA/Battelle creation;
and 2) it is an American/British-Ames, Iowa-strain prototype,
not a Soviet creation, and not resembling anything available to
Iraq or other countries favored by terrorists. This spoils the
excuse the powdered anthrax was produced for any form of
"defense," including vaccines.

"Vaccines are developed to help guard against pre-existing
threats," said Ingri Cassel, director of the national
Vaccination Liberation association-a consumer education and
advocacy group. "This anthrax powder was illegally prepared,
apparently for offensive military uses, sabotage, and even
terrorism. You simply don't develop a new hyper-weaponized
strain of anthrax powder for military defense, which implies
preventive vaccinations against old Soviet threats, and then
commission the top U.S. anthrax expert [William C. Patrick,
III] to report on this new weapon's capability and lethality
from mailed delivery, unless that's how you foresee it being
used," Ms. Cassel reasoned.

Many people are pondering the suspicious "Machiavellian-like"
targeting of the mass media and congressional Democrats
(liberals) befitting the phrase "the ends justifies the means."
Multi-million dollar vaccine contracts, fast-tracked drug
approvals, and frenzied consumer and legislative demand for
costly, risky, and largely ineffective vaccines, antibiotics,
and other high-priced preventives are the most obvious results
of the anthrax mailings.

Referring to the unprecedented silica-based, electro-statically
charged, dry powdered form of hyper-concentrated anthrax sent
through the mail to members of the media and Senators Daschle
and Leahy, Dr. Horowitz concluded, "It was the only form of
anthrax that could be effectively spread, as it was, through
the U.S. mail with such far reaching effects. Therefore, the
primary suspects have been identified, their dubious histories
are well known, and their motives are clear. Any further effort
to impede this investigation places FBI director Mueller in the
position of an 'enemy national,' or a traitor to the American
people he is sworn to protect."

-end -

Note to journalists: For more information about Dr. Horowitz's
investigation, to schedule an interview, or for  review copies
of his books Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or
Intentional? (1998) and/or Death in the Air: Globalism,
Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, (June, 2001) please call Elaine
Zacky at 1-888-508-4787, visit, or e-mail:
[email protected].