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Anti Semite



Amelia wrote:

"I was not even born during WWII so your implication that I should feel guilty reveals your motive~to try to instill some sort of guilt.  Sorry, I feel absolutely none."

Joni replied:

"I realize that you don't.  That is because you are an anti semite."

Thank you, Joni, for  the jewish definition of an "anti semite".  To a jew, an "anti semite" is one who doesn't feel guilty about something that MAY have been done by the dead ancestors of some completely unrelated *foreigners*, but only if the victims were jews, right?


Amelia would NOT be an "anti semite" if she DID feel guilty about the 48 million Christians who were killed in WWII, because this happened before she was born, because most of those doing the killing were foreigners to her, because she may have opposed that killing had she been alive?  They don't count for anything, right?


She would NOT be an "anti semite" if she DID feel guilty about the Christians who were killed YESTERDAY, in the very birthplace of Jesus Christ, by her very own arch-enemy, using tax dollars SHE paid?  They don't count for anything, right?


It is ONLY if she "feels guilty" about some completely unrelated jews (other than the fact that their ancestors killed Jesus Christ) who were allegedly killed by some foreigners (even though the worldwide population of jews increased 5% at the same time the population of Christians in Europe decreased 12%) long before she was even born, that she would be absolved of being an "anti semite".


Don't worry--we understand.


Do you know what that makes you when you show utterly NO guilt for Christians who were killed YESTERDAY, in the birth place of Jesus Christ, using tax dollars paid by YOUR "fellow citizens" in the US, by the descendants of the jews who killed Jesus Christ?