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Rather than "lost" as we've been taught for centuries or millennia, "appolumi"means "put away for sins" or "put away in punishment".


"I was sent only to the put away for punishment sheep of the House of Israel".




John, as simply as I can put it,  it would read thus: 

"afiontai de tis timorias'' =

 ''to send away (put away) because of sins''

               afeontai                  de         timwrias  



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Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 10:40 AM

Subject: Re: Thanks Pastor Eli for another EPIPHANY!

Dear Yaya,


It seems that "to save from destruction" and "put away in punishment" could not mean the same thing, but is it possible in Greek that both concepts could have been described using the words "apo" and "ollumi"?


Or, another way to ask the question, how would you write "put away in punishment" in Greek if you hadn't considered this verse before?





John Knight




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From: YAYA

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John and Eli....

The Greek word, "apollumi"  "apollumi", comes from the 2 Greek words, apo and ollumi, as John states, but does not mean ''lost'' .  "Apo",  "Apo", in Greek means ''from'', and "ollumi"  "ollumi"  means ''destruction''.  Together, "apollumi",  ''apollumi'' literally translated, means ''from to destroy'', "cause to perish'' or more simply put:  ''to save from destruction''. 

"Lost'' in the sense that it is used in ''the lost sheep", in Greek is ''camena'', "hamena", "ecaqike"(have lost)  "ehathike'' (did lose) , and ''apolwlota'', ''apololota'',  meaning ''lost'', as in Matthew 15:24.


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Subject: Thanks Pastor Eli for another EPIPHANY!

You quoted:


<<<... in every other case, including the lost sheep, the Greek word is apollumi It is Strong?s word #622 and, as your preachers really know who have studied Greek, it means apo, put away, and llumi, in punishment or chastisement. So, Jesus Christ said he came not but unto the "put away in punishment sheep of the House of Israel." That phrase has a national significance not a personal salvation understanding. That is very different than supposing that the word means an "unsaved" individual. When you read your Bible and come upon the word lost, you are to substitute the phrase, put away in punishment. Suddenly, the whole Scripture will take on a startling new meaning. The Greek word lost never means unsaved in the meaning that it is most commonly used today. Are the lights going on for you?>>>




For the FIRST time, I now realize that when Jesus said He was sent only to the "lost" sheep of the House of Israel, that "lost" means ONLY those Israelites, of the house of ISRAEL, who were being PUNISHED, by being put away by God, for violating God's Law.


Here's the $64 thousand question: did this apply to ALL Israelites of the house of Israel?


iow, were ALL of the Israelites of the House of Israel being punished by God by being put away by Him?


If not, then Jesus EXCLUDED them from His Mission, didn't He?


Let's use an example of how this might have happened.  At the time of the Babylonian captivity 587 years before Jesus was born, less than 1% of the Israelites of the House of Israel were in that territory, with the other 99+ % being far, far away, mostly in Europe, Spain, and the British Isles.


Did they violate God's Law?  Perhaps not.  Most of those people have been following the Torah for generation after generation for millennia now without really realizing their identity.  If they did NOT violate God's Law all that time, then God wouldn't have been punishing them, and they would not have been put away by God.  So they would not have been included as "lost sheep" in Jesus' mission.


In any event, the exclusivity of Jesus' Mission is even more exclusive than many of us had realized before. Not only is His Mission exclusively to the House of Israel, but it's exclusively to ONLY the Israelites of the House of Israel who had disobeyed God's Law. And this could be as small as 1% of all those Israelites.



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