"Arabs who invaded Egypt did not actually mix with the Egyptians ... because of the arrogance of the arabs who did not want the mix"

Actually, the problem is that the offspring of an Arab who marries a non-Arab is a mamzer who is not welcomed by either race, just as in Israelite society

One of the peoples or races who are referred to as the descendant of Abraham’s son Ishmael are the half billion Arabs of the world who are half Egyptian through Abraham's Egyptian slave Hagar.  The story of why they were cut out of the *everlasting covenant* is a central thesis of the Holy Bible, so it's worth our time to understand more about who they are and what their actual covenant is all about:

Gen 17:5  Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.  

Gen 17:6  And I will make thee exceeding fruitful, and I will make nations of thee, and kings shall come out of thee.

Gen 17:7  And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.

What "many nations" are referred to in Genesis 17:5?  Arabs, a race made up of 21 different nations?  The Brahmans who're descendants of Abraham's wife Keturaha, one of many different races in India?  The Edomites who were descendants of Esau, Abraham's grandson, a race which was also cut out of the Everlasting Covenant, and who lived in only one nation for the most part?  The descendants of Jacob, Abraham's other grandson, whose descendants are the Race called Israelites, who now occupy more than 40 different nations?

The mistranslation by the KJV of this Hebrew word “goyim” to “nations”, "heathens", "gentiles", or “peoples” is a source of great confusion in Scripture, because the obvious RACIAL overtone of that COVENANT is softened, concealed, obscured, and even reversed.  

Because we now know that Arabs are a RACE made up of 21 different nations, it's now clear that “nations” in these verses means “races”, and nothing else. Why then does Webster’s Dictionary remove “race” from the definition of Arab?:

Main Entry:

1Ar·ab Listen to the pronunciation of 1Arab


\ˈa-rəb, ˈer-əb; dialect also ˈā-ˌrab\




Middle English, from Latin Arabus, Arabs, from Greek Arab-, Araps, of Semitic origin; akin to Akkadian Arabu, Aribi desert nomads, Arabic Arāb Bedouins


14th century

1 a: a member of the Semitic people of the Arabian Peninsula b: a member of an Arabic-speaking people2: arabian horse


Fortunately we have the Oxford English Dictionary to set us straight:

horizontal rule OED shows that the word [Arab] came into English from French in the 17th century. It gives the primary meaning as “one of the Semitic race inhabiting Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries”. Other reference books indicate more specifically the nations covered by the term: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, and the nations of North Africa — in total 21 countries. of the Oxford’s quotations accompanying the entry for Arab show that at various times the word has taken on disparaging connotations. In the late 19th century, for example, most Egyptians were speaking of themselves as distinct from “inferior” Arabs. (Historically, many Egyptians descend from the non-Arab Ancient Egyptians. Since 1958, of course, the official name of the country has been The Arab Republic of Egypt.) in ancient times — the era of the Persian Empire — the word Arab carried derogatory suggestions. For instance, the literate and commercially advanced people of Saba (Sheba) in Yemen did not refer to themselves as Arabs. That term they reserved for the nomadic desert-dwelling Bedouins. will have noticed the use of the word Semitic in the OED definition above. Usually that word is applied today to Jews, but its wider historical meaning refers to Semites, which comprise Hebrews, Arabs, Assyrians, and Aramaeans. Interestingly, the word Semite derives from the name Shem, who was the son of Noah.


We also have the New Century Dictionary, P. F. Collier & Son Corporation, N.Y., Copyright, 1927, pg. 65 which has the following definition of "Arab":

Ar-ab (ar'ab). [L. Arabs, Gr. Arab, Ar. 'Arab.] I. n. A native of Arabia, or a member of the Arabic race (now widespread in Asia And Africa, and formerly in southern Europe);

For what reason would Webster's Dictionary want to conceal from us that from the day Ishmael was born, the concept of "race" never went away?  Why is Webster's so arrogant that they think they have a right to redefine key English words like this? Do they really believe that if we start referring to Arabs as a "people" rather than a "race", that we'll be more likely to accept other races, like jews?

horizontal rule



Egyptians are mainly descended from ancient Egyptian society, and the vast majority live in Egypt where they constitute the primary ethnic group at 97-98% (about 76.4 million) of the total population. The Egyptian people have spoken only languages from the Afro-Asiatic family throughout their history from Old Egyptian to modern Egyptian Arabic (Masri). Approximately 90% of the population is Muslim and 10% is Christian (9% Coptic Orthodox, 1% other Christian).

A big mistake that some think that Egyptians are mostly Arabs ,, as the Arabs who invaded Egypt did not actually mix with the Egyptians,, (because of the arrogance of the arabs who did not want the mix)... Actauly e\gypt is not different on that than in morrocco and north africa as the arabs did not mix with the natives (well a big deal of Arabs were stuck in morrocco after leaving spain , and had to stay in morrocco as Egypt that time was Fatamic and the arabs in Spain were like enemy to them)

An other mistake : Egyptians are not Samatic ,, the Egyptians were descended from Ham through the line of Mizraim. Ham had four sons: Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan (Genesis 10:6). The name "Mizraim" is the original name given for Egypt in the Hebrew Old Testament. Many Bibles will have a footnote next to the name "Mizraim" explaining that it means "Egypt

So,, the Egyptians are only Arabs by language, (that if u consider the south african british as they speak english)(most of egyptians can not understand the arab accent) and by the political defention of Arabs (the arab leauge) but they even do not look like them,,,

So where are the huge civilization of the Egyptians,, well, grew up, and died like all civilazations did and will do to have a new circle of life
bullet 6 months ago


!)I do not have anything against the samatic Arabs ,, i am just clarifying facts
2) although the Egyptians are not Arabs, and i just stated facts , not out of any racial background as i am Egyptian and muslim,,, but it is funny also to know that the Arabs themselves never considered the Egyptians as Arabs, before and now,, they call them Egyptians and not arabs,,, and look to them in a different way than themselves,, we can nt be Arabs by force the Arabs do not accept the Egyptians as Arabs,, So what... ?
3)I never ment in my answer that the Egyptians were even black African,s the color of men in the museum of cairo was darker than women due the exposure to the sun ,, as they used to work out exposed to it,, but even the women had a white color,,, actually there is also a theory that the amazeers who live in north africa came originally from Egypt,,
4)there was DNA test on the mummies of the workers who built the pyramids to confirm their Ids as egyptians and not jews,, and that was confirmed with the finding that this DNA is similar to the ones from the royal mummies and not different than the ones that most of the Egyptians have now.
4) I never trust an Arsbic book published in the area, especially when it come to history, not because they are political oriented, but also as it has to do a lot with the emotional and the oriented education in Egypt in the last 100 years,, my reference was the weikipedia which i trust more
5) When the Arabs are coming to visit , we say the arabs season , and that in our mind :only the arabs from the Gulf, even we do not mean lebanese syrian ,morrocian , tunisiun...etc by that
6) again i do not understand : If the Arab themselves do not believe that the Egyptians are Arab, why we do insist that we are from them....
7) do anybody think that a normal egyptian peron in the street of Cairo look like a kuwaiti or saudi? how come we recognize the difference if we look the same,and we are the same? and how they recognize the difference when they treat the egypt very bad in their own countries if we look like them?
The Arabs looked down to the Egyptians , and did not mix with them,, When cairo was built, Egyptians were not allowed to enter it unless called by one of the arabs there, and if so, he would take off the shoes before entering Cairo , That is history not a theory ( facts),, The Arabs start to mix with Egyptians when only the tatar destroyed the capital at that time ;Bagdad in the abbassia period,, and the arabs who were living in towers has to earn living after the money they get from their homeland stopped to come and they had to work and mix with the egyptians and that was actually very recent in history
8) It is easier for any Egyptian to travel to Europe or America than to travel to an arabic country even Saudi arabi(the capital of muslims) very humilating,, they let Asians, East Euorpians in their countries more than to Egytpians, and the Egyptians who are working there are treated bad, and got less salaries than others,, So if the Arabs think of Egyptians as Arabs too, not pharoahs, would not they treat them in a different way?

I am very proud to say if u ask most of the egyptians wether they are arabs or not, they will answer : no we are Egyptians muslims or christians


The dirty big secret behind the covert threat to America.

                         Part 1: The terrorist threat

    Even if he is guilty as found, Timothy McVeigh was a piker.  A
nothing  So 168 people were killed in the bombing of the Murrah building
in Oklahoma City: big deal! Every American citizen's life: all 280-some
million of us - is threatened, and not just while we are in a federal
building.  No matter where you are: at work, at home, at school, in
church, at play, or any place else, even as you read this your life is
under terminal threat!

    You may scoff and say we're safe as long as we stay here in America.
But Muslim Arab terrorists did get to the World Trade Center in New York
City, they did collapse several floors of an "earthquake-proof" building
and they did kill several American citizens right here in the U.S.A..
didn't they?  Combining the number of people killed in the bombing of
the Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon with those killed in the bombing of
the World Trade Center, those killed in the bombing of that U.S. Air
Force "hotel" in Saudi Arabia (the El Khobar Towers), those killed in
the U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and those killed in the
bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen, they have already killed
considerably more people than McVeigh is accused of, and they are not
through yet!

    Muslim Arabs have dedicated themselves to annihilating America if
they possibly can.  There are Muslim Arab sleeper agents already planted
here, from sea to sea and from Canada to Mexico, and the FBI, the CIA,
and the NSA have no idea of how many there are or where they are.  Or
who they are!  In addition to the ones in New York City, sleeper
terrorist agents right here were actively involved in the embassy
bombings in Africa and others were recently caught while clumsily
bringing explosives into Washington state.

    They are here, they hate us, they have explosives and they
unarguably have access to chemical and/or biological weapons of mass
destruction as well!  And they hate us so much that they want to
exterminate us.  Every last one of us!  To illustrate just how bitter
and deep their hatred of us is, those U.S. embassy bombings in Africa
show that they don't care if it takes the slaughter of 19 innocent
non-Americans to kill one American: that's how much they hate us!

        Why do they hate us so much?

        I thought you'd never ask!

     Nationalist - patriotic - Muslim Arabs hate Americans because in
the 20th century, armed Zionist Jewish rabble from nations and lands all
over the world invaded lands that for 1,300 years or so had been
universally known as Arab homelands.  As "Arabia."  (Yes, even under the
Ottoman - Turkish - Empire, they were still known as/called "Arabia" and
not "Turkey.")  Yet the Zionist Jews "justified" their unprovoked armed
invasion of Palestine with the claim that Palestine was their homeland
and they were only taking back what is "rightfully" theirs!

    It's sort of how we might feel if we were a thinly-populated
non-industrial nation and suddenly Spaniards would start moving into
Florida - some with passports and visas and others illegally sneaking in
- and all of a sudden they started terrorist attacks on the Floridians
(like bombing major hotels full of people, armed genocidal raids on
rural communities, etc.,) claiming that Florida is their homeland, that
they have a right to it and they are only taking back what is
"rightfully" theirs.  And for some reason nobody can figure out, nobody
in the entire world comes to Florida's aid.  (But a major world nation -
say, Russia - does secretly give the Spaniards billions of dollars in
financial aid and military assistance.)

     Under such conditions, could the rest of us Americans become mad as
hell that no other nation in the world stood up for the Floridians, let
alone helped them?  Could our frustration with other major nations for
just standing by (and/or helping the invading Spaniards) get so great
that we might go after some of those other people who just stood there
while our lands and homes were taken and our friends and family members
were slaughtered?  Could we feel a need to take revenge?  Well, in the
Arabs' eyes, Zionist Jews in Palestine are like the Spaniards in that
"what if."  (Except for the fact that the Jews weren't even the second
ethnic group in Canaan/Palestine!)

    It is a fact that Spaniards occupied Florida before we Anglos did,
but that doesn't make Florida the Spanish homeland because the Amerinds
were there for a few thousand years before the Spaniards came there!
And the Canaanites were in Palestine more than 4,000 years before the
first Jews ever set foot there!  (Remember, it was originally named
"Canaan.")  And Canaan/Palestine is not where the Jews originated, thus
proving that they can not honestly claim it as their "homeland"!  By

    There are in both, the epistemological sense of the word and by
historical (human) practice, only two conditions (criteria) that have
been accepted as validating a claim of/to a "homeland," and
one of those two conditions is, as the present case will show, very
"iffy."  So let's look at the history of Canaan/Palestine to see if
there is any possible justification/validation for the Zionist
Jews' claim to Palestine.  Let's see if there is any way the Zionist
Jews could have been right and the rest of the entire world so wrong for
1,300 years as to what people have a "rightful" claim to
Palestine, and what people do not!

     First it is critical that we go over the meaning of the word
"homeland" (since that is the word upon which the Zionist Jews have
based their "moral" claim to Palestine) for two reasons.  Reason
1: It is (literally) impossible to "ratiocinate" (to think logically)
accurately, let alone communicate with another person accurately, if the
true meaning of every word used is not correctly understood
by both parties.  And reason 2: The oldest (and most often used) "tool"
of the propagandist is to "twist" the true meaning of the words they use
such that they can make you believe in the end that white is black and
vice versa.  And the Zionist Jews have been propagandizing the entire
world with the word "homeland" for more than a century!

    "Homeland" is defined in the dictionary as: "1    :  native land   :
FATHERLAND"  (There is a second, lesser definition that has to do with a
geographical area that has been set aside by an invader nation as a
place where the indigenous natives can live together and can, to a
limited extent, run their own lives.  Such as was done by the British
once upon a time for the native people in the Union of South Africa.)
"Native land" (as used in the definition of "homeland") can mean
either the place where an individual was born or the place where a race
of people, a nation, "was born": originated.  And the use of the word
"fatherland" in that definition of "homeland" shows that
the second definition of "native land" is the one that applies to
"homeland."  Ethnic/racial "homeland" is the geographical area where
said group originated!

     The second (and far less compelling) traditional criterion for a
claim to some specific "homeland" is the successful armed defeat of an
existing occupant people and the takeover of what had been their land.
The reason this "claim" is so "iffy" is the self-evident logic that, if
that is a valid "claim," then any subsequent nation that comes along and
through conquest vanquishes the former conquerors, then the land under
discussion is now indisputably the latest conqueror's
"homeland" and the prior conqueror's political claim to/on that land has
been invalidated, right? By their own standards!

     [In point of fact, starting with WW II that "iffy" condition has
been rejected (except in the case of the Zionist Jews) by agreement by
the major nations of the world.  Witness the fact that neither Germany,
Italy nor Japan was allowed to "keep" any of the lands they had
conquered.  In fact, they lost some!]

    And now let's look at the Zionists' claim.  What follows is
necessarily very "sketchy."  The history of Canaan/Palestine (and the
"Jewish" people) is closely intertwined with that of the entire
Middle East, and even a "just hit the high points" recitation of the
history of the Middle East (and the "Jewish people's" place in it) runs
into many pages of data.  The known (written) history of the Middle East
extends back in time for more than 4,500 years!  (Compare that to the
less than 500 years of Anglo history here in America.)  And that history
of the Middle East shows far more ethnic/cultural "ferment" than almost
any other known place in the history of the world.  There was
almost constant migration, back and forth, with an occasional conquest,
by various peoples.  And of all those peoples, the Hebrews were the
worst.  [In fact, scholars say that the very word "Hebrew" was not a
racial/ethnic denomination, but comes from an ancient - and Middle
Eastern - word meaning "wanderers" and was applied to any and all
peoples, regardless of race, who lived a pronouncedly "vagabond" life!]

     To keep this paper to a practical length, I will just "hit the high
points."  For those of you with a skeptical mind who want to see
"proof," you can "click" here.  But be forewarned that it will take
you some time to digest it all.

     Basically, after more than 2,500 known years of the Canaanites
living peacefully by themselves (an even earlier 2,000 years lacked a
written history), Zionist Jews invaded Canaan and conquered them.  [It
wasn't easy  It took the Jews a century or two to get the "conquering"
done and even then, modern historians assert that the Jewish "conquest"
of Canaan/Palestine was accomplished more through the Jews'
intermarrying with the indigenous Canaanites and the virtually
simultaneous decline of the Egyptian, Hittite and Sumerian empires than
it was through Jewish military might.  More by default than by conquest.
While being autonomous, the Canaanites had been under the suzerainty of
the Egyptian empire for around a thousand years. Other nations - such as
the Amorites, Hittites, and Hurrians - invaded Canaan regularly, but the
Egyptians always defeated each invader and the Canaanites absorbed the

     "Shortly after 1000 B.C." the Israelites (as the Hebrews now called
themselves) under King David finally defeated the Philistines and took
control of the recently re-named "Palestine."  Upon the death of King
Solomon (David's son and heir) in 922 B.C., internal dissensions led to
the "splitting" of Palestine in two, with the northern part retaining
the name "Israel" and the southern part (which encompassed a lousy 775
square miles) taking the name "Judah."  (Big deal.  775 square miles is
no "nation," that's a community!  We have a county in my home state that
is more than 6 times as big as that!)  So the "nation" of Israel lasted
for less than 78 years (from "after 1000 B.C." to 922 B.C.).  Big deal!
An awful lot of individuals live longer than that!

     [In proof of the fact that the "nation" of Israel that controlled
all of "Palestine" no longer existed after it split in two, 20th century
historians unequivocably state that the next couple of centuries became
a "series of wars between petty states" and name Israel, Judah, Moab,
Edom, and Damascus as some of those "petty states."  "Petty" means
"minor, subordinate : having little or no importance or significance"
And their statement also shows that at least two of the "nations"
that the original Israel conquered (Moab and Edom) had won back their
independence from Israel!  The "great nation" that ruled the entire area
of greater Palestine was no more and never to be seen on the world stage
again for some 3,000 years!)

    Less than 78 years in the more than 6,500-year history of the Middle
East is merely a passing "blip" that isn't even discernible in the
history of the world! It most certainly does not establish an eternal
"claim" on anything!

     In 734 B.C. "little" - petty - Israel was conquered by Assyria
(even "pettier" Judah still claimed "independence" but it paid tribute
to the Assyrians regularly as the price for being able to claim the
fiction of "independence") and in 539 B.C. Judah unarguably fell to
Babylonia along with all the others.  From 539 B.C. on, Palestine was
under the continuous domination of one empire after another: the Persian
Empire in 539 B.C., the Greek Empire in 333 B.C., the Roman Empire
in 63 B.C., the Muslim (Arab) Empire in 638 A.D., and the Ottoman (Turk)
Empire from 1517 A.D. to 1917 A.D. when they lost it (back) to the Arabs
during WW I.

    The Arabs controlled the area for 879 years: far longer than any
other group, including the Romans, did, and most certainly longer (more
than 11 times as long) than the Jews, who controlled it (and themselves)
for a piddling less than 78 years!  Some "empire"!

     So the Jews have no legitimate claim to Palestine.  No claim of
"homeland," no claim of "domination": nothing!  Their 20th century
invasion and takeover of Palestine from the Arabs was nothing but pure,
unprovoked (and unjustifiable) naked aggression!  By the dictionary
definition of "homeland," Palestine was never the homeland of the Jewish
people, Zionist or otherwise.  And by 20th century standards, it still
is not the Zionist Jews' "homeland"!

     In 1910, new Oxford University graduate Thomas Edward Lawrence
(later to be famed as "Lawrence of Arabia") joined a British Museum
archaeological expedition to southern Turkey, after which he traveled to
the Sinai Desert where he lived with the Arab nomads, learning their
language, ways and customs and gaining their deep friendship and respect
in the process.  (And Arabs do not give their friendship and respect

     At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Lawrence joined the British
Military Intelligence in Cairo, Egypt.  Under orders from the British
Government and accompanied by a British relief column, he traveled to
the Hejaz (a stretch of desert on the Red Sea coast) to give Prince
Faisal the message that, in return for the Arab tribes' help in driving
the Turks out of Arabia, the British government would promise them
control of their own lands.  Lawrence then visted all the Arab
tribes, taking them the same message.

    In January 1916, in letters exchanged between the British government
and Hussein ibn Ali, Grand Sharif of Mecca, the British government
promised that, in return for the Arabs' help in driving the Turks out of
Arabia, the British government would guarantee the independence of all
Arab lands south of a line roughly corresponding to the northern borders
of present-day Syria and Iraq.  (South of present day Turkey.)

    The Arabs, true to their word, fought valiantly (and effectively).
What the Arabs didn't know was that the Zionist Jews were already
carrying out plans initiated a quarter of a century earlier
for taking over Palestine in the 20th century!  And when those Zionist
Jews started infiltrating Palestine in the 20th century, they did so
walking over the bodies of dead Arabs who had freed Arabia from Ottoman
control!  And nobody did anything to stop them!  [There is no record or
evidence of Zionist Jews ever fighting (and risking death) to drive the
Turks out of Palestine!]

     And that is why patriotic Arabs hate Americans!

    I know all that history, you say.  And I can understand why today's
Arabs are so righteously pissed off at the rest of the western world.
But that still doesn't explain why they want to kill us Americans.  It
was the British who screwed them!

     In May 1916, just four months after the British government sent
Hussein ibn Ali that signed letter that guaranteed the Arabs
independence if they would help fight the Turks, Britain and
France signed the Sykes-Picot agreement in which it was agreed that most
of the Turkey-occupied Arab lands would be split between Britain and
France, with France getting today's Syria and Lebanon and Britain
getting today's Palestine and Jordan! (And screw the Arabs!)

    And that didn't end the British betrayal of the Arabs.  On November
2, 1917, this time just 22 months after Britain's signed "guarantee" to
Hussein ibn Ali, a British bureaucrat named Arthur James sent a letter
to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild (yes, of the Rothschilds), Lord of the
realm, billionaire banker, member of Parliament, and radical Zionist Jew
bankroller, which said in part:

     "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in
Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use their
best endeavours to facilitate the achievment of this object."  (The
British shortly after that letter rewarded James by making him a
Lord (Balfour) of the realm!)  !!!!

     It was the British who betrayed and screwed the Arabs, not us!

     Look (you continue): in the mid-20th century, the Arabs loved
Americans.  It was common knowledge that the "lowest" American citizen
could visit any part of Arabia and be treated like a king by the Arab
people!  And why shouldn't they?  They had learned in 1918 how "royally"
the British had screwed them, and it was American oil companies that had
discovered the oil in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, etc. and had thereby
made the Arab nations rich, and it was Americans who built and ran the
American University in Lebanon that gave Arab youth a Western education,
something that the British had never done!

    The British, on the other hand, had not just not done anything for
the Arabs, they weren't even subtle in their support of the Zionist
Jews!  In the "early 1930's" Whitehall (the British equivalent of
Washington, D.C.) dispatched Gen. Orde Wingate to Palestine with orders
to act as "military advisor" to the Zionist terrorists (who had been
carrying out genocide raids against Arab civilians since at least
1927).  Wingate fulfilled his orders by organizing and training the
"Night Squads" that later adopted the Jewish name "Palmach."   Those
first systematic terrorist raids on peaceful Arab villages and farms had
been led by one Yitzchak Sadeh, who became "a close collaborator of
Wingate."  When one translates "politicized" government statements into
plain English, Whitehall sent Wingate to Palestine for the simple and
direct purpose of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Sadeh's
Zionist terrorists!

    It was the British who moved (in 1947) that the UN officially give
Palestine to the Zionist Jews and who lobbied strenuously to get that
motion passed.  It was also the British who, while charged (by the UN)
with preventing Zionist Jews from illegally entering Palestine and with
preventing the illegal shipment of arms and munitions, etc., into
Palestine, just "happened" to never catch any of the thousands and
thousands of Jews who snuck into Palestine illegally or any of the
tons and tons of arms and munitions the Zionist Jews imported.

     But you don't see the Arabs trying to kill Britons!  So why do the
Arabs hate us so much and want to kill all of us?

    It's really very simple.

    While no one knows for sure the precise reason why - considering the
past history of the Middle East - the Arabs have chosen to wreak their
vengeance on Americans instead of on Britons (it is highly probable that
even the Arabs themselves cannot say why), the logically "best"
explanation seems to be that the Arabs collectively have experienced the
"rejected lover syndrome."  The Arabs have been, in fact, classic
"rejected lovers."

    Remember, in the mid-20th century the Arab nation collectively
literally "loved" Americans per se: simply because they were Americans.
And the Americans in return "officially" turned their backs on the Arabs
and, figuratively speaking, spread their legs for the Zionist Jews in
Israel.  (Actually, the American government did that, the American
people didn't.)

    Fact:  Despite an American law that unconditionally forbids any
American citizen from traveling to a (any) foreign country to fight on
either side of a war, lots of American citizens traveled to Palestine in
the 1940s (and since) to fight on the invading Zionists' side against
the indigenous Arabs.  Among those law-breaking Americans was a West
Point Military Academy graduate, bird colonel David Marcus: a highly
experienced and capable command officer who had done most of his U.S.
Army service in the Pentagon!  Marcus traveled back and forth to Israel,
teaching the Zionist Jews how to create a unified army out of the
several separate and independent terrorist groups that had been
terrorizing and executing Arab citizens for 20-some years, and
instructing them in how to wage a modern ground war.  [Whether or not
Marcus was actually dispatched to Palestine by the War Department or the
State Department is unknown. But it is a known fact that, while back
here in America for a brief visit, he went to Washington, D.C.
regularly, consulting privately with various and sundry top generals in
the War Department.  He spent far more time with government officials in
Washington than he did with his long-neglected wife in New York City.]

    Finally he returned to Palestine and became the de facto
commander-in-chief of the Zionist Jew military (he was commissioned by
David Ben-Gurion, "president" of the non-existent "Zionist state," as a
Brigadier General of the Zionist army.  And when Marcus accepted that
commission, it was another unequivocal violation of U.S. law), and later
he was credited by Israel's top leaders (including David Ben-Gurion)
with being solely responsible for the Zionists' victory in that (1948)
war!  And when he was accidentally killed by a battlefield Zionist
sentry one night, his corpse was returned to America where he was
interred (during a great ceremony attended by top Washington
leaders and Zionist Jews) in a special plot at the West Point Military
Academy cemetery!  An honor that has been denied to thousands of other
West Point graduates who died fighting this country's wars! Remember -
this was a man who was blatantly violating a crystal-clear federal
law when he was killed, the same law under which other U.S. citizens
have had the book thrown at them by the feds in highly questionable
"applications" of that law!

    That pro-Zionist-biased "blindness" of Washington, D.C. is still
going on.  America-born Zionist Jews are still traveling to Israel and
serving on active duty in the Israel military.  Without sanction, let
alone penalty!  While most of them keep it a deep secret, some - such as
the Wall Street Journal editor named Mark Helprin - brag about it
openly.  America-born Helprin, for example, lists his service in the
military of both Great Britain and Israel in his entry in the standard
reference book "Who's Who in America."  Which is all simply more
irrefutable proof of the pro-Israel bias of the American government:
American Zionist Jews blatantly and regularly violate
an "inflexible" U.S. law with impunity, while other Americans who travel
to foreign lands to help small, defenseless, and even pro-America
nations have the book thrown at them!

    Fact: The U.S. Department of Defense high brass worked hand-in-glove
with the Israeli military leaders in the actual detailed planning and
coordinating of all phases and aspects of the totally unprovoked
blitzkrieg "Six Day War" of 1967 that Israel launched against its Arab

    [That was the war during which the Israeli Air Force and Navy
attacked the U.S. Navy electronics monitoring ship U.S.S. Liberty in the
Mediterranian Sea, causing severe physical damage to the ship and
killing several American sailors.  The fact that that war had been
planned and coordinated by the Pentagon's top experts working
hand-in-hand with the Israeli military was revealed a few years later by
the American investigative writer Craig Karpel.  Karpel further
disclosed that the Israeli sea and air attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty
was a deliberate (and pre-planned) attack by the Israelis.  At the time
they swore it was an accident, a case of mistaken identity (despite the
fact that Israel knew damn well that there were no "unknown" ships there
that day for one, and despite the fact that there simply were no such
things as Arabian warships in existence for two) but Karpel found out
that, after all that cooperative planning, the Israelis had
privately planned an attack upon Jordan, which the Pentagon and State
Department had vetoed when the Israelis first proposed it.  And the
Israelis attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in the opening seconds of the war
for the sole purpose of fatally disabling the ship so that it could not
alert the Pentagon of Israel's betrayal of the U.S. (in attacking
Jordan) until after the attack was over and
done with!  Note: To this day, Israel has paid no reparations to America
for the deliberate damage to the ship and/or the equally-deliberate
deaths of the American sailors!]

     Fact: At one time in the 20th century the U.S. government entered
into a "joint" agreement with Israel for developing a highly-advanced
military aircraft, with American taxpayers paying all costs of
development, all the work being performed in Israel, and the U.S. and
Israel jointly "owning" the resultant airplane.  Again Israel betrayed
Washington by selling the completed plans for that state-of-the-art
warplane to the Communist Chinese government - not America's friend -
for several hundreds of millions of dollars!  (Memory says it was either
$300,000,000 or $600,000,000.)  Money that Israel kept 100% of!

     Furthermore, America (the government, not the people) has been
furnishing Israel with all our "state of the art" military gear (a
privilege which we have not extended to any other nation) from
Day One (1947), despite Israel's repeated betrayal and sell-out of
America.  (I metaphorically stated earlier that the U.S. government laid
down and spread its legs for Israel.  Actually, it seems they dropped
their pants and bent over for Israel's pleasure and delight.  Or maybe
one can say that our government performs "Monicas" on Israel upon
demand!  Whatever metaphor one wants to use, it is clear that the U.S.
government whores, for some indiscernible reason, shamelessly debase
themselves for Israel's benefit and betray their own citizenry by/with
the same acts.) 

     There is much more that could be listed, but you get the idea.
Despite Israel's proven, repeated "use" of, betrayal of, America, the
American Congress continues to give Israel tens of billions of dollars
of financial "aid" (it will never be repaid, so it cannot be correctly
labeled a "loan") every year since Israel's "creation" 54 years ago.
Also despite the fact that in 1998 the Israel government announced
publicly that their budget was finally "in the black" and they no longer
need any financial aid, our whoring Congress still gives Israel tens of
billions of American taxpayers' money every year!

     America, you see, is the "Russia" in that Spaniards-in-Florida
"what if" scenario!

     And the end result of this more than 50 years of Congressional
"sugar daddying" the rogue nation of Israel is that every American
citizen's life is under continuous threat, even in his own
home!  The facts are unarguable: no other nation in the world has
financed and militarily-protected Israel, so the rogue nation of Israel
would not exist today had it not been for the largesse and
stupidity (or is it the "knowing betrayal"?) of the American government!

    And that, my naive and gullible (that's a polite way of saying
"stupid") friend, is why Arab patriots hate Americans and want to
annihilate us.  And can any just American blame them?

    Unfortunately, in regards to "our" Congress we can not say, "Father,
forgive them for they know not what they do."  They have known all along
exactly what they have been doing. Congress is the reason patriotic
Arabs hate us American citizens and are trying to kill every one of
us.   But as long as Congressmen can personally keep safe, cowering
behind layers of metal detectors, blocked-off streets, foot-thick slabs
of concrete, and battalions of Secret Service men,
U.S.Marshals and FBI, they could care less how many of us taxpayers get
slaughtered by the justifiably-outraged Arab patriots they (the
Congressmen) have created!

        Now do you understand?

The government only has as much power as it's citizens give it.

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white Christian update friday evening
WASHINGTON Jewish U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials
investigating the bombing of the USS Cole are
searching for links to people who believe in Mohammed but so far
have found no hard evidence, American officials said

JERUSALEM - Palestinians leaving mosques after midday prayers
Friday and Jew troops opened fire that left four Palestinians dead,
more than 150 Arabs injured and clouds of smoke and tear gas over
cities across the
West Bank and Gaza Strip.

BEIT LIQUIA, West Bank Five Jew policemen were under investigation
Friday for beating a Palestinian

BRUSSELS, Belgium The Jewish European Union said Friday it had
overcome the last hurdles to an agreement with
Beijing on terms for {Jewish Marxism}China's entry into the World
Trade Organization.

BERLIN (October 27, 2000 10:26 a.m. EDT) - German lawmakers on Friday
set a $21 million cap on the planned national Jew
memorial in Berlin. It was the latest step in more than a decade
of efforts to get the project started.

NEW YORK (October 27, 2000 9:50 a.m. EDT) - Former Secretary of State
Jew Henry Kissinger was recovering well after suffering a heart
attack, a hospital official said.

CLEARWATER, Fla. (October 26, 2000 11:49 p.m. EDT) - A 19-year-old
white Christian, was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder, attempted
murder and
Hate-whites hate crimes. 100% of all who are convicted by this
Jewish law will be white Christian.

Hunter reportedly killed by Jew troops Nicholas Blanford Daily Star
staff An Jew Army patrol shot a group of Lebanese hunters on Thursday
near the
Ramieh border gate in the western sector.

Heres why: Photos of Palestinian infant decapitated by Jew rocket
attack; Man
skinned alive while Jew soldiers watch but do nothing.

See the actual photos at:

The American Civil Liberties Union wants Georgia's teachers and
administrators to participate in a training program that will alert them to
any bullying of Queer and
female Queer students.

Georgia, along with Kentucky and Indiana, were chosen by the JEWISH
A.C.L.U. to participate in the pilot "Making Schools Safe" program.

Eric Ferrero, a spokesman for the JEWISH A.C.L.U.'s Female Queer and
Queer Project, said the selection of these three states doesn't mean they
are recording more bullying
incidents against female Queer and Queer students.

"(These states) represent in many ways a lot of areas of the country in
terms of what the climate is like for female Queer and Queer people
there," Ferrero said. "One of
the emphases of this is reaching people in rural school districts.

"There have been plenty of school training on Queer issues in the past
and a lot of them have focused very heavily on urban communities or at
least larger

This training program will focus on reaching the more rural communities
and is only geared toward staff, administrators and teachers.

Each state is setting up its own timetable for implementing the
program. In Georgia, the JEWISH A.C.L.U. plans to begin contacting school
systems as early as next month
about in-service training for the 2000-01 school year.

The training will focus on making teachers aware of the problem, giving
them ways to handle the issue when it arises and advising them of
potential legal liabilities
if harassment is overlooked.

Each program will be presented by a three-person team consisting of a
former or current student, a teacher and an JEWISH A.C.L.U.-affiliated
attorney. In some instances, a
parent may be on the panel instead of a student.

"We are not talking about moral or immoral," said Debbie Seagraves, the
executive director of the Georgia branch of the JEWISH A.C.L.U.. "We're
talking about legal
responsibility to provide a safe learning environment."

The two-and-a-half-hour program will be optional, but the JEWISH
A.C.L.U. hopes school systems will be interested in participating, she said.

"We want to make sure teachers and administrators and counselors
understand that it does go on," Seagraves said.

"Kids who are Queer and female Queer, or who are just perceived as
Queer and female Queer, are at a greater risk than straight students."

One recent study found that 25 percent of Queer teens had recently
missed school because they feared for their safety, Ferrero said.
Every school contacted by JEWISH A.C.L.U. should also be advised of the
JEWISH A.C.L.U.'s decision to defend NAMBLA against the lawsuit brought
by a father of a son murdered by
a NAMBLA member.

RAMALLAH, West Bank - I was 11 in 1967 when the Jew army occupied
Ramallah and I hid with my brothers and sisters beneath our beds, waiting
until we
would die under the heavy Jew

fire. I tried after that to live a ''normal'' life with my family, to
go to school, play, dance my favorite dabkeh (a folk dance) and dream of
a better life.

I was 12 when I participated in a demonstration against the Jew
occupation for the first time. I still cannot forget the pain I felt when a
soldier beat me until I
lost consciousness. It took me a long time to realize why that soldier
had beaten me so harshly. I had done nothing except to say peacefully:
''I don't want you

When I was 18 I left my country on a scholarship to study medicine
abroad. I used to come and go via the bridge to Jordan and each time I
crossed I felt the
humiliation that the Jew occupiers inflicted on us Palestinians. Each
time I was kept for many hours by Jew soldiers, just like many other
students and young
people, and asked questions about my studies, my friends and my
political views.

Once I was interrogated for two hours because I was reading a book
while waiting for my turn to go through. Once an Jew soldier on the Allenby
Bridge was
punished by his commander for giving me water to drink after I had been
interrogated for three hours.

When I started working in our hospitals I learned what medical schools
couldn't teach us: what it means to work under military occupation, to
feel so frustrated
that you are running out of alcohol or cotton or bandages or essential
antibiotics for a dying baby. Or to

be faced by injured youths when you are not trained to deal with ''war

Still, I had a space for ''the other.'' I was on call in the emergency
room when casualties from a traffic accident arrived at the hospital. I
can still hear the voice of
the Jew settler mother calling for her tinok (baby in Hebrew). I
brought her baby to the semiconscious mother to tell her that her baby was
safe. I kept the baby
with me until an Jew ambulance came to pick up the casualties.

And I can't forget the eyes of an injured Jew soldier, calling for
help, who had run away from a confrontation with Palestinian youths. I
treated him and helped
him to escape: I saved his life. I have no regrets.

I always tried to see the other side of each and every Jew I met,
including the Jew soldiers on the many checkpoints I had to pass through
four or five times a
day, on my way to work as a pediatrician in the West Bank, East
Jerusalem or Gaza. I even tried to learn more about the Jew people, their
culture, their religion
and their language. And I made some Jew friends.

To know what it means to live under occupation, you have to go through
it. It means to be humiliated and harassed every minute. Your water,
your electricity,
your economy, your freedom to move around, your freedom to express
yourself and your land all are controlled by a foreign military force. You
ingest the
occupation in the oxygen that you breathe, the water that you drink,
the food that you eat, and the news that you read or watch at the end of
the day.

I tried my best, not to accept it but rather to try to adapt to it and
find ways to live a ''normal life,'' as people all over the world do. I
wanted to live in peace with
myself and with my family, and to be honest with my daughters.

I tried to love rather than to hate. But to see Mohammed Durra, 12,
being killed in cold blood! And to read that Lieutenant General Shaul
Mofaz, the Jew chief of
staff, thinks that Mohammed had been participating in demonstrations
against the occupiers once before, when he was 7, and so Mohammed
deserved to die! And
Sarrah, not yet 2 years old, killed by an Jew settler! Why? And what
should I tell my daughters Dana, 16, and Tala, 11, when they ask me:
''Mom, can you
protect us? Mohammed's father and Sarrah's father couldn't protect

After three weeks of the current uprising, an analysis on Oct. 24 by
the Palestinian Ministry of Health of casualties and types of injuries
yielded the following
figures: 8 percent of the dead and 10 percent of the wounded are under
18 years old; on one day, Oct. 23, 15 percent of those wounded died;
the overall
percentage of wounds to the upper parts of the body (heart and head),
initially 50.2 percent, has gone up to 83.2 percent; the use of live
ammunition has gone
from 20.2 percent to 57.7 percent, and now to 82 percent; 18 percent of
all wounded are in a state of clinical death, critically wounded,
paraplegic or
quadraplegic; 20 percent of all the wounded are likely to remain
saddled with a permanent disability; the average age of all dead or wounded
persons is 21 years.

These are the statistics that lie behind my daughters' fears and my own
shifting convictions regarding Jew intentions. The psychological scars
our people will
endure from the present slaughter are incalculable. I hear behind the
din of these cold statistics and of my daughters' cries the echo of
Mohammed Durra's voice,
asking for protection for our people in the 21st century. This plea
must be heeded by all those who still believe in humanity.