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All this time that my FAVORITE PRESIDENT has been denying that he colluded with the Russians, I have been PUBLICLY BRAGGING that I HAVE been colluding with the Russians, AND that the only reason I voted for him is BECAUSE of the Russians.

Do you have any idea how many milfs (mentally ill liberal feminazis) EVER bothered to ask me WHY?


Not even pussy Pelosi, nor pussy Nadler,  nor faggot Buttigieg, and not even sniffer Biden.

So my big question is that IF it’s so important that milfs control every thougjht and action and business deal and idea and principle of THEIR President, then why didn’t at least ONE of them aske me WHY???

I’m STILL waiting for just ONE PERSON, all the way from here to Ireland, to Russia, to Korea and Japan, and back to Kalifornia, to just ASK:


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