Kim Jong Un

Why I like Kim Jong Un MUCH better than Creepy Joe Biden:

1. His offspring did not embezzle $1.5 billion from China.
2. His offspring did not offer a $1.8 billion bribe to fire the Ukranian prosecutor who was investigating his son.
3. He has not engaged in chronic character assassination of Trump.
4. He never worked for a Black guy.
5. He never lied about Trump being controlled by Putin.
6. He’s a million times less dangerous to the delicate social fabric of my nation.
7. He had nothing to do with the creation of FIVE cities (all in the U.S.) which have been the Murder Capital of the WORLD.
8. He would never sponsor a bill like the 1994 Crime Act which quintupled our already record high prison population.
9. He would never sponsor legislation like Obamacare which killed 400,000 JUST from opioids.
10. His own health care proposals did not double the suicide rate of both Blacks and women.
11. His role model is Chung Hee Park.
12. He’s not a fan of Hillary (whose legislation reduced the life expectancy of this nation FOUR YEARS IN A ROW).
13. He knows how dumb Biden et. al. are.
14. He’s got real rockets, while all Biden has is a pocket rocket.

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  1. Can anyone think of anything else?
    How about: Kim is a much smaller threat to the U.S. than the entire Democrat Party?

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