Why Do We Perform So Poorly in the Olympics?

When asked a simple question like why we (the United States, not “Israel” who never won a single Gold Medal) perform so poorly in the Olympics, Lev replies “Jim Thorpe at the 1936 Berlin Olympics? He won a medal there!”.

Exactly, Lev, what does THAT have to do with the question at hand? Who is Jim Thorpe? Is he another nigger?

In the Olympics going on right now, today, little ole’ Germany with a population one fourth of ours won 7 Gold medals which per capita is four TIMES our medal count:

<<< The win capped a day on which Germany clinched gold in the women’s cross country team sprint to go level with the high-flying Americans on seven gold medals apiece in 10 days of Olympic competition.

Norway, a country with a far smaller population which usually punches above its weight at Winter Games, moved to outright third by winning a sixth gold in the men’s cross country team sprint.

Canada are now right behind Norway with five golds and Virtue and Moir are set to become the sweethearts of the Games.>>>

Again, Lev, are jews the reason we do so poorly? Niggers? Latrinos? Asians?

Certainly not German Americans? Nor Norwegian Americans. To win as many medals per capita as Norway, we’d have to win NINE TIMES as many medals.

If we banned niggers from the Olympics, and allowed only Norwegian Americans to compete (rather than the other way around, as we now do), do you think we could do that?

John Knight

From: Lev Zilbermintz [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2010 5:39 PM
To: Jacob Israel
Subject: Re: Why Do We Perform So Poorly in the Olympics?

Hey, what about Jim Thorpe at the 1936 Berlin Olympics? He won a medal there!

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 6:14 PM, Jacob Israel <jk> wrote:

Dear Eric,

It would be interesting to hear more about the tie between the Olympics and
the games the Maccabees fought against.

Did you know that no nigger had ever won an Olympic Gold Medal until
Vonetta Flowers won one as the brakewoman for bobsled driver Jill Braken?
That is the ONLY Gold Medal ever won by a nigger in the Winter Olympics
since the beginning of time:

Whoopie. And now the Democrats parade her all around the country to prove
that niggers are human?

Do you think that we do so poorly in the Olympics because we spend too much
time and money trying to make niggers look good, while the best WHITE
athletes are discouraged or even prohibited from competing?


John Knight

By jacobisrael