<<< Seek professional help, Philip.>>>

“Philip” if a feminazi jew trying to discredit men by pretending she is one.

She’s an infinite moron, not to mention amoral, not to mention a sodomite, with a following of one—which isn’t even herself.

John Knight

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Seek professional help, Philip.

From: Philip Gurrieri pgurrieri

Peace, you say; is it the Universal Peace of Huemanity or is it the peace of the Lord’s of Christ, PREYING FOR PIECE in order to conquer?

Yes, I am serious; just what is the "Lord’s" path to Universal Peace – you say Jesus – Jesus is the Universal Peace BUT is it also the ‘Lord’s’ peace? Let us follow the DEEDS: The Lord ‘protects’ the fetus – on that we can ALL agree EVEN THOUGH that FETUS is STILL BORN possibly to another mother-to-be. Once that ‘fetus’ has its umbilical connection to G*D seperated; that child is then DESERTED by the ‘Lord’s’ of Christ crusaders a.k.a. the TEA-PARTY members and their "Lord’s" Holy Ghost, the Corporate "non-people" ‘Person"….! For clarification: the "Born-Again" out of Austria-Germany, Northern Seat of the Holy Roman Empire, evangelical Christian’s of the Lord follow the path of their Christian corporate wHol-E Ghost given substance in the 14th amendment to the U.S. of ‘multi-national’ petro-chemical cartels in the Trinity of the America’s – as in JER*USA*LEM as our forefather’s, who were Religious people, understanding the DANGERS religion in government guidence.

By DEEDs and ASSOCIATION, the Tea-Party members are GUILTY OF MURDER once that child is ‘free’ to breathe on its own. Torture is the basis of their religion in LOCK_STEP with their Christian Christ & God: The God_King James, whose words of God are NEVER to be questioned & whose prophetic prophecy is the basis of Biblical Armageddon Day-I, Biblical Armageddon Day-II and now Biblical Armageddon Day-III a.k.a. WW-I,II,III……

That is the CANCER that must be OBSERVED as the Holistic SURGEON would observe the "cancer, diabetes, autism, Ritalin, etc."Can any of this come about without access to the archives of our bodies brain and dialogue between the Right Brain & the left Brain and understanding that G*D placed the heart in our physical body reaching to the Left, for a reason: this time in history!

a. Must seek and require Resolve, aware that the necessary info in ‘archived’ in our bodies brain!

1. A GREEN local government commitment

2. A PESTICIDE moratorium & transvolution into Mother Nature’s Pest management industries!

b. Must pay attention to ‘Concrete’ matters!

1. WE must have employment that has Universal American Purpose – this is NOT compatible with the wHol-E corporate Mass Communion message of minimum input = maximum profits……

d. Must have COURAGE in making decisions!

1. Doing LOCAL is doing GLOBAL….

2. Separating the RELIGIOUS from the RELIGIONIST

Cutting the umbilical cord of the RELIGIOUS from the RELIGIONIST

3. Follow the Path of HUEMANITY as the Universal Jesus proclaimed & His foretelling of the technologies that would come to be actuality and the MARRIAGE of Wall St and Main St where society & huemanity are a marriage of attributes!

Peace upon HuEmanity, HUE for ALL inclusive – the "E" is for our Mother Earth & for Elohim the most beautiful word for MOM & WOMANKIND……

GREEN as WE enter the FORK_IN_THE_ROAD towards the GREEN DOOR of HUEMANITY….!


"If you have come here to help me, then you are wasting your time…
But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us SHARE together." –Lila Watson

Children are HueManities REAL Parents!
We, the Elders, are their Guides @ No One’s Expense Especially OUR Own!
With Priviledge Comes Responsibility!
The "Christian" calendar of "Christ the Lord" starts on January 1 Sellabrating the Birth of the Son of God (Caesar)
Born of Virgin Birth by Caesarian Section

By jacobisrael