What great benefits we got! obamacare Repeal, not replace 41,332 Methamphetamine overdose deaths, which last year exceeded 10,333, a five fold increase.164,048 Fentanyl overdose deaths, which increased to 41,012 last year, a TEN FOLD increase.79,600, Prescription opioid overdose deaths, which  increased to 19,900, a seven fold increase,65,928 Heroin overdose deaths, which increased to 16,482, a […]


Fatal Accident Reporting System Proof That You Are 20 TIMES More Likely to be Killed by a Sober Driver than a Drinking Driver Forty Eight Million DUI Arrests And Half a $TRILLION Did Not Even “Save” 5,400 Lives Total Number of Lives “Saved” Is 0.01% of the Number of DUI Arrests 0.1% of Those Arrested […]