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Repeal, not replace

41,332 Methamphetamine overdose deaths, which last year exceeded 10,333, a five fold increase.
164,048 Fentanyl overdose deaths, which increased to 41,012 last year, a TEN FOLD increase.
79,600, Prescription opioid overdose deaths, which  increased to 19,900, a seven fold increase,
65,928 Heroin overdose deaths, which increased to 16,482, a “mere” 30% increase.
79,768 Cocaine overdose deaths, which increased again to 19,942, a TWENTY FOLD increase
86,148 Benzodiazepine overdose deaths, which increased to 21,537, a six fold increase.
39,152 Antidepressant overdose deaths, which increased again to 9,788, a ten fold increase.381,295 Flu vaccine Deaths–if we had had a rate equivalent to countries like Russia, China, and Lichenstein, who don’t administer the flu vaccine, we would have had only 223 flu vaccine deaths.7,419 maternal mortality deaths, which TRIPLED since Obamacare.
1,596,440 obesity related deaths, which had already killed 250 THOUSAND PER YEAR, yet increased another 5% (from 67.9% to 71%)

826,584 suicides–our already high rate increased another 27% after ACA. If we had had a rate equivalent to China we would have had only 226,644 suicides. The suicide rate for Blacks and women of some age groups more than doubled.

165,317 homicides–our already high homicide rate (25 times higher than Singapore and Ireland, 50 times higher than Newport Beach and North Dakota, and 10 times higher than China) increased another 23%.

535,946 poisoning deaths–which increased almost 3 fold in one decade.

4,066,260 dead from cancer research, cancer operations, cancer drugs, and well intentioned cancer campaigns. We would have had half as many deaths if we had a rate equivalent to Mexico and India, who do no cancer campaigns of any kind (but where Laetrile was not outlawed as it was here).

826,584 Alzheimers Deaths — caused by the birth control pill, is utterly incurable, but virtually nonexistent in every country which never legalized “the pill”. Since countries like Ireland legalized it only recently, and already their rate is approaching ours (28 vs. 45).1,937 Corona Virus Deaths, which Trillionaire Trump promised will peak before Easter.

Alzheimer death rate China = 20

Compulsory government spending for health care in 1970 was $121 per capita, which was on par with numerous other countries which have a life expectancy 5 to 8 years longer than ours. By the time Obama was elected, by 2008, it had increased almost 30 fold to $3,496, which was about 4 times higher than Russia at $945 and 22 times higher than China at $155. So by this measure, even before Obamacare, we were already two orders of magnitude more “communist” than both Communist Russia and Communist China. BUT immediately after the passage of Obamacare it SKYROCKETED TO $8,949 by 20018, a whopping and unprecedented increase of SEVENTY FOUR TIMES, while it increased in China to $400, and DECREASED in Russia to $864.
By THIS measure, we are now 22 times more “communist” than China, and “only” 10 times more “communist” than Russia.

Of these OECD nations, we are the ONLY one which has seen a DECREASE in life expectacy at all, AND we have seen it FOUR YEARS in a row. Since Russia threw off the yoke of Communism, their life expectancy increased more than 10 years, from 57.4 to 67.5. China’s increased 6.8 years from 68.2 to 75 years and THIS YEAR will have a longer life expectancy than us. Ireland increased theirs by 8 years from 72.4 to 80.4, which is now 4.3 years longer than ours BEFORE the impact of Obama’s opioid crisis.

The Great Recession began in 2007-2008. Because of that, a lot of peoples’ net worth — mainly their house values, 401Ks and IRAs — dropped significantly between 2005 and 2012. You can’t blame Obama for that!

Plus, just where is the data saying that suicide rates for blacks and women doubled? I don’t see that anywhere.

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Jacob Israel Mike Glass • a few seconds ago
Actually I can and do blame Obama for that, and I have the statistical proof for it.
It looks like the links posted before about net worth and suicide rates just disappaered, so I will repost them in a different post.

IF Obama had said “hey, we are going to REPLACE government sponsored health care with the Chinese model, which MIGHT cut our health care expenditures 90%, INCREASE our life expectancy like it did in China, get our savings rate out of the NEGATIVE (and maybe raise our savings rate 54.8%, which would put us on par with China), the typical American MIGHT have bought it. Instead we got a “plan” which had to be passed before we could know what was in it, and which was infinitely worse than even I predicted it would be.

But not even that would have been workable, because if ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the extraordinary health care expenditures were redirected to savings, we would still have a savings rate less than 16%, which would mean that China’s savings rate would still be 34% higher than ours (51% vs. 16% of GDP).

Here is a serious question for you: WHAT do you believe WE must do to get our government expenses lowered enough too compete with China (who has one of the most precious commodities any nation, culture, religion, or country could ever have, personal savings)?

At 16% we would still have a lower rate than Norway at 23%, Chile at 22%, Russia at 18%, but higher than Denmark at 11%, Finland at 12%, and South Africa at 4%.

In 2008 when we have a NEGATIVE 2.5% savings rate, China’s was 52.3%, which is a WHOPPING 54.8% higher.

94.4 million not in labor force

OURS was negative, but

China = 51.1% SAVINGS rate (no wonder Chinese love Xi Xiping)
Norway 27.7%
Russia = 21.4% (no wonder Russians LOVE Putin)

The only other countries to have a NEGATIVE savings rate are Portugal and Greece

The NIMH estimates that 39% of the 47,600 who died from opioids in 2017, were actually suicides which were not counted by autorities as a suicide. This would add 18,564 suicides to our already record number of 46,329 suicides, for a total of 64,893 suicides, and a rate of 19.5.

This would mean that the ACTUAL increase in suicides after Obamacare was implemented is 81%

Asset Ownership of Households 2000 = $164,635

Table 1. Median Value of Assets for Households, by Type of Asset Owned and Selected Characteristics in 2010 = $66,740

U.S. ranks 37th in health care

Overall suicide rate before Obamacare = 10.8
Suicide rate 2016 = 13.9
WHAT about Obamacare would cause our suicide rate to increase by a WHOPPING 29%
And WHY under Obama did the suicide rate for black male youths DOUBLE? 

Since the inception of Obamacare, our maternal mortality rate, which was already at a record high, TRIPLED:

  Mike Glass  6 hours agoDidn’t you say that you’re a physicist? Unlike some other individuals on these comment boards, you should be smarter than to write these types of inane comments.Did you even read my last comment? As I wrote, the value of the S&P 500 index grew by an average annual rate of 15.1% during Obama’s 8 years. That is better (not worse!) than the 12.9% average annual rate during Trump’s 2.93 years to date!As I wrote above, on February 7, 2009, 18 days Obama was sworn in as President, the S&P 500 index bottomed out at 735.09. Trump’s escalator ride was on June 16, 2015, or about 6.36 years after that. Based on that, the S&P index average annual growth rate during that time was = (2037/735)^(1/6.36) ≈ 17.4%. As this happened under Obama’s watch as President, I’d call that pretty damn good! If I could get a 17.4% return on my IRA, I’d be very happy with that!While there were many contributing factors, Obama had nothing (zero) to do with the 2007-2009 market crash. Deregulation allowed banks to make high-risk investments they had no business making. Plus, there were all those sub-prime mortgages and crazy derivative financial instruments that led to a financial crash. Plus rating agencies that were asleep at the switch (quite possibly intentionally). Obama, at least as President, had nothing to do with any of this!Since when does the government “consume” health care? Patients and people getting well check-ups, (not governments!) consume health care! As the result of the ACA, which provided a layer of regulations (that’s different than “consuming” health care), about 25 million people who didn’t have health insurance previously, including those with pre-existing conditions, were able to obtain it. That’s a heck of a lot better than having them wait until they get very sick, then walk into hospital emergency rooms with no insurance (if they didn’t die first) to receive very expensive treatment on somebody else’s nickel (like yours and mine)!