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address is, email mailto:[email protected]or [email protected] for comments. I will post readers comments at the end of each piece when I get them in.


Hu's on First is a column I used to do for Asian Week every other week or so on Asian American issues diversity, race, gender, conservatism, and life in general, and it started with editorial comment in the MIT's The Tech. More recently, my writings have appeared in Seattle area newspapers, and the National Review. My emphasis on my political writing and research centers on race, economics and education. My Index of Diversity is a huge respository of news clippings and data on topics of diversity, and other issues that I have used in developing my columns. You may find several ideas that no one else has figured out, as obvious as they might be, as well as jumping on the bandwagon of the ideas of other conservatives, humanists, and libertarians.

I take an "alternative" Asian American view. I don't run away from data that supports the "Model Minority" thesis that makes so many Asian activists angry. I don't think there should be anything wrong in pointing out when one group does better than another as long as we can tell when it is because of discrimination or simply because some groups got lucky or played the game better. In the game of life, it often helps to copy the winners. Asians in the 20th century have had a lot of catching up to do with the winning Europeans, yet the Asians do better in health, education, and a raft of other indicators when other minorities fare worse, even when Asians have a higher poverty rate than whites. Asians do a lot that is worth copying, and avoid doing things that get other groups into trouble. It's not what you are but but what you've got in terms of economic and educational capital and what you do with it that counts. Asians emphasize working harder to get better grades and test scores instead of relying on racial preferences to make up for lower grades and scores. My web page also documents the many ethnic groups and statistics where Asians indeed lag the majority population, from health insurance to voting rates.

That puts me somwhere between conservative, libertarian, and a "humanist" that doesn't put ANY racial or social group at the top, or on their hit list. Racists hate black people. Multiculturalists hate white people. Marxists hate rich people. I don't think anybody should hate anybody. Got that? Some of my big issue areas are:

bulletAIDS and Health | Columns Everybody knows that people of "color" have high rates of AIDS and other health problems, but nobody breaks out the Asians, and it's not because there isn't any data. They spend millions on research in AIDS, yet not a penny has been spent to find out why Asians have the lowest rates of AIDS in the US and in the world. Asians also have better health outcomes for almost every other measure, but you'll rarely see this mentioned in the press. Much or most of this comes from cultural conservatism and avoiding dangerous habits.
bulletAffirmative Action Affirmative action isn't based on fairness, but is a movement to get political points simply by raising numbers of people from certain groups, even if it means exclusion, discrimination, or quotas. It claims to be color blind, but then uses discrimination.
bulletEducation Everybody knows that African Americans lag in education in terms of grades, dropout, test scores, and expulsion rates, and it's because of poverty and racism. But few note that Asians in those very same school systems routinely score better than whites. Not only that, everybody knows that Asian countries are ahead of the US, but nobody realizes that the gap is just as great for Asian Americans who go to the exact same schools. It's not racism, economics, or segregation, but how hard you study and how well your parents were educated. As a rule, blacks tend to do poorly regardless of income, or how good the school system is, with a few notable exceptions (which you won't hear about because they are based on traditional education, not the politically correct racial politics based strategies), but Asian usually perform as well or better than whites, no matter how bad the system is.
bulletEducation Reform / Restructuring The only people who are ahead of average Whites in education are the Asians and the Asian Americans, and rich kids with high IQs. But the new Outcome Based Education model which underlies almost every facet of the national education reform / restructuring movement declares IQ, memorization, and facts to be dead, and turns 180 degrees from what makes Asians and traditionally smart kids so successful, declaring a utopian promise that all students can succeed. How you get the answer is more important get getting the right answer, and in fact, there's no such thing as a right answer. High test scores are bad because they don't measure "higher order thinking", so we need new tests that don't depend on kids who study and memorize a lot. This is the logical extension of the assasination of the "merit" concept in affirmative action to cover everyone in K12. It eliminates tracking betwee the college and vocational, but really puts everyone on the slower vocational track even though well over 60% of students will go on to some form of college, and emphasizes competent entry level workers instead of the college trained people that run the Intels and Microsofts of the new economy.
bulletImmigration Norman Matloff is the king of critics of skilled (mostly Chinese) immigration. The theory is that immigrants lower wages and kill jobs, but the evidence is that immigrants are more, not less talented on average, make more, not less money, and jobs are being created, not destroyed. High tech pays the highest salaries, and creates the most secondary jobs and wealth of any bachelor level field. On average, the US economy has created 2 jobs for every immigrant for the past 30 years.
bulletIntelligence The Bell Curve is generally right. But we really don't know if the races will never be equal, only that they aren't right now, and they won't be until IQ is equal. On the one hand, evidence shows that blacks perform poorly no matter how rich, or how good the school system is. On the other hand, when blacks work as hard or harder than whites or Asians, they can perform as well or better on basic skills test, in which case, the trick is really to get them to work as hard or harder, and teach the basics. Any notion that IQ tests aren't valid, or that it doesn't matter isn't helping the problem.

Dates may not neccesarly correspond to publication dates. One of these days I'll go back and match up actual publication dates, and editing may differ from the final published version of the column. Since September, I've been switched to doing analysis of statistics for Asian Week, but I still write columns for the internet as "Fairness in Diversity for anybody else willing to listen to what's really going on.

What is "Fairness in Diversity?" It means believing in the principle of working towards racial equality, but also recognizing that it doesn't exist yet. Anybody who simply declares that the races are equal, whether in intelligence or any other basic abilities and simply hires in proportion to population or exceeds proportionality without proportional qualifications is simply ignoring individual fairness. Even if the races were genetically equal, they certainly aren't from a economic or educational standpoint. Discrimination is a symptom of inequality, not the underlying cause. When minorities have higher incomes and test scores, discrimination and negative stereotypes will no longer have any basis.

The fact that any attempt to outlaw group preferences and numerical goals is treated as an attack on the soul of affirmative action is proof that affirmative action without quotas and preferences is merely being color blind. These days being color blind is good enough to make you a racist. But it can be justified _if_ everybody agrees we want to give disadvantaged groups a break just because it's fair to try to give a break to people who started from behind. It can't be justifed by lying about unequal standards and pretending that that reverse discrimination is the same as hiring "without regard to race" or claiming that the only "merit" that matters is not grades, test scores, or experience, but skin color and the origin of your surname. Affirmative action which is fair:
bulletDoes not equal and certainly does not exceed parity with whites unless experience, grades and test scores are equal UCLA and Berkeley admitted minorities equal to and exceeding parity with whites in 1989. The LA fire department hired only 13% white men in 1994. 40% of the University of Wasington Law school students are of color in a state that is 85% whites.
bulletDoes not exclude hiring of the unprotected. The Supreme Court has ruled against this, the San Jose Mercury hired no whites as interns one year, and the San Jose Fire Department hired only 1 white male in 1992.
bulletFully discloses and justifies all group preferences, and differences in qualifications. No college on the planet will admit directly to the existence of race or gender preferences, and very few will disclose differences in grades or test scores. Many advocates of affirmative action deny that affirmative action includes quotas and preferences and lowering standards.
bulletOpens up preferenes to _all_ under-represented groups. The most under-represented groups on some campuses are southeast Asians and born-again Christian whites, who are _not_ given preferences.
bulletDoes not penalize overachieversfavor whites over other minorities , like the 40% limit on Chinese at Lowell High School in San Francisco or

The fact is that affirmative action has no official definition, and that affirmative action includes programs which violate one or more of the principals above. How can you discuss a topic that has no common definition, and where no one will tell you the truth about what they are doing? If you agree with these principals, consider yourself a charter member of Fairness in Diversity, and contact me to join my email list .

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Another theme you'll find is the "model minority myth isn't a myth" theme. Sorry folks, but if you look at the statistics, while there are a few notable spots where Asians are hurting (and I've got more of these stats than most people), in general, in nearly every (80%+) statistic where a Black deficit is used to prove that racism is the reason for racial disparity, Asians score nearly as good, or better than Whites with lower rate of everything from AIDS to cancer and dropout, and highest grades and math test scores, and rates in career fields like doctors and engineers. This is probably the best argument to blow up the central assumption of affirmative action, that merely eliminating racial discrimination will bring racial equality. It won't. The people who keep themselves in the best health and the best educated and work the hardest will always come out on top, no matter how fair the system is. All the affirmative action in the world won't stop Asians from getting better math test scores than Whites,or having longer life expectancy, even if it somehow makes Blacks and Whites equal someday. It's still pretty disorganized, but the file I use to keep track of statistics is at Index of Diversity

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Columns, Articles, etc. - 1997

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  • Arthur counters OSPI talking points on WASL
    bulletArthur, what do you recommend for Bush's testing plan?
    bulletJ.E. Stone mentions Hu and Innes as test critics
    bulletSept 13, 2000 Seattle Weekly mentions Arthur Hu candidacy
    bulletFRONT PAGE SEATTLE TIMES Saturday, October 21, 2000 Only 1 in 4 pass entire 4th-grade state test "Arthur Hu, an education-reform critic who ran against Bergeson for superintendent of public instruction in the primary, said the failure rate on the WASL shows that the test is too difficult for the grade level. "A test where over 50 percent of kids fail is bogus by definition." "
    bulletWeird grabs attention in today's world of media soundbites WEA today Sept 20, 2000. If you're a fringe candidate for office, someone with no credibility and no organized support, you can still get free media coverage. Just say outrageous things.
    bulletAdele Fergeson endorses Arthur Hu for SPI Eastside Journal Sept 10, 2000 A15 "somebody wrote he is a troublemaker that is disliked by school officials - that cinches my vote for him!"
    bulletSeveral state officeholders face primaries Tri-city herald Aug 27, 2000 "Hu, an MIT-educated software consultant, says the tougher standardized tests Bergeson backs are ridiculously hard and set children up for failure. His Web site features strongly conservative views on affirmative action, including the notion that Asians are a superior race." (whoah, they really took that out of context!)
    bulletSeattle Times August 31, 2000 WASL under fire in race for schools While on the campaign trail, Arthur Hu walks around in a khaki hat with goofy buttons and toys on it, serenades audiences with karaoke songs and compares the state's education-reform movement to "Gilligan's Island."
    bulletSeattle PI Endorsement: Return Bergeson to SPI office Monday, August 28, 2000 In her first term, Bergeson, who faces four unqualified opponents on the primary ballot, (The clowns didn't even have the guts to print my [email protected]#$ name!) has begun implementation of the education reforms ordered by the Legislature text
    bulletThis Wild and Crazy Superintendent Candidate is No Clown Eastside Journal Aug 20, 2000. That's HU with the dolls and the goofy hat. Go hear him. He is the most stimulating candidate out there.
    bulletSeattle Times Saturday, June 17, 2000 Republicans issue call for unity by David Postman, Ralph Thomas and Dionne Searcey Seattle Times staff reportersBut an even hotter commodity was Arthur Hu. Arthur who? Hu, a Chinese-American Republican from Kirkland who is running for state schools superintendent, drew yesterday's biggest ovations with his rapid-fire, joke-riddled campaign speech. Hu held up a photo of himself and Gov. Gary Locke, and said to the crowd, "I'm his mirror image in reverse, from left to right."
    bulletSeattle Chinese Post May 27, 2000. Photo and translation of Hu4spi flier, Arthur Hu runs for SPI in largest Chinese paper in the state.
    bulletMarch 31, 2000: KVI570 Weissbach program, introduced as Arthur Hu, running for SPI, tried out Gary Locke impression.
    bulletMarch 26, 2000 Seattle Times Letter "Kingdome: As a building it made a bolder statement, it will always remain in my memory"
    bullet3/24/2000 Eastside Journal Eastsider to run for education position
    bulletHu vs. Olchefske and Rudy CrewCITYCLUB SESSION AVAILABLE ON VIDEO Seattle CityClub March 14, 2000 The Seattle CityClub hosts a luncheon to discuss K-20 education. $48.00 with shipping for video I don't know if they edited out my Act-Up style speech that standards based education is doomed to fail and why not one single person in Seattle is willing to stand up and proudly say that they can tell the difference between Sheep and Shinola.
    bullet2/10/2000 Letter to Seattle Times Grass roots initiative a joke, applauds I am not a test score
    bullet2/2000 La Griffe du Lion cites my Jewish spectrum to speculate on Jewish IQ and Nobel laureates


    bullet1/18/2000 200 rally against Washington state's education-reform law: "Education reform is about destroying education as we know it and replacing it with a new model ... and that new model just sucks," Hu said.
    bullet12/21/99 To Seattle Times, new tests are unfair, and key to black is basics. They did not print this.
    bullet10/15/99 Blomstrom amplifies my complaints to Lynn Varner of Seattle Times for calling people racists
    bullet10/12/99 To Seattle Times: End the WASL now
    bulletlink 10/7/99 Cure Meeting: WASL either reduces race gap to 5 years or proof gains are artificial
    bulletTo Legislators: Please Fix or Stop WASL
    bulletWho passed the WASL tests? The rich, the poor and students of color flunked.
    bulletHu's index quoted by MSNBC
    bullet9/29/99 NAEP declares only 20% of students can write is completely bogus
    bulletSept 7, 1999 Asian Focus: Back to School 3 Black women, Blomstrom, Lake Washington Elections
    bulletSept 7, 1999 Re: Jennifer James All Creationists are _not_ racists and sexists Seattle Times
    bulletFri July 9, 1999 KVI John Carlson Show: Called in to ask about Seattle schools picking 3 black women superintendent finalists - Carlson said it's not neccesarily a violation.
    bulletImage: School restricts actions of local parent activist Eastside Journal (Bellevue WA) Sunday June 20, 1999 p. A3 BW photo by Doug Margeson [says I'm a pain but mention any of my issues, such as why giving kindergarteners and parents 45 min of work every night!]
    bulletImage: Why No Asian Candidates? text Northwest Asian Weekly by Arthur Hu Commentary June 26 - July 2, 1999 p. 2 3 black women finalists, but no Asian American candidates for seattle #2 academic superintendent, despite ban on racial preferences.
    bulletTestimony on Governor's Commission on Early Learning">
    bulletJune 12, 1999 Weisbach KVI 570 AM radio - Arthur Hu is parent with kids who are above average but gets work way over their heads and gets letter from the teachers union to shut him down.
    bullet6/18/99 Arthur Hu as district superintendent candidate?
    bullet6/18/99 Seattle's Olchefske admits "deliberately" = "preferring" seeking diverse pool in violation of I200
    bullet5/3/99Ice Cream Social and Free Speech Movement
    bullet5/3/99First Grade Math Homework of content not taught or appropriate.
    bulletSeattle Times 4/29/99 | original Goof puts sample questions on state test for fourth-graders . The glitch also has been publicized over the Internet by Arthur Hu, a critic of the test and the state's education-reform effort.
    bulletJohn Leo in Washington Times 3/25/99
    bulletQuoted by U.S News and World Report 3/29/99 J ohn Leo
    bulletMy son flunked Quest, he _only_ got 93 in re ading...
    bulletNational Science Foundation Drives Math Deform w ith Goals 2000, STW
    bulletEd Deform News 3/5/99
    bulletEd Deform News 3/1/99
    bulletEd Deform News 2/26/99
    bullet Invented Spelling is for real
    bulletFeb 22, 1999: Jonathan TiloveFair Play in Admissions at Elite Schools a Tough Issue - Conservative Christians now the most under-represented.
    bulletEd Deform News
    bulletshort Feb posts
    bulletLetter to Seattle Times Feb 7, 1999 Racial quotas: Social justice when all treated fairly regardless of skin color
    bulletJan/Feb random posts
    bullet2/1/99 Asian Focus: Shouting Internet in a Crowded Theater
    bullet2/1/99 Asian Focus: Goodbye, John Stanford
    bulletEducation Deform: All Will Suceed.. Or Else Asian Focus Jan 1999 Higher standards from hell for all. page 1 | page 2
    bulletJan 26Seattle Times reaffirms it's commitment to racial quotas in the newsroom Published in letters to editor Feb 7, 1999
    bulletJan 24KOMO TV-4 Town Meeting Teacher strike / pay
    bullet1/14/98 Upstream Are immigrants smarter? Some are
    bullet1/14/98 Ed Consumer How old standards compa re to new ones
    bulletNAEP may be the original "Test That All Will Fail 21% 4th grade math pass rate is identical to 1997 4th grade WASL rate.
    bulletGov Locke's Address: Is WA the first state to propose free college for all? Based on Marc Tucker 1992 Proposal
    bulletThe over-representation problem
    bulletHow applied math will destroy math instructio n


    bullet12/11/98 Are states deliberately supressing race bias in assesment scores?
    bullet11/18/98 71% of Massachusetts MCAS 4th grade math problems are not in framework or over grade level!

    bulletAsian Focus Nov 1998 ver 3.1 Everyone was against I200 - Except the people. "Equality must come without any quotas" Arthur Hu on the Yang

    .efx image

    bulletNov 3, 1998 - I got last word on KVI-570 radio on victory for I200

    bulletNorthwest Asian Weekly Oct 31-Nov 6, 1998 Preference is not equality and neither are quotas

    bullet10/28/98 This is Not Just a Test: This is Not Just a Test: Re-inventing Dumbed Down Education as "Higher Standards" Long piece on Standards Based Education and new Washington Assessments

    bullet10/25/98 Response: Seattle PI says Lawsuit will be the result if I200 passes.

    bullet10/6/98 Oct 1998 Asian Focus: Beyond Diversity. True Diversity does not try to create a mirror image of society in every job and schoool.

    bullet10/5/98 Review of Bok and Bowen's "The Shape of the River Former presidents of Bok and Bowen come out of the closet to show just how much race and skin color matter more than test scores and grades. Not printed by Seattle Times

    bullet10/5/98 Marc Tucker's Standards Based Education vs. Professor Harold Hill's Think System Watch the Music Man musical (76 Trombones, etc) to understand how education reform has been sold to America.

    bulletAsian Week 10/1/98 H-1B Visas: Virtue or Vice? Arthur Hu: Immigrants made high-tech what it is - why shut them out? | vs Norman Matloff: A glut of cheap immigrant labor hurts Americans - including Asian Americans

    bullet9/6/98 Transcript of Debate: National Association of Asian American Professionals Seattle WA | home features Arthur Hu's criticism of Norman Matloff and support for High Tech Immigrants, based on Asian Focus Article

    | See George Nichol's anti-Matloff page too!

    The Seattle Times September 8, 1998 Questions, answers regarding the new test Article does not mention Arthur Hu by name but presents my arguments that the WA 4th grade test does not test 4th grade skills.

    Seattle Times September 7, 1998 I-200 poses dilemma for Asians by Tom Brune Seattle Times staff reporter [ But it was Arthur Hu, a software developer, who provoked the biggest reaction at times. At one point, he said, "The playing field is not equal, and it never will be equal." It was time to "get rid" of the notion of equality in ability. Hu also said "diversity should not be the priority" in government decisions. ]

    Sept 4, 1998 Editorial to Seattle Times: Preference is Not Equality version for Spokesman Review This was _not_ printed.

    Article slams inequality in minority health, but Asians and Hispanics are BETTER than whites on their own chart! | Original Seattle Times article: August 2, 1998 Minorities are left behind in health care by Brigid Schulte

    An Honor To Us All For Asian Focus July 1998. Review of Disney's Mulan, movie, soundtrack, toys and culture.

    Asian Focus April 1998 "The Chinese Must Go!": Matloff's Myth of a Programmer Shortage The first time my case against Matloff's jihad against the Chinese Americans has been printed. The Chinese community continues to choose to igore this guy who carries on the legacy of the racist anti-Chinese immigration movement of 100 years ago.

    Asian Focus March 1998 English Only or English First? English should be first as part of a policy of supporting as many languages as possible

    KOMO-4 /KCTS-9 True Colors I tell the cameras that affirmative action is defined as NOT allowing racial preferences.

    Federal Way School-To-Work Conference March 1998. I present case that Washington's new assessment is a fraud.

    I also gave testmony to the anti-OBE bill that was later defeated in the Washington Legislature. The Test That All Students Can Fail Asian Focus 1998Washington's New Assessment of Student Learning is a massive fraud by setting a baseline that all studentsn will fail, and is the front for outcome-based and school to work based learning. No other area news outlet will carry this.


    12/2/97 Problem with Washington's (and other) Performance-Based Tests The real story behind the philosiphy that "all students can learn" creating the test where "all students can fail".

    12/11/97 WA Prop 200: What do YOU want Affirmative Action to Mean? Preferences or real nondiscrimination?

    To Seattle Times Why do they leave race out of schools survey again?

    Talmant says Berkeley ugrad is 40% Asian, and poised to be 50% when preferences go away

    Seattle Times 10/21/97 Bellevue City Manager replaces white students on board with 50% minorities for "diversity"

    "Lawmakers may 'dumb down' test, Bergesen warns" Seattle Times Sept 23, 1997 p. B1. The test is simply too hard if it's got a problem that requires you to figure out the median of a frequency histogram.

    9/15/97 If you had a much better qualified white over a worse qualified black, but you needed the black for diversity, who would you pick??

    9/12/97 Michael Medved Show 1:30 PM KVI 570 radio station Seattle WA. Discusses National Review article on Race and Education from Puyallup fair, points out figures that blacks in Bellevue are worse than in Seattle.

    article | 9/15/97 National Review Education and Race Cover picture: Why Me, Study? Contrary to assumptions, minorities don't do very well even in the best school districts, while Asians do much better than average for their districts. \clip\97\20\natlrevw\natlrevw.htm - cover \clip\97\20\natlrevw\hu091597.html - article Gcruz approves, says schools with high Asians do better than rich schools

    5/28/97 Filipinos Getting Screwed by UC Berkeley Admissions Again

    5/22/97 link Affirmative Action fraud in Seattle

    5/12/97 Allerlei Interview of Arthur Hu 2/27/97 Seattle Times says that whites are the largest category of murder victims, but they don't point out that blacks are 8 times more likely to be killed relative to their population in King Co (around Seattle), which is about the same ratio as their arrest rate for murder.

    2/24/97 Fumento: Putting Diversity or Safety First?

    2/20/97 Plaut:Race Courts to enforce correct racial classifications?

    2/14/97 Moira notes that whites, especially celtic whites are 16% of the population of California, 14% of high school grads and 15% of those on the top 12% of graduating seniors were only 4% of Berkeley freshmen.

    2/5/97 racepref.txt RACIAL PREFERENCES ADD TO THE "DUMBING DOWN" OF EDUCATION "We don't need black or white teachers, we need teachers that can teach" Proj[email protected]

    2/4/97 Diversity Update Vol 2 No. 4 Blacks in Seattle taunted gifed class, full employment in computer science, minority engineers up again, Gypsies, etc.

    2/4/97 Sunday Group Arthur moderates on Affirmative Action and the Model Minority Secret

    1/30/97 Diversity Update Vol 2 No. 3. London picks Ebo cooking instructor over experienced math teacher because its more important to understand poverty than square roots, etc.

    1/30/97 Beyond Self-Interest Asian American Law Professors justify racial preferences and quotas for Blacks and Hispanics over better qualified Asians and basically say that Asians should be treated as honorary whites when discriminated against in favor of other minorities. Merit? The only thing that matters is surname and skin color.

    The Freemen Affirmative Action: A Counter-Productive Policy

    Affirmative Action: A Time for Change? By Caleb Rosado Professor of Sociology Walla Walla College College Place, WA (Preferences are neccesary to insure fair = proportional outcomes)

    The New Color Line \doc\web\97\01\colrbind.txt Review of The New Color Line: How Quotas and Privilege Destroy Democracy , by Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton, Washington, D: Regnery, 247 pages, $24.95 Quotas and set-asides may create the illusion of a just, equal society, but do little to actually implement it.

    01/22/97 Harry Tong supports Affirmative Action, but not when implemented as proportional quotas which harm Asians and all Americans.

    01/20/97 \priv\97\01\odin.txt "The End of War As We Knew it" P-news posts my piece on Hiroshima. The Japanese, not the Americans were the butchers of Asia, and lots of white guys lost their lives saving Asian butts.


    01/13/97 The Sunday Group - Disney and Asian nationals screwing us up

    01/09/97 Diversity Update Vol 2 No. 1 Ebonics. Social Security and nonanglo names. Clinton Cabinet Quotas


    12/27/96 Immigration Maybe and Fact: Norman Matloff etc. Exposed Jobs are up, wages are up. Social scientists question whether immigrants "may" be harmful, but the real statistics are that there are more jobs created than immigrants, the places and professions with the most immigrants have the most jobs and highest wages, and it all hinges on Norm Matloff who is on a racist Jihad against the Chinese, the likes of which hasn't been seen since angry whites nearly drove the Chinese from California 100 years ago.

    12/15/96 Diversity Update. Why there are no homeless Chinese at $54 / month. Troubled Samoans. Asian women don't get AIDS

    12/4/96 Diversity = White Underrepresentation Marcus finds the true meaning of diversity is exclusion of white gentiles.

    12/2/96 Diversity Update #13 Carribean blacks are healthier than NYC whites. Cancer rates falling. Save the Eagles. Kiss Goodbye to the Turkey. Women prefer to stay at home more than men (nah!) 12/1/96 Slavery is Freedom and Color-Blind is Racism Prop 209 passes, and now they're it's illegal to not discriminate.

    11/26/96 Map of CCRI vote Only Los Angeles and the SF Bay area opposed CCRI. Must be those [email protected]#$% white people. local: \clip\96\09\ccri\prop209.htm

    11/25/96 New American - Carl Rowan is a racist, Ward Connerly is color blind John Birch Society. Kooks? or maybe these guys are on to something.

    11/24/96 Middle Class Hispanics Surprise lazy reporters Raouls Lowery Contrares

    11/21/96 Myth of the Dysfunctional Vet By Michael Fumento Only 7% of the homeless are Vets according to the Cenus, not 1/3. The average Vietnam era vet has a higher than average income. " Nobody's going to make a movie in which a Viet vet walks into a bank and yells, "Okay, it's payback time!" then whips out a checkbook and pays back the loan he used to start a successful business."

    11/12/96 Vote 1996 The press missed that Asian Americans were the most conservative race, and the least likely to vote, though Asians in California and Hawaii were more likeley to vote for Clinton.

    10/31/96 Number One Son Vs. the Church Lady Gary Locke vs. Craswell - Why I've switched to Ellen Craswell with all the Christians.

    9/24/96 Diversity Update

    9/24/96 Diversity Update

    10/1/96 Houston Police White Officer's Association San Jose isn't the only city hiring minorities only, evidently Houston is also introducing minority only classes, but will not disclose a racial breakdown

    Their home page

    9/24/96 Diversity Update

    9/10/96 Diversity Update

    8/26/96 Diversity Update

    10/1/96 Raoul Contrares on why he thinks Hispanics should vote ... for Dole

    9/10/96 Raoul Contrares says that supporters of CCRI want to take away rights like the Nazis, but I point out that he ignores real abuses, and he is really misinformed about hiring quotas and outright exclusion without any legal basis in Los Angeles and San Jose public safety hiring.

    8/18/96 Benny Wong Finds that up in Canada, Asians also have the lowest rates of crime and imprisonment, the highest rates of high school achievement, on par with the Jews, and the lowest rates of failure. Other data show Asians to be above most groups in science (Norman Matloff maintains that Jews are not over-represented in engineering, har har)

    8/7/96 Diversity Update More gun deaths in Seattle Vs. Vancouver because of laws or minority population? Blind Asians. Schwab. Big Asian AIDS threat, but not much AIDS. Minority doctors. Poverty and inner city poor academics

    7/17/96 Diversity Update. Kidney Disease. Beer guzzling Indians in UK Ads. Korean war brides USA and Canada lead world in development etc.

    7/6/96 The Seattle Times hails taking an extra step to hire minority faculty, but in fact, it's naked evidence of how race and gender have become the primary hiring qualification in a system clearly gone amok. Printed July 10, 1996 Seattle times p. B5 Final text

    6/30/96 The WHAT? of Notre Dame A politically correct look at Disney's movie, and the gypsies My Gypsy index page

    6/20/96 Why Asians are #1 Shanker's review of a book by Dornbush and co. that notes that Asians outperform everybody, and it's race, not income that is the the most predictive factor

    6/20/96 Clippings Healthy Asians no myth, Blackwell gets life for mail order bride murder, Farakhan is wrong, there ARE slaves in Africa, Dr. Laura stands up for strong marriages, gay AIDS risk is 1,000 times non-risk group, treament to help babies widens mortality gap, 40% of church burnings were white, australians think there are too many Asian immigrants, LA objects when police hiring fall below quotas equal to population, Harlem math academy does well with blacks, Gypsy suspect in NY, immigrants may lose medical, prince george schools drop white-only seats in magnet schools, pg schools have horrible test scores in area with most affluent blacks in US. Female condoms untested for gay sex, but neither are conventional condoms.



    6/11/96 Clippings Korean Rodney King, rape is #1 cause of college dropouts (?), US Blacks maternal death rate = Japan or Germany, cleaning service selected on the basis of race, affluent blacks welcome / condemn Thomas, 25% of workers checked in LA test were not legal, LA hires women cops that can't even pull a trigger Chinese adoptions. *** If you like this feature, let me know and I'll keep doing more **

    6/5/96 Diversity Clippings LA police scores drop, UCLA lowers standards for VIPS (minorities too, but they don't tell)

    5/19/96 CONGRATULATIONS! IT'S A BABY . . . WEB SITE Seattle Times article on my baby announcement on the web for Henry Hu.

    This page was featured in Michelle Malkin's Seattle Times syndicated column. She's the up and coming Asian (Filipino) woman conservative writer. She just got hired by the Seattle Times, so let's give her a big hand. She's paid to do it in the mainstream, unlike me, but I hope to pass on the stuff I dig up so that she can give it a voice. It will also be featured in the education section of the March 31 New York Times, hopefully, with my picture in it. My Berkeley **complaint was mentioned in the March 21 Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, and March 20 San Jose Mercury News.

    4/16/96 Diversity Clippings

    4/16/96 caaids95.txt Dec 1995 California AIDS update is one of the first publications which almost openly admits that AIDS rates are lower for Asians, Pacific Islanders, and sometimes Latino men.

    4/16/96 sfaids95.txt SF Health Department finally breaks out AIDS rates per population by race, and I was right, Asians are the lowest at only 1/20 the rate of whites in The City. That ought to terrify the Asian AIDS activists.

    4/10/96 SJ Merc SF Chron After a long fight, the San Jose Fire Department finally hires the Engler brothers, but claims that race was not used against Whites, or to favor blacks (do you believe that?). The city at least agrees it's stupid to favor blacks and Hispanics when they are over parity. The NAACP and Hispanic civil rights organizations still think there aren't enough black and Hispanic firefighters in a city that is only 4% black.

    3/30/96 I See Nothing Scheduled to be printed Asian Week 4/5/96. My official response to the foxes at the Office of Civil Rights, and their pals in the Asian American Leadership in pretending Berkeley is kosher. OCR says none of the 3 colleges I complained about had a discrimination problem. The real racists have made Filipinos and other Asians and Pacific Islanders the sacrificial lambs of Diversity, while Chinese and Japanese advance their careers with affirmative action.

    3/31/96 Choosing Sides New York Times Shorter web version, I've inserted the edited-out part that mentions me and my picture. Also see "Efforts Bar Selection Based on Race, William H. Honan p. 14 (sorry, no time to post this), notes colleges have been told to implement race preferences, and are now being told it is unconstitutional, mentions Taber's effort stalled due to lack of money in Wash state. Also p. 1, article on cranky white woman who dislikes Asians taking over Queens, Asians have only 4% voter registration rate.

    3/26/96 Seattle Times Article Michelle Malkin, Arthur Hu: One Man's Quest for "Fairness In Diversity"

    This page was featured in Michelle Malkin's Seattle Times syndicated column. She's the up and coming Asian (Filipino) woman conservative writer. She just got hired by the Seattle Times, so let's give her a big hand. She's paid to do it in the mainstream, unlike me, but I hope to pass on the stuff I dig up so that she can give it a voice. It will also be featured in the education section of the March 31 New York Times, hopefully, with my picture in it. My Berkeley **complaint was mentioned in the March 21 Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner, and March 20 San Jose Mercury News.

    3/28/96 Conservative Multicultural Gos pel Page Check these guys out. They even offer cheap web space and contractor opportunities $$$ announcement

    3/27/96 plfpref.htm Pacific Legal Foundation strikes down racial preferences in contracting in San Bernadino. Affirmative action is just hiring the best qualified? It's just a [email protected]#$% quota.

    3/27/96 foster.htm Family Research Council Feb. 26, 1996 by Gary Bauer Henry Foster's program increased teen pregnancy. Abstinence based programs had only 1.1% pregnancy compare to 25% of other girls, Jacksonville Fla was reduced by 35 percent in 3 years.

    3/20/96 hopwood.txt "Hopwood" the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that the University of Texas at Austin's law school may not use race as a factor in admissions decisions, except to remedy actual discrimination (which never existed in UT admissions). You can kiss routine race preferences good bye at every law school. Daily Californian article 3/20/96 ucbshort.txtUC Berkeley announces that the Office of Civil Rights has cleared them of allegations of illegal racial discrimination. The original 1989 complaint can be found at complain.htm My "press release"UCLA report also clears wrongdoing My claim that I've already won is at victory.htm My relationship to the Asian American affirmative action orthodoxy is at explain.htm LA Times article Probe Finds No Bias.. Download 1-2-3 (or MSExcel) Spreadsheet of UCB admissions since the 80s ucbhist.wk1 * Download UCLA.WK1 1983-95 spreadsheet Download UC system admissions Shows hig minority dropout, % of admission by exception, low filipino at UCB SF Chron"Probe Finds No Reverse Discrimination Berkeley CalifornianPat Hayashi denies complaint had any effect **

    uclaocr.htm \doc\95\14\uclaocr.htm October 27, 1995 Daily Bruin "Investigation rules out admissions discrimination" Arthur, does that mean you were wrong? No, they already fixed things in response to my compaint in 1990, after the most egregious policies of 1984 and 1988. They did drop automatic admissions of minorities, goals equal to quotas, and preferences for Filipinos.

    3/18/96 NPR on "biased" police tests For example, if you give a test with proper grammar and complex test structures, you will lose a substantial number of African Americans....

    3/15/96 Some e-clippings that may be of general i nterest

    3/15/96 lowell.txt San Francisco's Lowell High School Drops Anti-Chinese Quotas. Rojas finally does something right, Chinese-Am wimps weakly support new proposal

    3/15/96 engler3.txt Lorin Engler says that the San Jose Fire Department is ready to say "uncle" and finally hire the only two white guys brave enough to stand up for their rights when they hired only 1 white male in 1992

    3/4/96 Jerry Cook University of California Medical and Law School statistics Anybody with doubts out there that anybody who claims admissions standards aren't any lower for minorities is either a fool, a liar, or both? Highlights of the Favish report on medical and law school admissions in the University of California. CCRI page pointer too

    3/4/96 Census reports that persons with higher degrees and degrees in engineering earn more than those without degrees or degrees in unrelated fields, and are earning more since 1984, contrary to expert Norm Matloff

    2/15/96 Addressing Hispanic Engineering Conference on Affirmative Action

    1/23/96 The San Jose Civil Service agrees to look into firefighter promotion test validity

    1/25/96 Norm Matloff (UC Davis) says you don't need a computer science degree or skills to land a computer job

    1/26/96 Norm Matloff says that companies use degrees and experience in order to hire cheap immigrants instead of laid off Americans

    1/23/96 Big Defeat: Judge concludes test that San Jose fire promotion test that most flunked whites is valid :-( And if you believe the test was colorblind, boy do I have a bridge to sell you

    1/24/96 SJM Firefighter lawsuit tossed out Judge says S.J. exam not rigged to favor blacks

    1/23/96 Judge concludes test that San Jose fire promotion test that most flunked whites is valid :-(

    1/23/96 Norm Matloff says immigrants (many Asian) harm education for blacks but Asians are responsible for holding up urban test scores and improving standards

    1/22/96 Matloff claims no hiring criterion like degrees or previous experience are valid and that any competent programmer can do MS Windows

    1/18/96 San Jose claims clients suffer from racism, but lawyer Jensen notes blacks are over parity in fire department in almost every position

    1/17/96 More San Jose testimony on the test, racial threats against whites

    1/14/96 San Jose: Testimony that identical answers were scored lower for non-blacks and that warning was given on questions and how to answer them

    1/11/96 Tan doubts Asians are highly educated, have high rates of fertility, fact is Chinese and Indians the most educated and the lowest rate of teen pregnancy


    1/11/96 Immigrants make more, are more talented, do not displace workers

    1/11/96 San Jose Fire Test Validity on Trial

    Columns - 1995

    12/16/95 University of Iowa: No Non-disadvantaged Whites Need Apply

    12/14/95 San Jose Can't Have Engler Case Thrown Out There is overwhelming evidence of discrimination and illegal affirmative action.

    12/7/95 Immigrant Engineers and Scientists are More Educated, Better Paid, Have More Skilled Persons Per Population, and Have Better SAT Math Scores than White Natives, Data in Anti-Immigrant CIS study shows.

    12/5/95 San Jose's Black Woman City Manager Force to Fire Its Black Fire Chief: Grim Example of How Affirmative Action Gone Bererk Can Lead To Disaster Pointer to San Jose Mercury News Articles Maybe one nut _can_ make a difference?

    11/16/95 Blaming Immigration For Failing Minorities The Center for Immigration Studies make a major boo boo by "proving" you could completely replace every immigrant engineer with a minority or woman.

    11/15/95 Asian Domestic Violence is Just as Bad As Anybody Else - NOT! An Asian Week article cites California data to prove rates of domestic violence are just as high for every race when a per population breakdown shows this is absolutely not the case in this, or any other statistics for that matter. The curse of the model minority.

    10/31/95 A True Chinese Ghost Story A Chinese teenager in Boston is haunted by his aunt, and sees a Chinese ghostbuster.

    10/7/95 The Day the Truth Died: Not a Chinaman's Chance Asian Americans have a choice between Black and White, the OJ verdict brings out what's really at stake - the truth, and violence and discrimination against Asians hidden by political correctness.

    8/28/95A Tale of Three Tests CLAS flunks everybody, Seattle flunks Asian police applicants, San Jose flunks out White battalion Fire Chief in a new oral exam

    8/21/95 Hiroshima: The End to War as We Knew It Ron Takaki thinks the bombing of women and children was racially "unjustified" But what about all the other bombings and killings in WWII? Who were the real "Butchers of Asia"? Who are the real racists?

    8/14/95 Miss Pocahontas Disney Pocahontas meets Miss Saigon, Picture Bride, Seafair Queens and Asian babes.

    7/31/95Minivan! Arthur buys a new minivan - he concludes the new Dodge Caravan / Plymouth Voyager is the best, but the Windstar and Quest / Villager may be better buys, and drives 2 hrs away to save money on a scarce vehicle.

    7/14/95 An Anti Asian Police Test? Seattle's police department changes from a written to a video test, but minorities flunk at even higher rates, and this is the only test in history were Asians score poorer than Hispanics or African Americans.

    5/19/95 Woman F14 pilot was not the first to fa il One woman pilot killed or removed per ship is an unusually high wash out rate.

    5/22/95 Los Angeles Fire Department Hires 25%White, Half of These are Women. Under a consent decree which requires at least 50% of new hires to be minorities, and sets no quotas for women, Los Angeles actually hired only 25% white, and reserved half of these positions for white women. They claim to have no hiring quotas. Am I the only one who thinks something is amiss?

    3/27/95 Affirmative Action: The Beginning of the End Affirmative Action isn't dead, and isn't going away right away, but it's on its way out.

    2/8/95 Sex, Lies and Asian Americans You want the real, dirty truth about sex and Asian Americans? Asians simply have less sex, on average, and it explains largely why Asians have the lowest rates of teen pregnancy, AIDS, and homosexuality.


    doc87\review0.doc "Superstudents or Understudents" Unprinted survey of Asians in Education and summary of anti-Asian quotas 2/10/87 review0.htm


    doc87\diverse4.doc "How Much Diversity is Enough" MIT Tech 10/14/88

    doc87\poets.doc "Artists and Poets" MIT Tech 10/88

    doc88\airbus.wp - Airbus shootdown

    doc88\bwasian.wp - Asians not all rich, Business Week

    doc88\dating.wp - Conversation about Asian guys and dating

    doc\doc891\mitrept.doc - MIT report neglects to check if there is any difference in admissions standards for blacks at MIT.

    \doc\95\10\ahulat.txt - citation of JOURNAL Los Angeles Times Sept 19 1988, v107, Sec. II, p5, col 1 AUTHOR 1) Hu, Arthur TITLE As the Asian experience tells us, average is hard to define. (measurements of Asian-Americans' economic successes seen as misleading) (column)

    doc88\dualmin.wp - 8/10/88 Asians as a dual minority. Short article on status of Asian Americans, rich and poor. dualmin.htm

    EE Times Crosstalk July 1988 Irwin Feerst claims to speak for electrial engineers in opposing immigration of engineers, but inherits the legacy of an era of anti-Chinese discrimination by the Workingman's Party

    doc88\gardner.wp - letter to UC president about quotas

    doc88\harv88.doc - letter to Dept of Civil rights about Harvard

    doc88\harvard.wp - letter to Susan chao about Harvard quotas

    doc88\howmuch.wp - MIT Tech editorial : How much diversity is enough? Minorities are better represented than some non-Jewish whites. 11/13/88


    doc891\ucprob.doc \doc\web\96\03\ucprob.htm 4/10/89 unfinished letter notes that blacks and Hispanics have meet their goals, while Whites are under- represented.

    doc891\mitrept.doc \doc\web\96\03\mitrept.htm - 4/30/89 MIT Tech editorial says that blacks at MIT _are_ admitted to lower standards, but nobody will admit it.

    doc891\ucquota2.doc \doc\web\96\03\ucquota.htm 3/19/89 Summary of evidence of quotas at UC

    5/22/89 Illegal Quotas at UCLA, Berkeley and Harvard: (in)famous 1989 compaint against UCLA, Berkeley and Harvard. Shows Asians have low admission rates from 1982-86 at Harvard, while UCB and UCLA may be violating constitutional prohibitions on quotas doc892\complain. doc \doc\web\96\03\complain.htm -

    6/29/89 Black Busing Failure? Myth of Disappearing Black College Student. Asian Week column and letter to Boston Globe saying students being bused from urban Boston to Newton suburbs should not be called failures just because they don't get 95th percentile test scores. Reports of black decline in college don't take into account rising high school graduation rates. There is no net decline. \doc892\metco.doc Globe: metco.htm Asian Week version


    link \PRIV\96\16\HARVHU.TXT "NO BIAS SEEN IN HARVARD ADMISSIONS" Boston Globe Saturday, October 6, 1990 Section: METRO Page: 1 By: By Muriel Cohen, Globe Staff A review of Harvard University's records for the past 10 years shows no discrimination against Asian-Americans in its admissions policies, the civil rights office of the US Department of Education announced yesterday. Arthur Hu is metioned with his original complaint and theory that admissions of Asians and Hispanics appeared to be held back after 1981.

    empire.htm 1/8/90 Of Empires and Activist Orthodoxy

    glory.htm 1/16/90 Two tales of dream realized - Glory (Civil War movie about black soldiers) II: Forbidden City and Flower Drum Song

    heymann.htm 1/19/90 Letter to Ira Heymann of UC Berkeley asking what the heck he's doing with affirmative action by admitting students by parity with quota goals, and making whites under-represented.

    explain.htm 1/23/90 Berekely, Me and the Asian American Movement - Arthur Hu vs.the activists who want to protect afffirmative action at the University ofCalifornia.

    progress.htm 2/13/90 Civil Rights: You call this progress?

    victory.htm 2/19/90 Victory has been won - Berkeley and UCLA give in to most of my affirmative action demands.

    chopsuey.htm 3/6/90 Chop Suey - Chinese New Years Parade and Asian Beauty Queens

    united.htm 3/13/90 United We Stand? Where do Asians fit in the big Third-World people of color thing? And what have blacks "done for use lately"?

    prolet.htm 3/20/90 Meet the Proletariat - Don't make fun of ordinary middle class Americans. They aren't the enemy. You, my elite activist friend are the enemy.

    amult.txt \doc\96\02\amcult.txt 3/23/90 by Arthur Hu What's American Culture?

    politic.htm 4/2/90 \doc\doc902\politic.doc The Year of the Asian American ? When will Asians make it in politics?

    global.htm 4/13/90 \doc\doc902\global.doc Warren Brookes is right. The key to properity and not starving is to use more, not less energy.

    shotgun.htm 5/17/90 Ron Takaki's new book makes mainstream. Korean insult makes national headlines. Asians have low rates of AIDS (1st mention in recorded history) Forbidden Nights Asian guy romancing American woman. Asians have lowest rates of dropout, longest life expectancy (1st mention in recorded history) And more shocking stuff. As of 1996, I was still right, and all of the "experts" still have their heads in the sand.

    miner.htm 5/21/90 \doc\doc902\miner.doc Why is the Forest Service burning out and bulldozing harmless miners?

    nonsci.htm 5/22/90 doc\doc902\nonsci.doc Affirmative Action and the Social Non-Sciences. If science was basd on Affirmative Action we'd still think the Earth was flat.

    raceiq.txt 6/3/90 A posting on the nature of race and IQ.

    father.htm \doc\doc902\father.doc 6/10/90 Chinese Father's Day - meet my Dad from the old country

    aids.htm 7/4/90 The Politics of AIDS The ugly secret of AIDS and Asians Americans is that Asians have a low rate of AIDs because of a low rate of sexual, especially homosexual activity, but no one wants to sacrifice sexual permissiveness to save lives cartoons.htm 7/15/90 Asian comics and racial humour. It had better be pretty damn funny.

    hispaids.htm 8/10/90 Colleges seem to be backing off from admitting over 10% black. Low rates of AIDS for Asians is real. The first mention of low AIDs rates in any media by Arthur Hu, no one else can figure it out or is honest enough to admit it

    ucaids.htm 8/9/90 UC Mailbag - Norm Matloff believes 100 point SAT difference is of no consequence, but they practically have quotas. reaids.txt Nonsense? Asians Have a Low Rate of AIDS (SHHHH!)

    saigon.htm 8/20/90 Miss Yellowface - Asians on state and racial incorrectness.

    aismen.htm aismen.txt 12/28/90 doc904\AISMEN.DOC - Internet SCAA classic: 1990 hu's on first why asian men lose out, and why it's always White guys going out and intermarriage with Asian women, and the reverse for Blacks. Asian culture scores as feminine for both genders, Black culture scores as more masculine. Simple as that. See Index entries on intermarriage

    Asian Week May 17, 1991 Too Many Asians at UCLA?



    usthem.txt doc\94\16\usthem.txt - 6/1/92 New Republic on LA Riots


    doc937\movies.doc - 10/18/93 Joy Luck Club

    doc938\stanhire.doc - 11/2/93 preferring American blacks

    doc939\neaplit.doc - 11/21/93 literacy and the NEAP

    doc93b\ferghate.doc - 12/23/94 Hate Crimes


    doc\94\1\chinchan.doc 2/2/94 KQED perspective on Lowell

    doc\94\3\gendsprt.doc 5/9/94 Gender Equity and Sports

    doc\94\16\seateen2.doc *7/27/94 Asian Youth at Risk

    doc\94\18\priv\asiansj.txt SJM FEEL, SIGHTS OF HOME DRAW ASIANS

    doc\94\19\seapress.txt *9/4/94 Asian gang race not disclosed

    doc\94\19\okcho.txt 10/16/94 The only positive review of All American Girl ever published, Brandon Lee

    doc\94\19\elect94.doc elect942.doc 11/10/94 Republican victory

    12/1/94 doc\94\20\shortiq.docArthur Hu on the Bell Curve and Intelligence (and small penis size, gorilla IQs, and other things)

    3/10/95 \doc\95\02\pangboy.doc Martin Pang: All American Boy Asian Week pangboy.htm