From: Love For Life Campaign

Date: 4/15/2008 7:00:28 PM

To: Richard Niemela

Subject: Re: flocks and bodies


By the way, Richard Niemela is a classic example of a hu-man robot/zombie fully programmed by Satan's 3rd parties to the fiction. He survives the fiction he believes and worships and therefore has no love to create and release here and now. This is why he attacks and attacks and attacks the messenger to protect what he is surviving. He is no longer MAN creating in the image of Love, Instead he has become a Hu-Man creating in the image of the fiction he survives. The bible is full of Satan's codeThs. These codes are images of fiction laced in almost every sentence in the bible. Will he wake up to consciousness. Lets together pray for soul to inspire his conscious awakening to love.

And Richard, you are still inventing images of fiction out of thin air, of lies and deception and you still have not brought forward any incontrovertible solid gold evidence to back up your claims against me. You are in a burning/sinking ship Richard heading deeper and deeper into the pits of hell of your own making, of your own free-will, of your own choices. May you find love so that love finds you here and now. As it stands your present attitude and behavior has you still show up as being an arrogant, pathetic, gutless wimp and a despicable evil plotter, deceiver and Know-It-All.