Installing ASP Poll (Access Version)

bulletCheck with your web host that your web space is running on Windows NT4, 2000, 2003 operating system, with IIS 4+ and is ASP enabled. ASP News will NOT run on a Unix/Linux web server!
bulletUnzip the ASP Poll zip file onto your hard drive keeping the files and images in there original directories.
bulletUpload the files and images through FTP to your webspace, again keeping the files and images in there directories.
bulletUpload poll.mdb to a non-accessible web area
bulletGrant write access to the database file to the proper users (Usually you need to add IUSR_%MACHINENAME%)
bulletEdit the file '' entering the path to the database file
bulletOnce all the files are uploaded and the database has write access, Run the file 'setuppoll.asp'. This file will create all the default values in the empty database. It is highly recommend for security purposes that you delete this file from the Web Server once the database is fully created.
bulletIf you find that you are getting errors and pages not displaying please see Troubleshooting and Common Errors.