Media reports atheism:


Robert Knight:

·         80% of media stories about atheism have a positive outlook on atheism, 20% are neutral.

·         100% of media stores about Christianity are negative, or written from an atheist’s perspective.


87% believe in God, 8% say they don’t believe in God.

More than half of Newseek editions mention atheists.

“Why should you expect anything more from a secular media?” was the ABC commentator’s reaction.

The above is minor compared to the observation by Google Trends that , in a country which is only 1% jews and 93% Christians, “news reference volume” for jews chronically exceeds that for Christians, which adversely influences “search volume index” [Google searches by internet users].

We cannot accept this as simply a “secular media”—this is a grossly biased *religious* media which trivializes Christians and *praises* all jews, even jews who MURDER Palestinians by the THOUSANDS.  On the one hand, these “liberals” argue to the death that jews are a religion and not a race, and on the other hand, they FALSELY claim that a news media which chronically and historically promoted the RELIGION of jews is “secular”: