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Many American blacks are fond of criticizing and outright insulting American White Christians.

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What blacks like Mikkb don't understand is that American White Christian men are not in charge of this government.  Even though two billion Christians around the world condemned the Vietnam War as an unjust war, the US government still spent 9 years in Vietnam where they killed an estimated two million Vietnamese.  Even though 140 million Christians in this country view abortion as murder, and even though 185 million oppose legalized abortion, the US government has killed 40 million fellow Americans in the womb which led us very close to a negative population growth.  Even though the White Christian men who are the descendants of Forefathers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington oppose the unconstitutional overthrow of the Second Amendment that is taking place right now, the US government passed more than 22,000 gun control laws.  Even though 85% of Americans who want their children to say a spoken Christian prayer in their classrooms, the US Department of Education was created and school prayer was banned.  Even though perjury [bearing false witness] is a violation of the Ten Commandments, our courts, legislators, and politicians have made perjury their trademark.  Even though Christians demand that the father is the only head of his household, the US government has crammed "gender equality" down our children's throats.  Even though 220 million Christians oppose the legalization of sodomy, our jewish controlled courts are overturning public mandates against legalized sodomy in every state.  Even though single-mother households are abhorred by most Christians, the US government believes that single-mother welfare queens are "heroes".  Even though almost all Americans proclaim that they believe in religious freedom, not a single politician or bureaucrat has yet been punished for burning down a church on Mount Carmel in Waco.

Because Mikbb doesn't understand is that, since American White Christian men are not in charge, sending all 33 million black Americans to Africa could easily happen, and would be one of the kindest and most humanitarian acts this US government ever undertook.  It would get these blacks out from under the thumb of nasty White Christian men who "discriminated against" and "harassed" and are "biased against" them.  It would also mean that these nasty White Christian men wouldn't have to continue to work 42 days of every year JUST to pay the taxes which fund the welfare which is paid ONLY to American blacks.   It might even mean that the words "personal savings" would reappear in the Christian lexicon.  If American White Christians hadn't spent $18 trillion to subsidize American blacks in the last 3-4 decades, not only would there be no public debt, but we would have one of the highest personal savings accounts in the world--rather than being the only industrialized nation with a negative personal savings balance.

It is incidental to White Christian men that the 900 million cousins of American blacks who populate Africa have life expectancies 20 years shorter, earn only $650 per capita per year which is one twentieth as much as American blacks earn here, are still at risk of being eaten by cannibals, and that half of them will die of AIDS, because if we took the $450 billion annually which is currently consumed by American blacks and invested it in Africa instead, we would almost double the GDP of Africa.  Such an investment would undoubtedly raise the standard of living and life expectancies of the entire continent, and perhaps make this a better place for American blacks than America is.



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