If we were to go by Webster's definition of "bastard", we would believe that the state has a right to interfere in this private religious ceremony known as "marriage":

Main Entry: 1bas�tard
Pronunciation: 'bas-t&rd
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old Frisian bost marriage, Old English bindan to bind
Date: 14th century
1 : an illegitimate child
2 : something that is spurious, irregular, inferior, or of questionable origin

Permitting the state to license marriages is a relatively new concept, starting after the Civil War in this country, and was originally intended ONLY to prevent miscegnation between blacks and Whites. Now look at what the lawyers have done to this previously religious right in this country. It is the crime of the century [and last century].

The original word in the Holy Bible was "mamser", which meant "mongrel". The example used in Strong's is "born of a jewish father and a heathen mother", which doesn't even imply "illegitimacy" or non-marriage. Strong's refers to the RACE of the mother, or the lack thereof, not the marital status.

How did Webster's Dictionary make such a bold leap? Why? Are they jewish too?

What we now know about children raised without fathers makes the word "bastard" a suitable sounding word, but it really isn't technically correct. Maybe SMHs [for single-mother households] is a better word?  

Without a doubt, the safest place for children to be raised is with their own biological fathers.  Yet the justice system continues its systemic discrimination against them, as illustrated by the Bureau of Justice Systems Fact Sheet, October 11, 1995:

  1. Wives were acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 5 times that of husbands.
  2. Jury trials acquitted “27% of wives, but none of the husbands”.
  3. Of those convicted, husbands were 16% more likely to be imprisoned.
  4. Of those imprisoned, husbands received an average prison sentence 3.2 times longer than wives.
  5. Wives were 16% more likely to use a gun and 2 times more likely to use a knife.

By this and similar processes men now constitute 94.5% of the prison population, not because they commit more crimes, but because the justice system doesn’t prosecute women “equally” to men.  Bureau of Justice Statisics report NCJ-143498 “Murder in Families” notes:

  1. “In offspring murders, mothers accounted for 55% of the defendants”, and
  2. “When a daughter killed a parent, the victim was more likely to be a father (81%) than a mother (19%).”

The Allen Guttmacher Institute in New York reminds us that women are now the sole arbiters in the disposition of 1,528,000 fetuses annually through legalized abortion, for which of course they are not prosecuted.

Charles McDowell, an experienced Air Force Criminal Investigator, the world's leading expert on false rape accusations, says “falsely accusing a man of rape is a crime as reprehensible as rape itself and that the former happens about as often as the later.”  BJS report NCJ-151658 notes that there are 2 rapes or attempted rapes reported per 1,000 US citizens, which is 530,000 reports of rape per year.  With only 15,000 rape convictions annually, and with up to one third of those convictions now subject to overturn with recent DNA tests, there are potentially up to 520,000 women who have falsely accused a man of rape every year who are not prosecuted.

If  feminist sex investigator Shere Hite is correct, 70 percent of US women have had adulterous affairs within five years of marriage.   This is an “offense against the public” carrying a penalty of up to 2 years in most  state, under laws which have never been repealed.  With 2.1 million marriages per year,  more than 7.3 million women were not prosecuted last year for a crime which The Bible considers serious enough to prescribe stoning to death, just as it prescribes for murderers.  How important is the fidelity of the wife?  Barbara Rothman, "Recreating Motherhood", page 225 notes:

bullet Some physicians doing tissue typing for organ donations estimate that maybe 20% of people are not genetically related to the men claiming fatherhood.

This is a shocking fact.  Failure to prosecute adulteresses, who violate a law which has not been repealed, who are an affront to God under all world religions, who created a nation in which almost 40% of its children are bastards, should not be considered a "right":

bullet A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD, Deuteronomy 23:2

Why is the Bible so hard on bastards?  The US Office of Technology Assessment, Harold Dubowitz, May 1987 reports that girls living with step-fathers were 7.4 times more likely to be sexually abused by them than children living with their biological fathers:

bullet “ ... 2.3% of daughters growing up with biological fathers had been abused by them, compared to 17% of girls growing up with stepfathers.”

And what about boys who grow up without their biological fathers around? Sexual abuse of boys by female adults has finally been acknowledged as a really serious problem.  According to the report “The Invisible Boy” prepared for The National Clearinghouse on Family -- Health Canada March 1996:

bullet “There is a [59% to 80%] rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders, and sexually aggressive men.”

The increase in the last 3 decades in the percent of children who are deprived of their biological fathers from 9% to 37% [“Fatherless America”, David Blankenhorn] increased the exposure of boys to sexual abuse by females.  This by itself explains the “dramatic & inexplicable” increase in the rates of rape as well as of other violent and non-violent crimes in the US.

The Heritage Foundation’s report “The Child Abuse Crisis: The Disintegration of Marriage, Family, and the American Community” provides an even clearer picture of what happens to children when they are placed with mothers who are not prosecuted for serious crimes.  It reports “In Britain, a child whose biological mother cohabits was 73 times more likely to suffer fatal abuse than a child with married [biological] parents” and 24 times as likely as children living with step-fathers.

Numerous public servants (teachers, welfare workers, social workers, lawyers, judges, doctors, etc.) are now mandated under CAPTA to report child abuse, with the expected result that the number of unsubstantiated reports of child abuse increased 8 fold since 1976, and the number of unsutstantiated reporst of child sexual abuse increased 28 fold.  A single false allegation of child abuse, whether it be "substantiated" or "unsubstantiated" is devastating to families.  Carol Hopkins, who has worked with thousands of falsely accused and convicted parents, notes "At least 90% of these false reports are filed by women.  I just don't understand what it is about men that they allow this to continue".  There were 3,219,000 child abuse reports filed last year, contrasted with 1,111 children killed and 12,246 hospitalized as a result of abuse.  Even if we liberally estimated that the number of seriously abused children exceeded the number killed and hospitalized by 3 times, we would arrive at a real total number of seriously abused children of only 53,428.  The Office of Technology Assessment notes:

bullet The American Humane Society estimated that 23,648 children experienced serious physical injury due to maltreatment in 1983.

In other words, of 3,219,000 reports of child abuse, up to 3,165,572 are most likely false, and more than 2,849,014 of these potentially false reports were filed by mothers who are almost never prosecuted.

Such crimes are far more damaging to children, society, men, industry, and ultimately women than every war we have ever fought and every natural disaster we have ever experienced, combined.  It is at least part of the reason that the suicide rate for men is 5 times that of women and why the murder rate tripled since 1960.  Feminism has created an Orwellian nightmare where women's political empowerment is achieved only at the expense of children and families.  Children's biological fathers are first extracted from their lives.  They are placed in single-mother households where we know they are much more likely to be abused.  Their fathers' savings are destroyed, wiping out the children’s college funds.  Their fathers’ incomes, future incomes and other assets are attached by a state which demotivates and demoralizes them beyond all current belief and understanding.  Our economic competitiveness is so completely undermined that these children’s family incomes will never achieve the 1960s level of their fathers.  Only a few radical feminists may benefit, but only in the short run, because this is a prescription for total and utter economic and social collapse.