Douglas Bazata

Lebanese jew

General Patton's ADMITTED assassin

"General Patton had figured out that FDR planned on handing all of Eastern Europe over to the murderous Soviet Communist thugs 60;on a silver platter61;. Patton voiced his opinion that such an action was basically insane, and for that he was relegated to a non-combat position. He would later have an automobile "accident"(?), and when it looked like he was beginning to recover in the military hospital 51; well, he had another "accident" (most likely with some cyanide), and he died. ((If you doubt that Patton was murdered, you need to get a copy of A. Ralph Epperson's book The Unseen Hand 51; please see the last section of this newsletter for information on how to order it. Epperson reports that General Patton was planning on resigning from the military so that he could speak out about the betrayal of the American people [by high-level U.S. officials]. Epperson also states that an undercover Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agent, Douglas Bazata, had received orders to murder Patton from OSS administrator [Knight of Malta] William Joseph 'Wild Bill' Donovan!))"

The Omega File

"440000 - OSS agent Douglas Bazata receives contract on General George Patton's life. Feuerball aircraft constructed at aeronautical factory at Wiener Neustadt. Germans test Bellonzo-Schriever-Meithe designs based on Coanda disk."


"The power elite's ultimate goal is a World Socialist Government, including population control such as killing by abortion. Leading Socialists like H. G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Bertrand Russell have all expressed the view that killing innocent people will be part of this effort. And in case you don't believe anyone in the U.S. government is capable of killing innocent people, reflect upon the fact that OSS (Office of Strategic Services) agent Douglas Bazata on September 25, 1979 told 450 invited guests at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC, that OSS head William Donovan paid him $10,000 to kill Gen. George Patton. Bazata also gave this information to THE WASHINGTON STAR!"


"Former OSS (Office of Strategic Services; forerunner of the CIA) agent Douglas Bazata told the Washington Star that he was given $10,000 to “put him down”.  He claims he did not assassinate Patton, but was told how it was done by a fellow spook credited for the deed.  Polygraph tests taken by Bazata gave no evidence of lying."


The murder of Patton is known for a fact, known for the very simple reason that an agent of the well-known OSS (Office Of Strategic Services), an American Military Spy named Douglas Bazata, announced it in front of 450 invited guests, nearly all high-ranking ex-members of the OSS at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC the 25th of September, 1979.

Bazata stated, word-for-word: "For diverse political reasons, many extremely high-ranking persons hated Patton. I know who killed him because I am the one who was hired to do it. Ten thousand dollars. General William J. 'Wild Bill' Donovan himself, director Of O.S.S, entrusted ne with the mission. I set up the 'accident.' Since..."

The tragic fate of General George S. Patton convinced other 'colleagues' and their honorable 'compatriots' of the uselessness of fighting against the 'War Powers' That Be.


>>>>>> it seems they even killed general patton:   "Until recently, it
>>>>>> was only speculation that Patton had been assassinated. Now it
>>>>>> is known for a fact. And it is know for a very simple reason.
>>>>>> Because an agent of the well-known
>>>>>> OSS (Office of Strategic Services) or American military spy, a
>>>>>> certain Douglas Bazata, a Jew of Lebanese origin, announced it in
>>>>>> front of 450 invited guests; high ranking, ex-members of the OSS,
>>>>>> in the Hilton Hotel in
>>>>>> Washington, the 25th of September, 1979. Bazata said,
>>>>>> word-for-word: "For divers political reasons, many extremely
>>>>>> high-ranking persons
>>>>>> hated Patton. I know who killed him. Because I am the one who was
>>>>>> hired to do it.
>>>>>> Ten thousand dollars. General William Donovan himself, director
>>>>>> of the O.S.S, entrusted me with the mission. I set up the
>>>>>> accident. Since he didn't
>>>>>> die in the accident, he was kept in isolation in the hospital,
>>>>>> where he was
>>>>>> killed with an injection."  ""

Patton was very dissatisfied fact that it occurred, since Russia obtained a large part of East Europe, and many heard him at an assembly where he described the wars and this treachery to American people. But before he had the chance to confer with authorities he was killed, after arriving in the hospital after car wreck.

In 1979, a former secret agent of the administration of strategic services US gave a presentation in which he stated that it was he who was requested to kill Patton. This was Douglas Bazata, an experienced intelligence officer, who asserted that he received orders for the liquidation of Patton in order to deliver "impact".  This came not from somewhere or other, but from the most legendary administration's Strategic services - directly from (its director) "Wild Bill" Donovan.

When Bazata was asked, why so many years later he came forth, he said he finally decided to make a public acknowledgement, and that "... his health was failing and he wanted the American people to learn truth".

The newspaper which printed the story stated that it had "...a professional analyst, who interviewed him and subjected Bazata to a thorough analysis of his psychological stress. His conclusion: "there is no proof of the lie of Bazata whatever ".

According to Bazata, although he received more than $10,000 dollars for the liquidation of
Patton, he did not take direct responsibility for his actual death. However, he stated that he knows who killed Patton, and that that was a prescription of a dose of cyanide in the hospital he entered after the car wreck, and that he perished from cyanide.

It was about when Patton died that World War II approached the end. But the tragic events of the war were still far from completion.  The conquered allies had to move more than sixteen million Germans from their native places to central and East Europe. The reasons for this expulsion at this time are not clear, although the displacement was agreed upon by the allied governments. [NOTE: PATTON VEHEMENTLY OBJECTED TO THE DISPLACEMENT OF GERMAN CIVILIANS FROM THEIR HOMES, SOMETHING JEW EISENHOWER DELIGHTED IN.]