Benjamin Moseley, Russell DeBusk, and Matthew Lee Cloyd


Three jews burned churches, get slap on the hand.

Alabama Church Fires: The Real Story
by Victor Thorn

Let’s get this straight. The Alabama serial arsonists (Benjamin Moseley, Russell DeBusk, and Matthew Lee Cloyd) were good kids who simply went bad, and the nine Christian churches they burned to the ground (causing over $2 million in damages) was just “a prank.”

But before the guilty parties were arrested, the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) was conducting an extensive investigation; church-goers in Alabama were horrified that they had psychopath-terrorists on their hands; while the media was going ballistic (ala the Unabomber, Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson).

But then the truth emerged about this matter. It seems three Jewish teenagers were the actual culprits; and all of a sudden the corporate press went silent (hell, they didn’t even mention that they were Jewish); while the religious elite (Amen Corner) didn’t utter a peep.

Still, these kids were just involved in a “joke,” right? WRONG! According to, these little bastards actually used “specially-designed thermite, or incendiary magnesium” to light the fires. Now ask yourself, how many of you have thermite lying around the house to start your barbeque in the backyard? Or do you think there’s more to the story?

Well, it’s recently been discovered that the Jewish deviants were practicing Satanists, and according to one friend, they went on “demon-hunting” trips. But hey, maybe these kids were just fun-loving devil-worshippers who simply dabbled in the occult.

But how about these statements: Matthew Lee Cloyd wrote on February 4, 2006, “Let us defy the very morals of society instilled upon us by our parents, our relatives, and of course Jesus!” Cloyd also wrote in January 2006, “It is time to reconvene the season of evil.” Do you think a series of destructive church burnings could be considered a “season of evil”?

In addition, here’s how a friend described Russell Lee DeBusk’s occult interests: “He thought he’d found something that worked for him. It’s not worshipping the devil. It’s nothing ritualistic. It’s about the pursuit of knowledge. He explained that there can be Satanic Christians.”

Huh? Satanic Christians? Is that like harmless pedophile babysitters? And lest we forget, didn’t the protagonist in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust sell his soul to the devil in order to gain infinite wisdom … the “pursuit of knowledge”? Hell, these kids openly told their classmates they were “Satanists,” and during their terrorist activities, “They would break into the sanctuary and, in a conscious act, kindle at the altar.”

Do you understand the implications? These kids deliberately set fires at the most holy area of a church – the altar – and the literal (not to mention symbolic) ramifications are glaringly apparent.

The biggest question right now is: why haven’t there been any HATE CRIME charges? If this had been the KKK burning down nine synagogues, the ADL would have been screaming Hate Crime until the end of time. But it’s only referred to as a “joke that got out of hand” with these Jewish kids.

So let me ask: aren’t jokes supposed to be funny? But who the hell’s laughing? Two firefighters were harmed at a church in Bibb County, Alabama; while in Brierfield, a roof beam fell on Ben Fletcher’s head and injured his back. “They put these firemen’s lives on the line,” said Reverend Jim Parker. Yet this pastor of Ashby Baptist Church also said, “We’re very relieved to know this had no political, racial, or religious overtones.”

Say what? These kids were anti-Christian, Jesus-hating Satanists. How could it not have religious overtones, or not be a hate crime? Galilee Baptist Church Assistant Pastor Willie Speights summed it up best when commenting, “These kids knew what they were doing.” Or, as Ted Olsen of Christianity Today wrote, “it’s pretty surprising how accepting all media outlets seem to be about the claim that religion wasn’t the motive.”

Further proof can be found in remarks by Ian Cunningham, a sophomore who lived in the same dorm as the serial arsonists. After returning from a campus church, he said Moseley and DeBusk would “constantly mock me” for being saved (i.e. giving his life to Jesus Christ).

Considering how readily ADL proponents throw around the “anti-Semitic” term, what in the hell would you call everything you’ve read so far? These Jewish monsters are nothing less than Jesus-haters who used thermite to torch nine Christian churches. Who can deny that these degenerates were pursuing a very sick, twisted agenda?

But that’s not all they did. As reported by Newsweek and MSNBC, during the summer of 2005, Matthew Lee Cloyd posted Internet messages to Moseley referring to, “alcohol, drunken driving, illegal hunts, guns, vandalism, and feckless law enforcement officials.” Then, on December 4, 2005, Cloyd wrote, “Do you fucking realize what we did last night? Holy shit. 3 deer, 26 beers, and a baby deer’s worth of ammo.”

Plus, on November 28, 2005, Cloyd wrote on the Facebook website: “Mosely / Monday night / Case of Beer / Powerful Rifle Lots of Ammo / Green 4Runner / 2 complete idiots / 1 pack of camel lights / 0 law enforcement officers / 33 dead innocent white-tailed deer / insanely high speeds.”

Harmless kids, huh? They admitted to shooting 30 deer, killing 3 cows, and deliberately running over squirrels. In this light, extensive studies have been done on serial killers, and three predominant traits characterize many of them: (1) wetting the bed, (2) torturing and/or killing innocent animals, and (3) arson.

Do you get it? These kids are full-fledged psychopaths who willingly and methodically set a series of sophisticated church fires. Gene Edward Veith had the following to say in For the Fun of it: Burning Churches Turns into a Kick for Young Nihilists: “That these three students saw burning churches as a ‘joke’ calls to mind the case of Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two wealthy students at the University of Chicago with genius IQ’s, who murdered a child in 1924 for the sheer philosophical thrill of it.” Coincidentally, Leopold and Loeb were also from wealthy Jewish families that lived among the elite in Kenwood, Illinois.

Amazingly, all three of these lunatics could have been released on $50,000 bond (at least for their federal offenses, with state charges still pending) --- and if it weren’t for their Jewish roots, I assure you they’d be rotting in jail until the next decade while being damned by the religious right, the media, and political officials of every stripe. Even Alabama Governor Bob Riley is soft-soaping these hate crimes. But as points out, “Jay Balinger was the last person arrested for church burnings, and he was sentenced to 42 years and a $3.5 million fine.”

Does the same fate await Benjamin Moseley, Russell DeBusk, and Matthew Lee Cloyd – three deviant Jewish satanists – or will they merely get slaps on the wrist for their reign of terror, hate, and serial arson? It’s seems plenty is at stake, for ardent David Irving foe and fixer-extraordinaire Deborah Lipstadt has been called in to do a tour of Alabama Baptist churches, telling the congregations what nice, sweet young boys they were. In fact, has reported that “Dr. Deborah Lipstadt is flying in to address Birmingham-Southern College on Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Commemoration,” and that, “Deborah Lipstadt visits Birmingham Southern, the college that church arsonists Russell Lee Debusk and Benjamin Nathan Moseley attended.”

And what will Lipstadt and other Zionist apologists be facing? Well, once again, states, “They [the residents of Bibb County] saw three rich brats that killed their cows, shot 30 deer (leaving them to die), and burned down nine of their churches. Charges [against Moseley, DeBusk, and Cloyd] could include: DUI, drug possession, criminal mischief, burglary, civil rights violations, poaching, cruelty to animals, and arson.”

Stay tuned; we'll be watching ... and let their punishments fit the crimes.