Ben Tziyon: s'up?

Ben Tziyon: my wife said you have a question

purewhiteisraelite: why did you red dot us in the Christian section for posting Scripture

purewhiteisraelite: ?

Ben Tziyon: it wasnt for the Scripture...

Ben Tziyon: it was for a comment that was unfounded and I saw the direction it was going

purewhiteisraelite: which comment?

Ben Tziyon: uncle said that YHWSHUA said "All jews were of the devil"

Ben Tziyon: thats simply not true

Ben Tziyon: many are...

Ben Tziyon: i know that

purewhiteisraelite: that' what Scripture says

Ben Tziyon: for I understand Yisrael

purewhiteisraelite: but that' not what I posted

Ben Tziyon: not it need to study to show yourself approved friend

purewhiteisraelite: I know the difference between a jew and an Israelite

Ben Tziyon: it says there ARE jews that are not jews...

purewhiteisraelite: and you don't

Ben Tziyon: yeah

Ben Tziyon: you have no idea who you are talking to or what I know

purewhiteisraelite: that's not justification for red dotting someone in the Christian section anyway

Ben Tziyon: but you go ahead and believe what you want...

Ben Tziyon: oh yes it is...bashing of any nationality as a whole is not allowed on paltalk

purewhiteisraelite: my only question was what John 8:44 means

Ben Tziyon: but as i believe what you want...just dont bring it to my room

purewhiteisraelite: that's all I said

purewhiteisraelite: ben, you should never open a room in the Christian section, ever again

Ben Tziyon: well you tell me what it means...after all..."You know who Yisrael is and i dont"...remember?

purewhiteisraelite: you are an anti-Christian

Ben Tziyon: lol...

Ben Tziyon: see ya...

purewhiteisraelite: you think it's funny, but it's not, and you'll learn soon enough

Ben Tziyon: all that i thinkn is funny...and its not really funny...rather your ignorance and small mindedness..

Ben Tziyon: along with all of your false accusations

Ben Tziyon: no more ....bye

purewhiteisraelite: ben, we've all heard your anti-Christ attitude, and you need to take it to the jew section

purewhiteisraelite: it has no place in the Christian section

purewhiteisraelite: there will be a formal complaint filed, and you can laugh all you want

purewhiteisraelite: take it to the jew section

purewhiteisraelite: and stay out of the Christian section

purewhiteisraelite: end of discussion, you are no longer welcome in the Christian section, period

purewhiteisraelite: we're all really fed up with the double standard of jews