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                              BIBLE DECODED (by <>, most
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Israel In War With Jews, co-authored by Hennecke Kardel)

                          C O M P E N D I U M  

"God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and
female. And God blessed them, saying: Be fertile and multiply; fill the Earth
and subdue it." (Gen. 1:26-28 - Sixth Day of Creation)

And God said, you shall:

-  not kill;
-  not commit adultery;
-  not steal;
-  not bear false witness
-  honor your father and mother;
-  love your neighbor as yourself;
-  sell your possession, and give to the poor (Mathew 19:17).

No one should have a doubt that Mathew in quoting the Word of God was

The same precepts we may read in instructions of Egyptian PTAH-HOTEP given to
his son 4000 years B.C.

The Babylonian King HAMMURABI (1728-1686 B.C.) also enforced them upon his

In time, when Moses lead Israelites from Egypt (1466 B.C.), a peculiar god on
the Mount Sinai has had added to those precepts three more:

-  you shall not recognize other gods; (as if there were more than one)
-  you shall not take the name of god in vain; (as if this peculiar god wanted
to be the only one above     all the others - the others can be denigrated)
-  you shall observe the holy sabbath. (as if that Sixth Day, when
   creation by the True God has been accomplished, the peculiar god made it
holy, for on this day he     created the Adam's companion - the Eve.

And although instructions of PTAH-HOTEP resulted from 14000 years of Egyptian
dynastical and religious traditions, the peculiar god set up his own "dynasty"
of Adamites (4004 B.C.), attributing all things that the True God created,
downward from the "Garden of Eden" to himself. This deceit discerns the
peculiar god from the True One, the Almighty, and to this did attest Jesus
Christ by saying:

"I solemnly declare it: Before Abraham came to be, I AM" (John 6:57)

It should be noted here, that Abraham came to be in 2008 B.C.

The peculiarity of the "god" of Adamites makes explainable why the sequence of
events in the Bible had been turned up-side down, and why the Adam was created
on third day while God's people on sixth, and why the "Garden of Eden" had
been established at all.

Who is that peculiar god, let's listen to Jesus Christ:

"The Jews cried: 'We are no illegitimate breed!   We have but one father and
that is God himself.' Jesus answered: 'Were God your father, you would love
me, for I came forth from God, and am here. Why do you not understand what I
say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word. The father you spring from
is the DEVIL, and willingly you carry out his wishes.'" (John 8:41-46)

The additional instructions given by Satan to Moses on the Mount Sinai have
only one meaning:

The Adamites must be blindly obedient to their peculiar god, Satan, and
already in the "Garden of Eden" they were taught how to distort the world
order elaborated by Almighty. To this witness the Bible, and by analyzing it
the reader will reach the same conclusion. Let it start then:

                           FIRST DAY OF CREATION
                   (NOTE: The creation account should reduce time
                   of creation from six to five days if one assumes,          
          that the Stars, Sun, Moon and Earth were created                    
 together on the first, but not on the fourth day)

In the darkness of abyss the Almighty Creator of the Whole Universe, releases
vast amount of LIGHT, and converted IT into celestial bodies from among which
the Sun and the Moon shall to shine upon the Earth and to dominate the daily
and nightly skies with the Stars, the other Suns together.

Thus was created the heaven and the Earth during the night of the first day of

                                     SECOND DAY OF CREATION

At this time of creation, the Almighty separated water covering surface of the
Earth and thus did an expanse, and it is called the Sky. 

                  THIRD DAY OF CREATION

At this time the Almighty gathered the water below the Sky into areas, called
Seas, so the dry land appeared and on this dry land does sprout vegetation.

And then the Devil set up his garden and settled in it his clay-man Adam, for
the Adam in Hebrew means red, or taken out of the red earth.

                  FOURTH DAY OF CREATION

At this time the Almighty brought forth swarms of sea creatures and birds and
blessed them saying: "Be fertile and increase, fill the waters in the Seas,
and let the birds increase on the Earth and fly across the Sky."

                                 FIFTH DAY OF CREATION

At this time the Almighty did create every kind of living creatures creeping
upon the Earth.

                                     SIXTH DAY OF CREATION

 On this day the Almighty said: "Let's make man, male and female in our image,
after our likeness. They shall rule the fish of the Sea, the birds of the Sky,
the cattle and all the creeping things that creep on Earth."

And to the man, male and female, the Humans, He said: "I give you every seed
bearing plant that is upon all the Earth, and every tree that has seed bearing
fruit; they shall be yours for food. And to all animals on land, to all the
birds of the Sky, and everything that creeps on Earth, in which there is the
breath of life, I give all the green plants for food."

And then Almighty saw that all He had made was very good.

And there was evening of the SIXTH DAY OF CREATION. So the Heaven and the
Earth were finished and the Almighty ceased from all the work which He had

And then the Humans began to increase and daughters were born to them. And the
Sons of Almighty saw how beautiful they were and took wives from among those
that pleased them.

It was then that the Nephilims appeared on Earth. They were the heroes of old,
the men of renown. (Gen.6:1-4 and 11:1)

All the Earth had then the same language and use the same
On this SIXTH DAY AFTER CREATION the Almighty bid farewell to His all creation
and went to Heaven to overlook another worlds in creation.

And then, the Devil from the rib of his clay-man Adam produced his companion,
the Eve, what in Old Latin means "life" or "living", hence the sabbath is a
holy day through the Eve giving life to Adamites.

                             SEVENTH DAY AFTER CREATION

At the beginning of this day the Satan made a covenant with his clay-people by

"I will blot out from the Earth all the men together with beasts, creeping
things and birds of the Sky."

But one of his own, the Noah found favor with him. So he said to him: "I am
about to bring flood-waters upon the Earth to destroy all flesh under the Sky
in which there is breath of life; everything on Earth shall perish. But I will
establish my covenant with you. Make yourself an ark and enter it with your
sons, your wife, and your sons' wives. And of all that lives, of all flesh,
you shall take two of each into the ark to keep alive with you, they shall be
male and female."

The Noah was six hundred years old when the flood came. One year later, when
flood waters began to dry from the Earth, the Satan spoke to Noah, saying:
"Come out of the ark together with your wife, your sons, and your sons' wives
and bring out with you every living thing of all flesh that is with you:
birds, animals, and everything that creeps on Earth; and let them swarm on the
Earth and be fertile and increase on Earth."

Then Noah built an altar to the Satan and taking of every clean animal and of
every clean bird, he offered burnt offerings on the altar. The Satan smelled
the pleasing odor, and said to himself: "Never again will I doom the Earth
because of men." (Gen.8:20-21)

Then he blessed Noah and his sons, and said: "Be fertile and increase, and
fill the Earth. And whoever sheds the blood of man (Adamite), his blood be
shed for in his image did Satan made men" (Gen:1-6) "I now establish my
covenant with you and your offspring to come. Never again shall all flesh be
cut off by waters of a flood, and never again shall there be a flood to
destroy the Earth." (Gen.9:8-9).

The sons of Noah were Shem, Ham, and Japhet. From these three the whole World
branched out. But because Ham saw his father nakedness, Noah cursed him and
thus established slavery for descendants of Ham. For descendants of Shem
(Semites), he provided blind obedience to Satan. And to the Japhet's ones, he
has had assigned a privilege of dwelling in tents of Shem's descendants.
(Gen.9:18-26) So a "New Age" of Adamites - Semites has been had created, and
since then, from Shem to Abraham eight generation of Shemites had passed.
(Gen.11:10-26) They spoke different tongues by their lands, according to their
clans and nations (Gen.10:31) for the Satan was afraid that if this mixed
breed of Adamites/Shemites brought up from no Adamites' wives will use one
language, then they may become aware of their master's tricks and could rebel
against him, as he did so against the Almighty (Gen.11:5-9)

In that way the Satan has made covenant with Noah and was preparing himself to
make similar one with Abraham.

So, when Abraham, who grew up under Aramaic culture and spoke Aramaic language
went from the god- city-states of Babylon to One-God-State of Egypt, on his
journey he met people who observed laws of Almighty being transmitted to them
by wives of Japhet and Ham.

And when descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph/Israel did follow paths of
their grand-father Abraham, they met  the same civilized world.  But there had
been something wrong with them for in 1466 B.C. the Satan on the Mount Sinai
ordered their leader Moses to strictly observe the new "Three Commandments".
Observance of them at spot did commence genocidal orgies, which lasted until
the fall of Israel, and later of the Judea (ask the Bible -  the Pentateuch
of, the Torah of).

Thus began decadence of the remnants of the Almighty's civilization of
Nephilims, and in this SEVENTH DAY AFTER CREATION it lasts uninterrupted to
this days. And we should understand this, and should beware of knowing where
from came THE WORD, THE GUIDANCE to the Ptah-Hotep, to the Hammurabi, to the
Moses, to the Jesus Christ. It came from:







                      E S S E N T I A L S
               for better understanding of the COMPENDIUM
               and of the "Chronicle of the Devil's Work "
               - the "Holy Bible" (DECODED):

Chapter I - Beginning of disruption of Almighty's creative forces

Going far back to creation of the formless Earth, when there was "no field
shrub on earth and no grass at the field had sprouted" (Gen.2:5), that is,
when no life has had been evolved; that is at the beginning of the THIRD DAY
OF CREATION, an interfering or rebellious, heavenly being, the Devil, Satan,
Belzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles etc. (for more names ask the Bible),
anticipating oncoming events, out of clay made a human-like creature, and
called it "Adam", for it was made red. But it was prematurely made, hence it
was imperfect. The imperfectness was not a matter for that rebellious being,
because it was much more important to him to make a claim to the Earth. In
order to keep the creature alive, the Devil set also a "Garden of Delight"
wherein the Adam might mature during the Almighty's creation and be pleased
that he, the Adam, has also his Master. To make him more pleased, on SIXTH DAY
OF CREATION, the Satan made out of Adam's rib a partner to him in the likeness
of humans who have been created by Almighty on that SIXTH DAY. All of this
have shown, that creative abilities of the Devil were limited for he has only
a skill to replicate what Almighty already has had created.

Talking about the "Garden of Delight", or "Eden", it is necessary to know,
that it was not only a place of Adam's maturation, but also of confinement
isolating the clay-human-like first couple from the people of Almighty for a
specific purpose. It was a "Golden Lattice" limiting freedom, and thus
adjusting these creatures to enslavement by their master. Otherwise there
would be no sense to make a separate garden or place of asylum on the Earth
destined by Almighty to be a "Holy Land" among the many other "Lands" within
His entire World of Creation - the Universe (see Chapter LXV:2)

As it will be seen later, the World of Almighty and a world of the Devil are
products of two different characters, of two different consciences, alike it
is in the field of physics where are acting two opposite forces - negative and
positive ones, counteracting each other. Similarly among people of this planet
Earth are positive and negative characters. The first one being developed in
the Free, Holy World of Almighty, and the second in the "Garden of

Chapter II - Presentation of the Rebellious Master

With a pretense to be such mighty and famous as the One and True God, Creator
of the Entire Universe, the rebellious master is calling himself the
"Self-subsistent", that is the "He-Who-Is", or "I Am Who Am" (Ex. 3:14), that
is the "Yhwh" or "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" (Chap.XXVI). Sometime he transfers
himself into an animal, like in the "Eden" into a reptile, the Serpent
(Chap.IV). Later on, when he acts outside the Eden, where were at hand other
animals than reptiles, he transforms himself into mammals (XXXIX), or into
witches (XLVII and XLVIII), always naming himself deceitfully, hence causing
that some people unwisely, unconsciously or premeditatedly, like Adamites, are
calling him God; Lord; Lord God; Lord God Most High etc. etc..

Therefore, for proper understanding of the Bible we must acquire an ability
of distinction between the True God, and the false god, and see the True One
as One Unit - The Holy Trinity, which equals with The One God Almighty, with
His Spirit, and with His Son (Gen.1:1-2; 1:26; 6:2, and Mat.28:18) in
opposition to Yahveh and his fake servants, including angels, cherubs and so

Chapter III - Wisdom, not designed for the Yahve's people

Because of imperfection of the human-like creatures, the clay-ribo-Adamites,
they cannot efficiently challenge the human beings. For removal of their
weakness, the Yahve put on them a rigorous demand: they must be deadly
obedient to him. This demand will obviously make interference into Satan's
affairs from the outside world impossible, and make only him responsible for
the deeds of his people. Knowing this is very important, for generally the
clay-people are not fully responsible for what they do.

Although such a blind obedience for certain purposes is necessary,
unfortunately, it is also the main obstacle in rapid realization of the
Devil's plans. Therefore, from the start, he is still far behind the True
God's plan until he will not repeal the human beings and completely resemble
them with people of his brand.

Consequently with the rigorous demand of blind obedience, on the SIXTH DAY OF
CREATION, in the Garden of Eden the Devil produced a special "Tree of
Knowledge", "Tree of Good and of Evil" and forbade Adamites to eat fruits from
it. Thus he subshadowed his low creativeness by the myth of "Knowledge", for
the tree simulate a powerful god who keeps many things secret before his
people so they could not decipher them. But in order to prepare Adamites for
future battles with the human beings, he made them more cunning as he is
himself. So he gave his clay- men the following lessons:

First session about ENVIOUSNESS AND FEAR:

Teaching clay-men was not a heavy task for during their stay in the Garden,
they have a chance to observe what is going on without. Although the outside
world was beyond their comprehension and makes them curious, they paid the
very obedience to their master and did what he said and stayed away from that
world. During last lesson the Yahve transformed himself into a serpent and
tempted the rib-woman to take fruits from the tree of knowledge. Thus he teach
her how to be envious and be intimidated for the Yahve is master of revenge
and not tolerates disobedience. Then he decided to end the maturation filled
with lessons and under excuse of banishment he ordered them to go to the world
of humans. When they arrived there, they learn the human's customs, start to
till the ground, to manage flocks and produce goods.

Second session about KILLING OF ANIMALS:

Also offsprings of Adam and Eve have got a lesson. The Yahve did teach them
how to overcome indisposition of humans to kill a  living creature.
(Gen.4:5-7) Thus, with an excuse of doing a pleasure to Yahve, the Abel killed
an animal. Now after acquiring skillness in killing, Yahve ordered Cain to
kill his brother Abel purportedly at the whim of his parents envy. And the
Cain get an assurance of immunity against eventual punishment from the hands
of humans. And Yahve sealed that assurance by putting a mark on the Cain's
face by coloring it white. Making it white it did enable Cain to marry a
daughter of a human being, hence to get a white and mix-colored offsprings.
Ever since then mongrels became acceptable among Almighty's people for they
were looking and acting like the Almighty's ones. Thus the Cainites have got
an opportunity to learn and share a culture of humans.

Third session about KILLING OF MEN:

Because the Yahve has realized, that mixed blood offsprings of Cain inherited
humans' skillness in producing goods, building cities, becoming musicians and
artistes too, but have a discrepancy of not killing animals or humans,
therefore he has had arranged the murder of two humans. So the Lamech,
grandson of Cain killed them. And when it had been done, the Yahve pretending
to be a god, warned the Almighty's people that if anyone will punish the
culprit, will be avenged by the Yahve himself. As we see, the clay-men were,
as they still are under special protection of their master. (XL) Because the
people of Almighty did recognize murderous abilities of the Yahve, he has a
good reason to destroy them completely. Another excuse for destroying them was
their purported "wickedness" for they have had relations with either the "sons
of heaven" or with the offsprings of Adamites from whom were born relatively
wise and noble people (Gen.6:1-5). Such a well managed social order in the
Almighty's world could not be for the Yahve's plans acceptable. Thus the Devil
decided to make a flood and to spare only one, most obedient to him, the Noah,
the Adamite.


(1)   Long before the flood did occur, there were also grown up a pure lineage
of the clay-men. They cultivated purity of Adamic blood and sanctified it.
They were the descendants of Seth, the third son of the Adam and the Eve. In
compliance with the Devil's command, they kept interfamily sexual relations
and thus preserved purity. But it was not what the Devil needed. He changed
that policy and guided the three sons of Noah to marry the giant women, the
"Nephilimisses" in order to inject into the blood of Adamites new genes and to
obtain a new mixed race with features of wise and renown humans of the old
time past, so their offsprings could not be easy distinguished from among the
others, not from the being chosen lineages. The Yahve's experience with the
mixed lineage of Cain (see the Table "SEVENTH DAY AFTER ALMIGHTY'S CREATION"),
has teaching him something (Gen. 4:17-24). So he choose the Shem as the pure
lineage keeper under his, the Devil's watchful eyes. Mixing of humans' blood
with of that of clay-people, was also dictated by the Devil's uncertainty
about Almighty's reaction to his would be made deluge, the "Great Flood".
Also his a supposition that the Holy Trinity might create after the flood
another kind of human beings incited him to do such an interbreeding

In that supposition the Devil was right, for on the other side of the globe,
circa 3000 B.C. another civilizations did emerge and thrive until in 600 B.C.
the Israelites arrived and wrought a havoc there, lasting over 1400 years. The
BOOK OF MORMON attests to those calamities, especially the Book of Moroni,
Chapter 9:8-10 telling about exercised cannibalism among them.

(2)  Introduction of inferior genes of Adamites into nephilimistic women
impaired development of their offsprings'  brains so the post-deluvian people
lost their capability of properly thinking about 60 per cent. Such an
introduction in one way was necessary if Yahve's people were to be obedient to
him, but in a long run it was counterproductive. So he made further
improvement and invented equalization between humans and rivaling Adamites,
thus mustering in them a competition in believing that their obedience will
lead to an EIGHT DAY AFTER CREATION under Yahve's rule. He undoubtedly was
also hoping, that if his "revolutionary forces" would like to acquire absolute
power, then in time he will destroy them, for nobody besides him has a right
to establish dictatorship and slavery.
How the Yahve had masterminded Adamites brains did explain J. Jaynes in his
work "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind",
Boston, 1976.

Chapter V - First Covenant of the Yahve - slavery

In order to be sure that the Adamic-Seth lineage by descendants of Shem will
be kept in crystal purity, the Yahve made a covenant with them. He promised
"never again to doom the Earth because of man (Adamite), since the desires of
man's heart are evil from the start" (Gen 8:21). Good behavior of Noah has had
convinced him that his clay-people will be an efficient tool to drive the
world population into respect and dependence on him. And due to such an
outstanding covenant those clay-people felt themselves more secure and wooed
unparallel obedience to their master.

Pleasing more his people, the Yahve did establish slavery (Gen.9:25). His
decision to this end came at the moment when he saw the Noah drunk. In
pretension of being in a great anger, he cursed Noah's son, to whom by the way
was born a black kid named Canaan. This birth obviously disrupted new plans of
Yahve. Because of this, descendants of Ham have been appropriated into
perpetual slavery.

The unfortunate birth of a black grandson to Noah has had displeased the
Yahve so much that ever since then the black are spurned and humiliated, and
consequently enlisted into a family of beasts, as the Bible says: "the beasts
of the field" (Ex.19:13; Jonah 3:8). Thus the Yahve's slavery with inclusion
of Hamites into animal world have a good side effect for this brand of people
were kept afar from affairs of Shem's descendants. Thus the Yahve by accident
pulled aside almost one third of the world population from civilized nations.

It is a great probability, that to Abraham's son Ishmael also was born a
black child (being obviously cursed by Yahve) for up to this days have had
survived only small amount of Hebrews of black extraction (Falashas in
Ethiopia). Some of them now are living in Israel speaking Hebrew. They claim
to be descendants of Abraham and are complaining, that are treated by
Ashkenazi Jews alike the Hebrews were treated by Israelites in the past
(Exodus,Chapter 21). As the Bible says, Arabs are descendants of Ishmael.
(Gen.16:3) (VII)

Chapter VI - Own Yahves' breeding policy gave him a lesson

Unfortunately Yahve did not take into consideration that some traits of his
clay-people cannot be inherited and that white mothers may pass upon their
children the laws of Almighty, as it did happen with wives of Shem, Ham and
Japhet. Their children and grand-grand children did conduct themselves in an
unexpected ways. Simply as that, they inherited skillness of their ancestors
and have kept in their minds images of other God, than the pretended Yahve. In
result they observed laws of Almighty ardently.  And Yahve took an advantage
of this and prescribed those laws for his children as an assurance that they
are as much worthy as the remnants of Almighty's people were. And stealing
those laws from Almighty, he gave them to Moses adding three precepts
(commandments) which would cement his bonds with his chosen people.

Chapter VII - Sad experience of Yahve with Hamites

Right after the "Great Deluge" the Yahve through mixed marriages has had also
mixed tongues, with one exception - the Hebrew, for as "Kabbalah" by Charles
Ponce, U.S.A, 1978 says, it is a breath of Yahve and cannot be changed. And
the task of keeping it alive has been assigned to the lineage of Shem. And
thus the Hebrew became a sanctity among other languages and a mean of
communication among Shemites for the Noah said: "Blessed be the Yahve, the god
of Shem" (Gen.9:27).

Whoever would find a trace of Almighty's original language of the
ante-deluvian Nephilimites, that one would get rid the myth of Hebrew. And
such a task seems to be very easy if one would eliminate insertion of the
Hebrew out from the other languages. A good candidate is Latin, for no one
knows its origin but Jesus Christ who did not scorn this language of Romans.
 Another candidate is Eblaite, language of the Imperium of Ebla, existing  in
the Middle East 2600 B.C. (read "The Archives of Ebla" by Giovanni Pettinato,
New York, 1981).

Some other task has been assigned to the lineage of Japhet. It should consists
of many nations and dwell among Shemites without ability to understand them.
Ironically enough, descendants of Ham amazingly were able to form a great
civilization under the Nimrod, with one parental language and with laws of
some other god, than the Yahve. But his occurrence coincided with Yahve's
policy of enslavement. Therefore that Nimrod's kingdom had to perish. So Yahve
send there a Shemite, called Peleg (Peleg in Hebrew means "division") who
perverted the Nimrod's world (Shinar - Sumeria) and has its unity destructed,
its language mixed and cities ruined. All of this was done in fear that
descendants of Ham being united would find a True God and their enslavement
would never be possible. (Gen.11:1- 9)

After downfall of Sumeria, it came a need to do the same with Babylonia. At
that time in Babylon was active a grandson of Peleg, the Terah, father of
Abraham who later on went with similar mission to Egypt. Because he could not
accomplish that what had the Peleg, he went to Syria, a half way to Canaan
(Palestine), still under occupation by Babylonians. In Syria the Yahwe ordered
Abraham to go with his sister Sarai first to Canaan. When arrived there, he
started to build altars to the Yahwe and invokes his name (Gen.12:8). To
Canaanites that had to mean that pretty soon a new order will prevail. They
simply should start a fight for independence and afterward became slaves to
the Most High God Yahwe.

Chapter VIII - Obedient servant Abraham in Egypt

Because of the insurection in Canaan caused great disorder and in result a
famine, Abraham had to depart to Egypt following instructions of Yahve. He
should arrange a wedding there, using as a bride his wife (sister) Sarai. The
groom was, of course, Pharao of Egypt. When the Pharao found out, who is the
Sarai, returned her to Abraham, for he did not want to be punished by Almighty
for committing adultery. Being happy that he did not fall into sin, the Pharao
forgave Abraham his wrong doing, did equip him with lot of goods and slaves
and sent back to Canaan. Keeping secret his relation with Sarai, he also kept
secret his Hebrew tongue although by origin he was an Aramean of Adamic

Since then, at  the will of Yahve, such a marriage practices become religious
and political rituals allowing Shemites to mingle with other people and to
grasp their power.

Chapter IX -  Abraham back in Canaan

When Abraham returned to Canaan, the fightings were almost over. Therefore he
made rounds with his slaves and conquered Babylonians very easy. For this
vigorous act, Abraham was blessed by the Hamitic priest Melchizedek, who at
this time was also the King of Jerusalem worshiping the Almighty. And Abraham
deceitfully humbled himself before the Melchizedek who rather shall be his
slave but the King and the Priest. Having nothing in store against the
Almighty,, the Yahve promised to Abraham to make his descendants uncountable
as the stars in the sky, with the help of whom he will take the Canaan into
their possession.

By saying: "Your descendants shall be aliens in a land not their own where
they shall be enslaved" (Gen.11:13) the Yahve did test whether Abraham's
obedience will not vanish. So he send Abraham again to Egypt where Hebrews
were never slaves. They have privileges there although Egyptians for their
religious practices treated them with abomination (Ex.8:22). Also at the time
of Abraham's grandson Moses, the Hebrews were respected paying to Pharao only
small tributes.

Chapter X - Second covenant and new Yahves' reproductive policy

Because Hebrews were dispersed everywhere, the Yahve made a change in his
previous breeding policy (IV) and now decided to gather them in the land of
generous Pharaoh, where from in masse they could be lead to conquer the
promised Canaan.

So, in fulfilling this new plan, the Abraham coveted an Egyptian slave and
she gave birth to Ishmael, a future founder of a great nation (Gen.16:10),
which according to the Yahve's desire would help the Hebrews to gain

Continuing development of the sacred lineage of Shem,  to the 90 years old
Sarai (Sarai means "one who laugh") the Yahve gave a son Isaac, who will take
over Abraham's principles and goals: "I am making you the father of a host of
nations, kings shall stem from you" (Gen.17:5-6). And it was a very promising
covenant as an encouragement for further actions by both Abraham and Isaac in
the interest of their master.

And because the Yahve has had promised to make Hebrews uncountable, he also
commanded to circumcise all males of Abraham's stem with their slaves
together. The circumcision was a necessary mark for ever since the chosen
people became white and would be uncountable, they must be distinctive among
the other white people (Gentiles) so the Yahve could not miss them.

Chapter XI - Punishment of the chosen people for their low reproductivity

It was commonly known, that Adamic inhabitants of Sodoma and Gomorrah were
sodomitic and not reproductive. Therefore their master did decide to destroy
them. At the time of destruction of both cities, daughters of Abraham's
brother Lot have lost their fiances. In fear that they might become barren
they copulate with their father, by the way preserving the purity of the
Shem's lineage. Thus were born founders of Ammon and of Moab, other Shemitic
nations, which unfortunately will be fighting with the chosen Israelites of
Egypt in the struggle for power (2 Sam.8:2).

Chapter XII -  Abraham in Philistia (Canaan/Palestine)

When the events presented in X and XI were over, the Abraham went into a
marriage business with the King of Philistia. He sold his wife Sarai to him.
But because the King derived from the lineage of Japhet, faithful to Almighty,
and by discovering the deceit did not want to commit adultery, sent the Sarai
back to her brother/husband while being intimidated by the strange god Yahve.
In order to please that god, he gifted Abraham with whatever he wanted. Thus
due to the King's mercifullness, as a pre-Moses commandment says: "Love their
neighbor as yourself" the Yahve's couple got a shelter in his land and were
prosperous there.

But disregarding existing in Philistia order they dug a well without King's
permission. That drove them into a quarrel but due to the couple's cheating
faculties they bought rights to that well so in the future they could make
claim to the entire area, and as we will see later, their descendants will do
it also.

Chapter XIII - A great test and an oath by the Yahve

Shortly after gaining rights to the well in Canaan, the Yahve decided to test
Abraham's loyalty. He commanded him to kill his son Isaac. Because Abraham was
willing to do so, the happy Yahve did solemnly swear to make descendants of
Abraham "As countless as the sand on the Sea shore" (Gen.22:17). In order to
make such a promise real, he commanded to stop begetting sisters by brothers,
allowing to begat girls by cousins only.

This new policy of begetting speed up the birthing process and made it much
efficient than before in reproducing the chosen people.
In effect, the Abraham urged his son Isaac to purchase his nephew's  daughter
in Syria. Thus the Rebekah, with a ring in her nostrils became wife of Isaac

Chapter XIV - Most efficient breeding of Shemites

Abandonment of close family intermarriages was another deviation from
existing ordinance of keeping purity of the Shem's lineage, but in the face of
rapidly growing populations of Hamites and Japhetites it was a necessity.
Therefore came the promise of making Shemites "as countless as the stars of
the sky and the sand on the sea", so the plans of Yahve might be fulfilled.

But the new brand of Shemites, the Israelites, in time of their victories
disobeyed this "most modern breeding precept" of Yahve and were cursed

Chapter XV - Abraham humbles again before inferior Hamites and a secret

As the new breeding policy goes on, Abraham bowed himself very low before
council of Hittites (Hamites), who as it was planned before, should be his
slaves than partners. He bows before them despite of his devotion to Yahve,
who ever since the Abraham appeared in Canaan was also worshiped or at last
honored by local citizens. Due to those bowings he got permission to buy a
field with a cave where he could bury his sister/wife Sarai and rest himself
there when time to come.

This buying was the only one clean-handed deal which Abraham made in his
entire life. Why Abraham in this particular case did not break laws of
Almighty (Gen.23:5-6) was Yahve's a covenant with Death due to which he
reincarnated his servants in secrecy (Num.20:24; 27:24; Deut.32:50 and

Chapter XVI -Preludes for establishment of Israelites, First, Second and

(1)   And Abraham was very rich. Fulfilling Yahve's order he sent multitude
of goods to his family in Syria where he paid for wife for his son Isaac. Her
name was Rebekah, sister of Laban ("laban" means white), nephew of Abraham.
She bore him twins - Essau and Jacob. But against Yahve's expectation, the
first born was black and hairy. Therefore he got the name "Hairy" (Essau). The
second got the name "Subplanter" (Jacob) for at the will of Yahve he would
disherit the Essau from the sacred lineage of Adamites. And it has had been
done in a deceptive manner.

(2)   At that time in Canaan was famine caused by the force of nature (at the
time of Abraham it was caused by ressurection). And Isaac went to the same
King of Philistines to whom his father sold his sister/wife Sarai. And he
introduced Rebekah as his sister. When the King discovered that lie, became
angry for once again might it happen to him to marry a neighbor's woman and
thus all his subjects might be punished by Almighty, the God of Nephilimites,
of Humans. So the Isaac did not enter the King's court and must to till the
soil and to herd flock as long as his master, Yahve would restore his
richness. But before it did happen, the envious Philistines have kicked him
out of their country.

(3)   In the other country, the natives forbade Isaac to benefit from a well,
which he dug there. And if Yahve would not intervene, he could not stay in
that country any longer. In appreciation of the Yahve's intervention, Isaac
built an altar to Yahve there and invoked his name all over that country.
Getting a message about this, the King of Philistines made a peace agreement
with Isaac in the name of his master Yahve, for the Yahve has already been
well known in both Philistia and Canaan. Thus the Yahve became equal with
local gods due to religious tolerance in those countries. So, unobstructed,
the Isaac could mold image and worship of Yahve there although it was not what
the master wanted.

Chapter XVII - Israel was founded by deception

In accordance of common law of that time, first born male gets inheritance.
This law could be evaded only by a will of the testator. But Isaac's first
born Essau was not suitable to inherit sacred lineage of Shemites, mainly for
the reason of having sexual relations with Hamitic women. Without counseling
with Isaac, who was influenced by righteous Hamites, the Yahve designated
Jacob to be the inheritor. He caused the unaware testator (Isaac) to bless
Jacob, instead of Essau. And the blessing became a covenant of Yahve with
Isaac: "Let people serve you and nations pay you homage; be master of your
brothers, and may your mother's sons bow down to you. Cursed be who curse you,
and blessed be who bless you". (Gen.27:29; Isaiah 60:10-16).

In this way the first born Essau was deprived of inheritance and did not
become founder of Israel. Instead he became founder of Edom and ever since
then the Edomites waged wars with Israelites for inheritance and for
domination over the ancient world (1 Sam. 14:47).

Chapter XVIII - Yahve's promise to the new servant Jacob

(to continue)