Holy Bible vs. unholy Talmud




Holy Bible unholy Talmud
Sodomy is a mortal sin "homosexuality" is a civil right
It was a sin for Solomon to marry an Egyptian Race mixing is not a sin, Solomon simply had too many wives
Both parents must be Israelites for their offspring to be Israelites Only the mother needs to be a jew for her offspring to be jews
Jesus is the son of God or God in the flesh Jesus is the illegitimate son of the Roman soldier Pandira, was hanged on a stake for blasphemy, His body was thrown on a dung heap, and he's now boiling in hot excrement
A mamzer is a bastard, which is the offspring of mixed race parents A mamzer is simply the offspring of incest
Peope who commit incest are stoned to death Children conceived in incest are not permitted into the congregation for ten generations
If a woman has sex with a beast [read: Negroid], both she and the beast are stoned to death A beast is a four legged animal which is stoned to death because it's defiled if a woman has sex with it
A gentile is a foreigner, or someone of another race A gentile is a heathen who must be treated with the utmost disrespect