Fellow Fathers in Exile,  Friends,  Activists and Future Friends,

Thanks for all your messages and good wishes for our Press Conference on Thursday,  June 12.   

If it helps any of us,  it helps all of us.

For those of you who were concerned about the work Biblical....if you will note in the dictionary,  it will tell you that a Bible is:

{ Any collection or book of writings Sacred to a religion.  }

(the Koran is the Moslem Bible....)

(The Torah is the Jewish Bible)

Christians have dozens of Bibles to choose from...

Catholics have their own Bible,  

Atheists have Penthouse,   

Ex-wives have "GreenBacks,  Crime,  Punishment,  Perjury,  Slander and Revenge."

Lawyers and judges have "Lack of Ethics and Morals."  

We who are dominated by corruption must join together and fight the common enemy.

We must fight this war as a team and not bicker or continue the pettiness.  

If you came away from Divorce court and had your CIVIL RIGHTS denied you,  you must realize if we don't join in one unified force,  we'll all get destroyed individually.   

Whether or not we are male,  female,  young,  older,  Jewish,  Christian,  Muslim,  Buddhist,  Atheist,  or of any other belief,  we must be a team to fight against the evil ones.  

Desert Storm was an example of cooperation for all of us of diverse ethnicities and religions.  ***GOOD*** must win over evil for the sake of all our children.  I think of all of you as my family no matter what your belief system.  Let's not waste any more energy arguing.

Let's join as one magnificent force to crush our common enemy.... They know who they are.


Never Ever Give Up!


Christopher Robin
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"The only time SUCCESS comes before WORK is in your IMAGINATION....
or in the DICTIONARY."       C.R.