American Blacks

"While inflaming the negro minority against the Whites, we will
endeavor to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of
the negroes, we will  aid the negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of
life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment.
With this prestige, the negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and
begin a process that will deliver America to our cause."

-Israel Cohen, 1919, a founder of the American Communist Party

Take five minutes to complete the Poll on Exiling Blacks

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The 1% of the population who're black youths commit MORE THAN HALF OF ALL MURDERS

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More than 30,000 ADDITIONAL lives are lost EACH YEAR due to blacks having traffic accidents


People living in neighborhoods with low gun ownership like DC, compared to people living in high gun ownership areas like North Dakota, are 9 times more likely to have their car stolen (1,449 vs. 151), 100 times more likely to be robbed (1,107 vs. 11), twice as likely to be raped (43.7 vs. 23.4), 350 times more likely to be murdered (70 vs. 0.2), 9 times more likely to be assaulted (1,442 vs. 166), and 5 times more likely to be burglarized (1,761 vs. 325).


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"Comparing them by their faculties of memory, reason, and imagination, it appears to me that in memory they are equal to the whites; in reason much inferior, as I think one could scarcely be found capable of tracing and comprehending the investigations of Euclid; and that in imagination they are dull, tasteless, and anomalous. It would be unfair to follow them to Africa for this investigation." Thomas Jefferson.

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"Psychically, I have spoken of the Negro to considerable extent. In brief, he possesses a strong curiosity to gaze upon new sights, or even familiar ones; but it is the curiosity of the child; he has a feeble power of combining his perceptions and drawing conclusions. In abstract conceptions he is still more helpless; no American Negro has ever produced any original work in mathematics or philosophy; the imaginative and aesthetic powers are similarly dormant; poetry, sculpture, painting, owe almost nothing to Negro genius"

-Alexander Winchell

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“On this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours"

“Go where you are treated the best, and the ban is still upon you. I cannot alter it if I would. See your present condition, the Country engaged in war, our white men cutting one another's throats, and then consider what we know to be the truth — But for your race among us there would be no war, although many men engaged on either side do not care for you one way or another. It is better for us both therefore to be separated.”

Abraham Lincoln

lindaraped.jpg (21470 bytes)

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"Never yet, could I find that a black has uttered a thought above the level of plain narration; never saw an elementary trait of painting or sculpture."

"Death might be inflicted for murther & perhaps for treason if you would take out of the description of treason all crimes which are not such in their nature. Rape, buggery &c -- punish by castration. All other crimes by working on high roads, rivers, gallies &c. a certain time proportioned to the offence. But as this would be no punishment or change of condition to slaves (me miserum!) let them be sent to other countries.", THE VIRGINIA CONSTITUTION in a letter to Edmund Pendleton --Philadelpha, Aug. 26, 1776 -- 1776082

"But my neighbors having made good crops, I am not disheartened. The first step towards the recovery of our lands is to find substitutes for corn & bacon. I count on potatoes, clover, & sheep. The two former to feed every animal on the farm except my negroes, & the latter to feed them, diversified with rations of salted fish & molasses, both of them wholesome, agreeable, & cheap articles of food"

Thomas Jefferson

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"Education, sir, is the development of that which is.  Since
    the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent
    of Africa - rich beyond the dreams of poet's fancy, crunch-
    ing acres of diamonds beneath his black feet.  Yet he nev-
    er picked up one from the dust until a white man showed
    him its glittering light.  His land swarmed with powerful
    and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart,
    or sled.  A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe,
    spear or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the mom-
    ent of its use.  He lived as an ox, content to graze for an
    hour.  In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot
    of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken
    sticks and mud.  With league on league of ocean strait, and
    miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched
    their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of
    the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head,
    gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to lands that lie
    beyond, and yet he never dreamed the sail!  He lived as his
    fathers lived - stole his food, worked his wife, sold his
    children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance and
    sport as the ape.  And this creature, half child, half animal,
    the sport of impulse, whim and conceit, pleased with a rat-
    tle, tickled with a straw, a being who, left to his will roams
    at night and sleeps in the day, whose speech knows no
    word of love, whose passions, once aroused, are as the
    fury of the tiger - they have set this thing to rule over the
    Southern people."

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        "I have given my life to alleviate the
sufferings of Africa. There is something that all
White men who have lived here like I have must learn
and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They
have neither the mental or emotional abilities to
equate or share equally with White men in any
functions of our civilization. I have given my life to
try to bring unto them the advantages which our
civilization must offer, but I have become well aware
that we must retain this status: White the superior,
and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks
to live among them as their equals, they will destroy
and devour him, and they will destroy all his work.
And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to
this people, let White men, from anywhere in the
world, who would come to help Africa, remember that
you must maintain this status: you the master and they
the inferior, like children whom you would help or
teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never
accept them as your social equals or they will devour
you. They will destroy you."

-Dr. Albert Schweitzer


Bureau of Justice Statistics
Homicide trends in the United States

Note that the FBI considers "White" in the following statistics to include Hispanics and "White Hispanics" even though they commit homicide at a rate 8 times higher than Whites. With that in mind, the following is the racial composition of offender and victim for homicide

Per Year

Black on Black 7,361

Black on Black Youth 3,650

Black on White 1,221
Black on Other 15
Other on Black 5
Other on White 54
Other on Other 56
White on White 6,661
White on Black 541
White on Other 51


Per Day



Black on Black 20

Black on Black Youth 10
Black on White 3
Black on Other 0.04
Other on Black 0.01
Other on White 0.15
Other on Other 0.15
White on White 18.2
White on Black 1.5
White on Other 0.14


Per Year Counting Hispanics

Black on Black 7,361

Black on Black Youth 3,650

Black on Hispanic 1,068
Black on White 153
Black on Other 15
Other on Black 5
Other on White 54
Other on Other 56

Hispanic on Hispanic 5,828
White on White 833

Hispanic on Black 473
White on Black 68

Hispanic on Other 45
White on Other 6

Police on All 91

Police on Black 11



Per Day Counting Hispanics


Black on Black 20

Black on Black Youth 10

Black on Hispanic 3
Black on White 0.4
Black on Other 0.04
Other on Black 0.01
Other on White 0.1
Other on Other 0.1

Hispanic on Hispanic 16
White on White 2.3

Hispanic on Black 1.3
White on Black 0.2

Hispanic on Other 0.1
White on Other 0.02

Police on All 0.2

Police on Black 0.03


We should add that according to the Word of God, as well as to most state laws until very recently, most "Hispanics", because they have more Black blood than Spanish blood (who themselves already had Black blood), are considered "Black".

Not too long ago, George Zimmerman would have been considered "Black", so his "crime" was just yet one more Black on Black crime.

So the 16 murders PER DAY committed by Hispanics are in reality Black on Black crimes [at least in the Eye of our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob].




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"If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our White race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of Africa, then the present greatness of the United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for civilization would be as impossible for a Negroid America as would be redemption and restoration of the Whiteman's blood which had been mixed with that of the Negro."

-Senator Theodore G. Bilbo, of Mississippi in 1947

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"Thanks to the Court's decision, only clean Indians [read: upper caste Hindu Indians] or colored people other than Kaffirs [read: Negroids], can now travel in the trains."

-Mahatma Gandhi, June 2, 1906 issue of Indian Opinion

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"But never yet could I find that a black had uttered a thought above the level of plain narration; never saw even an elementary trait of painting or sculpture. In music they are more generally gifted than the whites with accurate ears for tune and time, and they have been found capable of imagining a small catch." Thomas Jefferson

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bulletBlacks cause mental illness in Whites.
bulletAsian American men, compared to African American women, have 21% larger cranial capacities, score 234 GRE Quantitative points higher, and earn three times as much.
bulletBlacks are 23 times as likely as Whites to be murderers, qualifying them for genocide against Whites.
bulletBlacks are accident prone, being three times as likely as Whites to have accidents.
bulletBlacks have lower moral standards than Whites:
bulletTwice as likely to condone adultery.
bulletTwice as likely to have multiple sex partners.
bullet62% more likely to be sodomites.
bulletTwo to ten times more likely to be unmarried mothers.
bulletMost of the 900 million blacks of Africa are pagans.
bulletBlacks are the beasts of the field in the Holy Bible.
bulletDaniel 7 in the Holy Bible clarifies the description of blacks as beasts.
bulletIQ correlates more closely with heredity than with environment.
bulletAfrican blacks have an IQ of 60 but are productive enough to earn $600/year per capita, whereas American blacks are less productive--earning a negative $18,273 per capita.
bulletHalf of blacks in the labor force are on work disability, as a group they pay no taxes, blacks contribute only $53 billion to the productive economy, and they receive $897 billion or 17X more in social transfer payments than their contribution.
bulletAmerican blacks now owe $18 trillion to the American treasury.
bulletLet Africa sink itself.
bulletExcellent article on exiling the blacks.
bulletBlacks claim they're not Americans, and we agree.
bullet60% of Nigger children hate niggers.
bulletBlack jokes.
bulletRace matters!

Thanks exclusively to the subsidization of American blacks by American Whites, they earn 30 times as much per capita as and live 30 years longer than their 900 million black cousins in Africa, yet they seem to have had a serious decline in intelligence. 

Which of the two following seem like the most intelligent to you?

blackman.jpg (27022 bytes) intellidog.gif (80348 bytes)

Rather than showing their appreciation for this costly but phenomenal improvement in their life styles, niggers like Miles Davis (black jazz musician) say:

"If somebody told me I had only one hour to live, I’d spend it choking a white man. I’d do it nice and slow", Miles Davis Can’t Shake Boyhood Racial Abuse, Jet March 25, 1985

Can blacks run the new South African government successfully?  Consider the incredibly low intellect required to pen the following from the "SOUTH AFRICAN LAW COMMISSION PROPOSALS"

"Sodomy:  The reasons usually advanced for criminalising sexual intercourse between two men is that it denies the basic purpose of the sexual relationship, viz. procreation, it subverts the institution of the family and is a corrupting influence on young people. It has been rightly shown that none of these contentions is rationally persuasive: celibacy and contraception also prevent procreation, but they are not criminalised; subversion of the institution of the family makes sense only if it assumes that all humans will enter into exclusively homosexual relationships, which is patently not the case (and following the argument to its rational conclusion means that adultery ought also to be criminalised), and there is no evidence that homosexuals as a group are more inclined to corrupt young persons than anyone else"

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Black pledge draws angry e-mails

By Randy Ellis
The Oklahoman

Millwood Public Schools Superintendent Gloria Griffin says she is "dumbfounded." Since Monday, she has been swamped with angry e-mails accusing her administration of espousing black separatist doctrine to Millwood students.

She said nothing could be further from the truth.

"This is very unfortunate," Griffin said.

Millwood Public Schools
Kwanzaa Information Center

At the center of the misunderstanding is a copy of "The Black Pledge of Allegiance," which appears on the Millwood Public Schools Web site immediately beneath the traditional American Pledge of Allegiance.

The Black Pledge of Allegiance
We pledge allegiance of the red, black and green,

Our flag, the symbol of our eternal struggle, and to the land we must obtain.

One nation of Black people, with one God for us all,

Totally united in the struggle for Black Love, Black Freedom, and Black determination.

Griffin said the pledge, the origin of which is unknown to her, has appeared on the Web site since it was created last spring. She said she had forgotten all about it until the angry e-mails started arriving.

The pledge is not something the students recite in school, she said, although it apparently has been characterized that way in e-mails that have circulated over the Internet.

"Let me tell you how this came about," Griffin said. "Two or three years ago, one of the middle school teachers was doing a study on black pride or cultural pride.

"This particular pledge was among the items the students found through their research."

Black students make up about 99 percent of the Millwood school system's population, she said.

Some students found the pledge to be encouraging and inspirational and asked if it could be used in the Student Planner, a book where students keep track of their assignments, Griffin said.

It was approved and later was placed on the Web site, she said.

Griffin said the idea that some people might interpret the pledge as advocating separatism never occurred to her when she read it.

"When I read it, I focus on the words 'united in love, freedom and determination,'" she said. "If you look at history, there is a great need for African Americans to love. It is very important that we appreciate freedom. And it is very, very important to have self- determination, and I don't mean that in a sense of separatism."

Others have interpreted the pledge differently.

One of the nicer e-mails Griffin received said: "So much of the Millwood Web site is worthwhile. However, it is a shame that this pledge to black separatism is allowed in your school system."

Another says: "I am offended by the Millwood Black Pledge of Allegiance. It is one of the most racist pieces of propaganda I have read in many years. In a nation which encourages equality, I am surprised to see such stark racial division being taught by a public school."

Griffin said she is particularly upset by e-mails that have been blatantly racist, e-mails that falsely accuse the district of asking students to recite the pledge and e-mails that seem to question students' patriotism.

The pledge is not recited in Millwood schools, she said. The Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag is recited often.

"The elementary school opens each assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag," Griffin wrote in a response to one e-mail. "Since August, this pledge is recited each morning. With a backlog of requests for American flags, the elementary school art teacher made attractive American flags for the classroom."

Middle school assemblies begin with a presentation of colors by the Civil Air Patrol and students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag. At the high school, the Junior ROTC posts the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag is recited, she said.

"Other than being the target of misinformation, I don't know what to make of this," she said. "Something has been taken out of context. As a result, it really borders on slander."

Griffin said she doesn't know the origin of the black pledge or the red, black and green flag it refers to -- although she does recall seeing the flag surface during the 1960s civil rights movement.

She also said she didn't know whether the pledge would remain on the school's Web site. She said she has asked the middle school principal to research its origin so appropriate action can be taken. At the least, a paragraph of explanation identifying the pledge as cultural study material needs to be added, she said.

Don Ross, a black state representative from Tulsa, said he is unfamiliar with the pledge. Like Griffin, he recalls the flag surfacing during the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

"I don't think it has anything to do with black separatism. If anything, it symbolizes unity," he said.

Ross referred to the red, black and green flag as the "freedom flag." He said it is frequently presented, along with the American flag, at gatherings of many traditional black groups that have nothing to do with black separatism.

The flag is frequently flown at Martin Luther King Day parades, he said.

However, as is the case with many symbols, the red, white and green flag apparently means different things to different groups.

The Kwanzaa Information Center Web site has an article on the origin of the red, black and green flag. It said the flag "has become the symbol of devotion for African people in America to establish an independent African nation on the North American Continent."

"Red is for the Blood. Black is the Black People. Green is for the Land," the Web site says.

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If Gloria doesn't think this little black pledge of allegiance isn't racist, then certainly she'll support our New, Improved White Pledge of Allegiance:

The White Pledge of Allegiance
We pledge allegiance of the red, white, and blue,

Our flag, the symbol of our eternal struggle, and to the land we must preserve for Whites.

One nation of White people, with one God for us all,

Totally united in the struggle for White Love, White Freedom, and White determination.

"Red is for the blood our Forefathers spilt to secure this land for us, White is for the White People, and Blue is for the ocean the niggers must cuddachogi to get their black back to Africa".







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A recent article in the Philadelphia Enquirer exclaimed, as if though it was a recent discovery, that "For the first time, New Jersey yesterday released school test results by race and the differences were staggering".  There's nothing staggering about these test results.  This has been known since at least the 1940s, and it was abundantly documented in the 1990 NAEP test, in which zero percent of blacks from state to state were competent in advanced math, compared to 3% of Whites and 6% of Asians.

The differences in average scores are huge, with Whites being 1.5 to 2.3 times more likely than blacks to be proficient in math, but what's far more important is how students perform at the high end where employees are most likely to do their hiring.  3% might not be a huge figure, but it's infinitely larger than 0%, which is infinitely more important than how they stack up on average.

It's also significant that zero percent of both Hispanics and American Indians were competent in advanced math.  With Asians being 4% of the population, and with 6% of them competent in advanced math, Asians who are competent in advanced math are .24% of all students.  With Whites being 75% of the population, and with 4% of them competent in advanced math, Whites who are competent in advanced math are 2.25% of all students.  If you were required to hire the top 2.5% of math competent employees, you would hire 90% Whites, 10% Asians, & zero percent blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians.

The NAEP proves that requiring employees to hire blacks, Hispanics, or American Indians would require them to discriminate against more qualified White and Asian students.


naepblacks.jpg (107763 bytes)

N.J. students' test scores show gap among races

By Melanie Burney, Wendy Ginsberg and Kaitlin Gurney

For the first time, New Jersey yesterday released school test results by
race and the differences were staggering.

A huge racial gap in success rates exists for public school fourth-grade
students in science, math and language arts. Similar disparities were found
among eighth and 11th graders.

Math scores showed the greatest differences, in both urban and suburban

Statewide, 78 percent of all white students were proficient or higher. The
same category for blacks was 35 percent, 85 percent for Asians, and 48
percent for Hispanics.

Students not scoring at least proficient - in this case, 65 percent of
black fourth graders in the state - fall below the state minimum and may be
most in need of instructional support, according to the state.

Pennsylvania released data last year that found similar gaps.

In Burlington County, 53 percent of black students were at least proficient
in math, compared with 62 percent for Hispanics, 81 percent for whites, and
82 percent for Asians.

In Camden County, 44 percent of black students were at least proficient in
math, 46 percent of Hispanics, 82 percent of whites, and 86 percent of

In Gloucester County, 35 percent of blacks were at least proficient in
math, 44 percent of Hispanics, 79 percent of whites, and 87 percent of

The county scores exclude special education and limited English-speaking
students. Statewide percentages include all students.

"Those test scores mean the system and the community have failed those
kids," said Gloucester County NAACP Chairman Milton Hinton, who worked last
year to bring more minority teachers to the county.

The disparity in test scores between white and minority students reflects a
national trend, but state education officials said the results raise

"It should not matter where a child goes to school," state Department of
Education Commissioner Vito A. Gagliardi Sr. said in a statement. "He or
she should have an equal opportunity to succeed."

Harvard University Professor Gary Olfield, an expert in education and
social policy, attributes much of the racial gap to differences in parent
education, income, and segregated schools.

"The basic problems aren't a big mystery," Olfield said. "It would just
take a lot of money and a lot of courage to fix them. New Jersey has made
some success in a generation's worth of court rulings, but there's a lot
further to go."

The scores suggest that districts across the board are doing a poor job
educating economically disadvantaged students. For example, only 40 percent
of those students were proficient or advanced proficient in math, compared
with 77 percent for non-economically disadvantaged students.

Even when controlling for income levels, the gap still exists, the results
found. In the state's more affluent suburban districts, for example, 55
percent of black students were proficient or advanced proficient in math,
70 percent of Hispanics, 87 percent of whites, and 91 percent of Asians.

The gap widened among eighth and 11th graders in the three subjects when
compared with the difference among fourth graders. State officials say
younger students benefited from the state's whole school reform and
curriculum changes implemented when they entered school.

For example, while the white-to-black comparison for math was 78 percent to
35 percent among fourth graders, it was wider at 74 percent against 29
percent in the eighth grade.

Educators from around the region reacted warily yesterday to the state's
decision to release the scores according to race.

"I applaud what the state is trying in making us more aware that we have a
very diverse community," said Edgewater Park School Superintendent Scott
Streckenbein. "But there are so many factors that contribute to children's
abilities. The standardized test is the capture of a kid's knowledge on a
given day at a given time."

Marilyn Allen, principal at Camden's Whittier School, said tests are not a
true reflection of how well minorities perform academically. "Do they tell
the truth as to what the children actually know? I don't think it does,"
she said.

Said Willingboro superintendent Alonzo Kittrels: "I'm not going to accept
that race is a contributing factor." Kittrels said "a child's environment
has a lot to do with what's happening."

Hinton, of the NAACP, said he feared a backlash from the scores. People may
conclude that "African Americans are not serious about education, and won't
focus on the reason this is happening," he said.

Carmen Mitcho, principal of the Thomas E. Bowe Elementary School in
Glassboro, disagreed. He said most educators realize that analyzing test
scores along racial lines gives them an opportunity to address what is
really an economic problem.

"You find a wealthy kid, and that's a kid who's likely to do better on test
scores," Mitcho said. "How would I improve the schools in Glassboro? I'd
give every parent a better job, and just watch the improvement in the
school system."

David Sciarra, executive director of the Education Law Center in Newark,
questioned whether the data will improve test scores. "What is a particular
school or district going to do with this?" Sciarra asked.

Cherry Hill officials began sorting their test data by race several years
ago to address the disparity, said school district spokeswoman Gail Cohen.

While the gap is tremendous, Cohen said the district has made progress by
encouraging minority students to take advanced classes, involving parents,
and instituting a summer math program.

Pennsauken plans to add an extra period of math classes for its
middle-school students next year. The district also is instituting all-day

"They're all our kids and they all have to succeed," Pennsauken
Superintendent Walter Quint said. "We know we have to do a better job to
get those scores up for every student."

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I am sick to death of hearing twits whine about whether or not WP music leads to violence against minorities,(the obvious answer being,"Hope so!")
Every time a White person is involved in any type of racial incident the cops want to search his car/house/body for any type of Pro-White music/literature/tattoos. I think at last count the ADL was moaning about the fact that since Skinheads emerged in the U.S. there have been almost 2 dozen Skinhead-related homicides in the country. ALMOST two dozen! (And they are even counting the times when a WP Skinhead is the one killed.)
Almost two dozen in almost three decades. Statistically speaking, that makes bumblebees 10 times deadlier than White Power Skinheads. Hell, Sunday school bus drivers kill more people a year than Skinheads.
Yet the media and the ADL continue to whip the public into a frenzy over the violence caused by our music. After the L.A. riots did the cops inspect the nigger rioters' homes for rap music? Somehow I don't think so. We all know that black people are reponsible for several thousand murders a year and I think we ought to investigate the connection between violent rap music and anti-White violence.
Below are a few samples of racist rap lyrics and their producers. These are MTV sponsored bands. Go to any grocery store and look for Vibe, Source, XXL or any other hip-hop magazine and you will find these performers.
Mixed in with the rap lyrics you will find a handful of the racially motivated crimes committed against White people every day.
So, does racist music cause violence? Keep reading and judge for yourself.

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Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha";
"Kill d'White People"; --Apache, Apache Ain't Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.

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Denver, CO- A white female teenager, Brandy DuvaI, is raped, sodomized, tortured with a broomstick and stabbed 28 times by a gang of six blacks and Hispanics. Her skull is caved in and corpse dumped into a ditch. Police confiscate a blood soaked mattress as evidence. The murder trial started on the same day as the James Byrd trial!

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"Niggas in the church say: kill whitey all night long. . . . the white man is the devil. . . . the CRIPS and Bloods are soldiers I'm recruiting with no dispute; drive-by shooting on this white genetic mutant. . . . let's go and kill some rednecks. . . . Menace Clan ain't afraid. . . . I got the .380; the homies think I'm crazy because I shot a white baby; I said; I said; I said: kill whitey all night long. . . . a nigga dumping on your white ass; fuck this rap shit, nigga, I'm gonna blast. . . . I beat a white boy to the motherfucking ground";
"Kill Whitey"; --Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, subsidiaries of what was called Thorn EMI and now is called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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"Devils fear this brand new shit. . . . I bleed them next time I see them. . . . I prey on these devils. . . . look what it has come to; who you gonna run to when we get to mobbing. . . . filling his body up with lead, yah; cracker in my way; slitting, slit his throat; watch his body shake; watch his body shake; that's how we do it in the motherfucking [San Francisco] Bay. . . . Sitting on the dock of the dirty with my AK";
"Heat-featuring Jet and Spice1"; --Paris, Unleashed, 1998, Unleashed Records, Whirling Records.

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Killeen, TX - A white couple, Todd and Stacy Bagley are kidnapped on the way to church, lit on fire, burned to death and shot in the head by four blacks.

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"These devils make me sick; I love to fill them full of holes; kill them all in the daytime, broad motherfucking daylight; 12 o'clock, grab the Glock; why wait for night";
"Sweatin Bullets"; --Brand Nubian, Everything Is Everything, 1994, Elektra Entertainment, Warner Communications, Time Warner, USA.

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"A fight, a fight, a nigger and a white, if the nigger don't win then we all jump in. . . . smoking all [of] America's white boys";
--"A Fight"; Apache, Apache Ain't Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.

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Flint,Michigan - Three white teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face.

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"I kill a devil right now. . . . I say kill whitey all nightey long. . . .I stabbed a fucking Jew with a steeple. . . . I would kill a cracker for nothing, just for the fuck of it. . . . Menace Clan kill a cracker; jack 'em even quicker. . . . catch that devil slipping; blow his fucking brains out";
"Fuck a Record Deal"; -- Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, subsidiaries of Thorn EMI; called The EMI Group since 1997, United Kingdom.

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South Carolina - A white female, Melissa McLaughlin, is raped, tortured and skinned alive in a tub of bleach by seven blacks.

horizontal rule

"Now I'm black but black people trip 'cause white people like me; white people like me I but don't like them. . . . I don't hate whites, I just gotta death wish for motherfuckers that ain't right";
--"Race War"; Ice-T, Home Invasion, 1993, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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"To all my Universal Soldier's: stay at attention while I strategize an invasion; the mission be assassination, snipers hitting Caucasians with semi-automatic shots heard around the world; my plot is to control the globe and hold the world hostage. . . . see, I got a war plan more deadlier than Hitler. . . . lyrical specialist, underworld terrorist. . . . keep the unity thick like mud. . . . I pulling out gats , launching deadly attacks";
--"Blood for Blood"; Killarmy, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, 1997, Wu-Tang Records, Priority Records, The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

Jacksonville, FL - A mentally retarded white man, Gregory Griffith, is beaten and stomped unconscious by blacks and died a few days later. The blacks admitted to the police beating Griffith because "he was white".

horizontal rule

"Lead to the head of you devils";
"Lick Dem Muthaphuckas-Remix"; --Brand Nubian, Everything Is Everything, 1994, Elektra Entertainment, Warner Communications, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

"This will all be over in '99, so, niggas, give devils the crime; gonna be more devils dying";
--"No Surrender"; Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Creepin on ah Come Up, 1994, Ruthless Records, Epic Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony, Japan.

horizontal rule

Kansas City, MO - A black male shoots two white co-workers, Micheal Scott and Traci Riehle. Scott is killed and Riehle is critically injured. Police find a note referring to "blood sucker supreme white people".

horizontal rule

"Won't be satisfied until the devils-I see them all dead. . . . my brother is sending me more guns from down South. . . . pale face. . . . it's all about brothers rising up, wising up, sizing up our situation. . . . you be fucking with my turf when you be fucking with my race; now face your maker and take your last breath; the time is half-past death. . . . it's the Armageddon. . . . go into the garage; find that old camouflage. . . . cracker-shooting nightly";
--"What the Fuck"; Brand Nubian, Everything Is Everything, 1994, Elektra Entertainment, Warner Communications, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

".44 ways to get paid. . . . I'm through with talking to these devils; now I'm ready to blast";
--"44 Wayz-featuring Mystic"; Paris, Unleashed, 1998, Unleashed Records, Whirling Records.

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Alexandria, VA - An eight year old white child, Kevin Shiffiet, is killed when his throat is slit by a black who also stabs his 80 year old great grandmother and punches her in the chest. Police find a hand rambling note stating. "Kill them raceess whiate kidd’s anyway".

horizontal rule

"Like my niggas from South Central Los Angeles they found that they couldn't handle us; Bloods, CRIPS, on the same squad, with the Essays up, and nigga, it's time to rob and mob and break the white man off something lovely";
--"The Day the Niggaz Took Over"; Dr Dre, The Chronic, 1993, Interscope Records, under Time Warner in 1993.

horizontal rule

Burlington, NC - A ten year old white child, Tiffany Long, is raped, sodomized, sexually tortured and murdered by two black males and a black female. The black female rams a broomstick up her vagina and rectum. The parents were prohibited from seeing their dead daughter’s body.

horizontal rule

"Bust a Glock; devils get shot. . . . when God give the word me herd like the buffalo through the neighborhood; watch me blast. . . . I'm killing more crackers than Bosnia-Herzegovina, each and everyday. . . . don't bust until you see the whites of his eyes, the whites of his skin. . . . Louis Farrakhan . . . Bloods and CRIPS, and little old me, and we all getting ready for the enemy";
-- "Enemy"; Ice Cube, Lethal Injection, 1993, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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"Devil, to gangbanging there's a positive side and the positive side is this-sooner than later the brothers will come to Islam, and they will be the soldiers for the war; what war, you ask; Armageddon; ha, ha, ha, ha, ha";
"Armageddon"; -- RBX, The RBX Files, 1995, Premeditated Records, Warner Brother Records, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

"Subtract the devils that get smoked. . . . we're people, black people; steal your mind back, don't die in their wilderness. . . . let's point our heaters the other way";
--"Dial 7"; Digable Planets, Blowout Comb, 1994, Pendulum Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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"Get them devil-made guns and leave them demons bleeding; give them back whips, and just feed them bullets";
--"Wicked Ways"; Sunz of Man, One Million Strong: The Album, 1995, Mergela Records, Solar/Hines Co., Prolific Records.

horizontal rule

Fayetteville, NC - Two white women, Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore, are carjacked by a group of seven blacks and Hispanics and shot execution style in the head. This murder was part of a gang initiation. The bullets found in the victims’ heads were painted blue, the Crips’ gang color.

horizontal rule

"It's time to send the devil to the essence. . . this is a must because there ain't no reform or trust; you got a Glock and you see a devil, bust... . they'll be calling us the trigger men, the nappy-knotty red-beard devil-assassin; Lord make a law; at midnight I'll be bashing. . . . field niggas [are] locked in until 2005";
--"Field Nigguhz in a Huddle"; Professor Griff, Blood of the Prophet; 1998, Lethal Records, Mercury Records, PolyGram, Phillips' Electronics NV, Netherlands. PolyGram merged with Universal Music Group in 1998, the parent being The Seagram Company of Canada, owned by Edgar Bronfman.

horizontal rule

Alton, Illinois - A white male, Richard Skelton, is attacked and stomped to death by a group of 25 blacks while black onlookers yell, "Kill the cracker".

horizontal rule

"He preys on old white ladies [who] drive the Mercedes with the windows cracked. . . . you should've heard the bitch screaming. . . . sticking guns in crackers' mouths. . . . the cops can't stop it. . . . remember 4-29-92, come on; Florence and Normandy coming to a corner near you, cracker; we've been through your area, mass hysteria; led by your motherfucking Menace Clan";
--"Mad Nigga"; Menace Clan, Da Hood, 1995, Rap-A-Lot Records, Noo Trybe Records, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

"The black man is god. . . . buy a Tec [and] let loose in the Vatican. . . I love the black faces; so put your Bible in the attic";
--"Ain't No Mystery"; Brand Nubian, In God We Trust, 1992, Elektra Entertainment, Warner Communications, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

Cleveland, OH - A five year old white girl, Devon Duniver, was stabbed to death by a black teenager who said after the murder, "She got what she deserved."

horizontal rule

"Rhymes is rugged like burnt buildings in Harlem; the Ol Dirty Bastard. . . . I'm also militant. . . . snatching devils up by the hair, then cut his head off";
--"Cuttin Headz"; Ol Dirty Bastard, Return of the 36 Chambers: the Dirty Version; 1995, Elektra Entertainment, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

Kansas City, MO - A six year old white child, Jake Robel, is dragged to death by a black carjacker who drove away even as the boy being dragged screamed outside of the car door while still partially attached to the seat belt.

horizontal rule

"Listen to this black visionary, bringing war like a revolutionary. . . . go on a killing spree, putting devils out their misery; hearing screams, sounds of agony; my hostility takes over me. . . . camouflaged ninjas avenging";
--"Under Seige"; Killarmy, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, 1997, Wu-Tang Records, Priority Records, The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

"Swing by on the pale guy. . . . break him in the neck. . . . the guerrilla with the poison tip. . . . shaking pinky up on a dull-ass ice-pick . . . this is Lench Mob. . . . devil, what you want to do; when you see the boot, knew your head is hoohoo ";
--"King of the Jungle"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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Buffalo, NY - A white man, Gary Traska, is stomped to death by three blacks. Many of his organs were actually split apart from the savage beating.

horizontal rule

"Dropping verses, casting curses, throwing these hexes on the devils. . . . respect to Farrakhan, but I'm the jungle-don, the new guerrilla, top-ranked honky killer. . . . what do blacks do; they just keep on blowing devils away. . . . evil fucking cracker. . . . I'm tightening up the laces to my steel-toed boots, so I can walk, stomp; we stomp this devil down in the park";
--"Planet of da Apes"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

Fayetteville, NC - A white male, Donald Lange, is stomped by ten black males. Lange is now brain dead and a complete vegetable.

horizontal rule

"We're having thoughts of overthrowing the government. . . . the brothers and sisters threw their fists in the air. . . . it's open season on crackers, you know; the morgue will be full of Caucasian John Doe's. . . . I make the Riot shit look like a fairy tale. . . . oh my god, Allah, have mercy; I'm killing them devils because they're not worthy to walk the earth with the original black man; they must be forgetting; it's time for Armageddon, and I won't rest until they're all dead";
--"Goin Bananas"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

Salt Lake City, UT - A black man breaks into the house of two white women, Amy Clinton and Aaron Warren. The black man stabs both women, killing Amy Clinton and seriously injuring Aaron Warren.

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"The crackers ain't shit; chase them out of the jungle; now raise up off the planet. . . . we get the 12 gauge; shot to the chest. . . . we hitting devils up. . . . Da Lench Mob, environmental terrorist. . . . I gripped the Glock and had to knock his head from his shoulders. . . . I got the .30[6] on the rooftop; pop; pop; so many devils die. . . . make sure I kill them. . . lynch a thousand a week if it's necessary";
--"Environmental Terrorist"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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Bloomington, IL - A white female, Patricia Stansfield is dragged two miles to her death during a carjacking by a black male.

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"Like an armed struggle. . . . I come with the New Wu Order. . . . waging war on the devils' community. . . . whipped cardinals and one Pope";
--"Universal Soldiers"; Killarmy, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, 1997, Wu-Tang Records, Priority Records, The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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"Swinging out of the trees, is the blood-spilling, devil-killing, nappy-headed g.'s. . . . blacks and Mexicans must take a stand. . . . I'm down with Chico, and not with the man";
--"Set the Shit Straight"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

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Reno, NV - A Polynesian immigrant kills a white police officer, George Sullivan, with a hatchet Sullivan is struck 20 times. The immigrant admits to killing Sullivan because "he was a white police officer".

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"Fuck them laws, because the Mob is coming raw; nigga, is you down because it's the Final Call. . . . grab your gat; know the three will start busting; I'm trying to take them down. . . . the war of wars with no fucking scores. . . . April 29 was a chance to realize . . . the g.'s are out to kill. . . . we got crackers to kill; sending them back in on a ship to Europe. . . . they deserve it. . . . a nation-wide riot across America. . . . this is the Final Call on black man and black woman, rich and poor; rise up";
--"Final Call"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

"I come with the wicked style. . . . I got everybody jumping to the voodoo. . . . I got a gat and I'm looking out the window like Malcolm. . . . April 29 was power to the people, and we just might see a sequel";
--"Wicked"; Ice Cube, The Predator, 1992, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

Boulder, CO - A white college student, "Jane Doe", is gang-raped at gun-point by six Asians. Because of court proceedings and fear of retaliation by the "Asian Crips", she is referred to as "Jane Doe". The Asians admit to raping the girl "because she was blonde and white".

horizontal rule

"Deal with the devil with my motherfucking steel. . . . white man is something I tried to study, but I got my hands bloody, yeah. . . . I met Farrakhan and had dinner";
--"When Will They Shoot"; Ice Cube, The Predator, 1992, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

"Actual fact you need to be black. . . . everyday I fight a devil. . . . I grab a shovel to bury a devil. . . . the battle with the beast, Mr. 666. . . . my mind rolled to a 7th level; grab my bazooka and nuke a devil. . . . with black, I build; for black, I kill";
--"Fightin the Devil"; RBX, The RBX Files, 1995, Premeditated Records, Warner Brother Records, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

Racine, WI- A black gang member, Nazeer Ghani, fires into a crowd of white concert-goers while shouting racial epithets, killing father of two Joe Rowan. Although identified by 30 witnesses, police release the killer for "lack of evidence."

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"I pledge allegiance to only the black. . . . black, you had best prepare for the coming of war. . . . look at you devil; now you're sweating; I'm telling you: you can't run from the hand of Armageddon. . . . he eats his pig-steak rare so he can taste the blood";
--"No Time"; RBX, The RBX Files, 1995, Premeditated Records, Warner Brother Records, Time Warner, USA.

horizontal rule

"Killing devils [and] scatter they ashes over the sea of Mediterranean . . . . open your eyes to the revolution. . . . unite with the black coalition";
--"Wake Up"; Killarmy, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, 1997, Wu-Tang Records, Priority Records, The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

horizontal rule

"My own kind blind, brain-trained on the devil-level. . . . chasing down loot, Dole or Newt, who do you shoot. . . . rough stuff to the babies, spread like rabies";
--"Niggativity . . . Do I Dare Disturb the Universe"; Chuck D, Autobiography of MistaChuck, 1996, Mercury Records, PolyGram, Phillips' Electronics NV, Netherlands. PolyGram merged within Universal Music Group in 1998, the parent being The Seagram Company, Canada.

horizontal rule

"Buck the devil; boom. . . . shoot you with my .22; I got plenty of crew; I take out white boys. . . . we got big toys with the one-mile scope, taking whitey's throat";
--"Buck tha Devil"; Da Lench Mob, Guerrillas in tha Mist, 1992, Eastwest Records America, Elektra, Atlantic, Time Warner, USA.

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Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD- A white man is dragged to his death by Indians. Federal officials hesitate to call it a "hate crime".

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"Little devils don't go to heaven. . . . the AK forty . . . hold a fifty clip, and I'll shoot until it's empty. . . . I'm killing only seven million civilians. . . . one dead devil";
"Freedom Got an AK"; Da Lench Mob, Guerrillas in tha Mist, 1992, Eastwest Records America, Elektra, Atlantic, Time Warner, USA.

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"Grab your deep-ass crews. . . . we gotta make them ends, even if it means Jack and friends. . . . now you're doomed, hollow-points to the dome; once again it's on. . . . out comes my .22. . . . I'm the cut-throat; now I got to cut you . . . '94 is the season for lynching; from out of the dark is the South Central g., ready-hand steady on a bloody machete. . . . a devil is on my shoulder; should I kill it; hell yah. . . . I slice Jack. . . . took an axe, and gave that bitch, Jill, forty wacks. . . . with my hip hop . . . it don't stop, until heads roll off the cutting block";
--"Cut Throats"; Da Lench Mob, Planet of da Apes, 1994, Priority Records, Thorn EMI; now called The EMI

horizontal rule

Miami, FL - Seven whites are murdered by the Yahweh Cult whose leader orders the members to cut off and return the ears of the victims as proof of the murders. The trial was conducted at the same time as the Rodney King trial!

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The statistics below were collected by Australian
journalist Neil Sheehan in an article for the Sydney
Morning Herald published May 2nd, 1995. Mr. Sheehan
remarked in his article that the contents and
statistics therein could never be published within the
United States.

*More than 1,600 Whites are murdered by blacks each

*Blacks murder Whites at 18 times the rate at which
Whites murder blacks;

*About 1 million White people were murdered, robbed,
assaulted, or raped by blacks in 1992;

*In the last 30 years, 170 million violent and
nonviolent crimes were committed by black against
Whites in the U. S.;

*Blacks under eighteen are twelve times more likely to
be arrested for murder than Whites of the same age;

*Some 90% of the victims in interracial crimes are

*Blacks commit 7.5 times more violent interracial
crimes than Whites, even though they comprise only one
seventh of the White population;

*On a per capita basis blacks commit 50 times more
violent crimes than Whites;

*Some 27 million nonviolent crimes committed in the U.
S. in 1994 alone, 31% of the robberies involved black
offenders and White victims; only 2% White offenders
and black victims;

*1.3 million of the 6.6 million violent crimes
committed in the U.S. are interracial;

*In the past 20 years (coincidental with the
assumption of power by liberalism and political
correctness in this country), violent crimes increased
four times faster than the population;

*Between 1964 and 1994 (again, the period in which
liberals assumed almost complete control of every
aspect of American life), more than 45,000 people were
killed in interracial murders in the United States,
compared to 58,000 killed in Vietnam and 38,000 in
Korea. The overwhelming majority of the victims were

In addition, a new Justice Department crime report
raised the estimated number of rapes and attempted
rapes each year to 310,000, still far short of the
683,000 annual rapes reported in the 1992 study
sponsored by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Based on
the huge disproportion of blacks involved in violent
crime, it is fair to say that blacks are raping or
attempting to rape half a million White women in
America every year.