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Blacks and Illegitimacy

The adverse effects of American blacks on family and social stability can be most understood by their radically different views regarding the importance of sex and marriage.  As the birth rates for unmarried black mothers decreased from .98% to .wpe1.jpg (32410 bytes)76%, that for unmarried White mothers more than quadrupled, from .09% to .38%.  As the percent of all births to unmarried black mothers more than tripled, from 21.6% to 69.8%, the percent of all births to unmarried White mothers increased more than 11 fold, from 2.3% to 25.7%.  Where the condition of blacks improved in one aspect by 23% (from 98.3 to 75.9 illigetimate births per 1,000 mothers), the condition of White women decreased by four fold (from 9.2 to 37.5).

By no stretch of the imagination can this be considered an improvement.  The amount by which miscegenation with Whites improves the condition of blacks is 1/18th the amount by which miscegenation with blacks deteriorates the condition of Whites.

The Emerging 21st Century American Family

Tom W. Smith

National Opinion Research Center

University of Chicago


GSS Social Change Report No. 42

This research was conducted for the General Social Survey project

directed by James A. Davis, Tom W. Smith, and Peter V. Marsden. The

project is supported by the National Science Foundation, Grant No.