Dear Michael,

Thank you for those candid thoughts.

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From: "Michael Moore" <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, May 07, 2006 1:16 pm
To: [email protected]

As it stands now, as whites were the ones who felt it convenient to bring
blacks to this country and keep them as slaves, and for many to treat them
worse than they'd treat their farm animals, whose responsibility then was it
to help these people, once made free, to get on their feet and get a good
start in the midst of the prevailing prejudice of those times?  With poor
black people not having a means to get back to their original country even
if they wanted to, when they were made free they were Americans just as much
as you or I because of the lot set before them.  It was not to thier
choosing to be here but after generations had passed, this country and way
of life was what they knew.

We don't know a single slave holder, we don't know a single White who brought slaves to this country, and we don't know a single White who ever benefitted from slavery.  It was jewish slave ships which brought them here, jews who made ALL the money in this transaction, and jewish money which ought to be used to ship them back.  

But if jews don't do that, then you'll be happy to know that we have a back up plan:  WE will pay for it--and we'll save more than $800 BILLION just the first year in the process, and much more each year thereafter.

Now, because of those who felt it necessary to enslave and abuse these less
fortunate people, we, who've never had a slave and never will; we, who've
dealt with prejudice engrained into our psyche as children; we, who've tried
to work out in their minds and sincerely try to rid themselves of that
thoughtless hatred; we now have to deal with what it has brought.


Compared to African blacks, American blacks:

  1. Live two to three times longer.
  2. Are one twentieth as likely to die of AIDS.
  3. Have household "incomes" more than thirty TIMES higher.

When are THEY going to compensate US for THAT?

How much do YOU think this is WORTH, Michael?

However, won't the entire problem of "thoughtless hatred" be corrected if:

  1. WE pay the full cost to restore blacks to Africa?
  2. Blacks won't ever be required to compensate us for these extremely healthy benefits?
  3. WE manage their government for them (for a limited time)?

Now, no matter how easy it would be to blame a race for the negative things
that are taking place, I see the responsibility lying on everyone's
shoulders.  We (Americans-black and white and whatever color) are part to
blame for the ease of which people can drain money from the government.  We
allow this to happen.


And history, as well as other modern all White countries, are proof positive that returning the blacks to Africa will solve more than half of the problems which you KNOW are caused by both blacks and Mexicans.

The place to seek change is in every individual's mind and heart.  Blacks
need to instill in their children that which is right, as do whites, or any
color.  Clay is most plyable when moist.  After the clay has been molded and
time has passed, it isn't so easy to correct the hardened shape into
something different than first made.  A lot of water and patience is needed
to work with it from that time forward.


We have no more patience.  It's all used up, and all we got out of it in return was the almost complete destruction of many once-fine US cities, plus FOUR of the cities in the entire world which have achieved the coveted position as the Murder Capitol of the World.

You KNOW that returning blacks to Africa will put a halt to that problem the very NEXT day, just as God did with Katrina in New Orleans.

As an example, today our youth hear a lot of music promoting sex, rape,
murder and gangsta mentality.  This came to be because we, as a capitalistic
society, encourage this behavior by the money that drives it.  Talented
youngsters, still sucking on the milk, endowed with enough money and means
to manifest their ever-changing emotional upheaval into other adolescents
who have more money to feed the insanity. There are adults guiding these
rags to riches scenarios... perhaps in time, if and when these same
individuals mature and can see clearly what havoc they produce, or something
causes them to rethink, life can improve, but in the mean time it is money
of all colors that fuel this fire.


Having just returned from Europe, I'm delighted to inform you that most European countries now have MORE "money" per household than we do, not to mention considerably higher incomes--AND that this money did NOT cause them to have the problems you mention, because they do NOT have the problems caused by blacks.

It's not capitalism, free enterprise, nor money which causes the problems--it's simply BLACKS.

Where does the responsibility lie?  How can it change?  By more prejudice?  
There is a bigger picture here Meeester and that is why I too believe your
talent is being wasted.  This is a matter for a people of maturity,
understanding and caring enough for someone else other than themselves who
have the intelligence and energy to seek a means to overcome the madness.


Ninety percent of the 15,000 who've taken the poll so far, a poll completely and totally representative of American public opinion, proved that they know exactly what's the mature, understanding, and caring course of action, DEMAND that this course of action be executed, and have the intelligence and energy to carry it out, forthwith.

Why would you seek to deny them that right?

And how could we expect this to happen over night when the clay was molded
long ago and has dried and hardened with fire.  I'm having a hard time
seeing it change unless the sculpture is shattered and crushed to a powder
and only then would it be feasible to add water to reshape.  Many speak of
this time coming.  I would wish that it wouldn't be this dramatic.


I've been around the block, Michael, and what you dream of doesn't exist any place on the planet, and NEVER will.  Every place blacks go turns to disaster, particularly with the 14-24 year old mulatto youths in the US, who constitute only 1% of the population but commit 53% of the murders.

Their high murder rate is a mere sliver of an insight into the problems they've caused this putative Christian nation.

Been seeing the news?  We are adding another color to the scenario in this
country...there's more and more brown being mixed in every day that speak


News?  This isn't news.  Proposition 187 in California to ban the Mexicans passed with flying colors, with almost 60% [excluding myself] supporting it, more than a decade ago.

They're next. 

And no female federal "judge" will be able to stop it, this time.

As a free country, we will be dealing with this forever and it will take a
people willing to work together and only then could their be a possibility
of coming up with a solution.  It would be more pro-active to not lead
people down a path of blaming one race for all their ills when the
responsibility is really on all our shoulders. It would be more pro-active
to get bring together a people that can accept what we've wrought, accept
that we are allowing these things to happen and talk about the best way to
change it and work toward solutions.


In other words, just mix the races even more and all will be swell, Michael?

First off, the races are more segregated today than they've ever been in spite of forced bussing and "integration".

Second off, we not only have a right, but we have a God given DUTY, to protect our White children from race mixers and mulatto crimes and behavior.

Third off--your right to impose your race on mine will never exceed our right to free association with whom we choose.

Your plan was tried for more than HALF A CENTURY, and it FAILED more miserably than any known government "solution" has ever failed in written human history, much less US history.

Believe it or not, many of us do understand that responsibility and I can't
help believe that if we don't achieve this... a surprise is waiting for us.

You're on the path but look forward, beyond the trees.  Your talent is
indeed wasted.


We have a serious proposal for you, Michael.  Take your plan to Liberia along with the blacks, and WE will fund you.  Seriously.  Restoring blacks to Africa does not require that we HATE them, and in fact we will GLADLY do whatever is Godly possible to help them--IN AFRICA.

Wishing you Love, Peace and Happiness,
Been to a good church lately?


You bet!  Last week, I attended a Russian Orthodox church in Russia--and there wasn't a single black, jew, nor Mexican face in sight.

This peace is exactly what WHITES in MY country deserve, SHOULD have--and must get!

It's simply not too much to ask for.  There is a solution, and the NINETY PERCENT who took the poll know, live, and breathe it.



John Knight