Burning the flag is not free speech

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Kim Jong Un

Why I like Kim Jong Un MUCH better than Creepy Joe Biden:

1. His offspring did not embezzle $1.5 billion from China.
2. His offspring did not offer a $1.8 billion bribe to fire the Ukranian prosecutor who was investigating his son.
3. He has not engaged in chronic character assassination of Trump.
4. He never worked for a Black guy.
5. He never lied about Trump being controlled by Putin.
6. He’s a million times less dangerous to the delicate social fabric of my nation.
7. He had nothing to do with the creation of FIVE cities (all in the U.S.) which have been the Murder Capital of the WORLD.
8. He would never sponsor a bill like the 1994 Crime Act which quintupled our already record high prison population.
9. He would never sponsor legislation like Obamacare which killed 400,000 JUST from opioids.
10. His own health care proposals did not double the suicide rate of both Blacks and women.
11. His role model is Chung Hee Park.
12. He’s not a fan of Hillary (whose legislation reduced the life expectancy of this nation FOUR YEARS IN A ROW).
13. He knows how dumb Biden et. al. are.
14. He’s got real rockets, while all Biden has is a pocket rocket.


Welcome deplorables


Fat Nadler

May he die a peaceful, but QUICK, death.

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All this time that my FAVORITE PRESIDENT has been denying that he colluded with the Russians, I have been PUBLICLY BRAGGING that I HAVE been colluding with the Russians, AND that the only reason I voted for him is BECAUSE of the Russians.

Do you have any idea how many milfs (mentally ill liberal feminazis) EVER bothered to ask me WHY?


Not even pussy Pelosi, nor pussy Nadler,  nor faggot Buttigieg, and not even sniffer Biden.

So my big question is that IF it’s so important that milfs control every thougjht and action and business deal and idea and principle of THEIR President, then why didn’t at least ONE of them aske me WHY???

I’m STILL waiting for just ONE PERSON, all the way from here to Ireland, to Russia, to Korea and Japan, and back to Kalifornia, to just ASK:


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African Americans

IQ Determined Exclusively by Genetics
posted 5 am April 10, 2011
It was a local professor here (from Cal State Fullerton) who discovered the remains of 6’5″ Caucasians in the back room of a Chinese museum (the Cherchen man) which got me to believe that what we hear about Chinese bringing us gun powder, the printing press, and the compass, is backwards.  If the dates they believe these Caucasians died are correct, then it was they who brought all of that, plus the Copper Age, to China.

When Whites first occupied Korea, I originally considered it to be a violation of their rights to their own country and civilization and culture.  But now that Korea (100% thanks to occupation and control by Whites) has become an economic powerhouse with an even higher average standard of living than our own, I need to rethink this.  This is mainly because in manufacturing, as in my industry, the semiconductor industry, Japan is two generations ahead of us, but Korea is now another generation ahead of Japan.  Because of the lower IQ’s of Blacks (which are MUCH lower than even Professors Lynn and Rushton estimate), something like this can never happen in any part of Africa (UNLESS it’s done by Whites).  In just the last half century, the health and physical well being and even the height of Koreans has improved dramatically.  They are now almost a foot taller than when Whites first arrived there.  For four thousand years (or to be exact, 4,344 years according to the Korean calendar), Korean kings and foreign invaders (Chinese, Turks, Japanese, etc.) never allowed Korean citizens even enough food to be well nourished.  But WHITES show up, and voila, instant success.  A key to this is that Chung Hee Pak (president for 19 years) and the current Korean president considered Thomas Jefferson to be their favorite person.  They now understand him better than most Americans.

Is this because Whites have higher IQ’s than Koreans (and other East Asians who score MUCH higher on standardized international tests than even this group could ever imagine)?  Probably.  The problem with knowing exactly is that no Asian country has participated in any of the 12th grade standardized tests, so we only know their scores at the 8th grade level (where they are already 105 points or more ahead of the average American).

Within the White Race within the US, there’s a more than 350 point spread in SAT math and verbal scores, with Whites in North Dakota (et. al.) scoring at the top end and Whites in Rhode Island (et. al.) scoring at the low end.  The thing that appears to separate the White Race by this much is religion, with Catholics scoring much lower than Protestants (both within the country, as well as worldwide).

International tests also put Israel, which is about 90% Ashkenazi Jews (and it’s only Ashkenazi Jews, not even Sephardic Jews, much less Muslims or Christians, who take these tests and attend Talmudic schools), closer to Kenya in average IQ than to say Singapore (who scores about 150 points higher than us at the 8th grade level).  I doubt that even ONE Jew of any flavor could have an IQ of 110 (which has been posited here as being the *average* for Ashkenazi Jews).  An even better indicator of the mental state of Jews than IQ tests is their ranking on the World Health Organization’s study of the safest and most dangerous drivers, with Swiss drivers having one fatal accident per 14,476 cars, Israelis having one fatal accident per 418 cars, and Gambia having one fatal accident per 267 cars.  iow, if higher IQ’s produce better roads and drivers, and lower IQ’s produce worse roads and drivers, then Israeli IQ’s produce highways which are 56% less dangerous than Gambia, but thirty five TIMES more dangerous than Switzerland:

1 Eritrea 1/751
2 Cook Islands 1/1782
3 Eqypt 1/269
4 Jamahirya 1/854
5 Afghanistan 1/854
6 Iraq 1/1161
7 Niger 1/133
8 Angola 1/285
9 UAE 1/1661
10 Gambia 1/267

1 Marshall Isl 1/2487
2 San Marino 1/51590
3 Malta 1/25437
4 Uraguay 1/6566
5 Netherlands 1/11205
5 Singapore 1/3978
7 Switzerland 1/14476
7 West Bank 1/418
9 Norway 1/11158
9 Japan 1/13764

Ethiopia 1/100
Canada 1/6945
China 1/1503
Thailand 1/2051
South Africa 1/573
India 1/688
USA 1/5896
Germany 1/11217

Others of Interest
Iceland 1/9777
Mexico 1/1469
Poland 1/3230



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