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Don’t Bet On The Black Guy

Joe Kowalski, American Renaissance, October 2006

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hances are most AR readers did not shell out $50 to watch Oleg Maskaev challenge Hasim Rah�man for the WBC heavyweight boxing championship on August 12th, but the result was instructive from a racial point of view. Mr. Mas�kaev’s knockout victory over Mr. Rahman means that all four heavyweight champions are white men from Eastern Europe. An ethnic Russian born in Kaz�akhstan, Mr. Maskaev joins IBF champion Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine), WBO title holder Sergei Lyakhovich (Belorussia) and WBA champ Nicolay Valuev (Russia) at the top of boxing’s glamour division.

(Unlike most other sports, there is no commission or central authority that regulates boxing. Therefore, four different organizations determine champions and have their own ratings. Occasionally, champions fight each other to “unify” the titles, but usually there are four different champions in each weight class.)

The new champ.

White boxers hold all four championship belts in the light heavyweight (175 lbs.) and super middleweight (168 lbs.) divisions as well. But the American sports media, which is even more politically correct than the news media, does not have much to say about this. Despite their silence, the fact remains: Whites now dominate professional boxing.

In fact, whites have dominated throughout most of boxing history. Even the best black fighters like Jack Johnson, Joe Louis and Ray Robinson met their matches in Jess Willard, Max Schmeling and Joey Maxim. But beginning in the late 1960s, blacks started to rule the sport. While there were always a few white champions in this era (Bobby Czyz, Ray Mancini, Barry McGuigan, Brian Mitchell) none could rise to the level of stars like Muhammad Ali, Marvin Hagler, “Sugar” Ray Leonard or Mike Tyson.

After the fall of communism, this started to change. The Soviet bloc nations used to compete against the US in amateur competitions and often defeated America’s best amateurs. But fighters from Eastern Europe were not allowed to turn professional until the 1990s

In the mid-to-late 1990s, boxers like Darius Michalczewski and Sven Ottke from former communist countries began to shine in their weight classes, but they mostly fought in Europe and did not get exposure on American television.

Mr. Maskaev pounds Mr. Rahman.

In the 2000s, whites really began to show their power. Wladimir Klitschko, the heavyweight gold medal winner in the 1996 Olympics, won his first heavyweight title in 2000. His older brother Vitali became heavyweight champ in 2004 but retired a year later. Welshman Joe Calzaghe is the longest-reigning champion in boxing. He won his WBO super middleweight title in 1997 and has successfully defended it 18 times.

In all, whites hold 14 of the 20 championship belts from the heavyweight to the middleweight divisions. Blacks hold the other six belts in the middle and upper weight classes. Hispanics dom�inate in the lighter weight divisions. Asians hold a few championships at the lower weights. There are fewer whites who compete at the lower weights, but those who do are often successful. The lightest white boxing champion is Wladimir Sidorenko of Ukraine who holds the WBA bantamweight (118 lbs) title.

So who are these white warriors? Most come from eastern Europe, but the two best “pound-for-pound” white boxers—Ricky Hatton (WBA welterweight champ) and Mr. Calzaghe—are from Britain. Other white champions include Mikkel Kessler (Denmark), Tomasz Adamek (Poland), Markus Beyer (Germany), Fabrice Tiozzo (France) and Javier Castillejo (Spain).

There are no current white American champions but that could soon change. Undefeated young contenders like Kelly Pavlik (middleweight) and Jason Litzau (featherweight) will probably get title shots in 2007. The last white American to hold a championship belt was Paul Spadafora, who was lightweight champion in 2003. His reign was cut short by a stint in prison, but Mr. Spadafora is now a free man and plans to take his title back.

White dominance in combat sports is not limited to boxing. In fact, it is even more pronounced in sports like wrestling, where whites routinely rule in every weight class. The immensely popular freestyle fighting sports are also dominated by white men. All the champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are white. Perhaps the most feared fighter in the world is Russian Fedor Emelianenko, who is heavyweight champion in the brutal Pride fighting championships.


Most AR readers are familiar with the work of Prof. Philippe Rushton and others who have described the physiological advantages blacks have in terms of speed and muscle development. The following is from the February 2000 review in AR of Jon Entine’s book Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It:

“What are the physiological correlates of black athletic superiority? Mr. Entine writes that as long ago as 1939, Eleanor Metheny of Iowa State University looked into sports biology and found that blacks had longer arms and legs, a shorter trunk, narrower hips, and heavier bones than whites. Hundreds of studies have since confirmed and supplemented her findings. We now know that West African blacks have more muscle, less fat, hands relatively longer than forearms, and feet relatively longer than lower legs (which are relatively longer than thighs). They have higher serum testosterone levels, which increases muscle mass and aggressiveness . . . . .”

So why are whites successful in sports like boxing, that require so much speed and strength?

Wladimir Klitschko defeats Samuel Peter.

HBO boxing analyst Max Kellerman writes that the best American (he means black) athletes now go into the NFL or NBA. But hasn’t that always been the case? Moreover, don’t the best European athletes go into soccer, hockey or—increasingly—basketball?

Undoubtedly, the solid amateur boxing programs in Eastern Europe help to turn out very good professional fighters. Moreover, life in these formerly communist nations is very hard compared to the US. This perhaps makes boxers from these nations tougher than their American counterparts and gives them a greater desire to win. But nowhere is life harder than in sub-Saharan Africa. And there are almost no great black African fighters.

Whatever the reason, whites are succeeding in a sport that used to be dominated by blacks. This dominance is likely to grow as most of the best young prospects in boxing are also white.

After Mr. Maskaev knocked out Mr. Rahman, one black poster to the Internet boxing site expressed the hope that things would soon be “black to normal” in the heavyweight division. No doubt, many blacks are hoping for a Great Black Hope to challenge the white champions. But for now, gambling men should take this advice when it comes to boxing: Don’t bet on the black guy.

Joe Kowalski writes a monthly column on race and boxing which can be read at

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(Posted on September 19, 2006)


White boys in Russia are not raised to be wimps like the liberal America does to it’s white sons. Blacks in America are raised to hate whitey and try and beat whitey in everything but white boys are taught we are all equal and shouldn’t compete racially. In Russia it is different. They are allowed to be proud of themselves. We are only taught white shame here. I am proud of the Russians and have much respect for them as men. I also will vote for them to retain these titles even if it is against an African American.

Posted by bookerz at 6:36 PM on September 19

The only reason blacks dominated boxing in America from the 60’s on is because whites stopped participating in the sport. Anglo-Saxon Americans stopped boxing in the early 20th Century, then all the champions were Irish. Next, Jews and Italians dominated the sport. Then when there weren’t any whites left taking up the sport, blacks took over.

Posted by Joe at 6:50 PM on September 19

I was expecting this sort of silly article to come up after I heard on another site that whites have,for the time being, got all the heavyweight titles.

So what?

let me break this down:

1: Jack Johnson did NOT meet his match in a white man.
We studied Johnson`s life as the first black heavyweight champion in my classes at Stanford last year and it is proven that he threw his fight against his white opponent in exchange for him to be allowed to come back to America to see his dying mother (He was in exhile in Europe at the time).

Prior to that, he utterly dominated all his white opponents to the point where America tried to find a white to beat him. When they coulnd`t find one they forced him to throw his fight.

2: Wladamir Klitshcko is a steroid inflated joke who was knocked out badly by a black boxer called Lamon Brewster two years ago. He was knocked down three times by Samuel Peter but the white judges gave him the decision.

3: Vitali Klitschko got his behind whipped by Lennox Lewis and ONLY got a title because Lewis retired and vacated it.

4: Ask any boxing fan and they will tell you that Joe Calzaghe is a joke as is the WBO title. He only fights safe white opponents in the UK and is a laughing stock in boxing circles.

5: Ultimate fighting is NOT a sport. It is a savage bar fight where fighters can bite, gouge and groin strike.
Bragging about being the best at that garbage is like bragging about being the toughest guy in you neighbourhood.

6: “So why are whites so successful in sports like that require so much speed and strength.”
Excuse me? Apart from now, an era that suffers from a lack of good black fighters, when have white succeeded at boxing? Remember Duane Bobick? Gerry Cooney? Tommy Morrison?

Also if whites excell so much in sports that require speed and strength then why are their numbers so low in the NFL?

As I said this article reeks of insecurity,desperation and stupidity. Stupidity in that you rejoyce over the champions being white despite the fact that all of them are Slavic and Slavs are not white!

Haha! Don`t you just love facts that aren`t skewered to fit your racist outlook on life?

Posted by la rhonda at 7:38 PM on September 19

I don’t follow boxing although I used to box in school. I came to think of it as a black sport with Fraser and Mohamed Ali, etc. It is interesting that the predominance of whites now in the sport has not been reported in the news media. I am not at all surprised but it is nice to know that a sport that used to be ruled by Italian-Americans is now once more dominated by europeans.

Posted by Aristotle at 7:41 PM on September 19

This is a TEMPORARY SITUATION. Before long, a black man will be the heavyweight champ and will dominate the sport as before.

Posted by Luther at 9:14 PM on September 19

Holyfield was on Cavuto the other day. Cavuto showed open contempt for the state of boxing today, obviously equating the lack of black superstars with a decline in overall boxing talent (much like Bryant Gumble suggested Winter Olympians were not the best in the world because there were not enough Africans among them).

No doubt, Cavuto is waiting for Holyfield to tear up the ranks and de-throne these opportunistic no-talent pigs.

Does this mean that the movie “The Great White Hype” was not based in reality?

Posted by Patrick at 9:31 PM on September 19

I do not agree with the author. Most of todays champions are vastly inferior to black boxers like Ali, Fraizer, Foreman, Tyson at his prime, Lewis etc. I dont know why quality has been diminishing(boxing seems to be losing popularity compared to its heyday). I can tell you for sure that todays black boxers are nothing compared to earlier greats. Its not surprising that whites are beating them.

Blacks are superior at boxing in general but inferior in other combat sports like the UFC due to their low intelligence. These sports require quick thinking and grappling skills.

Posted by at 9:41 PM on September 19

Don’t forget the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Rocky Marciano - an Italian-American! The only heavyweight champ to retire undefeated (49-0). He knocked out many all-time greats like Joe Louis, Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles and Jersey Joe Walcott. No one hit like the Rock!

Posted by Bernie at 9:45 PM on September 19

I am a hugh UFC fan. And one of the reasons is because Whites do dominate in Mixed Martial Arts(MMA). And I think one of the reasons they do do so well is because MMA takes knowledge and skill in multiple disciplines (striking with fists, legs, feet, knees and elbows; takedowns; and submissions/wrestling). Blacks in sports seem to be only one-trick-ponies. They are good at specializing but not good at multi-skills. They make good wide receivers, runningbacks, defensive backs, etc. But for something with multi- skills like quarterbacking (thinking, reading complex defenses, checking off down field, etc) they do not do so well. As for Whites doing well in boxing again the article is correct in pointing out that Russians and eastern Europeans are doing well is beacuse they are not soft like White middle-class Americans. But I also think it has been learned that strength and brutishness can be overcome by speed, accurracy, and strategy. These are the things Whites do better in, particularily in strategy (thinking).

Posted by Chester Gilbertson at 10:18 PM on September 19

Blacks so-called “domination” of sports is ending. The hispanics are the better boxers in the lower weights and the Eastern Euros control the heavies. Blacks are no longer the dominate force in basketball. Black professionals from America are increasingly losing to other countries with white players (white players play as a team as opposed to the me first showboating of black players). You see more and more eastern euros playing US pro basketball too. Pro baseball has very few blacks playing now. The fact of the matter is the whole “Blacks Dominate Sports” was never true. They may have dominated a couple like American Football and basketball, but the world doesn’t play American style football and the rest of the world has caught up in basketball. You have a whole sporting event called the “Winter Olympics” in which you don’t see a black face at all or very rarely, that goes the same for hockey, probably the toughest sport of all requiring the most skill. Black sports domination was a myth.

Posted by ProudInfidel at 10:43 PM on September 19

Who says blacks are stronger than whites….that is absolute garbage. Most of the world’s professional strong men are white and the best power lifters are white. Maybe blacks are faster but that is probably because they are always running from something. I am a big boxing fan and can tell you that eastern european men are the only true white men left….they are tough, intelligent and believe in their race and people….American whites are sensitive whimps who don’t belong in the boxing ring. The article forgot to mention jake lamotta….a true warrior who had ring wars with the greatest black boxer ever…..Ray Robinson…..Lamotta was a real man worthy of respect….white people just don’t breed them like that anymore. Lastly there are plenty of good white fighters who win their fights through intelligence, black fighters rely too much on speed, one punch knockouts and totally neglect body shots.

Posted by Paulo at 10:51 PM on September 19

Boxing is not like any other sport. It takes a hunger born of hard times and a killer instinct born of having to fight to survive. The Russians and others from the former Soviet union definitely have that. The economy over there is screwed the opportunity for self improvemnt with a regular job is screwed. Boxing is to them what it used to be to black americans—-YOu mean all I have to do is knock this guy out and you will pay me a huge salary, sign me up. Strenth of mind as well as body makes boxing what it is. You do notice that there are very few AMERICAN Caucasians making any noise in the sport there is a reason for that. Also correctly stated in the article the larger black Americans play other sports that are safer and pay more through longevity of ones career. The champ makes the big dollars in Boxing and everyone else kind of ekes out a living. In football you get paid at least a league minimum of $325,000 a year even if you barely made the team. Check basketball out also its not white americans who are making noise its the European whites. IT takes will of mind as well as physical talent this generation just doesnt have it. Larry Byrd, Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale, John Stockton and many other old schoolers have no one following in their footsteps. Just my two cents

Posted by Nat Turner at 11:04 PM on September 19

Let’s not forget Eastern European dominance in strength sports like, world’s Strongest man and Olympic weightlifting.

Posted by amstyle at 11:54 PM on September 19

Like Dinesh Dsouza has indeed is true that the reason White Americans do not compete in boxing is of a cultural flight.

that said I still do believe Blacks are better while Whites have higher IQs.

Posted by at 12:13 AM on September 20

In American boxing history, there was a time when the irish dominated the ring, later it was the italians, and later it was the blacks. Believe it or not there were even a few good jewish boxers. Sociology books explain it in terms of new immigrant groups, lacking other opportunities, tend to focus on and excel in fields where skill is most easily demonstrable, i.e. sports. Put a white guy and a black guy in a suit and tie, call them lawyers and no one is going to bet on the black guys skills. The “problem” though is that the irish and the italians eventually gained acceptance in America, but blacks still underperform like that newly-arrived immigrant group, even after they’ve been given other opportunities. If the Russians are beating the blacks out of centerstage boxing, it probably has alot to do with the socioeconomical condition of Russia and eastern europe. Russians today, like the early irish, don’t have a whole lot of opportunities, and if everything does eventually get “black to normal”, it will no doubt only be because things got better in Russia and beating the living snot out of each other became a less attractive career choice.

Posted by Diaxis at 12:19 AM on September 20

The author is right: there is an amazing media “blackout”
about this. The powers that be obviously want an emasculated

White Population. I can’t think of any other reason why this is

happening. It is certainly news worthy. In fact, it would be of

tremendous interest. It would be inspiring to Whites who are bo-

ing fans and young men in general, bringing many new fans to the

sport. And this they can’t have. White Men must be demoralized

and that’s that.

Posted by Lugh at 12:27 AM on September 20

Many of the whites in Europe have been able to avoid the constant media bombardment that intentionally seeks to make whites cowards, wimps, non-competitors. It also helps that some of the anti-white groups of people controlling boxing over the last 50 to 60 years have lost some of their hold on the sport, thus allowing promising whites to get ahead. For decades we’ve heard about how blacks were held back, but the truth is, since at least the mid 60’s, truly promising whites were kept away or had their chances derailed. Instead, frauds like Ali were promoted. Ali, a fraud? Yes, look at tapes of his old fights. So many bad decisions, ‘phantom’ punches, etc. He was a tool.

Whites have been dominating NHB (no holds barred) fighting since its inception. The powers that be are desperately trying to stack that sport to have some black champions. They will try to get things ‘black to normal’ by fixing fights in boxing and NHB if all else fails. Can’t let whites get the wrong ideas of course.

Posted by Not surprised at 1:39 AM on September 20

I used to follow the exploits of Cassius Clay/ Muhammed Ali back in the day, while I am sure deep down he probably hated us, he was a master of the sport. Ali had the amazing ability to slip a punch and he surely livened things up in the 60’s and early 70’s.I havn’t followed boxing in years for obvious reasons but this news article has made my day. I am a complete cynic when it comes to our vaunted drive by media and this confirms why I have not heard a thing about boxing on T.V. in years. Rest assured, if blacks held all four titles by beating those eastern Europeans it would have been hailed by the PC media sports fakes as the second coming.

Posted by macGrath at 3:20 AM on September 20

Boxing is a poor man’s sport,but their are exceptions Johanson from Sweden where boxing was outlawed was the last undisputed white man to hold the heavyweight title.Max Schmeling was smart as was Gene Tunney,and one of the Klischo brothers has a PhD,and most UFC champs are white and have Master degrees. White Americans can be great boxers even if they come from great neighborhoods. They just don’t want to get beat up, but Hispanics and white men from mainly East Europe who live in proverty will take up boxing. Maybe one of the best from Hungary Lazzo Papp 3 Olympic gold meadals never lost a pro or Amateur fight, he was gonna fight for middleweight title but Hungary said no. I agree with Joe a lot of white Americans stoped participating in the sport. Joe Louis mainly fought white guys, and so did Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, but Tyson only a couple the last one he lost he quit and retired a clown who blew 300 millon dollars. White people because of the media are not good because they are slow and not strong and have no reach etc, but white boxers have on avg stronger chest some like Jack Dempsey was cat quick he also had a 135 mph punch Rocky Marciano had hitting power to lift 1000 lbs a foot off the ground, also quick Billy Conn almost a middleweight the 1st time he fought Louis should of won but went toe to toe and almost still won but was KO in 13th round. The great Joe Louis was knockdown or KO by whitemen Rocky Marciano, James Braddock, Tony Galento, Buddy Baer, and Max Schmeling who lived longer than any heavyweight champ and was not punchdrunk after 60 some fights like Joe Louis was, plus Bob Pastor, Tommy Farr, and a couple of others went the distance with him and many went 10 rounds or more maybe it was not a good idea fighting all these white bums they made him punchdrunk. Muhammad Ali who says he is the greatest Henry Cooper hit him silly saved by bell Chuck Wepner knock him down and Kent Green as a Amatuer KO him,but the media never metions it.A lot of blacks did not fight the best white boxers because of the iron curtain but it looks like they are making up for lost time with championships,can the media say he’s the next great Black Hope.They say Sugar Ray Robinson was the best he lost 17 times and guess what 15 times was to a whiteman.

Posted by craig at 4:30 AM on September 20

Generally speaking, blacks have dominated sports such as football, boxing, or basketball recently, because the elements found in those sports have been more appealing to them. Though some people have written books about genetic dispositions, that’s still a controversial topic. Besides exceptions like the Williams sisters and Tiger Woods, who’s half Asian, I don’t foresee such additional daedal sports (swimming, cricket, figure skating, martial arts, gymnastics, and so on) gaining a footing in inner city ghettos or barrios.

Posted by Proud Christian American Republican female at 4:56 AM on September 20

While it true that some Africans are good at sport…fact is that it is only a myth. White Europeans are equally good and infact better in many of them. Italy won the world cup in football..(many Indians like me are not different in looks to Italians)!

Posted by Harjaspal Singh Goraya at 5:24 AM on September 20

Elsewhere on AMREN I have already posted a genetic explanation of racial differences in sports performance, but from some unknown reason, it wasn’t published. It is quite well known that black people coming from West Africa have an advantage over all other humans in their extreme anaerobic physiology suited for sprinting and jumping. Higher percentage of fast-twitch fibers in thighs, higher activity of key anaerobic enzymes involved in muscular work of short duration, more developed thighs and buttocks, longer legs with longer stride, long, thin calves with minimal inertia, narrower hips inhibiting the side rotation of pelvis during fast running.

It is true that in general, they have somewhat more muscle than whites (at least whites of Germanic origin), but the muscle is differently distributed - more on limbs, less on the trunk. They also have longer limbs with longer levers and the advantage of bigger muscle mass thus entirely disappears. If you look at the list of most successful powerlifters or weightlifters, the vast majority comes from Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Finland…). These people are descendants of former mammoth hunters from paleolithic Ukraine, who later populated North-East Europe and partly Scandinavia. Recently (as Slavs) they also expanded into Central and South-Easdt Europe. Due to the combination of harsh climate with sufficient food supply, after the last Ice Age they emerge as tall, robust people, while West Europeans mostly starved, blocked by ice in Spain and south-western France, and their height was about 10 cm (4 inches) lower. This is also almost exactly the current difference in height between Spaniards/Portuguese and Scandinavians/Baltic nations.

Scandinavians, the core of current Anglo-Saxon nations, are in fact composite people, who came into being as a mixture of all paleolithic Europeans. They are very tall, but somewhat more slender than Eastern Europeans.

There exist very little research concerning racial/ethnic differences in strength. But from the known data, we can assume that it’s the more developed trunk muscle together with shorter limbs that gives whites an advantage over all other humans in strength. Yet… there is one exception: the Polynesians. They are actually by far the most muscular people in the world. The difference in muscularity between an average Polynesian and an Englishman/white American is almost the same like between a Caucasian and a slim Ethiopian. But we are lucky, because they don’t number more than 1 million and due to intense mixture with whites, this physical type probably won’t survive too long.

By the way, the same difference in muscle fiber composition that exists in West Africans may exist in Europeans, but only in different muscle groups: it is known that triceps brachii of whites contains about 70% fast-twitch muscle fibers - an unusually high percentage when compared with other large muscle groups. Hence it is possible that the same advantage that West Africans posess in sprinting is present in whites regarding throwing. But at first, someone would have to compare racial differences in this area - which probably won’t be done in the near future.

P. S.: Black will again dominate boxing one day, when the economy of East European countries improve and there will be no people willing to smash up their face in the ring.

Posted by Cart at 8:34 AM on September 20

This is an object lesson in decadence. My father once told me that as whites ceased to do manual labor, they became soft. He said he remembered a time when the streets were full of white toughs. They’re gone now. You see them mainly in the gym or on football teams, otherwise, they are absent in American life. Probably by design. If times get tougher, so will whites in America. Otherwise, we have to look elsewhere for our champions. Our hats are off to the great Slavic boxers! Long may they reign!

Posted by Xenophon at 8:51 AM on September 20

Something called “Eastside Boxing” says that the black champion Jack Johnson was “over the hill” when Jess Willard knocked him out midway in a scheduled 45 (!) round bout. A little research showed me that Johnson was only about 37 and Willard was 34 when the fight occured—some “over the hill”! Another site noted the speculation at the time that Johnson “took a fall”, which is now widely disbelieved.

So the whining and the excuse-making was going on even back then—Genetic Crybabies and the White Liberals Who Empower Them!

Jess Willard was an Aryan giant, a gentle man who really did not like fighting and who was troubled by the fact that he had actually killed another boxer with one of his punches.

Posted by Jim E. at 9:10 AM on September 20

The rabid anti-white racist machinations of Marxist culturalism encompassing white guilt as a tool of suppression, currently enshrined in Western law against indigenous white races, is not permitted to infect East European societies - at least not at the moment.

This goes a long way in explaining the uninhibited ability of East Europeans to excel in sport and a good many other walks of like as well.

Posted by A Swain at 11:32 AM on September 20

Ditto what bookerz said. I hope those East Europeans can get their birth rate back up because it’s looking more and more that they are the last hope for white people.

Posted by Jewamongyou at 11:44 AM on September 20

It is nice to see articles that challenge the racism against white athletes. People would be surprised to look at the local high school football standings in their area and note that white schools often do very well. Unfortunately, the black schools no matter how they do in open competition often send far more students into division 1 football with scholarships. This begs the question why are fewer students from winning white programs sending kids to the next level when black schools with losing records supply almost all of division 1 football and thus pro football later on.

Posted by at 12:09 PM on September 20

It is a wonder that European national teams, including that of Lithuania (population 3.7 million), are defeating the American national teams. Part of it is that international rules favor teamwork, shooting and running plays rather than the muscling of opponents and isolation plays that the American basketball rules allow. Fouls are called when they are committed in international games. Perhaps the American rules ought to be changed to be more in line with international rules.

Interestingly, the two best college basketball players last year were Duke’s Reddick and Gonzaga’s Morrison. They are white. The best freshman in the country was Hansborough of North Carolina, who is also white. Shows how dedicated whites can play the “black man’s game” at a high level.

Posted by Jack Aubrey at 1:02 PM on September 20

I don’t follow boxing, never have. Oh I remember Ali and even before he was Ali and when he went to jail for refusing to go to Vietnam. Who doesn’t know about Mike Tyson? What a joke he is? And after his bout with, God I can’t even think of the guy’s name, the one where he bit the guy’s ear off, he is even more of a joke. It was expecially funny to watch him cry about losing and having so many kids to support. My husband had rented that fight on one of those sports paystations.

Anyway, like I said I never followed boxing. I remember my granddad used to watch it and wrestling in the 60’s when I was a kid but that’s the extent.

I asked my husband once, how come there weren’t more white boxers. Surely there has to be some white guys out there who could stand up to Tyson or the others. And he said that there probably were but that nobody would promote them.

I guess boxing is the same as all of the other sports. I remember professional basketball when I was a kid too, my Dad and older sister loved it but I remember that there were a lot of white players and now today, you’d be hard pressed to find even 2 white guys on the Court.

You can’t tell me that there aren’t really good white boys coming out of college who could compete with the likes of Michael Jordan or others.

Or is this just another example of promoting ONLY black and nothing but black.

Posted by Gayle at 3:10 PM on September 20

And although I am not a boxing fan, I am glad to see these European guys who just might have a shot. Who cares if they aren’t American.

Wouldn’t that be awesome. I could become fan if that happens.

Posted by Gayle at 3:11 PM on September 20

Boxing should be banned. It is more of a spectacle than a sport. In this day and age of CAT scans and MRI’s, it is no secreat the brain damage that occurs with repeated blows to the head. R.E. Muhammad Alli, Jerry Quarry, and Bobby Chicon to name a few.

PS, I used to be a rabid boxing fan in the 70’s and 80’s.

Posted by c at 3:26 PM on September 20

I ASK YOU people one thing..

give a 5 yr old black boy & a white boy a pair of boxing gloves, a tennis raquet, ice skates, or soccer boots…who do you think will win. duh…the black boy ofcourse.

Blacks are better at sports and absolutely nothing will ever convince me otherwise. NOTHING

ofcourse the mods wont post this…LOL

Posted by Black Pride at 3:29 PM on September 20

Craig hit the nail on the head; boxing is a poor man’s sport; this is why it held so much appeal for Irish, then blacks and Hispanics, especially Cubans, and now Eastern Europeans.

Ultimate Fighting is a bit rougher than boxing. What of it, La Rhonda? It’s still a sport, although certainly a closer approximation to real fighting. Roman boxing involved the use of spiked gloves called “cesti” and the only rule was “no eye-gouging.” One could make a case that modern boxing is merely a game intended to superficially resemble real fighting. Who was it who said “There are only three sports: mountain-climbing, big-game hunting, and racing. Anything else is just a game”?

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 4:01 PM on September 20

My first thought as to why blacks are not into boxing these days, is perhaps because the professional basketball and football outfits offer them a much sweeter deal. That’s where they get the most attention, the millions, and the women. Every news cast I watch has a run down of basketball and football exploits, and I never hear about boxing.

In addition, the gansta’ rappers wear sports shoes, and jerseys with their favorite professional basketball players number. Of course, the advertising moguls, and gansta’ rappers have the black public (and unfortunately, white youth) in their clutches. It’s all about image and money. If gansta’ rappers start wearing shiny boxer shorts, then black youths will wear shiny boxer shorts, and boxing will be all the rage again.

Posted by Lily White at 4:04 PM on September 20

The drivel that the “drive-by poster” put on concerning Jack Johnson and Jess Willard was laughable. Of course Willard beat Johnson — albeit when Johnson had some age and too much “good living” with his various white women on him.

It is interesting, is it not, how the news media, which beat all of us over the head with Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, et al, for years, suddenly ignores professional boxing almost completely? Of course it’s because there are lots of white champs! We Caucasians can’t be allowed easy access to anything that might cause us to have pride in our race! It’s the same reason that so many TV commercials nowadays depict white guys as balding, soft, wimpy doofuses.

If any of you AmRen posters are interested in finding out what white athletes are doing in collee and professional sports nowadays, I recommend The site has some fine stories and photos on the four Caucasian heavyweight champs.

Posted by Old Corporal at 4:11 PM on September 20

As for basketball and “European national teams”, don’t forget that some European nations are considerably taller than Americans (both black and white) and they can find relatively more basketball talents despite their small population. There exist two basic nucleuses of height in Europe: West Balkan mountains and Scandinavia+ajacent coast.

Today’s young inhabitants of the Dinaric Alps (Bosnians, Dalmatians, Monte Negrins) are about 186 cm (6’1) tall and approximately 28% are taller than 190 cm (6’3). At the same time, black and white Americans are only 177-178 cm tall and less than 5% (black or white) reach 190 cm or more. This means that a basketball height potential of, say, 10 million people around the Dinaric Alps is comparable to cca 100 million white Americans (if only 2,5% reach 190 cm or more; in fact, it may be even less). This is the reason why former Yougoslavians produce so many sports talents in sports like basketball, handball or volleyball.

Most Scandinavians measure 178 cm (5’10) or more - Dutchmen average 184 cm (6’0), Lithuanians over 181 cm (5’11). Again, that’s huge potential of a small country.

Posted by Cart at 5:57 PM on September 20

Black’s dominance in basketball is mostly due to the fact that even now, virtually every black player in the NBA grew up with a well stocked fridge, courtesy of food stamps, and spent all day shootin’ hoops in the hood.
Everyone has one life to live. Being more pragmatic, more whites than blacks will decide to forego sports for academic, and therefore more likely financially rewarding pursuits.

Being less pragmatic, more blacks will focus on the potential of overnight success in the form of a pro sports contract. Of course the vast majority of them will fail. Even with someone doing all your homework, you still can’t hide being arrested. Even if they manage to stay out of trouble, there are far too few openings in pro sports to accomodate all the aspiring superstars, so most will end up like Maurice Clarett, or (maybe)have to go back to school and finish their B.A. and try not to be TOO bitter at the world.

Anyway, I love hockey, and don’t see too many brothers mixing it up out there either. Whassa matter? Ice too cold? Or maybe too hard? We all know it’s because they all diss the sport because it’s too white, like motorsports. Fine by me.

Posted by Mark E at 6:16 PM on September 20

“People would be surprised to look at the local high school football standings in their area and note that white schools often do very well.”

‘White’ schools often do quite well playing against ‘black’ schools, in part, because, for whatever reasons, black kids sometimes let them win.

Posted by LHathaway at 6:23 PM on September 20

Larhonda, Again you speak about something you know nothing about. Joe Calzaghe just beat the next big thing in boxing, the black boxer Jeff Lacy, senseless in a one sided 12 round bout. If I remember correctly all three judges gave Calzaghe EVERY round on the score cards. Ultimate fighting has not allowed groin strikes, head butting or eye gouging in over 8 years and is now sanctioned by the Nevada athletic commision. As far as ALI goes, he was allowed time and again to hold and clinch and pull out a win by running around the ring like a track star. In his fight against Englands Henry Cooper he was knocked senseless in one of the middle rounds and saved by the bell. Ali still had not recovered from the blow when the bell rang for the next round so Ali’s trainer, Angelo Dundee, cut Ali’s glove to give him more time to recover and ultimately win the fight.

Posted by Dan at 7:48 PM on September 20

This is a most interesting and indeed important topic for scientific, socio-cultural, and psychological reasons. This article demonstrates why I, among others, question the validity of previous scientific studies on the supposed physiological advantages blacks have in terms of speed and muscle development over whites.

I do not question the previous findings of scientists such as Prof. Rushton or Eleanor Metheny with regard to THEIR physiological test results on differences of muscle and speed development between blacks and whites. What I DO question is their sampling methods. In other words, what test results would be expected if a sample of 100 modern-day whites, with their highly sedentary lifestyles, were compared to 100 modern-day West African blacks with highly non-sedentary lifestyles? The results would be obvious — the blacks would be considered much better physical specimens than the whites. The results, though factual and accurate for the particular sample used in the experiment, would, however, be completely unreliable for making conclusions applied to entire races of people. Unfortunately, I think this was unintentionally done and has had a lasting impact on the minds of most people.

Some of their findings such as bone structures, length of limbs, and so on could be considered as highly accurate because these physiological traits are less prone to variation regardless of lifestyle. However, muscle mass, muscle-twitch speed, hand-eye coordination and so on are in fact highly variable with lifestyle. Meaning they can be developed to a high degree by personal effort. It is these areas of previous studies that I question and are very sample-selection dependent. These areas are also the ones heavily involved in sports of all kinds.

Have we forgotten the world champion Boston Celtics basketball team composed of Larry Bird, Danny Ainge, and Kevin McHale, all white, who defeated the all black L.A. Lakers in 1983-1984? How could this be if black superiority in sports, especially basketball, is a given fact?

Did you know that the world’s strongest man, determined by the amount of weight lifted in various ways and positions, have almost continuously been exclusively white men, defeating all black competitors? The current world champion is Mariusz Pudzianoski from Poland. To have a look at this brute, see:

Now how is this possible with all those supposedly superior black athletes?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most perfectly developed man (based on muscle size, shape, and symmetry) on earth. He won the Mr. Olympia contest 7 times consecutively, defeating all blacks he competed against. His record was later broken by Lee Haney, who is black, and who won 8 times. Experts agree however that if Arnold had not voluntarily retired from the sport, he could have won at least 3 more times and that his calf muscles were always better developed than Lee Haney’s. Meaning that in a direct competition between the two men, Arnold would have defeated Lee and retained the title as the world’s most perfectly developed man.

The boxer Joe Louis, whom many sports analysts consider the best over-all boxer of all time, was beaten senseless, collapsing to the floor in the 12th round, by Max Schmeling in 1936. How could that have happened?

Conversely, the black golfer Tiger Woods, is currently considered the best golfer in the world and is often pointed to by the misguided Steve Sailor and others as further “proof” of black superiority in sports. The insinuation here is that blacks would dominate EVERY sport if only they had an interest in that particular sport and would compete in it. What they don’t tell you about Tiger Woods is however very instructive. He is in fact quite unique in the sport of golf. They are correct about that. But not because he is a black champion in a white dominated sport. No, what makes Tiger Woods unique is the fact that he has been playing golf regularly SINCE HE WAS FIVE YEARS OLD. Something no other golfer, black or white, that I am aware of can claim. The marvel is that ANYONE with that much experience and continuous training from such an early age on would lose matches at all! THAT is the reason for his success as a golfer. NOT because he has the supposed “black physical superiority” over whites.

I could go on with more examples, but suffice it to say there is something definitely wrong with the proposal, long assumed to be fact, that blacks are better athletes than whites. I firmly believe this is false and has resulted in very negative psychological consequences on most whites in America and Western Europe. Consequences which I suspect have led many would-be white athletes in America from even trying to compete with blacks in various sports. Consequences that I believe have led to sports coaches not even considering white athletes for certain sports and an automatic assumption by the coaches that the black athlete is to be preferred (to be fair to Steve Sailor, he has noted this phenomenon himself).

I believe that white athletes from the Eastern parts of Europe who have not been exposed to the continuous, media-hyped, psychological propaganda explains their success against black competitors in all kinds of sports. The televised media, often state-controlled, in Eastern Europe is very different than what we have in the West. As a result of this, the Eastern Europeans just don’t seem to realize that they have no chance against the “superior” black athlete. The old adage that if you truly believe you can’t do something, you can’t, seems to explain much of what is at work here. If you have been convinced that you just can’t do math, what are the odds that you will even try hard enough to find out?

Hopefully, American athletes will begin to gain a psychological boost from seeing more white champions and begin to apply themselves more fully against the black athlete. When, and if, this happens we should begin to see a much clearer picture on the true nature of sports competition. That the combination of continuous training with proper nutrition along with the all-important belief that you CAN win will produce many more white champions. With our media being what it is, this will no doubt be difficult since the stereotype of the black male, constantly portrayed as a specimen of unmatched masculinity and power, to be desired by all females, will take time to dispel.

Posted by Dr. Zirus at 8:38 PM on September 20

Looks like black heavyweights are as big a joke as black quarterbacks.

To those who say blacks are going to soon rule the heavyweight division again, I have one question. Where are these guys coming from? It won’t be Calvin Brock or Shannon Briggs. It certainly won’t be Monte Barrett or James Toney. Rahman and Byrd are retreads. Lamon Brewster is the best black heavyweight but he would likely be stopped by Wlad or Lyakhovich in a rematch. So where are these great black fighters coming from?

Posted by bunnyman at 8:53 PM on September 20

Blacks will still be back on top again before long!!!

Posted by Melvin at 9:43 PM on September 20

“As I said this article reeks of insecurity,desperation and stupidity. Stupidity in that you rejoyce over the champions being white despite the fact that all of them are Slavic and Slavs are not white!

Haha! Don`t you just love facts that aren`t skewered to fit your racist outlook on life?” -la rhonda

OMG! It never ceases to amaze me that someone can be so jealous/envious they will start to claim successful whites are not whites at all. Amazing! Isn’t it funny the government dosnt have any problem classifying Slavs as white?
I guess only blacks steeped in pseudo-academics such as Black-studies are capable of perceiving eastern Europeans/Slavs are not white.

Posted by at 9:43 PM on September 20

La Ronda,

First of all, I wont disparage black athletes. I think blaciks have excelled at many sports based on merit and that is fine.

But you are wrong about UFC fighting. While it appears brutal, it is a sport and it is not as barbaric as you assert. The fighters are highly skilled martial artists. The worst injury reported resulting from all the fights was a broken arm. They are also highly paid, which in turn draws in the best. The champions are making more money than professional boxers and they train just as vigorously. There are also rules, just as in boxing, no gouging open wounds, no poking in the eyes or hitting the groin, etc.. and there is a ref to stop the fight when it has become decisive.

Posted by at 10:08 PM on September 20

La Rhonda

Your post reveals your total ignorance and I found your post more amusing than anything else.

To begin with I am a big fan of Ultimate Fighting and Pride Fighting in Japan so I know more than you do. You are just so ignorant it is not even funny. For your information there are rules in mixed martial arts, you cannot do anything that you said is legal. You cannot eye gouge, bite, or attack the groin. Although you can kick a downed opponent in the legs you cannot kick a downed opponent in the head.

You call ultimate fighting garbage and savagery but it is not because there are rules and regulations. If you want garbage and savagery just listen to some rap music, that is true garbage. Unlike many black boxers who have criminal records, are bad role models, and are generally just punks; you will not find any white mma fighters with criminal records. The few blacks that are prominent in the sport seem to go for all of that ghetto culture stuff, and that is true garbage and savagery.

The main reason I think you do not approve of mma is because it is by and large dominated by a bunch of white boys who regularly defeat so many of those supposedly superior black guys and you cannot stand it. I actually believe that if blacks did dominate it then it would receive alot more press coverage, but the liberal media, just like you, cannot stand to see a white man beat a black man which is why it does not get any mainstream coverage, and if it does it is always negative.

The only thing about your ignorance that infuriates me is that you said that slavs are not white. Let me educate you, slavic people, just like germanic, celtic, italic, hellenic, or even iranic people all belong to the same ethnic racial category and that is called indo european. Why don’t you go to some slavic countries and try to tell them that they are not white. Furthermore, I am partly slavic and my slavic ancestors were blue eyed blonds just like me, and they were most definately white.

Before you come onto this site and spew out your anti white garbage falsehoods you should etleast try to get your facts straight and appear to know what you are talking about.

Posted by Billy Bob at 10:44 PM on September 20