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The following information on the anti-Christian, unconstitutional, anti-First Amendment Rights activities of government, corporate, legal, and educational organizations is provided as a public service to make all Americans aware of the pervasiveness and danger of decisions made by incompetent employees who forced those organizations to hire and promote them under affirmative action

To add organizations to this Boycott!! please contact us

Once we see black, we NEVER go back!


1.    For being the most flagrant censors on the internet, Yahoo will forever remain on the top of this boycott.

2.    For dishonor on the internet, Easyspace will forever remain on this boycott list.

3.    For being first to outlaw Easter, and instead honor known plagiarist, LIAR, communist, and criminal, Martin Luther King, Hewlett Packard will forever remain at the top of this list.

4.    For promoting sodomy, Starbucks is perpetually boycotted.

5.    For fraudulently looting $26,000 out of an old man's bank account, Bank of America will forever remain at the top of this list.

6.    For refusing to consider the effect on children of pornographic magazines staring them in the face at checkout counters, Safeway is being boycotted!!

7.    For their smear campaign of men, Phillip Morris is being boycotted!!

8.    For their blasphemy against the Catholic Church, Viacom is being boycotted!!

9.    For blasphemy against Christians and Christianity around the world, Disney is being boycotted!!

10. For claiming that pride in the White Race is "racism", and discriminating against" veterans, Target Stores are being boycotted!!

11. For cramming sodomy down their employees' throats, Kodak is being boycotted!!

12. For refusing to sell computers to constitutionally protected gun owners, Dell Computers is being boycotted.

13. For operating spyware from Israel and banning Christian forums, Paltalk is being boycotted.

14. For promoting miscegenation, sexual promiscuity, divorce, and a "battle between the sexes", MSN is being boycotted.

15. For chronic, anti-boy bias by America's public schools, until banned, will forever remain on this list.

16. For radical, hateful racism, the Orange County Register is boycotted until they cease and desist from their racist practices.

17. For their anti-White, racist commercials, Fedex is permanently boycotted.

18. For just acting like despicable jews, AOL will forever remain on this boycott list.

19. For double-crossing honest Americans, the Red Cross will forever remain on this boycott list.

20. For promoting legalized sodomy, Allstate Insurance will forever remain on this boycott list.

21. For promoting sodomy, Ford will ALWAYS remain on this boycott list.

22.  For promoting Hate Against MINUTEMEN, jew controlled NBC will always be boycotted.

23.  For censorship of political speech, precisely that our Founding Fathers spilt BLOOD to protect, Windstream is PERMANENTLY boycotted.

24.  CVS for promoting miscegenation in violation of the LAW of God!


Additional boycotts for us to consider:

Boycott Major Supporters of Zionism

There is something you can do to show solidarity with the Muslim Ummah.

Zionism = Racism


McDonalds' CEO is an honorary director of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is a major corporate partner of the Jewish United Fund and the Jewish Federation. The Jewish United Fund works to maintain American military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel; monitors and responds to media coverage of Israel.


Millennium Exhibition at Epcot Center in Florida depicted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Of the 8 million dollars used to set up the exhibit, Israel contributed 1.8 million and worked with Disney to develop its content.

Zionism = Apartheid


Chairman, Howard Shultz, is a major supporter of Israel. He has been honored for services to the zionist state. In 1998, he was honored with the "Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award" for his services.

Coca Cola

Staunch supporter of Israel since 1966. Hosted the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Eagle Star Awards Gala. It's scheduled to build a plant on stolen Palestinian land.

Zionism = Oppression

Home Depot

Founder and Co-Chairman of the Board, is on the board of EMET, the pro Israel media "war room" whose function is to ensure all media in the US stays biased toward Israel.

Estee Lauder

Chairman, Ron Lauder is the president of the Jewish National Fund whose main purpose is to legitimize the occupation of Palestine.

Zionism = Systematic Genocide

Sara Lee

Sara Lee has a 30% share in Delta Galil, an Israeli textile company that has been cited by Sweatshop Watch for grossly violating Palestinian human rights.


Timberland CEO, Jeffrey Swartz suggested sending 100 IDF thugs to the US for a week as ambassadors for Israel. He felt Israel's message was not reaching the US public.

Zionism is the root cause of the continuous state of war and unrest in the Middle East.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and personal security. As of January 2004, the Palestinian child rights organization Defense for Children International/Palestine Section (DCI/PS) has documented the deaths of over 500 Palestinian children (under 18). These deaths are the result of Israeli occupation policies implemented in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip since September 2000. DCI/PS reports that an estimated 10,000 children have been wounded during that period.

The majority of these children have been killed or injured while going about normal daily activities, such as going to school, playing, shopping, or simply being in their homes. Sixty-four percent of children killed during the first six months of 2003 died as a result of Israeli air and ground attacks, or from indiscriminate fire from Israeli soldiers.

For the past 36 years, each generation of Palestinian children has grown up under Israeli occupation. The occupation not only impacts their immediate physical integrity and mental health, but also has a profound impact on their future. At present, childern live in an environment of extreme instability and are exposed to violence on a daily basis. Vital factors necessary for their healthy development, including stability, security, recreation, and sound nutrition is frequently lacking.

Israel has failed to comply with over 60 UN resolutions with impugnity. It regularly uses WMD against a largely defenseless Palestinian population; it is in illegal occupation of territory assigned to the Palestinian people, extending its illegal colonies all the time.

What does it use as it's justification? Zionism: an organized movement for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine - by any means necessary.

Allah Almighty says: "Verily this Ummah of yours is one Ummah." (Qur'an 21:92) Allah Almighty also says: "Surely the believers are a single brotherhood." (Qur'an 49:10) There is also a hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), that states "The Muslim is the brother to the Muslim, he can't oppress him, he can't give him up, he can't let him down." (Transmitted by Muslim)

How many times do we let our Muslim brothers and sisters down by way of "tribalism," by way of divisiveness, by way of fear of the modern day "Pharoah of the many tent poles"? Let's make choices that don't inadvertently support the companies that support the oppression of our brothers and sisters, and our Muslim children.

"Each riyah, dirham..., etc. used to buy their goods eventually become bullets to be fired into the hearts of brothers and children in Palestine. For this reason, it is an obligation not to help them (the enemies of Islam) by buying their goods. To buy their goods is to support tyranny, oppression and aggression."
Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi (Egypt/Qatar)

You can chose to write a letter to a listed company. Remember to be polite and succinct. Below is a sample letter to which you can add your own sentiments or change as you see fit. Again, be polite.

                    Your Name
                    Your Address
Company CEO
Company Address
Dear Ma'am/Sir:

I write with reference to your company's continued support for Israeli apartheid. By your company's investments in Israel you are directly helping perpetuate gross violations of human rights upon Palestinians. I urgently request you to reconsider this support and henceforth divest your holdings from Israel. In the meantime, I will have no alternative but to boycott your products and encourage others to do so. I look forward to receiving your assurances that you will no longer be supporting Israeli apartheid.


Major Supporters:

    McDonald Plaza
    Oak Brook IL 60523-2199
    PO Box 3232
    1313 S Harbor Blvd
    Anaheim CA 92803-3232
    PO Box 34067
    Seattle WA 98124-1067
    [email protected]com
Coca Cola
    PO Box 1734
    Atlanta GA 30301-1734
Estee Lauder
    767 Fifth Ave
    New York NY 10153-0001
Home Depot
    Bob Nardelli, Chairman, President & CEO
    2455 Paces Ferry Road NW
    Atlanta GA 30339-4024
    (800)553-3199 M-F 8am-8pm ET
Sara Lee
    4649 Le Bourget Dr
    St Louis MO 63134-3120
    709 Madison Ave
    New York NY 10021-8002
    (800)445-5545 M-T 8am-5:30pm F 8am-5pm ET
    [email protected]com

The list of companies that support Zionism through investment or direct support are too numerous to list. The purpose of this leaflet is to target a few major supporters and facilitate your power to exercise responsibility and choice and solidarity.