Only your brethren, not a nikro, shall be king


Let's compare the following two verses:

When thou art come unto the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, and shalt possess it, and shalt dwell therein, and shalt say, I will set a king over me, like as all the nations that are about me; Thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother. Deuteronomy 17:14-15


And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the LORD, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof. Exodus 12:48


If you didn't know that the Hebrew words from which "stranger" was translated are two different [and conflicting] words, it would appear that there's a flaw in the Word of God.  But the flaw is in the translation made by mere MEN [if not jews], not by God.

This translation error is used by judeochristians to attempt to prove that a non-Israelite can become a "brethren", but they are far, far from God's Word which states that a nikro ish, which was translated as stranger in Deuteronomy 17:15, can NEVER be a brethren, whereas a ger, which was translated as stranger in  Exodus 12:48, is ALWAYS a fellow Israelite, or a brethren.





Deu 17:15 Thou shalt in any wise set7760, 7760 him king4428 over5921 thee, whom834 the LORD3068 thy God430 shall choose:977 one from among4480, 7130 thy brethren251 shalt thou set7760 king4428 over5921 thee: thou mayest3201 not3808 set5414 a stranger376, 5237 over5921 thee, which834 is not3808 thy brother.251



Exo 12:48 And when3588 a stranger1616 shall sojourn1481 with854 thee, and will keep6213 the passover6453 to the LORD,3068 let all3605 his males2145 be circumcised,4135 and then227 let him come near7126 and keep6213 it; and he shall be1961 as one that is born in249 the land:776 for no uncircumcised person3808, 3605, 6189 shall eat398 thereof.