Yes, agreed.


Because Yuriy can view American men from the Russian perspective, he can easily see how WHIMPY they've become, particularly by comparison to our parents' generation.


About the most despicable White man in the country is a race traitor.  About the only thing worse is a feminazi like Dan Burton, whose whining last night on Sixty Minutes earned him a spot in Hel.!  The segment was about how laws in Saudi Arabia presume the father, NOT the mother, to be the head of the family (in conformance with BOTH the Koran and the Holy Bible, and with our own laws before the jews messed with them), but all this whining little Mommy's Boy Dan Burton could see was "abusive fathers".


He's the personnification of the DISGUSTING PIG Yuriy describes below.


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This analysis makes an excellent point. I know from my travels that American men are considered to be laughable in other countries for their stupid docile character and impotency. Here is one person that hits the target on what's wrong with America. Have you read Isaiah 3:4-5 and 12? Those days have surely arrived.


Isaiah 3:4 "I will give children to be their princes, And babes shall rule over them."

Isaiah 3:5 "The people will be oppressed, Every one by another and every one by his neighbor; The children will be insolent toward the elder, And the base toward the honorable."


Isaiah 3:12 "As for my people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them."


I.yk] Yuriy Kirienko [yk] wrote:




A-I.yk] Yuriy Kirienko wrote:] "We don't have reason to think it was stress-related," US Army Special Operations Command spokesman Ben Abel told French news agency AFP {] below}


1.yk] Army and the American pseudo-scientist from psychology pretend that they do not understand the phenomena. However, the causes for the murder of those wives are very simple and are as old as the world.


2.yk] They all converge to the three main causes with the consequences of the various degree, any of which could trigger the suicidal acts of the American young men:


3.yk] 1. Their wives committed adulteries;


4.yk] 2. Their wives committed theft of their property.


5.yk] 3. Their wives' bitching (demands and blackmail) reached the intolerable levels.


6.yk] In the country that is not run by Jews, pimps, whores and pederasts the laws would have punished those females with the utmost severity in proportion to the emotional and physical damage those "wives" caused to their men.


7.yk] Knowing that the judicial pimps would be of no help those men took the law in their own hands to mete out justice. That was the price tag they attributed to the acts of their rape.


8.yk] The rape of the wives is the rape of their husbands for it has long lasting consequences for their life. The rape of woman, as such, in most of the cases, is an act against her vanity. The whole of the female life pivots around her genitals and whom to have sex with to increase the power, money and status in her eyes.


9.yk]  The same intercourse for twenty bucks or even for free would be the female rape once it is against her will. The man would be punished for violation of her will with many years in prison. More so, it is enough for a whore merely to say that she was raped for man to be severely punished.


10.yk] Is it justice? Is it that the female will dominates the US without man's consent? Yes, it is because Jews, the judicial pimps, American bar, media and the pseudo- scientific establishment turned the US into Babylon the Great - the paradise of the female will and whordom.


11.yk] What those men did they outpour their anger that burns at every man's heart, when they are raped and their honor and the future is trampled by the female rot. They differ from the regular American males in that that they just saw a different land where the rape of man by a female is not possible.


12.yk] At the site of their worthless and corrupt American wives their blood boiled. They were manly enough to assert their manhood at the cost of their life tearing to shreds the will of whores and their pimps.


13.yk] The problem is not with those young men. The problem is not even with their wives for female is a whore once left to her own devices since the time of Eve. The problem is with pimps and with American males who having been degraded to the bottom low level have no courage to stand up to their tormentors, rapists and murderers.


B-I.yk] Steve Kingston wrote [sk]:] The army says the killings were not "stress related" By Steve Kingstone BBC correspondent in Washington] The United States military is investigating a disturbing series of murders apparently involving US Special Forces soldiers who recently served in Afghanistan.] Andrea Lloyd is thought to have been shot dead by her husband, who then killed himself.


14.yk] The fact that he killed himself after shooting his wife talks for itself. The crime she committed against him had a value equal to his life. In those cases man becomes free from pimps because he no longer fears their will.] Four soldiers, all based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, are accused of killing their wives.


15.yk] I heard from many American men about their revulsion to the American women and universal corruption reigning in this land after they stayed abroad for a pronged period of time.] The murders have all occurred in the past two months, two of them within the past week.] Two of the men later shot themselves, and the two surviving men have since been charged with murder. 'Coincidental'] The base in North Carolina is the headquarters of America's elite Special Forces unit.] Three of the soldiers had recently returned from service in Afghanistan.] One is said to have killed his wife just two days after returning to the US.] Commanders are looking into whether any of the men sought counseling after coming home.


16.yk] What does counseling mean? Counseling in what? How man should cope with his rape and degradation in order to avoid punishment by pimps? The judicial kidnapping of the fathers' children for the purpose of extortion and the children's bastardization is the routine occurrence in the US.


17.yk] Counseling in those cases is the equivalent of the spiritual castration of the American men mandated by the US establishment as they require castration and declawing of cats. After such counseling an American men become zombies - the denatured men who still can work as a docile animal honking about their imaginary greatness but cannot think or have a will of their own.] The base's family liaison policy is also now under review.


18.yk] That review would not change anything. It is the American men that should submit to their review their whole existence and all of the pimping institution and foundations of that country. That is the matter of their life and death at present. The issue is whether the Jews, whores and pimps will have a short-lasting feast in the grave yard of the White men of America or would the American fathers scotch the land with their wrath disinfecting it from the lethal bacteria.] But a spokesman insisted that, however disturbing, any link between the killings and the war in Afghanistan was purely coincidental.


19.yk] The war in Afghanistan showed those men that the American way of life is the way of their rape and they expressed it in the way they have adopted there.] "We don't have reason to think it was stress-related," US Army Special Operations Command spokesman Ben Abel told French news agency AFP.


20.yk] Of cause, it is not stress related to the war in Afghanistan for there has been no war there yet - just a habitual American murder. However, it is directly stress- related to the latent torture of men in this country by Jews, whores and the establishment through their institutions.


21.yk] This is that order Jews and their ass-servants want to spread over the whole world raping all men on Earth in their own homes. The blind acts of those American young men were the harbingers of the preemptive strikes that all men of the world, including Americans themselves, would submit the New Babylon of the US.


22.yk] Once the Army, police, judicial system or any other organization becomes corrupt it cannot be amended. It should be disbanded and rebuilt anew from a healthy core in its semblance. Democracy never was anything but the disguise for the organized crime acting in the name of the people. America is a living proof of it.




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