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Bushwacked by jewerage Bush

73,000 DEAD, 1.6 million WONDED, American soldiers

Is it any wonder that in a poll of almost 400,000 as of February 2007, MORE THAN 87% WANT BUSH TO BE impeached!

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But by October 2007, 8 months later, 159,018 more took the poll, 92.6% of whom agree with impeachment, 1.9% of whom are undecided, and only 5.5% of whom oppose impeachment!

[147,250 voted yes, 3,021 were undecided, and only 8,746 voted no]

A mere 15 months since the first poll, by May 12, 2008, a total of 589,873 had taken the poll--less than 4% of the most recent poll takers OPPOSED the IMPEACHMENT of their "president", while more than half a MILLION demand his impeachment, something that's far, far more credible than the pablum we're being fed by the jewsmedia












So what do the traitors in our congress do about it? Pelosi does utterly NOTHING!

"Do You think it is possible like Nixon and Watergate, That the American People have rendered a final judgement of disapproval on You and Your War in Iraq?"


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    So the enemy hit us, and instead of retreating, instead of filing
-- only filing a lawsuit, we decided not only to get after them, we
decided not only to hold them to account, we decided that we were
going to love our neighbor, just like we like to be loved ourself. --
Louisville, Kentucky, Sep. 5, 2002

     I want to send the signal to our enemy that you have aroused a
compassionate and decent and mighty nation, and we're going to hunt
you down.
-- Kentucky, Sep. 5, 2002

    As a society we must demand something better, because there is no
second-rate children in America. -- South Bend, Indiana, Sep. 5, 2002

    You need to tell your loved ones, the little ones in particular,
that when they hear the President talking about al Qaeda, Iraq and
other places, I do so because I long for peace. -- Louisville,
Kentucky, Sep. 5, 2002

    And [the terrorists] understand one thing about us, too -- when we
need to be plenty tough, we're going to be plenty tough. And they're
learning another thing about America. When we need to be
compassionate and loving, we can be compassionate and loving, too. --
Louisville, Kentucky, Sep. 5, 2002

    We value a free press. We value freedom. And the more we value
freedom, the more they hate us. That's why. That's why the enemy
still exists.--  Louisville, Kentucky, Sep. 5, 2002

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A Netscape poll of more  than 556,000 people shows that 61% or almost two thirds give Bush a failing mark for foreign policy and only 34% give him a "B" or better,


A Misterpoll of 21,585 show that 58% want him removed from office.


A Reuter's Israel Poll shows that two thirds of Americans blame the jew for 911.


A Rumor Mill News poll of 9,500 shows that three quarters blame the White House/NWO itself. 


The "Iraq War":   a "coalition" of one.


Chronology of a deserter.


Japanese claim Bush planned 911.


Other evidence that George Bush is a jew.


The missing link: General James.


The unauthorized biography of Bush.


Use the Patriot Act to spy on, wire tap, investigate, impeach, and imprison this TRAITOR.



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As a jew, an iq of 91 would be extremely high--it's closer to 85

A report published recently, the Lovenstein Institute of Scranton,
Pennsylvania, detailed its findings of a four month study of the
intelligence quotient of President George W. Bush. Since 1973,
the Lovenstein Institute has published its research to the educational
community on each new president, which includes the famous "IQ" report
among others.

There have been twelve presidents over the past 50 years, from F.D.
Roosevelt to G.W. Bush, who were rated based on scholarly achievements
1. Writings that they produced without aid of staff.
2. Their ability to speak with clarity, and several other
psycholo gical factors, which were then scored using the Swanson/Crain
System of intelligence ranking.

The study determined the following IQs of each president as accurate
to within five percentage points. In or der by presidential term:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt [D] 142,
Harry S Truman [D] 132,
Dwight David Eisenhower [R] 122
John Fitzgerald Kennedy [D] 174,
Lyndon Baines Johnson [D] 126,
Richard Milhous Nixon [R] 155,
Gerald R. Ford [R] 121,
James Earle Carter [D] 175,
Ronald Wilson Reagan [R] 105
George Herbert Walker Bush [R] 98,
William Jefferson Clinton [D] 182,
George Walker Bush [R] 91

In order of IQ rating:

182 . . William Jefferson Clinton [D]
175 . . James Earle Carter [D]
174 . . John Fitzgerald Kennedy [D]
155 . . Richard Milhous Nixon [R]
147 . . Franklin Delano Roosevelt [D]
132 . . Harry S T r uman [D]
126 . . Lyndon Baines Johnson [D]
122 . . Dwight David Eisenhower [R]
121 . . Gerald R. Ford [R]
105 . . Ronald Wilson Reagan [R]
098 . . George Herbert Walker Bush [R]
091 . . George Walker Bush [R]

The six Republican presidents of the past 50 years had an average IQ
of 115.5 , wi th President Nixon having the highest at 155.

President George W. Bush rated the lowest of all the Republicans with
an IQ of 91.

The six Democratic presidents of the past 50 years had an average IQ
of 156, with President Clinton having the highest IQ,at 182.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was rated the lowest of all the Democrats
with an IQ of 126. No president other than Carter [D] has released his
actual IQ (176). Note the institute measured him at

Among comments made concerning the specific testing of President
G.W.Bush , his low ratings are due to his apparently difficult command
of the English language in public statements, his limited use of
vocabulary [6,500 words for Bush versus an average of 11 ,000 words for
other presidents], his lack of scholarly achievements other than a
basic MBA, and an absence of any body of work which could be studied
on an intellectual basis The complete report documents the methods and
procedures used to arrive at these ratings,including depth of sentence
structure and voice stress confidence analysis.

"All the Presidents prior to George W. Bush had a least one book under
their belt, and most had written several white papers during their
education or early careers. Not so with President
Bush," Dr.Lovenstein said.

"He has no published works or writings, which made it more difficult
to arrive at an assessment. We relied more heavily on transcripts of
his unscripted public speaking."

The Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania think tank includes
high caliber historians, psychiatrists, sociologists, scientists in
human behavior, and psychologists. Among their ranks
are Dr. We rner R.Lovenstein, world-renowned sociologist, and Professor Patricia
F.Dilliams, a world-respected psychiatrist For more information on the

Lovenstein Institute, go to
http://lovenstein. org// < http://lovenstein. org//>

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Should President Bush Be Impeached?

By Chuck Baldwin

March 9, 2007



This column is archived at




There have been calls for the impeachment of President Bush from certain left-wing groups for years. For the most part, those calls have been correctly ignored. Some of the "Impeach Bush" crowd are still stinging from Bill Clinton's impeachment and yearn to see a Republican president impeached. Others have major policy differences with the President, and some are still angry at the possibility that Bush was prematurely granted the presidency by the Supreme Court in that "photo-finish" race with Al Gore.


However, a sitting president must never be the target of impeachment proceedings because certain groups disagree with his policies. Neither can we allow impeachment to be used as a means to overturn an election. And by all means, we must never allow impeachment to be used for purposes of enacting political revenge. The U.S. Constitution rightly makes the impeachment process a difficult and arduous one reserved strictly for "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." (Article. II.

Section. 4.)


When considering impeachment, the American people, and their representatives in Congress, must answer one question: Does the conduct, or misconduct, of a sitting president meet constitutional criteria? Specifically, is President Bush guilty of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors? The guilty verdict of Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby begs for answers to that question.


As most of us know, Libby was convicted on four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice. But as one juror put it, Libby was the White House's "fall guy."


Remember, Libby was the ultimate White House insider. He was the Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, assistant to the Vice President for national security affairs, and an assistant to President George W. Bush. Now it appears that Libby has taken the fall for his two bosses. But just what does that mean?


For one thing, it means that the jurors, while judging him guilty of the crimes with which he was charged, saw his higher-ups as equally or more culpable. One juror, Denis Collins, asked, "What is he [Libby] doing here?

Where's [Karl] Rove? Where are these other guys?" Several jurors publicly questioned why Vice President Cheney or President Bush were not in the courtroom.


At issue is whether President Bush and Vice President Cheney deliberately manipulated evidence regarding Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and whether they deliberately lied to and deceived the American people and Congress in order to invade Iraq.


Of course, all this was brought to light when the White House made the decision to "out" CIA operative Valerie Plame after her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, publicly suggested that Bush and Cheney had lied and manipulated evidence in order to launch the Iraq invasion. To date, no one has been charged with leaking Plame's identity, but the Libby trial has clearly implicated Bush and Cheney in the whole affair. The jurors seemed convinced of that much, that is for sure.


It has been reported that George W. Bush began planning an invasion of Iraq almost immediately after being elected president in 2000, which was long before the 9/11 attacks. Furthermore, President Bush has since acknowledged that Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and that it had no WMD capable of threatening the United States. However, he has constantly blamed "bad intelligence" for the decision to launch the preemptive invasion of Iraq.


The American people and history may forgive a leader for an erroneous decision predicated upon bad intelligence. However, neither the American people nor history will forgive a leader for deliberately manipulating evidence and lying to Congress in order to satisfy a personal bloodlust.


Therefore, Congress should immediately commission an independent counsel to investigate whether President Bush and Vice President Cheney did indeed manipulate evidence and deliberately lie to the American people. If that investigation proves that President Bush acted in good faith and with no ulterior motives, his decision to invade Iraq will go down in history as a colossal lapse in judgment. If, on the other hand, the investigation proves that he manipulated evidence and lied to the American people, his actions most definitely rise to the constitutional standard for impeachment. We need a thorough investigation to find the truth.


(c) Chuck Baldwin



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"Here now is my favorite story of the week: a rumor that President George Bush had a nose job, that he had some kind of plastic surgery, he actually had a nose job. And I was thinking, well, if this is true it would be the first new job he's created since taking office." - David Letterman, "Late Show"

president_bush_nose.jpg (26667 bytes)


bush_nose_job_small.jpg (37891 bytes)


Is George H.W. Bush Really Prescott Bush's Son? Or Is He The Son Of Inventor Nikola Tesla's German-Born Accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr.?


Eric Orion in his yet to be published book, The Bush Connection, claims SS Nazi, Otto Skorzeny, told him in a death bed confession that Bush has been lying all along about his identity and was born in Germany, the son of Tesla's accountant.


21 Jan 2006


By Greg Szymanski


The history books say Hitler's personal body guard and henchman Otto Skorzeny died in 1975.


Eric Orion of Florida says the former Nazi killer was alive and well only a few years ago, living under a fake CIA alias as a south Florida carpenter.  


According to Orion, Skorzeny died several years ago at the ripe old age of 95 but not before he spilled out his guts to him in a death bed confession.


And after hearing Skorzeny's story -- a story so bizarre and incredible -- it simply leaves mouths hanging wide open, wondering how in the world this could happen in America.


"I was dating this girl in south Florida and her father turned out to be the feared Nazi SS body guard to Hitler, Otto Skorzeny," said Orion in an extended conversation from his Florida home, adding Skorzeny spilled the beans himself, not his x-girlfriend who remains tight lipped about her father's past. "When I met him, he was 90 but looked a lot younger. He was 6'4" with the biggest hand I ever shook in my life."


Recently, Orion also was a guest on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, where he claimed, based on Skorzeny's allegations, the American government has been lying since 1945 about the identities and whereabouts of thousands of former Nazis given safe haven and living in America today.


Orion also said Skorzeny gave him "a shoebox full" of never before published pictures, linking many high-ranking American officials to Nazi war criminals, as well as information that George H. Bush has been lying about his true identity and was really the adopted son of Prescott Bush.


He also claims that Hitler was given safe haven in America and Nazi criminals, Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed the Angel of Death, and Nazi SS killer, Reinhard Gehlen, were still alive and walking the streets of America as of three years ago.


"I met with Skorzeny on three separate occasions for roughly five hours and he said that George H.W. Bush was and is a SS Nazi spy born in Germany as George H. Scherff, Jr.," said Orion. "He told me that Bush was really the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla's German born, illegal immigrant accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr., being later adopted by Prescott Bush.


"Apparently, according to Skorzeny, in 1938, Hitler sent 14-year-old George Jr. to befriend, spy and kill Tesla, who later on Jan. 6, 1943, was actually killed by Skorzeny and SS Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Bush, however, later forged a birth certificate while Prescott Bush, a known Nazi, adopted him, covered his real identity and later helped him join the Navy under false pretenses."


Asked if he thought Skorzeny had any reason to lie and why he was chosen to hear his deathbed confession, Orion added:


"No, I believe he is for real. His pictures matched up with the history books and he told me he was coming forward with this information because the Bush family had cheated him out of a lot of money over the years. In the end, I think he wanted to get even and there were so many specifics that later I verified, leading me to believe he was telling me the truth.


"I also spent five years researching this information and have written a book, called The Bush Connection, yet to be published. Like I said my book took five years of painstaking research to complete and my motivation was to show Americans how our government illegally brought over 50,000 Nazis to America to create a New World Order and Fourth Reich in America under the guidance of George H. Bush.


"I also want to say that I've learned throughout the course of my research that our government is still protecting these Nazis, like they did Skorzeny up until his death."


After learning about the damaging Bush information and the underground network to hide Nazis, Orion went to the Justice Department for help but instead received nothing but harassment and death threats.


"They came after me big time," he said. "Right after I told them I was at my girlfriend's house and her mother went white as a ghost after receiving a phone call. I think she was informed that I was on to her husband's identity.


"That night after I left Skorzeny's house, I was followed, run off the road and it looked like one of the men in the car had a handgun. They are also tracking my mail, as well as hacking into my computer and keeping a close eye on my activities."


Besides the Bush allegations, Skorzeny laid several other bombshells on Orion, including the truth about Adolph Hitler's death and that Bush's role as a war hero was intentionally fabricated.


"Skorzeny told me he helped fake Hitler's suicide in 1945 and actually shot Hitler's double between the eyes, leaving him there in place of Adolph," said Orion. "He then said that he flew off with Hitler and SS Nazi pilot Hanna Reitsch to safety in Austria. Skorzeny then told me he turned himself in to Americans and later helped co-found the American CIA with Nazi George H. Scherff, Jr., aka George H. Bush."


Orion also said that Skorzeny confirmed reports that already surfaced in the New York Post made by an old war buddy of Bush, Chester Mierzejewski, who questioned Bush's account of how his plane went down during World War II, leading to his so-called "hero status."


In the article, Mierzejewski, who was a recipient of The Distinguished Flying Cross, claimed he had a bird's eye view of the Bush cockpit when he saw Bush abandon his crew and bail out, leaving his two crew members to die.


Robert Flood, a former B-17 bombardier, also claimed Bush was "no war hero," saying he violated the primary rule for a captain of a multi-crew aircraft.


"The pilot never leaves the airplane with anybody in it," said Flood.


Orion said that Skorzeny told him the CIA is really Hitler's "Third Reich" in America, the agency being created to manipulate intelligence and lie to the American people.


Going back to the stolen Tesla technology and the CIA's role, he added:


"The CIA uses stolen Tesla technology, according to Skorzeny, to spy on Americans and manipulate the weather. There are thousands of satellites orbiting the earth that project high intensity positively charged laser beams to certain areas on the earth. These positively charged laser beams enable the New Word Order Nazis/C.I.A. to use their stolen Tesla Technology to manipulate the weather & to transmit extremely low frequency "elf" waves with subliminal messages for mind control purposes.


"When HAARP is active, giant space based lasers simultaneously aim their beams to a central "spot" on earth. That "spot" will then experience severe droughts, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes. Spontaneous Human Combustion or "SHC" occurs when these lasers are pointed directly at human beings.


"Hurricane Katrina was allegedly a man-made disaster. Bush was quick to mention that it was a "natural disaster." It was created to distract America's attention away from Bush's latest unqualified fascist neo-con, Supreme Court of Injustice appointees.


"Eyewitnesses allegedly saw the levees in New Orleans being blown up by US soldiers after they had survived the storm intact. Katrina was a low, Category 3 storm. Not a CAT 4 or 5 as initially claimed! The levees were intentionally blown up to help Bush's neo-con insurance company cronies. Most homes are covered by wind damage insurance only. Not flooding. If the houses were damaged by flooding instead of wind damage then the insurance companies do not have to pay out any claims.


"This man-made diversion allowed Bush & OPEC the opportunity to "rape" the American tax payers once again by increasing the price of gas for no legitimate reason other than to make billions of dollars of profit at their expense!"


For more informatie articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com.

Greg Szymanski

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9pm pacific time.

Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to www.rbnlive.com and will be starting a daily program on the Genesis Communications Network soon at www.gcnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site www.arcticbeacon.com
IUFO Fw It Just Keeps getting better READ!

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The Worst Speech of Bush's Presidency <http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=95984;title=APFN>  —David Kusnet

Molly Ivins
What have we become?
Mon Nov 14, 2005 20:16

What have we become?
November 10, 2005
Molly Ivins

 AUSTIN, Texas -- I can't get over this feeling of unreality, that I am actually sitting here writing about our country having a gulag of secret prisons in which it tortures people. I have loved America all my life, even though I have often disagreed with the government. But this seems to me so preposterous, so monstrous. My mind is a little bent and my heart is a little broken this morning.

 Maybe I should try to get a grip -- after all, it's just this one administration that I had more cause than most to realize was full of inadequate people going in. And even at that, it seems to be mostly Vice President Cheney. And after all, we were badly frightened by 9-11, which was a horrible event. "Only" nine senators voted against the prohibition of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment of persons under custody or control the United States." Nine out of 100. Should we be proud? Should we cry?

 "We do not torture," said our pitifully inarticulate president, straining through emphasis and repetition to erase the obvious.

 A string of prisons in Eastern Europe in which suspects are held and tortured indefinitely, without trial, without lawyers, without the right to confront their accusers, without knowing the evidence or the charges against them, if any. Forever. It's "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich." Another secret prison in the midst of a military camp on an island run by an infamous dictator. Prisoner without a name, cell without a number.

 Who are we? What have we become? The shining city on a hill, the beacon and bastion of refuge and freedom, a country born amidst the most magnificent ideals of freedom and justice, the greatest political heritage ever given to any people anywhere.

 I am baffled by these "arguments": But we're talking about really awful people, cries the harassed press secretary. People like X and Y and Z (after a time, one forgets all the names of the No. 2's after bin Laden we have captured). The SS and the Gestapo and the NKVD weren't all that nice, either.

 Then I hear the familiar tinniness of the fake machismo I know so well from George W. Bush and all the other frat boys who never went to Vietnam and never got over the guilt.

 "Sometimes you gotta play rough," said Dick Cheney. No shit, Dick? Now why don't you tell that to John McCain?

 I have known George W. Bush since we were both in high school -- we have dozens of mutual friends. I have written two books about him and so have interviewed many dozens more who know him well in one way or another. Spare me the tough talk. He didn't play football -- he was a cheerleader. "He is really competitive," said one friend. "You wouldn't believe how tough he is on a tennis court!" Just cut the macho crap -- I don't want to hear it.

 If you are dead to all sense of morality (please let me not go off on the stinking sanctimony of this crowd), let us still reason together on the famous American common ground of practicality. Torture. Does. Not. Work. Torture does not work. Ask the United States military. Ask the Israelis.

 There seems to be some fantastic scenario floating around -- if Osama bin Laden had an atomic bomb hidden in a locker at Grand Central Station, and it was due to go off in 12 hours, and we had him in prison ... I seem to have missed some important television program on this theme. I am told it was fiction, but it must have been really scary -- it certainly seems to have unbalanced the minds of some of our fellow citizens.

 Torture does not work. It is not productive. It does not yield important, timely information. That is in the movies. This is reality.

 I grew up with all this pathetic Texas tough: Everybody here knows you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs; and this ain't beanbag; and I'll knock your jaw so far back, you'll scratch your throat with your front teeth; and I'm gonna cloud up and rain all over you; and I'm gonna open me a can of whip-ass ...

 And that'll show 'em, won't it? Take some miserable human being alone and helpless in a cell, completely under your control, and torture him. Boy, that is some kind of manly, ain't it?

 "The CIA is holding an unknown number of prisoners in secret detention centers abroad. In violation of the Geneva Conventions, it has refused to register those detainees with the International Red Cross or to allow visits by its inspectors. Its prisoners have 'disappeared,' like the victims of some dictatorships." -- The Washington Post.

 Why did we bother to beat the Soviet Union if we were just going to become it? Shame. Shame. Shame.

 To find out more about Molly Ivins and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists,
visit the Creators Syndicate web page at http://www.creators.com.



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Two Percent

At a press conference on October 4, President Bush argued that he was the right person to bridge the racial divide in America:

You address the racial divide in a variety of ways. And, obviously, the tone matters from leadership. It matters what leaders say. It matters that somebody, first of all, understands there’s a problem and is willing to talk about it. And I will continue to do so as the President.

Apparently, it isn’t working so well. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds that just 2 percent of African-Americans approve of his leadership. NBC’s Tim Russert — who called the number “a dramatic setback” — looked into it, and he could not “find a pollster who can remember any President ever getting just 2 percent approval from African-Americans.”

vs. Hurricane Fitzgerald


Bush jewish?


Subj: Chuck Baldwin's Nov. 20 Food for Thought from the Chuck Wagon
Date: 11/19/01 9:36:15 PM Central Standard Time
From: chuck@chuckbaldwinlive.com
Reply-to: chuck@majordomo2.host4u.net

Bush-whacked            By Chuck Baldwin             November 20, 2001

President Bush has brilliantly sold himself to America's Christian and conservative population as their hero and standard-bearer. Unfortunately, his walk does not match his talk. It pains me to point out the following realities:

1. President Bush became the first Republican president to turn his back on Biblical morality by giving homosexual activists and programs the full support and backing of the U.S. government. Democratic administrations had made similar attempts to normalize sexual perversion, but this is a first for a Republican administration.

2. Bush became the first Republican president to support embryonic stem-cell research.

3. By creating his new Office of Homeland Security and ramming through Congress his so-called anti-terrorism bill, Bush has accrued new power to the federal government not seen since the FDR administration.

4. Bush has become the first president to create a military-tribunal court system without a declaration of war from Congress, thereby subverting the U.S. Constitution and setting himself up as a de facto dictator.

5. Bush has turned his back on the millions of suffering Christians in Indo-China by leading the effort to grant Red China permanent Most Favored Nation trade status in
World Trade Organization. He continues to promote trade (even cross military training) with the Communist regime, its miserable human rights abuses notwithstanding.

6. Bush has turned his back on the people of Israel (and the Word of God) by promising to carve up the land God gave to Israel and give it to PLO terrorists. If Christians in the United States sit back silently on this issue (like they have virtually every other issue since Bush became president), we will forfeit the right to ask God to bless America.

7. In an embarrassing act that must be regarded as sycophantish, Bush invited some 50 Muslims to come pray at the White House yesterday. This was done in spite of the fact that Muslims worldwide began their celebration of Ramadan by praying for America's destruction. Furthermore, last Thursday Bush issued well wishes to Muslims by referring to "the holy Quran." As a Christian, Bush should know that there is only one holy, God-inspired Book, and it is not the Quran. For Bush to attribute divine authorship to a false religious system borders on the blasphemous!

The one bright light in all of this is Franklin Graham. Over the weekend, he rightly identified the Islamic religion as "wicked, violent and not of the same God." He further said, "Islam, as a whole, is evil." He also correctly pointed out, "It wasn't Methodists flying into those buildings, and it wasn't Lutherans. It was an attack on this country by people of the Islamic faith."

As you can imagine, Mr. Graham has been vilified and demonized, not only by liberals in the media but also by cowardly Christians and conservatives.
However, Franklin Graham has thus far demonstrated the kind of grit not seen in a long time on the national stage: he refuses to surrender or apologize for his convictions. God bless him! He is a breath of fresh air, and he gives me something for which to be thankful because the record shows that Christians and conservatives (not to mention the Constitution) have been Bush-whacked.

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It was only a matter of time, as we knew here from the time we imprisoned
Trotsky and his band of KIKE THUGS in Canada en route to Russia. They
would try to shut down LIBERTY here in Canada and USA as well, after the
genocide of 66 million Russians and those of neighbouring countries.
And the stinking whores of churchianity like the Grovelling Grahams would
slobber at their feet and grovel AD INFINITUM in the Dantean Hell which is
their eternity. But Porcus Maximus of Texas would be SAAAAVVED!!!

(For my next Barbecue at the LBJ Ranch)

Zandu Goldbar, for


On Sun, 25 Aug 2002, DDN wrote:

> "We Are Not The Enemy!" - The Battle of Portland
> by William Rivers Pitt
> t r u t h o u t | Report
> Saturday, 24 August, 2002
> The image is chilling. A middle-aged woman, plainly dressed, with a puff of auburn hair, is clutched in a hammer-lock by a Portland police officer dressed in full riot gear. His riot baton is jammed high under her chin. Around her, three more armor-clad police officers swarm in, face-masks down. The woman's face is contorted in terror. In her hand is a sign protesting George W. Bush.
> This was the scene on the streets of Portland, OR, on the evening of August 22nd as captured by a photographer for the Associated Press. Thousands of peaceful protesters had descended upon the Hilton Hotel where Mr. Bush was attending a political fundraiser for Senator Gordon Smith. They held signs reading, "Drop Bush, not Bombs," and other similar slogans. Among the protesters were pregnant women, parents with infants and small children, elderly citizens, and citizens in wheelchairs
> According to a report by CBS News, the protest became unruly when some of the fundraiser attendees were "jostled" as they moved through the crowd towards the entrance to the hotel. At that point, the riot police swarmed in, swinging clubs and dousing the crowd with pepper spray. Rubber bullets were also fired into the crowd, and snipers were seen on the roofs surrounding the scene. The protesters responded by hammering on the hoods of police cars and screaming, "We are not the enemy!"
> A man named Randy, who attended the protest, reports the sequence of events as follows:
> "I was between 5th and 6th on the sidewalk. Maybe the ones in front were warned to move, but I didn't hear any warning. It had been a peaceful protest. Suddenly the police came forward spraying pepper spray. A man nearby with an infant in a backpack got hit real good. The baby's face was so red I thought it had quit breathing. From the other direction came cop cars through the crowd and rubber bullets were fired at those closest to the cars. I kept retreating but the cops kept spraying. Lots of people were sprayed, including the cameraman from Channel 2 KATU."
> Other eyewitness accounts from the streets of Portland similarly describe what appears to have been a terrifyingly violent response from the police to a peaceful protest by assembled American citizens.
> This is a profoundly disturbing turn of events. Mr. Bush is protested wherever he goes these days, and the crowds which attend them are growing. These are not black-clad anarchists kicking in windows, however. The woman who was attacked by the police looked as ordinary as any small-town librarian, and anarchists are smart enough to leave their children at home if there is a riot in the offing. The streets of Portland were filled on August 22nd by average American citizens seeking to inform the President of their disfavor regarding the manner in which he is governing their country. They were rewarded with the business end of a billy club, a face-full of pepper spray, and the jarring impact of a rubber bullet.
> If America needed one more example of the cancer that has been chewing through the guts of our most basic freedoms since Mr. Bush assumed office, they can look to Portland. The right to freely assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances has been rescinded at the point of a gun.
> The imperative is clear. Such violence by the authorities cannot go unchallenged. The next time Mr. Bush appears in public, there must be even more concerned Americans to greet him. They must face the baton and the pepper spray, they must stare into the shielded faces of the police, and they must stand in non-violent disobedience of the idea that they are not allowed to be there. The men and women who faced the brunt of police fury in Portland are to be lauded as American patriots, and their actions must be duplicated by us all. The groups which organized this protest, and the ones to come, deserve our praise.
> The media, which spent much of the evening reporting that only a few hundred protesters were in attendance, must be browbeaten into reporting the facts from both sides - from the police, who reportedly detained people like the woman in the picture "for their own safety," and from the protesters who took a savage beating for daring to stand against Mr. Bush. If the battle of Portland is allowed to cast even more fear into the hearts and minds of Americans, we have lost yet another swath of freedoms. Stand and be counted if you can.
> The whole world is watching.

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New evidence links George Bush to Los Angeles drug
by Edward Spannaus � Executive Intelligence Review

On Oct. 27, 1986, federal and local law enforcement
officials executed search warrants on more than a
dozen locations connected to a major
cocaine-trafficking ring in southern California
centered around Danilo Blandon.. One of the locations
raided was the home of a former Laguna Beach police
officer by the name of Ronald Lister.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department detectives reported
that when they raided Lister's house, they found
``films of military operations in Central America,
technical manuals, information on assorted military
hardware and communications, and numerous documents
indicating that drug money was being used to purchase
military equipment for Central America.'' Documents
were also found which diagrammed ``the route of drug
money out of the United States, back into the United
States purchasing weaponry for the Contras.''

An official report by one of the detectives from the
1986 raid stated: ``Mr. Lister ... told me he had
dealings in South America and worked with the CIA and
added that his friends in Washington weren't going to
like what was going on. I told Mr. Lister that we were
not interested in his business in South America. Mr.
Lister replied that he would call Mr. Weekly of the
CIA and report me.''

New evidence has now surfaced showing who some of
Lister's ``friends in Washington'' were, and we shall
see that these ``friends'' ran all the way up to the
Office of the Vice President, at that time George

Mark Richard's tell-tale notes
Around the same time as the October 1986 drug raid,
``Mr. Weekly,'' whose full name is David Scott Weekly,
became the subject of a federal investigation opened
for the purpose of prosecuting him on federal
explosives charges. According to later testimony, this
investigation was under way for some time before
Weekly himself first learned about it, which was on
Dec. 21-22, 1986.

But ten days before Weekly learned that he was being
targetted, Bill Price, the U.S. Attorney in Oklahoma
City handling Weekly's case, had a telephone
conversation with a top official at Justice Department
headquarters about some of the stickier aspects of the
investigation. The official to whom Price talked was
Mark Richard, a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in
the Criminal Division, and the career Justice
Department official who served as the Department's
liaison to the intelligence agencies.

The question arises: What might have triggered this
conversation between Mark Richard--the DOJ's point of
contact for the NSC, CIA, and military intelligence
agencies--and the Oklahoma prosecutor?

First of all, on Oct. 5, 1986, a C-123 cargo plane,
flying from El Salvador's Ilopango military air base,
had been shot down over Nicaragua. Three crewmen were
killed, and the fourth, Eugene Hasenfus, was captured
by the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. This was the beginning
of the public unravelling of what became known as the
``Iran-Contra'' affair.

Then came the Oct. 27 raid in Los Angeles, after which
the Los Angeles FBI office communicated to FBI
headquarters what had transpired, including Lister's
claims of involvement in arming the Contras, and his
citation of ``Mr. Weekly'' as being ``CIA'' and a
``DIA subcontractor''--referring to the Defense
Intelligence Agency. (The FBI had already interviewed
a businessman to whom Lister had bragged, on Aug. 1,
that he was involved in arming the Contras, and that
his arms deals were ``CIA approved.'')

On Nov. 10, 1986, the FBI sent a teletype to various
sections of the CIA, inquiring about Lister, Blandon,
Weekly, and some others. The inquiry, over the name of
the FBI Director, asked diplomatically if any of these
individuals were ``of operational interest'' to the

FBI documents also show that a teletype was sent to
FBI headquarters on Dec. 9, followed up by a phone
conversation with an FBI supervisor on Dec. 11--the
same day that Mark Richard spoke to the prosecutor in
Oklahoma City--who was at the time secretly preparing
his case against Scott Weekly.

In August 1987--less than a year later--Mark Richard
was required to give testimony in the Congressional
Iran-Contra investigation. While being interrogated
about various matters in which there were allegations
of Justice Department interference in Contra-related
cases, Richard was specifically questioned about
handwritten notes he had made during his Dec. 11
conversation with prosecutor Bill Price. Richard said
that Bill Hendricks of the DOJ's Public Integrity
Section, which was dealing with a lot of the
Iran-Contra matters, had previously been in touch with
Price. After examining his own notes, Richard said
that the conversation pertained to ``an individual who
had been arrested and his possible involvement in some
CIA/Contra-related activities.'' (In fact, Scott
Weekly was out of the country on Dec. 11, and had not
yet been arrested.)

Richard was asked about the portion of the notes which
read: ``Weekly posts on tape that he's tied into CIA
and Hasenfus. Said he reports to people reporting to
Bush.'' Richard disclaimed any knowledge of what this
meant, and said that the matter had been referred to
the Independent Counsel. He said that in his notes,
``There is a suggestion of a relationship to the CIA
and the exportation of explosives to the--countries.''

Richard was then asked: ``And he's alleging or
indicating to someone that he's connected with the CIA
and he is reporting to people who report to Bush?''
Richard answers: ``That's what he's asserting.''

Richard's notes, printed in Appendix B, Volume 23 of
the Congressional Iran-Contra Report, also reference
Weekly's toll calls to ``Col. Nestor Pino, Spec Asst
to Undersecretary for Security Assistance,''
apparently made in September-October 1986, and also
``Phone calls from Weekly to Alex, Va.--Tom Harvey of
NSC,'' apparently on Oct. 30, 1986.

Richard's reference to Tom Harvey is most significant.
{EIR'}s investigations have shown that Harvey was
operating out of George Bush's office, and was
definitely one of the ``people who report to Bush.''
Nestor Pino was likewise deeply involved in the
drug-ridden Contra supply operation, which was being
run out of Bush's office though Felix Rodriguez, as
well as by Oliver North, under the direct supervision
of Bush's national security adviser Donald Gregg.

What has misled many investigators--and has continued
to confuse the issue--is that many of these
operatives, even Bush himself, at one point or another
worked for the CIA. But the Contra-drug operation was
not a ``CIA'' operation: It was run at a level
{higher} than the CIA, primarily through military and
private networks deployed out of the National Security
Council, which in turn was operating in these matters
under the direction of Vice President Bush.

The case at hand--of Ron Lister, Scott Weekly, and Tom
Harvey--is a very good example of how such things
actually worked, in contrast to popular fairy tales
about the ``CIA.''

Who is Ron Lister?
Before discussing Lister's ``friends,'' a few salient
facts about Lister himself.

The investigation of the Blandon drug ring--the
Contra-linked cocaine-smuggling operation featured in
the controversial {San Jose Mercury News} series last
Fall--appears to have begun in late 1984, with a probe
into a Colombian money-laundering operation in the
city of Bell, California, near southeast Los Angeles.
The police officer who initiated the investigation,
which was done at the request of agents from the U.S.
Internal Revenue Service and Customs Service,
identified former Laguna Beach police officer Ronald
Lister as transporting large amounts of cocaine and
``millions of dollars'' for Danilo.

During interviews with the Los Angeles Sheriff's
Department last year, as part of their internal
investigation of the {San Jose Mercury News} series,
Lister acknowledged that he and Blandon were in the
drug business, and he told Sheriff's investigators
that ``he had moved $50-60 million for Blandon.''
Lister also admitted that he himself had been a user
of cocaine from 1985 to 1989.

In a well-researched article in the May 22 issue of
the {Los Angeles Weekly}, investigative reporter Nick
Schou has documented some of Lister's ties to former
CIA officials. A San Diego weapons dealer, Timothy
LaFrance (mentioned in Mark Richard's notes), told
Schou that Lister's company, Pyramid International
Security Consultants, was a ``private vendor that the
CIA used'' to do things that the agency itself
couldn't do. LaFrance said he had made a number of
trips to Central America with Lister, providing
weapons to the Contras. Another employee of Pyramid
was Paul Wilker, a former CIA officer who, after
leaving the CIA, had worked for a company called
``Intersect'' in Orange County, California. One of the
founders of Intersect was still another former CIA
officer, John Vandewerker. Vanderwerker told reporter
Schou that he had met Lister through Wilker, his
former employee. Vanderwerker also said that either
Lister or Wilker had helped him apply for a job at
Fluor Corporation, the large construction firm, with
Bill Nelson, then Fluor's vice president for security
and administration. Nelson was a well-known figure,
having been the CIA Deputy Director for Operations in
the 1973-76 period. According to Schou, Nelson,
Wilker, and Vanderwerker all retired from the agency
around 1976, when they set up Intersect. (This was
prior to the late 1970s purge of the CIA's Operations
Directorate under Adm. Stansfield Turner; the Turner
housecleaning spun off many of the privatized
``asteroid'' operations, which then played such an
important role during the 1980s.)

To round out the picture of Lister's associates, we
note that in ten pages of notes seized from Lister's
house in the 1986 raid, is a list of six names, which
starts with Bill Nelson, and ends with Roberto
D'Aubuisson, the military strongman of El Salvador in
that period.

Also in the list is Scott Weekly. Elsewhere in
Lister's ten paes of notes, he had written: ``I had
regular meeting with DIA Subcontractor Scott Weekly.
Scott had worked in El Salvador for us. Meeting
concerned my relationship with the Contra grp. in
Cent. Am.''

Ron Lister's `friends in Washington'
Recall, that among the names mentioned in Mark
Richard's notes were those of Nestor Pino and Tom
Nestor Pino, an Army colonel, worked with one William
Bode; both Pino and bode were designated as special
assistants to the Undersecretary of State for Security
Assistance. Pino was posted to the State Department
from the Pentagon's Defense Security Assistance
Agency. Both Bode and Pino were deeply involved in the
then-secret program supplying arms and supplies to the
Contras. This program is often described as ``guns
down, drugs back.'' It is not surprising, therefore,
that Pino and Bode were also both closely tied to
Felix Rodriguez, one of the top drug-runners in the
Contra operation, who was directly deployed out of
Bush's office through Bush's national security adviser
Donald Gregg--another former CIA official.

It was William Bode who introduced Felix Rodriguez to
Oliver North in December 1984, as Rodriguez was on his
way to meet with Gregg. (A few weeks after this, Gregg
introduced Rodriguez personally to Bush, in the Vice
Presidents's office.)

In his book {Shadow Warrior}, Rodriguez describes Pino
as a close buddy of his from the days of the Bay of
Pigs ``2506 Brigade.'' Rodriguez says that at the
``2506'' training camp in Guatemala, he became friends
with both Nestor Pino, and with Jose Basulto--more
recently known for his provocative actions as part of
the ``Brothers to the Rescue'' operation.

Scott Weekly's involvement with Bode and Pino came
about in the following way. In August 1986, Bode
contacted Col. James ``Bo'' Gritz, the retired, highly
decorated special forces commander, and asked him to
come to Washington to discuss a training program for
Afghanistan mujahideen general-staff officers--another
of the clandestine operations being run by the
intelligence community simultaneously with the Contra
operation. Gritz meet with Bode and Pino at the State
Department twice in early August, and then, with his
longtime associate Scott Weekly, launched a training
program in unconventional warfare for the Afghanis,
conducted on federal land in Nevada.

The training program, as Gritz later testified, was
financed by $50,000, paid through Albert Hakim's
Stanford Technology Group--one of the companies used
by Oliver North, Richard Secord, et al. for shipping
arms to Iran and to the Contras. The Stanford group
was found by Iran-Contra Independent Counsel
prosecutor Lawrence Walsh to have been at the heart of
what he called ``The Enterprise.''

Now, there is no evidence whatsoever that Gritz had
any knowledge of Weekly's ties to the drug-dealer and
money-launderer Ron Lister, much less any involvement
in it. Indeed, Gritz is well-known for his opposition
to drug trafficking; he was prosecuted by the federal
government in the late 1980s after exposing the role
of certain Reagan-Bush government officials in drug
smuggling in Southeast Asia--as we shall see below.

Scott Weekly was a weapons specialist, working as part
of a team created by Gritz, after Gritz had been
requested in 1979 by the deputy director of the
Defense Intelligence Agency to officially resign from
the U.S. Army, and carry out a private intelligence
operation in Southeast Asia. Gritz's team carried out
a number of U.S. government-backed missions into
Thailand, Laos, and Burma between 1982 and 1986, to
determine whether America POWs were still alive in
Southeast Asia.

In his 1991 book {Called To Serve,} Gritz described
how he formed a ``private'' team with the assistance
of the DIA, CIA, and the Army's Intelligence Support
Activity (ISA). The ISA was a secret Army special
operations unit, involved in counter-terrorist
activity, and also in support for the Nicaraguan
Contras in Central America. Sworn evidence exists
showing that, during most of the 1980s, Gritz was
reporting to military intelligence officials through
an intermediary known as a ``cut-out.''

To return to our narrative: In late October 1986, as
the first round of the Afghan training program was
being completed, and just before the Los Angeles
Sheriff's raid on the Blandon drug ring, Gritz was
contacted by an NSC staff officer, Lt. Col. Thomas
Harvey. (The misnamed ``NSC staff'' is not a staff for
the National Security Council, but it serves the
President--and in this case the vice president--on
national security matters.)

Colonel Harvey told Gritz that information had
recently been given to Vice President Bush indicating
that Burmese drug lord Khun Sa had information on U.S.
prisoners of war still being detained in Southeast
Asia. Harvey asked Gritz if he could go to the Golden
Triangle area of Southeast Asia to attempt to verify
this report. He could, Gritz said, but he told Harvey
that he would need special documents for such a

A few days later, Harvey told Gritz to come to
Washington. On Oct. 29, 1986, Gritz and Scott Weekly
flew there, and met Harvey near the White House.
Harvey provided them with two letters, one for Gritz
on White House letterhead, and one for Weekly on
National Security Council letterhead, stating that
Gritz and Weekly were cooperating with the U.S.

The letter given to Weekly states:

``The bearer and undersigned of the only original of
this document is David Scott Weekly. Mr. Weekly is
cooperating in determining the authenticity of
reported U.S. prisoner of war sightings....
``Mr. Weekly is an operational agent cooperating with
this office....''

This was Oct. 29. Mark Richard's notes also indicate a
toll call by Weekly to Tom Harvey the next day.

`CIA' was the cover story
As to the claims by Lister, Weekly, and others that
Weekly was working for the CIA, Gritz has more
recently had a number of highly pertinent things to

In his {Center for Action} newsletter, Dec. 5, 1996,
while discussing the FBI's confusion over whom Weekly
worked for when he was working for Gritz, Gritz wrote:

``The FBI never knew exactly who I was working for.''
Gritz indicates that he was working for ISA--the
Army's Intelligence Support Activity, and explains:

``The truth is that the initials `ISA' were above Top
Secret to the point where CIA was our cover. ISA
worked directly for the National Security Council.''
Gritz then says that he initially worked for DIA, and
was then transferred to J-5 (Strategic Plans and
Policy) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when his POW
operations went into the field.

``Toward the end it was ISA that picked up the
He describes how he was called into the White House by
Adm. Bobby Inman, then deputy director of the CIA,
just before the POW mission was taken away from ISA
and given back to DIA.

Gritz continues:

``It is no wonder the FBI had no idea who was actually
carrying the ball! Scott Weekly never worked for
DIA--he worked for me.''
When Gritz was reached by {EIR}, he confirmed and
elaborated what he had written in his newsletter.
Gritz disavowed any knowledge of a link between Weekly
and Ron Lister, and said that Weekly only had a few
contacts with the CIA, and that those were through
Gritz. Gritz confirmed that he himself was actually
working for the ISA.

``It was identified, incorrectly, as a low-level Army
intelligence effort,''
Gritz explained,

``but it really worked directly for the National
Security Council. Otherwise, how in the hell could we
have been doing all the weird things we were doing?
And we used the CIA as a cover, when you had to get
messages, and this kind of stuff.''
``When I came on board,''

Gritz continued,

``I was carefully briefed: `We are not under the CIA,
we are not under Defense Intelligence; we work for the
National Security Council.'|''
He also said that ISA coordinated with the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, which provided the ``muscle'' for
ISA, using Delta Force special operations forces.

Tom Harvey, Bush, and `the families'
Now, to the matter of Col. Thomas Harvey.

Thomas Nelson Harvey graduated from West Point in the
early 1970s, and was posted to a SHAPE (Supreme
Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) support group
position. In 1975, he trained as a Foreign Area
Specialist in Yugoslav studies. Harvey was later
assigned to the headquarters of the Ninth Army
Division (which has responsibilities throughout the
Pacific), and in 1983 attended the Command and General
Staff College, thus becoming eligible to serve with
the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Informed sources indicate that Harvey is a proteage of
Richard Armitage, who was Assistant Secretary of State
for International Affairs. Armitage is a notorious
intelligence community ``Asia hand'' whose career has
been colored with allegations of gun running, drug
smuggling, and privateering on a grand scale. During
Gritz's mission to Khun Sa in 1986, Khun Sa identified
Armitage as playing a central role in ``Golden
Triangle'' drug trafficking--which has some bearing on
Harvey's behavior after Gritz returned from his 1986

From 1983 until his retirement in 1991, Harvey was
usually listed in Pentagon directories as located in
the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army;
he was, among other things, a speechwriter responsible
for space, arms control, and low-intensity operations.
According to his own testimony, he held numerous
sensitive intelligence positions during that time.
Among these, were his serving as a military assistant
to the Senate Armed Services Committee, where he
worked closely with Senators Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.)
and John Warner (R-Va.).

Asked about Tom Harvey, Gritz told this reporter that
Harvey was actually working out of George Bush's

``Harvey was the military adviser to Sen. John Warner,
and he was also, of course, in the NSC, working in the
Vice President's Office--George Bush at the time,''
Gritz said.

``Harvey was the Ollie North look-alike for George
It was apparently while Harvey was at the NSC in
1985-86, that he was instrumental in the creation of a
bizarre ``private'' paramilitary unit in Loudoun
County, Virginia, called ``ARGUS'' (Armored Response
Group U.S.). ARGUS's ostensible purpose was to provide
surplus armored military equipment for use in
``anti-terrorist'' and other crisis situations by
local law enforcement agencies in the mid-Atlantic
region. Among its acquisitions were a C-130 military
aircraft, an armored personnel carrier, and an armored

One of the few times that ARGUS equipment was actually
deployed, to be on standby, was during the Oct. 6-7,
1986 raid, by federal, state, and local agents, on the
offices of organizations associated with Lyndon
LaRouche in Leesburg, Virginia. That raid was
officially run by the FBI, but it was later learned
that planning for the raid included the ``focal
point'' office of the J-3 Special Operations Division
of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff. Two
truckloads of seized documents were taken to highly
secure U.S. Marine Corps facilities at Henderson Hall
in Arlington, Virginia, where they were presumably
culled over by intelligence specialists, before being
reviewed by state and federal prosecutors.

ARGUS was a project of the oligarchal families based
in the Loudoun County ``Hunt Country'' (see article,
p.|64). Magalen Ohrstrom Bryant and John W. Hanes were
both officials and funders of ARGUS; at the same time,
Bryant and Hanes were both funding Oliver North's
secret Contra operations as well.

In 1988, by which time Harvey was posted to Senator
Warner's staff, he was able to set up ARGUS's training
base at the Army's Cameron Station base in Alexandria,
Virginia. ARGUS also housed some of its specialized
armored vehicles at Cameron Station. iven that ARGUS
was supposedly a completely private operation, this
was rather extraordinary--except that ARGUS was
obviously {not} ``private;'' it was rather part of the
{privatized} military-intelligence operations which
flourished under the authority of Executive Order
12333 and Bush's ``secret government'' apparatus.

After his retirement from active military service in
1991, Harvey continued to work for these same
intelligence-related ``family'' networks. He became
the chairman and CEO of the Global Environmental &
Technology Foundation. On Global's Board of Directors,
naturally, is Maggie Bryant, also listed as
chairperson of the National Fish and Wildlife
Foundation. It is reported that Harvey was personally
selected for this role by Maggie Bryant, who has
called him one of her most trusted operatives. Among
Global's projects is what is called the ``Defense and
Environmental Initiative,'' which, in their words,
involves ``integrating environmental considerations
into America's national and international security

`Erase and forget'
Now, back to Gritz's dealings with Tom Harvey in

Gritz and his team, including Scott Weekly, did go to
Burma, where they met with Khun Sa. Khun Sa told Gritz
that he did not have any American POWs, but he
proposed a deal with the United States: that he would
stop all drug flows out of the Golden Triangle, in
return for recognition of his Shan State. He would
guarantee the eradication of opium production in the
Golden Triangle, which was the major source of heroin
coming into the United States--although it was rapidly
being supplanted by drugs from the ``Golden Crescent''
of Afghanistan and Pakistan as a by-product of the
arms and money flowing into the Afghan War. The
parallels between the Bush ``secret government''
clandestine operations in Central American and those
in Afghanistan are striking: The net result of both
was a massive increase in drugs coming from those
areas into the United States. Guns and drugs, like
love and marriage, go together like the proverbial
horse and carriage. (The Afghan operation gave us
something else: the world-wide British-controlled
terrorist network known today as the ``Afghansi.'')

The other thing which Khun Sa offered--even more
explosive--was that he would name the names of U.S.
government officials involved in illegal arms and drug

Gritz and his team returned just before Christmas,
1986. In his book, Gritz reports that he submitted his
after-action report to Harvey; a few days later,
Harvey called. When Gritz asked Harvey about the
reaction to Khun Sa's proposal to stop the drug trade,
Harvey told Gritz:

``Bo, there's no one around here who supports that.''
Gritz's account continues:

``I reminded him that Vice President George H.W. Bush
was appointed by his boss, the President of the United
States, as the `Number-One Cop' for stopping drugs
before they got to the United States. Reagan had
declared war on drugs, and Bush was his so-called
Harvey reiterated, this time in a more forcible tone,

{`Bo, what can I tell you? There's no interest in
doing that.'}
``I knew then that we were treading on some very
sensitive toes,'' Gritz writes, ``but I didn't know

Almost immediately, Scott Weekly was charged with
illegal shipments of explosives (the C4 used in the
Afghani training program) and he was induced to plead
guilty without a trial, and even without a lawyer.

In May 1987, Gritz was told in no uncertain terms to
cease and desist all of his activities related to the
Golden Triangle and drugs. He was contacted by Joseph
Felter, his close friend and the former head of
Wedtech, the scandalized defense contractor. Felter
told Gritz that he was conveying a message from Tom
Harvey and a State Department official named William
Davis: that Gritz was to ``erase and forget''
everything about his trip to the Golden Triangle.
Felter told Gritz that Harvey and Davis said that ``if
you don't stop everything you're doing ... you're
gonna serve 15 years in prison as a felon!'' (Felter
later confirmed the thrust of his remarks, and that he
was acting on behalf of Harvey, in a sworn affidavit.)

Gritz was at the time about to be charged with using a
false passport, for travelling to Southeast Asia on a
passport in a different name which had in fact been
provided to him by the U.S. government, through the
NSC-run ISA. Gritz was also threatened with charges
for neutrality violations, for the Afghan training
operation. Gritz says that when he was finally
indicted in 1989, Tom Harvey showed up, and told him

``Bo, we're so angry with you! Your focus is supposed
to be prisoners of war. Why do you insist on getting
involved in this government drug operation?''
The coverup continues to this day. The attacks on Bo
Gritz to prevent exposure of the U.S. government
complicity in the Golden Triangle drug trade, and the
frantic efforts in late 1986-87 to suppress any
exposure of the Contra drugs-for-guns dealings--as
shows up in the Lister-Weekly case--were clearly one
and the same.

And in both cases, we see that the trail leads
directly to the same place: George Bush.

1. For a more thorough description and documentation
of this structure, which operated under the authority
of Executive Order 12333 and various National Security
Decision Directives, see the two {EIR Special
Reports}: ``Would a President Bob Dole Prosecute Drug
Super-Kingpin George Bush?'' September 1996; and
``George Bush and the 12333 Serial Murder Ring,''
October 1996.


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From: "Trinity Farms" <trinityfarms@trinityfarms.org>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 7:53 AM
Subject: A Surprising Quiz

Forwarded from Steve Dasbach:

To celebrate President George W. Bush's first 100 days in office,
conduct a modest thought experiment, shall we?

Imagine, if you will, that you were whisked out of the country on
November 7, 2000, as the outcome of the presidential election hung in
the balance.

Imagine that for the past six months, you've had no access to any news

source. No newspapers. No TV. No internet. No political discussion

Now, imagine that on Sunday, April 29 - exactly 100 days after the new

president was inaugurated - you were plunked down in front of a
television as the usual crew of talking-head pundits debated the new
administration's record.

  If those pundits didn't mention the president's name, would you know

whether Bush or Gore had won the election?

"What a foolish question!" most Republicans and Democrats will
sputter. "Bush and Gore are as different as, well - Bush and Gore.
Their records after 100 days would be so utterly and so radically
different that no one could confuse them!"

Really? If that is the case, take this quick 12-question quiz to see
how different the Bush administration has been from the
Gore administration:

1) If elected president, which one - Bush or Gore - would boost
spending for Bill Clinton's AmeriCorps program by $282 million?

[  ] Al Gore

[  ] George W. Bush

ANSWER: George W. Bush. Some conservatives had predicted that Bill
Clinton's "domestic Peace Corps" program would be quickly abolished,
but, instead, Bush has requested a funding increase of $282 million.
[Source: USA Today, April 10, 2001]

2) Which one would continue the Clinton administration's lawsuit
against tobacco companies?

[  ] George W. Bush

[  ] Al Gore

ANSWER: George W. Bush. Not only is the Bush administration not ending

the legalized extortion against the tobacco companies, Attorney
John Ashcroft boasted that the Justice Department plans to spend as
much as Janet Reno did to proceed with the suit. [Source: The
Washington Times, April 27, 2001]

3) Which one would increase federal spending on elementary and
secondary education by a whopping 72%?

[  ] Al Gore

[  ] George W. Bush

ANSWER: George W. Bush. Although Republicans had previously promised
abolish the federal Department of Education, Bush requested $18.6
billion more in spending for elementary, secondary, and vocational
education - a 72% increase. [Source: USA Today, April 10, 2001]

4) Which one would maintain the so-called "Gore Tax" - a hidden
$2.3 billion-a-year levy on telephone bills, used to wire schools
to the Internet?

[  ] George W. Bush

[  ] Al Gore

ANSWER: George W. Bush. Three years ago, conservatives blasted the
"Gore Tax" as an unconstitutional tax, since it was imposed by the
Federal Communications Commission. But instead of repealing it, the
Bush administration has been working to halt any attempts to limit it.

[Source: Cato Institute Daily Commentary, April 9, 2001]

5) Which one would request a 3.6% pay hike for all federal workers?

[  ] Al Gore

[  ] George W. Bush

ANSWER: George W. Bush. The average federal civilian employee already
makes $50,000 a year - but Bush doesn't think that's enough. His pay-
hike proposal would increase federal wages even faster than inflation.

[Source: The Washington Post, April 10, 2001]

6) Which one would impose by White House decree the Clinton
administration's medical "privacy" rules - which give control
of Americans' medical records to the government?

[  ] George W. Bush

[  ] Al Gore

ANSWER: George W. Bush. After Clinton proposed his so-called "privacy"

rules, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services was flooded with

24,000 letters opposing them. In response, Bush ordered the HHS to
disregard the public comments, and implement the rules immediately.
[Source: The Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2001]

7) Which one would boost spending on the Corporation for Public
Broadcasting by $10 million?

[  ] Al Gore

[  ] George W. Bush

ANSWER: George W. Bush. For years, conservatives have asked why the
federal government funds a radio network with tax dollars, since tens
of thousands of free-market stations compete for listeners. Bush's
response was to request a $10 million funding increase. [Source: USA
Today, April 10, 2001]

8) Which one would bar development on privately owned wetlands, and
promised environmental policies that will "continue and complete
the work of [the Clinton] administration"?

[  ] George W. Bush

    [  ] Al Gore

ANSWER: George W. Bush. Here, surely, there's a difference between
and Gore! Not as much as you might think. Not only did Bush refuse to
overturn a Clinton-era ban on wetlands development, he boasted he
continue the Democrat's environmental programs since "this is the way
environmental policy should work." [Source: Syndicated columnist
Robert Novak, April 26, 2001]

9) Which one would vow a "renewed commitment" to enforcing
America's 20,000 gun laws, and budget an additional $158 million
for that purpose?

[  ] Al Gore

[  ] George W. Bush

ANSWER: George W. Bush. And you thought Al Gore was anti-gun? Attorney

General John Ashcroft said there was "no question" the Bush
administration needs a "renewed commitment" to enforce America's
myriad anti-gun laws, and has requested $158 million more for that
purpose. [Source: The Washington Times, April 27, 2001]

10) Which one would spend an additional $46 billion on a new
federal program to give low-cost prescription drugs to seniors?

[  ] George W. Bush

[  ] Al Gore

ANSWER: George W. Bush. During the campaign, both Bush and Gore
promised to dramatically increase the role of the federal government
the prescription dug business. The cost to taxpayers of Bush's
$46 billion over five years. [Source: Associated Press, April 27,

11) Which one would delay any effort to privatize Social
Security retirement accounts for younger workers by deferring it
to a federal commission for more study?

[  ] Al Gore

[  ] George W. Bush

ANSWER: George W. Bush. As a candidate, Bush made the partial
privatization of Social Security a cornerstone of his campaign. But as

president, he has drop-kicked that potential hot potato to a federal
commission for "study." [Source: Associated Press, April 27, 2001]

12) Which one would give the IRS more money so it can hire
4,000 additional tax collectors?

[  ] George W. Bush

[  ] Al Gore

ANSWER: George W. Bush. At Congressional hearings in 1998, Republicans

harshly criticized the Internal Revenue Service for mistreating
taxpayers and running roughshod over the law. Three years later, Bush
has proposed a $400 million budget increase for the agency. [Source:
USA Today, April 16, 2001]

Shocked by the answers? Perhaps you shouldn't be, since President Bush

made it clear - even during his days as a candidate - that making the
federal government smaller, less expensive, or less intrusive was not
on his agenda. Given that, is it a surprise that he is governing like
Al Gore?

In fact, after looking at the record of President Bush's first 100
days, there's really only one thought experiment question left to ask:

Why was the outcome of the 2000 presidential election so fiercely
contested - since it seems to have made no real difference who won?


Would you Vote to Remove Bush from Office???
Bush Cheated to get to the White House and 4 million people have lost their jobs in Bush's 1st year! Is it time for the Man who stole the White House to be plucked from office?????


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