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Dear Free Speech Supporter:

         Many populists have long complained that significant elements in the press
never give them a fair shake in their reporting. The items below help make
this case.

         Bill Dunphy used to be a hotshot reporter for the TORONTO SUN. For several
years, he dined off the Heritage Front, as the resident expert on the far
right. Dunphy's articles seldom explained what the Heritage Front or other
groups stood for. They were, however, long on smear words: "neo-Nazi",
"White supremacist", etc. In April, 1992, Dunphy wrote a heavy breathing
front-page story about a teacher addressing a neo-Nazi rally. [That was me.
Of course, it wasn't a neo-nazi rally. It was a meeting of the Heritage
Front.] The scurrilous abuse revealed little of what I said, but wrapped me
up with smear words. Needless to say, this treatment did little to secure
my job, which was already under fire from Jewish censorship groups like the
Canadian Jewish Congress, who, apparently supplied Dunphy, with the video
of the event which had occurred some 15 months earlier. [It must have been
a slow news weekend.]

         Dunphy has fallen from grace and now scribbles for the HAMILTON SPECTATOR.
This past Saturday, about 20 activists concerned about the health threats
posed by poorly screened immigrants and refugees handed out leaflets in
Hamilton. Dunphy wrote up the event.

         You'll notice that his article never quotes the pamphlet or the news
release that was sent out and which, I know he received. The article labels
concerns about contagious and sometimes lethal diseases brought in by
foreigners as "white supremacist" and "racist". Dunphy's idea of
"reporting" is just abusive sloganeering, without facts or balance.

Paul Fromm


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1.  Article from the Hamilton Spectator on the Heritage Front's Flyering
2.  Response to Bill Dumpy's Article by Marc Lemire


Racist Leaflets given out near Hospital

Heritage Front members monitored by Police near Henderson Hospital

Hamilton Spectator | Feb. 12, 2001 | Page A5
By Bill Dunphy

A group of racists and white supremacists have seized on the Ebola scare in
an effort to raise funds, win converts and attract attention.

Toronto-based racist Web master Marc Lemire and disgraced former teacher
Paul Fromm, among others, organized leaflet distribution in a neighbourhood
near Henderson General Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Pairs of young men spend about an hour distributing a flyer that read
"Community Health Alert."  It had a skull and crossbones and the sentence
"Immigration can kill you" in letters designed to look like dripping blood.

The leaflet used the Heritage Front name and listen a Hamilton post office
box and phone number.  The Heritage Front was the largest white racist
group in Canada's post-war history, but has been moribund for seven years.

Saturday's street action is believed to be the first serious attempt to
revive that group.  People distributing the leaflets, who were monitored by
members of the Hamilton police street crime unit, claimed to have
distributed thousands of flyers and to have received a warm reception from
neighbours and even hospital staff.

But on Saturday, The spectator was unable to find any hospital staff who
had even noticed them and several residents said the small group of young
men didn't seem to want to talk to neighbours.

"He may have said something about how cold he was," said one resident who
didn't want to be identified.

The woman said she was disgusted by the pamphlet.

"I just consider racism a disease and much worse of one that whatever that
poor woman had."

Members of the city's Congolese community said the pamphlet was clearly an
attack on their community.

"Who is it that put our this thing?" Ben Paul-Mukaba said yesterday.

"We are having a very tough time right now," he added.

The intense attention paid to the story, combined with the groundless fears
of Ebola, meant this kind of attack was inevitable, he said.

"I knew we were going to reach this point."


                Marc Lemire Responds to Bill Dumpy's Article:

On Saturday, after our successful flyer drive in Hamilton to warn residents
of the health threat Immigration poses,  I received an E-Mail from Hamilton
Spectator Reporter Bill Dunphy wanting to talk about Saturdays activities.
  I quickly responded to him via E-Mail and said: "Why would I waste my time
with you,  over the past 6 months,  our site has received in excess of
three and a half million hits.  Thats over 700,000 a month.  Clearly I have
a larger readership than you and your entire newspaper will ever have.
Take your silly little comments and underhanded remarks and beat it."

And boy how right I was.  The in the first paragraph of Dunphy's distorted
article he refers to us as a "group of racist and white supremacists" and
then to further show his underhanded reporting style he refers to me as a
"racist Web mater"  and to Paul Fromm as a "disgraced former teacher."

Bill Dunphy has been around for quite some time,  and his underhanded and
distorted way of reporting the news has been clearly documented.   As a
former reporter for the Toronto Sun he wrote an article in which he
allegedly quotes the judge in the trial of Wolfgang Droege, who was charged
with aggravated assault for defending himself from a mob of Anti-Racist
Action thugs, as claiming Droege "cowardly attacked" the ARA thug.  When in
fact the judge never said any such thing.  In fact the judge ruled that
Droege was justified in his actions but that he used excessive force in
subduing his attacker, cause Droege may have hit the attacker more than
once to protect himself.  When confronted with his distortions,  Dunphy
just shrugs it off and says "oh, well thats what I heard".  He seems fine
with not being able to report accurately or keep his biases in check, and
this could have been one of the reasons he was asked to leave the Toronto
Sun and got a job at a much smaller paper in Hamilton.

In a piece Dunphy wrote for the Access & Equity Centre - Metro Toronto
(City Council) on me,  he further shows his underhanded distorted reporting
style by claiming things like I have "little more than rudimentary computer

Just to show how Dunphy can't even quote simple things correctly:  On March
19, 1994 the Toronto Sun published an article entitled "DIALING HATE". In
this article, the author Bill Dunphy continually lied and slandered me. In
a part on major players in the Toronto hotline scene Mr. Dunphy says the
Euro-Canadian Action line was "Set up by Les Jasinski and Marc Lemire" This
is totally false! In an interview I did with Mr. Dunphy on January the
12th, 1994 I said "It's my hotline, and I let other people use it at times,
but ... it's mine" Is that not proof enough? Right from my own mouth!   See
why when dealing with low life reporters like Dunphy it is very handy to
record the interview yourself.

After the cowardly fire bombing of Ernst Zundel's home and office in 1995
Bill Dunphy true to his form he referred to Zundel in a Toronto Sun article
as a "balding baffoon"

Also in the Feb 12th Hamilton Spectator article "Racist Leaflets given out
near Hospital", Dunphy goes on to quote a person named "Ben Paul-Mukaba" as
saying our flyer was an attack on the Congolese community.  A quick look in
the phone book shows no "Ben Paul-Mukaba" listed,  since we wanted to
discuss with him what really happened during the Dunphy conversation,
assuming of course "Ben Paul-Mukaba" is not another figment of Dunphy's
imagination.  Our flyer,  which is now on the Freedom-Site
(http://www.freedomsite.org/hf/press_releases/feb11_2001.html)   certainly
does not attack any particular community at all,  but comments on
government policies and the threat they pose Canadians.  But I suspect
Dunphy is really trying to imply that our flyer is attacking a certain
community, since attacking a group based on race is against Canada's Hate

Also interesting about quoting people in the article,  in another E-Mail
received from Dunphy on Feb 11, 2001 he goes on and says "Police here have
identified you as the organizer of the action - and the e-mail you sent out
certainly seems to support that claim, but believe it or not I'd rather
give you the opportunity to comment on it, rather than rely on what the
police are telling me about your activities here."

And of course I smartly didn't believe him, as usual another little fib
from Dumpy.  But I did send him quite a lengthy response,  of course not
even once did he quote me in his article.

For the record, here are some interesting parts of my response:

My website, and the combination of sites on the Freedom-Site have received
over 6.5 million hits in the past two years.  YES 6 AND A HALF *MILLION*!
I would guess close to 10 million since it started in 1995.

Your article, as biased as I am sure it would be, would NEVER be able to
come even close to reaching the amount of people my site reaches in ONE
HOUR.   And more to the point, when people visit my site, they don't have
to get what we are saying filtered through anyone, they get it right from
the source.

You see, in the past year, people are more and more turning to alternative
media sources like ours.  They are sick a tired of reading has-been
reporters like yourself who seem unable or unwilling to tell the truth.
Your type and most of the media is becoming obsolete.  People want the
facts, and could care less about what Bernie Farber thinks about it.
Besides I hear Farber is real sad now that Israel struck down it's state
sponsored torture laws.  He did after all say "Torture is a sad albeit at
times necessary part of war."

I hope you do actually quote Sol Littman, Bernie Farber, Karen Mock, and
the rest of them in your story.  They detest my website, and for good
reason.  We exposed them for the liars, trouble makers and torture
apologists they are. http://www.freedomsite.org/exposed/index.html

They want censorship of the Internet, so people like us won't have a large
audience to expose their tax racket to the world.

NO Charitable Status - NO MORE B'Nai Brith, NO MORE Canadian Jewish
Congress, NO MORE Simon Wiesenthal Center, etc.

On my website, people can access over one thousand individual documents,
listen to radio shows, watch movies, take part in discussion groups via our
new webboard (webboard.freedomsite.org), chat live with other people around
the world, join mailing lists, sign internet petitions about a variety of
issues and have their comments automatically E-Mailed to EVERY Member of
Parliament, and even fill in online ePOSTCARDS which get automatically sent
directly to members of Parliament across Canada.

We are the cutting edge on the Internet for people who are interested in
immigration reform and freedom of speech.  We are a truly interactive
website, giving Canadians a vehicle to talk back  and protest against a
government spinning out of control.

---- End quote ----

Hopefully the Spectator will wake up and dump his lame ass.

-Marc Lemire

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