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The Cancer & Tobacco Hoax


There is nothing more scandalous than public servants who ignore why an extra fifteen million Americans died this century from the increase in cancer rates alone, than to blame it on smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol.  In the last half century, as the percent of Americans who smoke decreased dramatically, cancer deaths continued to grow at exactly the same rate they had been growing during the first half of the century.  If there is any relationship at all, it is that cancer deaths increased by 10 per 100,000 population for each two percent DECREASE in Americans who smoke.  In other words, IF smoking tobacco affects cancer at all, it PREVENTS it.

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Not only is blaming cancer on tobacco, tobacco companies, and those who smoke it unfair to all involved, but it distracts us from discussing the root problem, much less resolving it.  If current trends continue unabated, 86 million extra Americans (those above the cancer rate of 1900) will die of cancer in the 21st Century.

It is unacceptable (no, unconscionable) for our politicians to ignore a problem which already cost fifty times as many American lives as WWII and, if current trends persist into the 21st Century will cost another 280 times as many, particularly when the medical research data has already isolated the problem!  

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