John, I know a physicist in southern California that knew the jew Carl Sagan and said he was phony. Sagan was known for saying "billions and billions of light years" as he exhaled a clowd of cannabis from his lungs. This individual I knew said Sagan was only good at stealing the limelight from other physicists. This is the same man who politicized "nuclear winter" that pot smoking Hollywood directors picked up and said "Wow, man. Why don't we make a statement man by making a film about it and make some money."  "Cool man." The simple fact is Sagan was erected by the NWO to spread their bigger jewish LIES.  He was a willing servant to the bigger political jews. Carl Sagan, was a pothead!

"After he died biographer William Poundstone outed him as a lifelong stoner. Carl, it seems, had been the long-time romantic partner of one of the major players in the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML. Not only that, but Sagan had once written an anonymous essay in a pro-pot anthology in which he credited the insidious weed with inspiring many of his scientific insights. The fact is, though, among some of Sagan's peers, he was always a controversial figure. His raw scientific prowess had been criticized by those who'd looked hard at his shoddy biology work and his half-ass mathematical abilities. We might very well attribute a certain degree of Sagan's intellectual sloppiness to his predilection for smoking fat joints."


Again, we see similarities to the Einstein hoax. And, Sagan is clled a "genius" by the jewish press. But, the author above attributes his shoddiness to Sagan's TCP laced noodle. Smoking fat joints is a good smoke screen for not having the intellect as his white peers. If we went further in our investigation we would reveal more about Sagan and other so-called jewish intellects. John, do we waste our time?