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I believe everyone on this list is owed an apology for this filth. Please
remove me from this list.

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Fritz <[email protected]>; Ca Rod Bivings <[email protected]>; Ca Richard
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<[email protected]>; Ca Michael Gibson <[email protected]>; Ca Larry
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<[email protected]>; Ca Brian Doyle <[email protected]>; Ca Bob Cheney
<[email protected]>; Ca Armin Brott <[email protected]>; Ca Frank Zepezauer
<[email protected]>; Ga Thomas L. Falkenberry <[email protected]>; Ga
James Karlin <[email protected]>; Ga Gregory Romeo <[email protected]>; Ga
Glenn <[email protected]>; Ga Dairell W Davis <[email protected]>; Ga Alan
Oakley <[email protected]>; Fl Shannon Chesser <[email protected]>;
Fl Paul Milliken <[email protected]>; Fl Michael Bonner
<[email protected]>; Fl Kathleen Parker <[email protected]>; Fl
Jon Kuiken <[email protected]>; Fl John Colvin <[email protected]>; Fl
Gary Roberts <[email protected]>; Fl Dean Tong <[email protected]>; Fl
David Wilson <[email protected]>; Fl Claude Strass
<[email protected]>; Fl Chuck Schroeder <[email protected]>; DC
Stephen Baskerville <[email protected]>; DC Richard Kroeger
<[email protected]>; DC David A. Roberts, ACFA <[email protected]>;
Ct Duane Furlong Jr. <[email protected]>; Co Steven McNeil
<[email protected]>; Co Robert Muchnick <[email protected]>; Co Rick
Baker <[email protected]>; Co Ken Ward <[email protected]>; Co Greg
Anderson <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, December 23, 1999 11:00 PM
Subject: Re: Cuban Boy + reply

>Well, we finally have agreement.
>You call me "hateful" and "prejudiced" and I call you "hymie".
>You are also welcomed to throw in "goyim" and "gentile" just to balance it
>Thus I expect, if you ever deign to address me again, you will refer to me
>as "goyim Knight" or "prejudiced Knight", and I, if I ever deign to address
>you again, will address you as "hymie Muchnik".
>Sound fair?
>goyim Knight