A Century of Pathology

Statistical Summary of the Twentieth Century

The divorce rate increased fifty fold to the highest divorce rate in the world.  The murder rate increased ten fold to one of the highest rates in the world, as the percent of murders which the justice system resolves plunged from 96% to 64%, even with the passage of 22,000 unconstitutional gun control laws.  The incarceration rate increased ten fold and the US now has five times more prison inmates per capita than China and South Africa, making American men one third of the men in the world who are behind bars.  Sexual assault convictions increased ten fold and American men are now two thirds of the world's sexual assault  convictions. DNA studies prove that one third to one half of the convicted men were innocent. Suicide by men increased to five times that by women.  The rate of fatherlessness octupled and put half of the nation's children in fatherless households. The value of the dollar declined ten fold by the gold standard (from $38/oz to $380/oz).  We spent more money for welfare than the value of every Fortune 500 corporation and every acre of farm land, combined.   The percent of the world's autos supplied by U.S. manufacturers declined from 60% to 20%.  Government spending increased from 4 cents to 42 cents of each wage dollar, while it remains at 22 cents in other industrialized nations like Japan.  GDP per worker decreased two thirds by the gold standard while the Public Debt increased 9 fold to $5.9 trillion, consumer debt increased to $1.2 trillion, and housing debt increased to $3.9 trillion.  The U.S. became the largest debtor nation in world history with an average net worth per household of a *negative* $77,000 and is the only industrialized nation in the world with a NEGATIVE Personal Savings rate.  Interest payments on the debts increased to greater than the gross savings rate of 15% of GDP for the first time since the Great Depression, yet Japan continued to save 33% per year with almost no debt payments.  Gross savings decreased from $18 trillion to less than zero at the same time that Japan's monetary base increased to $73 trillion.  Forty million fellow Americans never saw the light of day because they were aborted [read: MURDERED in the eyes of 57% of Americans] in what God intended to be the safest place in the world for them.  The "drug war" was followed by a 45% increase in cocaine use.  Violent crime increased 560%, illegitimate births increased 419%, and single-parent households increased 3000%.  Criminal Justice System expenditures increased ten fold to $360 billion and now exceed national defense by $100 billion.   Our balance of payments, which was positive for two centuries before the CRA, is now almost half a trillion dollars in the red.  Feminism became a nationwide disease and left 25 million American children without natural parents.

Drunk driving arrests increased five fold to 1.6 million per year and the number of American citizens behind bars for just for violating DWI laws exceeds the total number of Japanese citizens behind bars for all crimes combined.  The motor vehicle fatality rate increased from 30% lower than Germany's to 45% higher.  Health care increased eight fold to 14% of GDP but our life expectancy is 4 years shorter than Japan and Australia who spend less than 7% of GDP for health care.  The paperwork required to meet government regulations in health care alone consumes 3% of GDP.   Alcohol consumption decreased 18%, increasing our death rate by 35,000 lives/year.  SAT scores declined 98 points and the US is dead last in more TIMSS subjects than any other country.  The amount of time per day that children watch TV increased from 5 hours to 7 hours.  The number of US banks in the Top 40 World Banks declined from 22 to 1(with assets of $120 billion) as the number of Japanese increased to 24 (with assets of $5,000 Billion).   The number of lawyers increased to 60 times that of Japan as the number of engineers declined to less than a quarter that of Japan.  The ratio of manufacturing employees to government employees declined from 2.5:1 to less than 1:1 giving us more public servants than there are total workers in France.

One million blacks are in our prisons, more than there are in all of Africa with 800 million blacks, and twice as many as there were enslaved at the height of slavery.  The percentage of black children growing fatherless quintupled to 78%.  The percentage of blacks below the age of 33 who have been imprisoned in their lifetimes quintupled to 75%.  The purchasing power of the average black family is one third of what it was before the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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