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Dr. Daniel Amneus

The Case For Father Custody


The Garbage Generation


The Three Othellos


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Our special thanks go to Charlie Romstad for creating all the different files, to Bob Cheney for his tireless effort on behalf of fatherhood, to Nick Szabo for his great and timely documentary on fatherhood "Father Figure", to Le Roy Marshall for organizing his community on behalf of fatherhood, to Rick Tilimon for helping so many fathers get through the legal wringer, to Scott Forest {God Bless his soul) for being the pioneer with so many arrows in his back, to Gary Clark for keeping us on focus with language, to Stephen Baskerville for getting the story about fatherhood published, and we ALL are eternally grateful to:

Dr. Amneus, for saying what we think better than we can, and having the courage to say it!!


The Case For Father Custody

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Download The Word for Windows Version

Download the Adobe pdf Version

The Garbage Generation

Read Here On-line in HTML

Download the Adobde pdf Version

Read the annex to the Garbage Generation

It's strongly advised that all dedicated fathers, fathers' rights advocates, political activists, and anyone else concerned about our current social pathology order TWO copies of each of the above books and:

  1. Read both the Case For Father Custody and the Garbage Generation thoroughly.
  2. Send a copy of each to the politician you believe to be the one most likely to act on behalf of responsible fatherhood.
  3. Read what happens to cultures which don't quickly resolve such social pathologies.
  4. Read how totalitarian regimes result from fatherlessness.
  5. Email us.