Check out the cover for the latest issue of The American Legion Magazine (published July 2005)! Gee I wonder who controls the content of this magazine? More propaganda for the sheep!


Can anyone look at this hideous creature and NOT tell that he is a viper, an anti-Christ (son of a rabbi) and an enemy of the uSA! Wake up people! Aliens have crept in unawares and have polluted our land (just as Christ warns us they would in the book of Matthew).


May Yahweh, our Father, have mercy on our (ignorant) souls!


Pastor Dan


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Disturbing Details Emerge in Arrest of Chertoff Henchman
Report; Posted on: 2006-04-08 00:17:37

"Someone from the Department of Homeland Security was online soliciting a child"

The Department of Homeland Security's deputy press secretary, Brian Doyle, is accused of trying to seduce a 14-year-old girl over the Internet who turned out to be a Polk County Sheriff's Office computer crimes detective.

Polk deputies said much of the information gathered in their investigation is inappropriate for public release... Police reports indicate for several days and weeks, Doyle used America Online (AOL) to engage the fictitious teenage girl in sexually explicit conversations.

Investigators said Doyle would send the girl hardcore pornographic web videos and even tried to convince her to buy her own web camera so she could take explicit photos and videos of herself.

Investigators also said Doyle ordered the underage girl to perform sex acts while thinking about him and described explicitly and perverse sexual acts he wanted to perform on her.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd described the disturbing nature of what investigators have discovered.

Evidence was taken from Doyle's home as he was arrested.
"It was so shocking and so outrageous and so without caution that it shocked all of us who have worked vice narcotics, organized crime and homicides," Judd said. "Normally they are much more reserved in their conversation. He was bold from the beginning."

Maryland investigators were seen taking box loads of evidence from Doyle's home during his arrest. All evidence recovered will be sent to Polk County.

Doyle appeared before a Washington judge Wednesday to hear the charges against him. His 23 felony counts carry a sentence of 115 years. Seven of the counts allege he used a computer to seduce a child and 16 of them involve transmission of harmful material to a minor. He's being held without bond as he awaits extradition to Florida.

The state attorney's office in Polk County is working quickly to build its case against him.

"We were knocking on his door as he was preparing to see this 14-year-old girl on a web cam," Capt. Rebecca Schreiber of the Polk County Sheriff's Office said. "If someone from the Department of Homeland Security was online soliciting a child, what else was he doing?"

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As we said when this story first broke: What has to happen before Bush finally gets the nerve to pull the plug on the incompetence-wracked tenure of Michael Chertoff? Not only did Chertoff fiddle while New Orleans drowned, he blamed a subordinate. Only recently a total lack of simple professionalism allowed an illegal alien from Pakistan into the retinue of ex-President Clinton; Chertoff's DHS, with all the legal and technical bells and whistles, was unable to forestall even this basic breach. Unable to control the border, Chertoff shrugged off reports of numerous Mexican military incursions as no concern of his, and has gone on the road to sell Bush's "amnesty" plan. Now we come to find out that -- again, despite all the Inspector Gadget hardware available to the DHS, an alleged would-be child molester was recruited to a top-level position at the agency.

Michael Chertoff
The Man & His Star-Crossed Past
Jim Kirwan

Very few Americans, not directly affected by this man of many faces
have no idea, of who really directs the duties of the 180,000
government employees in DHS: Duties that this man now holds in his
stained and conflicted hands. It seems that the variety of
controversies which have paralleled Michael Chertoff's meteoric rise
in government have been allowed to languish in the shadows for far
too long. If the public does not soon become familiar with who their
Director of Homeland Security really is-then they may live to regret
that oversight. The details of Michael Chertoff's personal history
should have disqualified him for high office: but instead his
nomination for this job was approved without objection by the

"The Senate voted 98-0 to approve Chertoff on February 15. Chertoff,
51, took the oath of office that night in "a private ceremony at the
White House."

DHS has a $32 billion budget, 180,000 employees, and jurisdiction
over immigration, customs and transportation security, the Coast
Guard, the Secret Service and the Federal Emergency Management

The question of Chertoff's dual-nationality doesn't seem to have
concerned a single U.S. senator.

Many have wondered who let the detained suspected Israeli agents go
back to Israel, immediately after 911. Apparently it was Michael

"Chertoff allowed scores of suspected Israeli terrorists and spies
to quietly return to Israel . In several cases, Israeli suspects
working for phoney moving companies, such as Urban Moving Systems
from Weehawken, N.J., were caught driving moving vans which tested
positive for explosives. On September 14, Dominic Suter, the owner
of the moving company, which was found to be a Mossad front company,
fled to Israel after FBI agents requested a second interview.

One group of 5 Israelis was seen on the roof of Urban Moving Systems
videotaping and celebrating the destruction of the World Trade
Center. These Israeli agents were returned to Israel on visa

These Israeli suspects, and others, who had apparently transported
explosives in the New York area, were allowed to return to Israel
without being properly interrogated or their presence and activities
in the United States having been vigorously investigated." (1)
What is publicly available about Chertoff's life and his various
careers is not comforting, if you care about either law or justice-
and it's especially troubling if you demand a depth of character
from those who occupy the highest offices in this land. Ah but then
this is the Cheney-Bush Era of Empire, so that 'quaint idea' is
probably now completely without merit.

"Chertoff is credited with authoring the Patriot Act, the 300-plus
page blueprint for the modern National Security State; patterned to
great extent on the successes of the KGB in the Soviet system. He's
admired among his Bush cadres for making sure that government
surveillance operates at maximum efficiency. Under his stewardship
at the Dept of Justice, the 4th amendment has withered like summer
grass. The long-held belief that citizens, have a right to
a "reasonable expectation of privacy" has buckled under the demands
of "Big Brother" and the new "intrusive" security paradigm."

And: "Chertoff's record of failure at Justice is second only to that
of Ashcroft. His 4 year tenure hasn't produced even one identifiable
success. (Check out his "obstruction of justice" in the John Walker
Lindh case on Democracy Now) Instead, his personal ineptitude and
his palpable contempt for the law have only showered more disgrace
on the institution of American justice. That probably explains why
he's being moved up the bureaucratic dog-pile to the top rung of
Homeland Security. In Bush-world "failing upwards" is more
commonplace than cowboy boots at a Crawford tent-show." (2)

As someone that controls the largest Federal Agency in the US
government; the life and accomplishments of Michael Chertoff ought
to be available and easy to locate: but that has not been the case.
Instead the important details concerning Michael Chertoff's past
have been meticulously scrubbed from the net. The basics are
available from Wikipedia but the facts surrounding the depth of his
family's involvement in the actual creation of the State of Israel,
have disappeared.

"Chertoff is the co-author, along with Viet Dinh, of the USA PATRIOT
Act , signed into law October 26, 2001. As head of the Justice
Department's criminal division, he advised the Central Intelligence
Agency on the outer limits of legality in coercive interrogation
sessions." (3)

One of the little known aspects inside all the secrecy surrounding
The vile National ID Card, the HOMELAND Security Act, and the
shadowy FEMA camps that many believe are about to be used-concerns
the other master criminals that Cheney-Bush hired to ensure that
Americans will become as completely controlled a population, as were
the people of Communist East Germany or the old USSR.

For Instance: "This "card" (the National ID Card) was designed for
Homeland Security by the former East German STAZI chief, Marcus
Wolfe, a master of manipulation and intimidation and Primakov the
former head of the KGB in the USSR. These two former spy chiefs are
who really run our SECRET National Interior Spy Service. Bush
employed them specifically for what they brought from their
communist states - now they decide who lives and who dies in
America! These men have not changed, they are who they are, and
that's why Bush & the Bandits hired them for HOMELAND Security. If
these men appeared for work, in the uniforms of their former
States, the public would be outraged, and rightfully so! How is it
that the radical right continues to decry Communism, yet they have
allowed Bush to employ top communist counter-intelligence officers
to oversee every facet of our lives?" (4)

Throughout this long international nightmare there remains the still
incomplete tragedy of the insertion of Israel, as a State, into what
was once Palestine. This conflicted and war-torn place has been the
international flashpoint of privilege over human rights and bondage
over freedom for over half a century. Flames and blood from this
dispute were ignited by greed and by those dark and destabilizing
dreams of Empire that were beginning even before the First World
War. Here's something that one woman adds to the on-going dialogue
in Palestine-because what she's found is pivotal to the veracity of
claims made by the Zionist extremists that control "Israel" today.
This is why the dual citizenship of our Homeland Security Czar is
incompatible with his position in government today. The USA is large
enough to require that all our highest officials be Americans
without dual citizenships, or conflicts of national interest, from
any other nation. (5)


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