Noam Chomsky: communist jew


by C. H. Arley
The burners are on, and the stove is getting hot . . . . .again. They are stirring the pot hoping you're in it.  The Fifth Column is afraid of what they don't understand.  And they are getting help. Who's helping them?
To them, the militias represent the most threat. The militias are getting impatient because the peaceful revolution at the ballot box is broken. The philosophy there is that when the peaceful process is broken the conclusion is obvious.
This was a pot that started cooking in the UK about the 15th of November. There was an article co-authored by Severin Carrell a staff writer at the Independent, and Geoffrey Lean, a Green Peace big shot with connections to Green Cross (Gorby's baby) and the Animal Liberation Front. The ALF is responsible for almost all of the militant activity in the animal rights movement. Including a recent break-in at an animal lab where they obtained vials of anthrax.
Where are all the domestic biologicals coming from?  Well  let's put it together.
Gorby has agreed to quit touring at the request of Putin who has stayed travel from Russia, to the US for the near future. In the past, Gorby had been very active on campuses speaking. He has also, been very busy with a man by the name of Professor Noam Chomsky. As David Horowitz puts it in a publication from the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, "Prof. Chomsky without question, is the most devious, the most dishonest and, in this hour of his nation's grave crisis, the most treacherous intellect in America".
Want to know who's doing the ANTHRAX, ask Prof. Chomsky.
Under his influence along with the fanned fallen leader of the Soviet Union. They have orchestrated attacks upon our country while hiding behind the invisible walls that universities offer. So veiled is the deception that mothers and fathers of university students do not see the indoctrination their sons and daughters are receiving.
On 150 campuses they have had "teach-ins" and rallies against America's right to defend herself, while on the streets of Genoa and Seattle this man has inspired the anarchists to attack. He has stirred young people into incomprehensible rages against their "free" country and inspires them to loath the very freedom that lets them speak.
Is he guilty? Ask yourself this. Where are the investigations into HIS un-American activities? What is Gorbechev doing here railing against the tenets of our Constitution? Why have they not been asked to leave? Better yet why have we not heard about this?
For years Prof. Chomsky has produced reams of paper after paper, speech after speech with one message, America is the Bastard, America is the Great Satan.
You see you or I are nothing but politically incorrect proletariats. While Norm Chomsky is insulated in his venomous thinking, because he is a "thinker" and member of the untouchable world of academia.
In fact, his influence is best understood not as that of an intellectual, but as THE leader of an anti-American cult, he is the ayatollah of anti-American hate. His following is being played out over public radio the flagship of Marxist propaganda, and Bolshevik thought.
The New York Times (an anti-Republic tabloid) is quoted praising Chomsky as "an exploder of received truths.".
In England from (where all this "thought" started by trying to implicate the right wing wacos in the US), "The Guardian" stated that Prof. Chomsky is "One of the radical heroes of our age...A towering intellect..."
 The "Times Literacy Supplement: "Chomsky's work .... has some of the qualities of Revelations, the Old Testament prophets and Blake."

 These forums of print along with public radio, represent the voice of the Fifth Column left.
Here is Chomskys' instructions to his followers.
        "The people of the Third World need our sympathetic understanding and, much more than that, they need our help. We can provide them with a margin of survival by internal disruption in the United States. Whether they can succeed against the kind of brutality we impose on them depends in large part on what happens here." - "What Uncle Sam Really Wants", pg. 100.
The "Anthrax/Biological Connection", is not the right wing wacos in the US but to a very well financed, carefully planned military action of a foreign government that has secretly breached out borders, with the intent to take over the US. And the Fifth Column left is in full operation to help to make the "people" think the boogiemen are right wing wacos, neutralized so that they will be out of the way of the real enemy against the United States.

Isn't it time we expose them and have out justice with them?