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On Wed, 6 Sep 2000 08:42:04 -0500 "Pep Stofen" <[email protected]
From Mr. James G. Knox (American Focus Founder)





The year is 2000, the last days of the scheme of 100 years of
betrayal and subversion. Leaders we trusted our levers' Republic,
selling us out to the world plantation. Traitors within, who double
crossed their friends, collectively knifing us each in the back;
wasting 300 years of sorely earned freedom, plus 1000 more to get
back on the track.

The 2000 election is all pretense and show; two political parties
now tied by a cord, despite all their thunder, only as different as
twins; promoting world government not national accord. And the
United Nations, living up to its promise is stealing our sovereignty
and noosing our neck as our House and our Senate before them crawl,
so the president ignores them, accepts U.N. world law.

So, sadly, our fellows, not wanting to know, absorb matters -
pretentious and lies that are old, believing elections are faithful,
not cause for unease; closing their eyes to these crooks that are
bold, never perceiving the great genetic attraction of world powers
with money to politicians "in need." Blinding their hearts from any
temptation to remember our national pledge and our creed.

The signs are all there but many won't see, that they really intend
to destroy Christian life, our Great Constitution, our unique Bill
of Rights, our freedom to speak, to read and to write, our nature as
free men, individuals not tied to the service of kings or
collectivist throngs; especially our right to make all decisions for
our personal lives, on what's right and what's wrong.

International pretenders will soon meet again to close down more
factories, insist on Free Trade; create more open borders and
Balkanized nations and "global warning" pronouncements, to control
plans that we've made. Haven't we noticed their job is to cause
strife, foreclose our right to decide our national purpose, to keep
us diverted, our dreams all in check, until finally we're helpless
and must beg them for life.

Where was our courage when the truth finally dawned, when incredible
deception was laid out before us? Why didn't we act when their plan
became clear, as they occupied key jobs in government and business
and dictated the agendas of both of our parties, as media
spinmasters provided their cover?

Did we cry "foul" when school-prayer was forsaken? And our right to
own weapons became licensed, then void? Who of us believed votes
would be intentionally miscounted, or that our sacred Bible would be
rewritten and conformed. What happened to families torn by three
jobs and day care; When their decreasing means fell on increasing
requirements and the comfort and focus of leaderless families became
an anguish of loveless and aimless direction?

Why did we obey when the ADL first tested the limits? Or the ACLU
twisted, knotted and reshaped the truth? Why didn't we fight their
clever inclusion of diabolic ideas in our public schools; or the
gradual replacement of our Christian Values with mind-bending "group
think" by Psychologist fools? And were we asleep when all "Hell"
then broke loose as their Hollywood brothers served trash to our

Why have we accepted a militarized police of using our soldiers all
over the world, converting world envy to mistrust and anger, not
representing OLD GLORY but Mark-of-the Beast. And can we not
perceive that this land created by Christians is becoming
partitioned by the uncontested tide; exploding our cohesion,
destroying our essence, creating a chaotic society, as planned by
the tyrants.

This outline has scratched only the surface of 50 years of repulsive
U.N. intrusions; each a shot from their World Government cannon,
targeted at Christian America's national destruction. Each day
brings new limits to our freedom; each outrage carefully spun by the
Media. Yet, in spite of all of their skillful subversion, our
bondage grows from our fear of the truth.

The signs were all there for Americans to see: mass media hype,
prefab elections, obscene T.V.; A nation of gamblers, a
dysfunctional's insanity and loathsome homosexuals parading their
psychoses. We have undermined our challenge to murder by "choice,"
creating a porridge of "tolerance" to divert our disgrace, becoming
Babylon reinvented; once the hope of the world now wasted and
meaningless, but still "in their face."

Old friends, are we stupid, passe' or just wrong? Have we grown old
and rigid, unable to adapt? Or are we the last hope, to defend a
unique way, defenders of the moral and principled criteria for life
on this earth, with meaning and purpose, life under freedom. Life
with some grace, life as first given by God to us all, life cradle
to grave, with His hand on us each.  If Americans can't say, "Thus
far is too much," they must prepare for a totally monitored life.

If we will not stand like patriots out front, to defend honorable
America and our valuable life, to further the vision our Fathers
passed on and defend Christianity and our Bill of Rights, we have
already determined our course and our future; the epitaph has been
written, the Police State is in sight.

Come citizens, come together, come stand face to face with these
humanoid devils Satan placed in the race. Let us eye them, defy them
and test their resolve forever and always sure of our right. Let's
again build this nation as an example to others as we restore its
mandate and get ready to fight; this time for real freedom and
glorious purpose; this time for God's plan, not endless greed.

Forgive us, oh God, for demeaning our promise, for allowing our
nature to be twisted and torn. Grant us, our Father, your loving
protection as we stand in the path of the enemies' thrust.  Lead us,
oh Lord, with strong supervision to slay today's "dragons" as we
know we must/

Oh God, we pray for your strong reassurance that there are many
strong men, faithful and ready to restore America the Beautiful to
its fabled place; that life on this, your most unusual planet will
not disappoint but continue to uplift. Helping all to know that
there is still hope.

Please hear our plea for America's forgiveness, for Your hand in
ours, for our redemption, for generations endless under your guiding
light, A future for all men which, finally, reaches the heights.
Amen. (To this I say - AMEN) (Pep)