The CIA also terrorized America by assassinating General Patton


The deadliest terrorists

The real trade of the CIA and Mossad 
By Paul J. Balles*
14 June 2008

Paul J. Balles argues that intelligence agencies, like the CIA in America and Mossad in Israel, "should have been prize winners as terrorists" because "in dozens of situations around the world, they have indulged their love of instilling fear in innocent people".

Mirror, mirror off the wall
Who's the deadliest of them all?

The USA and Israel both have bad habits of labelling anyone they don't like as terrorists, when the governments of both countries are the greatest terrorists on the planet.If the bombing, invasion and occupation of Iraq weren't terrorism at its worst, it's only because the deaths of 4098 Americans is a more important statistic than the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. Add to that the displacement of a million and a half terrified civilians who have fled Iraq and the viciousness of our terror squads becomes obvious.

The designation of resistance groups in occupied Iraq as terrorists and then calling a murder campaign a surge for the good of Iraq is nothing more than continuing acts of terrorism.

If frightening people into submission is part of the definition of terrorism, the entire Arab and Islamic world has been terrorized.

The American and Israeli threat to bomb Iran for developing nuclear power is an act of terrorism.

In Afghanistan, the US paid Pakistani bounty hunters to capture and deliver innocent men to be sent to Guantanamo to be tortured and held prisoner in the worst conditions for five years. Try te lling anyone with half a brain that the threat of capture and delivery into a concentration camp like Guantanamo isn't terrifying and they will know that your head is in the sand.

America has a long history of terrorist activities against countries its government doesn't like. The bombing in Libya that killed Gaddafi's daughter was nothing but a terrorist act to force Libya into submission.The support of Israel's carnage in Lebanon, Gaza, Syria and the West Bank is outright support of terrorism, the same kind of activity that American courts have accused Arabs, like Palestinian Sami Al-Arian, of committing.

The same heinous carnage, committed by Israel, has have been nothing other than the kind of terrorism Israel has been guilty of since its inception and the activities of the Stern Gang, led by terrorist Menachem Begin. They terrorized a million and a half Palestinians into leaving their homes.As icing on their pathological cake, Israel continues to build illegal se ttlements, arm the settlers with sophisticated weaponry and allow them to terrorize the remaining Palestinians nearby.

Only the latest of these horrific misdeeds of Israeli terror involved the brutal beating by settlers of an elderly 70-year-old shepherd, his wife and a nephew, who were attacked by four masked men for allowing their animals to graze near the illegal Israeli settlement of Susia (see video below).

Intelligence agencies, like the CIA in America and Mossad in Israel, should have been prize winners as terrorists. In dozens of situations around the world, they have indulged their love of instilling fear in innocent people, especially if those people have little support or know too much.One would hope that the filming of acts of terrorism would help end them by punishing the real terrorists, no matter where they come from.

The cameras in Lebanon, however, did little to save the Lebanese from near-total destruction of their infrastructure and thousands of deaths of innocents.Why did the Israelis go to such extremes, thinking they would destroy Hezbollah? So the Israelis might terrorize the entire Lebanese community in retaliation for the capture of two Israeli soldiers.

Let's get this straight: resistance to occupation or bullying is not terrorism. It's resistance. Resistance doesn't become terrorism because the real terrorists continue their brutal attacks and propaganda campaigns against the resistance. Resistance is resistance. Thank God that some people have the courage to resist.


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*Paul J. Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for many years. For more information, see