John is the list and pertinent information  after the names of the ones I know of.  MOST of them I have had personal contact with, at one time or another....having gone to the meetings where they were speaking.  A FEW I know only from communicating with them by subscribing to their newsletter or receiving their tapes, in the past. 


For what it's worth, I would stipulate that anyone who wishes to participate in the Forum be open-minded to NEW contemplations of Scripture.  YAH

tells that "Knowledge will be increased in the latter days...."  I have seen, and been a victim of, friendships broken because of an unaccepted, revolutionary idea that deviated from the 'norm'.


I also would stress that the Holy Names, YAHWEH or YAH, YAHOSHUA, instead of G-O-D be used when referring to our Creator/Father.  G-O-D is a pagan name,  and in my opinion has no place on a Forum which is researching the  Scriptures.


 I pray that this information will be of some help in determining who you wish to include in your proposed new Forum.










We're establishing the Destiny of America page at which will contain a list of contact information for Christian Identity pastors and members, as well as a survey which will help to identify who's who and who's jew.


Please review the following list for errors, updates, additions, comments,  etc.  If you can think of someone who needs to be added, please reply all to this message with the name and any other information you have on them at the top.  If you know any addresses, email addresses, phone numbers,etc., of any on the existing list, please include that as well.


You're also invited to make suggestions about the questions which you believe ought to be on an "Israelite Identity" survey.





John Knight



>Armstrong, Herbert >Armstrong, Garner   Ted\         

 W/W Church of God  International

aka "CGI"

 ...condones race-mixing and non-Israelites and mamzers in their congregations.  Herbert Armstrong had been accused of being a jew.
Alan Bailaicus.  Excellent author of many Israel Identity books, and booklets....had told me that he is too busy to participate in a Forum.  May  change  his mind.
Lawrence Blanchard ??
 Wm L. Blessing Heard some things about him, but don't remember the specifics...

I do remember it wasn't favorable.

- madge Britton-- ( it was Roy's brother who was the author
of an excellent booklet, Identifyong the enemy. He was
still addending Feast Day meetings, but in a wheel
chair... cannot bring up his name, The famous booklet was of
a narrow horizontal shape,,, and I cannot find that either... am
it has been re pinted a hundred times.. The
words SERENT RACE was in the title...

May be related to Bill Britton, who in the 60s-70s taped some excellent messages.  I don't know if he is still alive. 

James Bruggeman, ONE-seedliner.  Won't talk against the jews now.   Several years ago, told me he had "gone back into the system". Doesn't teach the Laws.
 Raymond Capt...excellent speaker and author of a number of good reference books.  Was an archeologist, and "up in years" now.

Alan Campbell.   EXCELLENT teacher/speaker,  and I have a number of his tapes on different studies of the Old Testament books.  Is a teacher in Belfast, Ireland, but has been to the United States several times in the summer months, on speaking assignments to Israel Identity groups.  Has been in Atlanta, S. Carolina and Idaho.  Teaches the Laws.

Bertrand Comparet
Deceased. Excellent teacher of  Israel Identity and the 2 seedline.  Taught the Laws.   Some of his sermons are compiled in a book.  Also, many of them are available on the internet.
>Dave Barley one seedline 'pastor'....Sheldon Emry's son-in-law, who took over Emry's ministry..
 Sheldon Emry,
One-seedline teacher...did write several good booklets..."Billions for the Bankers, and Debts for the People", and "An Open Letter To All The Ministers Who Teach That The jews Are The Chosen People".  I am pretty sure these are the correct titles...I used to buy them in bulk and send them to the televangelists, but that was over 20 years ago.  Didn't teach the Laws.

Clifton Emahiser, Two seedliner....publishes informative material.  I believe he also has a website.  Last I knew, his health was not too good.  Wrote an excellent publication on his debate with James Bruggeman, about the 2 seed-lines.  Have heard from one who has had "words" with him that he is not "open" to new ideas or probes into the Scriptures.

Mark. Downey I "heard" he is a one-seedline teacher.  Hasn't been verified by me.

Curtis Claire Ewing...
Don't know if he is a two-seedline teacher/preacher or not.  He compiled an excellent published  reference on the Laws.

Norb Davis Deceased.......published good material....but it was reputed, by ONE person,  that he plagiarized one of Col. Jack Mohr's writings, and titled it "Star Wars". (Correct name is "NorD").

 Dr. W.G. Finlay.  Deceased. Made tapes refuting Saul's claim to being an "Apostle.
 Conrad Gaard, 

Wm P. Gale..... Deceased. 2 seed-line teacher.  Wrote excellent booklet "Faith of Our Fathers".
Pascoe Guard, (SP?) 
 Dan Gayman....seedliner....some scandal a few years back regarding one of the men who 'pastored' with him...Gayman's 

son and daughter-in-law 'defected' because of some real estate deal that Gayman was involved in with the other pastor.  It circulated on the internet for awhile.

Dan Gentry,
Kenneth Goff
Mike Hallimore Bob Halstrom  I believe that one of these is the founder of the "Kindom Identity Message" in Harrison, Ark.   The tapes and writings of Bertrand Comparet were donated to this group by Comparet's widow Inez.  I was told that Wesley Swift's widow did the same.

Richard Kelly Hoskins... Writes a monthly newsletter much  of it  geared to the South, and the atrocities that the North did to the South.  Writes  Southern, and personal  history. Also,  the involvement of the Dharman Indians in Western culture. Not particularly "CI", in my opinion.  Touches on  the Biblical  Laws, and stresses that "no mamzer shall enter the congregation".

Eli James... 2 seedliner

Buddy Johnson... 2 seedline....has an unorthodox approach to keeping the Feasts. "Open" to new thoughts and ideas about the veracity of the Scriptures.  Does Scriptural-research with fellow CI. 


Bob Jones... Militant,  2 seedliner
Earl Jones.....Deceased.  One seed-liner.  Had published a good monthly newletter.

 Stephen Jones,
 John Lovell,
Mohr...Deceased.  One seedliner..wrote excellent monthly articles re jews and government.
 Norbert murray...son of Arnold Murray...
 Arnold Murray, Founder of "The Shepherd's Chapel" in Gravette, Ark. On TV 7 days a week.  One seedliner....only refers to the jews as 'kenites'.
Pete one time, cohort of James Bruggeman, Earl Jones, Ted Weiland, Dave Barley....all one-seedliners

Eldon Purvis...Deceased..wife Nancy publishes "New Beginnings" which he founded.  "British Israel".

Howard Rand....Founded  "Destiny Publishing" .  Knew who Israel is.  Nothing ever published about the jews. "Destiny" newsletter is still published.

Writings geared to "British Israel.
>Robt B. Recor, Sr.
>Robt B. Record, Jr.
 Roussas Rushdooney Wrote books..."Politics Of Guilt and Pity"...exposes how the White Race becomes guilt-ridden for being White, and made  to ''feel sorry'' for the other races. 
>Alex Schiffner,
 Karl Schott......knows who Israel is.  Publishes a watered-down newsletter....sells tracts.  Never touched on the Laws in what I read.

Francis Smith

>C. O. Stadsklev
>George Southwick
 Wesley Swift........."taught" Gale and Comparet the Israel Identity Truth.  Had good sermons and tapes. 

>George Southwick,\ 
>Jerry Wickey,
>Mahlon Wickey
James Wickstron  (Wickstrom)....very militant....preaches the 2 seedline, but won't teach anything about the LAWS of Yahweh.  Was 'dropped' by a large group in Michigan for living with another man's wife.  Told someone that his 'private life' was his own business. 

Cohort of Bob Jonesused to do a radio show together  on the internet.

Chas Weisman...purported by some to be a jew.  Wrote several GOOD books. 
 Ted Wieland.....has a monthly tape ministry.  Wrote several books...some good. One "DE-bunking" the "MYTH" about Eve, and satan...."Eve..Did She or Didn't She".

ONE seed-liner.

Pastor Columbus C. Marcum,, Wayne, West Virginia peobably NOT 2 seed

Geroge Eaton, At one time published a monthly newsletter....I don't know if he still does.  Had written a series of 4 booklets...which are very good. 

Ark- Okla border... around the Ft Smith Ar area. I know there is a group there that is anti US FEDERAL money, does the foot washing, etc.. I think Bruce mc
Carthy started it about 15 years ago, before he moved to Ohio.

Clyde Edminster, Raineir, Washington. Died a few years ago but church is still active...

Bruce Mc Carthy mentioned a name in Calif, as an Isrealite
pastor, but, cannot bring it back.. my MEMORY is shot.

Kenneth Goff, -- Englewood, Colo. strong in the early 60s ( this
is where DAn Gayman as a youth, learned the Kingdom Message whien his family was just leaving the Mormon church..

These are probably not 2 seed liners... ???
Lawrence Blanchard, Kentucky.

Robert Godwin, Okla City, Oklahoma
Charles Jennings, Springdale. Arkansas.-- he SHOULD be a 2
seed liners as he worked with Dan Gayman at one time... is now with
the Rose covenant chruch in Tulsa Okla..


Dirkers, Christopher,


Emahiser, Clifton   2 seed-line teacher...has written several articles on the subject, plus published the debate about the 2 seed-lines with James Bruggeman.  Not "open" to   Scriptural expository searches.

Emry, Sheldon,


Gordon, George,

and, you may add


Harris, Russell

P" Potito, Oren..Possibly deceased.  Person with same name  used to write a column for the local newspaper in Ocala....had made a very good tape about one of Hitler's speeches

"R" Robb, Thom
Rutherford, Adam

and, I dunno if this name has been effective enough to be listed with Israelite pastors, leaders, and teachers, or NOT ????? but, it does show open listing. of course. you probably have a great many more,


Tronvig, Paul ......Excellent Bible researcher, expositor,and authority....especially regarding the Laws,  and the veracity of Saul.

Francis Smith
Dan Johns.....2 seed-liner 
Eli James....2 seed-liner.
Don Campbell....2 seed-liner, but,  quote, "opinionated, and arrogant" 
Duane Middleton
Roland Randolph
Fannie nevers...this sounds like a jew name!
J Franklin Snook
Otis Read
A. B. Traina Instrumental in starting "The Assemblies of YAHWEH" in Ohio. One seedline. Teaching allows blacks and other races.  Have a number of blacks in the congregations during the Feasts from the photos, and letters I've seen in the publications. 
Robt Thornton
Jack Montgomery\ ( Noah Frederick) 2 seedline, but waffles in other beliefs.  Sends out tapes.  Was affiliated with Wickstrom at a Feast in Michigan
George Udvary EXCELLENT 2 seedline teacher.  Publishes a monthly newsletter.
John Harrell
Bruce Mc Carthy
Winston ( Dave Wilber)