Education in States and Nations: 1991

(ESN) Table 16a: Average class size at grade level to which most 13-year-old students are assigned, according to school administrators, by country: 1991


Country                               Average class size


Sao Paulo and Fortaleza, Brazil                       35

Canada                                                25

China                                                 48

England                                               22

France                                                25

Hungary                                               27

Ireland                                               27

Israel                                                32

Emilia Romagna, Italy                                 21

Jordan                                                27

Korea                                                 49

Portugal                                              25

Scotland                                              24

Slovenia                                              25

Soviet Union                                          22

Spain                                                 29

Switzerland                                           18

Taiwan                                                44 

United States                                         23


NOTE: See supplemental note to Indicator 16 for details on data and sample sizes from Canada, Emilia Romagna (Italy), England, Israel, Portugal, Scotland, the Soviet Union, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States; and for discussions of the calculation of class size and of the International Assessment of Educational Progress (IAEP).

SOURCE: Educational Testing Service, International Assessment of Educational Progress, Learning Mathematics, Figure 5.2.